Overview & Aims

GiGL Vision

London’s natural environment is appreciated, understood, considered and improved.

GiGL Mission

Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC (GiGL) is the capital’s environmental records centre. GiGL mobilises, curates and shares access to data that underpin our knowledge of London’s natural environment, in order to enable our stakeholders to make informed decisions in policy and practice. We aim to raise awareness of the benefits the natural environment provides to the Capital and to ensure the protection and enhancement of London’s natural environment are at the heart of the services GiGL provide.

GiGL Aims & Objectives

Strategic Aim 01 Strengthen GiGL’s reputation as the authoritative source of evidence based services

Objective 01.01

We will maintain a strong portfolio of expert contacts to guide our development.

Objective 01.02

We will improve the awareness and understanding of our role within London and further afield.

Objective 01.03

We will adapt our systems and services to changing social and technological perspectives, and the evolving needs of our stakeholders.


Strategic Aim 02 Ensure that GiGL’s long-term operational commitments to data collation, management and accessibility can be effectively sustained.

Objective 02.01

We will develop and implement transparent social, environmental and financial accounting processes.

Objective 02.02

We will ensure that revenue generated is sufficient to finance our current and aspirational activities and assets

Objective 02.03

We will develop, implement and maintain processes of continual improvement for key areas of our business.

Objective 02.04

We will retain a confident and expert board of directors to ensure our long-term competence and sustainability.

Objective 02.05

We will nurture a happy, healthy and expert team, and high performance ethos.

Objective 02.06

We will engage experts in our advisory panel and broader family to help us steer the direction of the business.


Strategic Aim 03 Ongoing engagement with and understanding of the service requirements of GiGL’s stakeholders.

Objective 03.01

Our services will inform Londoners’ appreciation of the capital’s natural environment.

Objective 03.02

We will support and enable stakeholders’ understanding of London’s natural environment.

Objective 03.03

Our services will enable the consideration of London’s natural environment in decision-making processes.

Objective 03.04

Our services will inform our stakeholders’ work on improving London’s natural environment.

Policy updated:

Policy Last Updated: 02 September 2017