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Joy of Recording: Does watching and recording wildlife make a difference?

The Barbican Wildlife Garden is 0.17 hectares of loveliness! We have a meadow which is hand scythed annually and two borders of hedging which include mature plane trees. There are two ponds and a small orchard of ‘rescued’ fruit trees. There is a much loved small bird hide, complete with a white board for observations. We have bird boxes and feeders, and a network of paths dotted with perching logs and benches…

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Book Review: “The London Garden Book A-Z” by Abigail Willis

This book is, more or less, what it says on the cover, an A to Z of London’s Gardens, but with various quirks. As well as listing the gardens that you would expect to find – the sort that would appear as individual sites in our open space database – this book has entries for gardens and types of gardening that are more abstract or dispersed, such as “Guerrilla Gardener”, “Front Gardens” and “Topiary”…

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Blooming London

London is arguably one of the world’s most verdant big cities. A significant part of our green space is managed by ordinary Londoners – the humble gardeners.

Gardens cover nearly a quarter of London, yet we know little about what’s in them or how this is changing. Over the period of a year GiGL worked in partnership with London Wildlife Trust and the Greater London Authority to fully document London’s garden cover […]

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Bloomin’ marvellous

There are more than three million private gardens in Greater London – a significant resource for wildlife and people. Despite the extent of London’s gardens, information about their current use is scarce and concern is growing that changes in use – paving, car parking, development, etc., may reduce their value for wildlife. London Wildlife Trust and GiGL have joined forces to deliver the Garden Research Project to fill this gap …

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