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Thank you for providing your Royal Parks wildlife record.

Submitted records are entered into the GiGL database and shared with partners and others who have signed data use agreements, for their work.

Your record details will not be passed on to anyone else. We ask for your contact details should we wish to follow up your sighting now or in the future.
Species data (accompanied by your name but no other personal details) will be uploaded to the National Biodiversity Network Gateway.

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What did you see?

1. Start typing the species name and a list will appear (may take a few moments, depending on internet speed).  

2. Click on the correct species name from the list. Note: typed names DO NOT get accepted by the database at this time, please find your species within the list.  

Trouble-shooting - If you can't find your species try typing a fuller name, e.g. common frog instead of frog, to reduce the number of search results.  As the list is a complete species dictionary for the UK, we're aware the number of species options can be quite long and names might be more formal than commonly used e.g. if you type "grey squirrel" you will then have the option "Sciurus carolinensis : terrestrial mammal (Eastern Grey Squirrel)" to select from the list.  We're working on making this process smoother, thanks for your patience.

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​Where did you see it?


Select exact location on map
It is useful to know exactly where you saw the species. Use this map to zoom to the park (tips below) and then click to pin-point the location of your record. This will fill in the box top left of map with the grid reference. If you get the position wrong, simply re-click to change it.

hints on using the map

The Royal Parks are highlighted in yellow.

To zoom to the correct park, either:

a) use the +/- to zoom in and out and use the direction arrows and click and drag with your cursor to pan

or, b) press Shift on your keyboard, then click and drag a box over the park.  The map will centre over the box you've drawn.


Please note, depending on the speed of your internet connection, the aerial photographs may take a few moments to load between each map change.

Grid reference is automatically generated in the box when you click on the map


Please now enter the code shown below (which guards against SPAM use of the form) and click Submit to send in your record.