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Show & Tell: Tailored Geology Maps

Julie Cox, Data Officer

Lambeth Geology Map

“Environmental data” is a catchall phrase that encompasses a huge range of possibilities. While GiGL’s best-known datasets are our partnership’s biodiversity and open spaces data, we also have access to a range of additional environmental datasets that can add context or be used for additional analyses. One example of this is geology data, which we access via the British Geological Survey who provide some datasets as open access. The underlying geology of a location can have an important influence on its vegetation, and hence on the wildlife found there. GiGL can answer bespoke requests to demonstrate this, and to help explain species distributions.

Recently, we were approached by the London Borough of Lambeth who wanted to help people understand how the geology of the borough relates to its open spaces. We produced maps showing bedrock and superficial geology, which were used to plan and lead a geology walk for the Friends of Streatham Common. These maps demonstrate the important position of the Common at the top of the Wandle Valley, a vital open space resource in south London. 

GiGL acts as the centralised resource for information on designated geodiversity sites in the Greater London area, so having access to geology data is very useful in providing context for these sites too. 

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