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Underground Mapping

With more than one billion passenger journeys every year, the London Underground is an essential part of the daily lives of those who live and work in the capital. It sometimes provides the only “green” people see in London’s highly urbanised environment, and provides easy access to greenspace in areas of deficiency.

Most of the London Underground is over ground; stretching from Buckinghamshire’s Chiltern Hills in in the west to Essex’s Epping Forest in in the east. London Underground’s land acts […]

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Suits you, Sir

Amanda MacLean, London Biodiversity Partnership You’re a borough ecologist, and your dreams have just come true. £100,000 of Section 106 money has landed in your lap, courtesy of a major development. With that much money, you could create dozens of ponds, hectares of meadow, or plant up plenty of new woodland. But how do you…

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Mapping opportunites in London

Thames Valley may be ahead of the game in third generation data modelling, but London is not far behind. Nick White of the London Biodiversity Partnership explains how the same opportunity mapping techniques could help target action in London. In 2007, the London Biodiversity Partnership successfully lobbied for regional habitat creation and enhancement targets for a range of key habitat types to be incorporated into the Greater London Authority’s alterations to the London Plan. Although biodiversity had always been mentioned within …

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