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Bat Map

The nocturnal habits of bats make them intrinsically difficult for human observers to study. In Greater London, those interested in discovering more on the ecology and conservation status of bats face additional obstacles. Firstly, there is a lot of inaccessible, privately owned land. Secondly, Greater London is a huge area to cover.

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The view from here

London Bat Group (LBG) is an entirely voluntary, registered charity working throughout the Greater London area to protect and enhance London’s bats. What that means in practice is that LBG is run by a small group of devoted volunteers, all of which have busy professional lives, but we choose to dedicate a large part of our private lives towards raising awareness of bats, and particularly of course bats in London. LBG has been a partner of GiGL since it was first developed in its original form of London Wildlife Trust’s Biological Recording Project, due in large part to one of LBG’s most devoted volunteers, Pete Guest, who also worked for London Wildlife Trust.

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