Tower Hamlets logoWe're collecting information about wildlife in Tower Hamlets. If you've seen frogs, bats, hedgehogs, sparrows or stag beetles, please fill in the form to help us build up a picture of where in out borough these animals live. Please complete one form for each location where you see one of these animals. 

To find out more about wildlife in Tower Hamlets, what the Council and others are doing to conserve it, and how you can help, visit the Tower Habitats website

Submitted records are entered into the GiGL database on behalf of London Borough of Tower Hamlets by GiGL, who manage this form.  They are provided to LB Tower Hamlets for their work and shared with GiGL partners and others who have signed data use agreements, for their own work.  Your record details will not be passed on to anyone else. We ask for your contact details should we wish to follow up your sighting now or in the future.

Species data (accompanied by no personal details) will be uploaded to the National Biodiversity Network by GiGL.

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