Welcome to the Wandle Watchers wildlife recording form! We are trying to build up a better picture of Wandle Wildlife so every record is important - full survey instructions are available here

The Wandle Valley is a unique urban landscape within London. The River and the surrounding area support a diverse and unique range of species. Your sightings and survey results will help to ensure that we keep an updated record of the wildlife in our area. For support and more information please contact livingwandle@wandsworth.gov.uk


Submitted species data (accompanied by your name but no other personal details) are entered into the GiGL database and shared with the Living Wandle Landscape Partnership, GiGL partners and others, who have signed data use agreements for their own work. Species data (accompanied by your name but no other personal details) will be uploaded to the National Biodiversity Network.

Your personal details (email and telephone) will only be available to the Living Wandle Landscape Partnership and GiGL. GiGL ask for your contact details should they wish to follow up your sighting now or in the future.  The individual postcodes supplied will be used for evaluation purposes by the Living Wandle Landscape Partnership. To read more about GiGL's Privacy Policy please click here.

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