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iRecord, You Record

Recording wildlife has never been so popular. With the advent of smartphones, wildlife recording apps, simple online ID guides, and even bird song ID apps, everyone from seasoned bird watchers to first-time kingfisher-spotters can keep track of their wildlife sightings …

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Show & Tell: Stag Beetle Forms

For several years now, one of our most reliable signs of spring at GiGL has been the trickle of stag beetle records sent via our website. The first records in March and April herald the upcoming busy season of stag beetle spotting …

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Borough’s Corner

Hackney’s first biodiversity action plan went to public consultation in 2011 and is due to be formally adopted by the borough early this year. The delay in the BAP’s adoption hasn’t prevented the borough starting its delivery. A GiGL biodiversity audit, together with local knowledge from the Hackney Biodiversity Partnership, helped us to understand the current biodiversity resource and formulate priorities for action. As a competent authority we need to make evidence-based decisions and GiGL provides us with an invaluable service across our work, particularly in our green space and planning teams.

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In the beginning …

From handwritten notes on scraps of torn paper to complex personalised databases, records come into GiGL in all sorts of different formats.

Most commonly, data are presented to GiGL as a simple list of species. Grid tables are a favourite with some recorders, who record combinations of the same species on differerent dates. Equally important are one-off records, which are often just ad-hoc sightings. They can be from both known recorders and members of the public and tend to be the ‘scraps of torn paper’ variety.

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