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Knowles Knows: Demystifying the Data Exchange

Part of the service that we provide specifically to our Service Level Agreement (SLA) partners is to ensure that they can access GiGL data on their own systems. Every quarter we send copies of the data that represent snapshots of the database at those times. This “data exchange” is usually during the last week of April, July, October and January…

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iGiGL – better than ever

iGiGL, our online data portal, is now fully fledged. We are very proud parents. As well as allowing the general public to find and plan a visit to publically accessible wildlife sites and open spaces, iGiGL now allows GiGL partners to view and download a wider range of datasets. Its user friendly interface also allows for use on mobile devices so people can find a site to visit when they are out and about.

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Information super-highway

In recent years GiGL has greatly increased its data holding, which now include over 3/4 million species and 75,000 habitat records, as well as comprehensive datasets on protected area and open space facilities. But what is it all for? Our partners’ data needs are as varied as the work that they do.They each require up-to-date information about London’s wildlife, but each partner places different demands on that data. Our ever improving data coverage, and the increased ruggedness and ‘interoperability’ of the data means our end users can integrate our data with their own systems and meet their own specific reporting needs.

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Data matters

Nick White, London Biodiversity Partnership. The current rate of species extinction worldwide is estimated at between 1,000 and 10,000 times what would occur without human influence. In 1992, the UK along with 150 other signatories at the Rio de Janeiro ‘Earth Summit’, committed to reducing this rate by the year 2010.The UK chose to adopt…

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