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Policies & Guidance

Strategic plan and policies

GiGL Strategy

Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL), the capital’s environmental records centre, assists its partners and customers in understanding and auditing London’s natural environment. We provide access to services run by highly skilled staff that utilise relevant data management, mapping and analysis software to provide you with answers to your requirements.

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Overview & Aims

Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC (GiGL) is the capital’s environmental records centre – we collate, manage and make available detailed information on London’s wildlife, parks, nature reserves, gardens and other open spaces.

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Access to Data Policy

The fundamental principle will be towards making available all records, no matter how sensitive, with the appropriate interpretation, including via the National Biodiversity Network’s (NBN) Gateway. However, access to records will be restricted where general availability could pose a real threat to species or habitats, or would compromise the supply of data.

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Charging Policy

Greenspace Information for Greater London will ensure that the data it holds and makes available on behalf of its partners is accessible in accordance with its ‘Access to Data’ policy, whilst making sure all costs of making those data available are covered.

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Open Space Data Validation & Verification

Data validation and verification is carried out during the import routine, and entails checking all aspects of the records (what, where and when).

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Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC (‘GiGL’) complies with its data protection obligations as a Data Controller. Should you wish to find out more about the information we hold about you, or about our privacy policy, please contact us: Data controller Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC c/o London Wildlife…

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Validation & Verification Policy

Data validation and verification is carried out during the import routine, and entails checking all aspects of the records (who, where and when) bar the species identification (the ‘what’).

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Complaints procedure

GiGL complaints procedure Definition A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspect of GiGL by customers or representatives from partner organisations. Background GiGL has introduced a complaints procedure in order to enable appropriate feedback and constructive criticism of its staff team and services by its partners and customers. The…

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Data Guide

Essential reading for data users, this guide is an overview of all datasets managed and, or, provided by GiGL. It includes dataset descriptions and attribute information to help you understand your data.

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Data Use Licences

GiGL Data Use Licences Signed copies are required from each end user of our data, including partners, contractors working on behalf of partners, and people undertaking research. The licence very clearly sets out the permitted use of the GiGL partnership’s data, the duration the licence is valid for, and what must happen on termination of…

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Service Level Agreement Costs

GiGL will be implementing 2 different types of service level agreement available for the 2020/2021 year: The standard GiGL Service Level Agreement relevant to all public bodies, private companies and large charities working in London. And the Small NGO SLA to facilitate data exchange between local staffed-projects and GiGL, and to ensure a lack of funding does not result in a detrimental impact on our collective knowledge of London’s environment.

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Work Scheduling Guidance

The GiGL team endeavours to turn around straightforward enquiries within 10 working days. However, some tasks will take longer to deliver so please talk to the GiGL team well in advance of your deadline in order that we can fit your job into our work schedule.

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