Data Entry Time Guide


Records come to GiGL in a variety of digital and paper formats. They can be as basic as a handwritten note or as complex as a lengthy PDF report.

This variability results in a wide discrepancy in the time needed to extract and input these records to the GiGL database. For example, records sent to GiGL using the data entry spreadsheet can be imported quickly, but records embedded within the comments of a report will require much more time.

What follows is a guide to the length of time it should take to import 100 individual records into GiGL’s recording database We hope that this information will prove useful in enabling partners to manage their SLA’s more effectively and encourage users to send data into GiGL in the most time-efficient format.

Time taken to input 100 individual species records

TaskTime Taken
1. Records contained in GiGL standard format excel spreadsheet with all necessary details present, species names spelled correctly, no manipulation of the spreadsheet required. Spreadsheet can be imported.15-30mins
2. Records contained in a non-standard-GiGL-format excel spreadsheet or word table which requires some manipulation but which can then be imported.1-2hrs
3. PDF file or handwritten notes with all details present and straightforward, require manual inputting to the GiGL database or transferring into excel spreadsheet before importing.3-4hrs
4. Reports or forms in any format requiring some form of investigation +/or background reading. This could include obtaining grid references, checking species’ names or identifying individual species from body of text. Records are inputted manually onto Recorder or transferred to an excel spreadsheet and imported, depending on the original format and the most time efficient method.6-8hrs
5. Reports which focus on particular parcels of land and require large amounts of additional info to be captured for each parcel record, usually in the form of included comments (For example, habitat surveys). Information is generally inputted manually into Recorder.25 – 28hrs or approx. 15-20 mins per habitat record

The above guidelines are intended to be used as an aid rather than a definitive time quote. Individual data time quotes can be made available once the data has been received by GiGL.

Policy updated:

Policy Last Updated: 15/07/2013