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London Invasive Species Initiative

The London Invasive Species Initiative (LISI) is a newly formed group under the London Biodiversity Partnership, which aims to co-ordinate action to prevent, control and eradicate invasive non-native species in London.

LISI was formed in response to national policy initiatives seeking a co-ordinated national approach …

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Come on GiGL, Light My Fire

Tanya Broadfield, London Fire Brigade Environment Adviser GiGL works with the great and the good in London conservation and development. But the services that GiGL provides are of use to more organisations than you might expect. One of GiGL’s less obvious partners explains all. The London Fire Brigade is the third largest fire fighting organisation…

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Suits you, Sir

Amanda MacLean, London Biodiversity Partnership You’re a borough ecologist, and your dreams have just come true. £100,000 of Section 106 money has landed in your lap, courtesy of a major development. With that much money, you could create dozens of ponds, hectares of meadow, or plant up plenty of new woodland. But how do you…

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Data matters

Nick White, London Biodiversity Partnership. The current rate of species extinction worldwide is estimated at between 1,000 and 10,000 times what would occur without human influence. In 1992, the UK along with 150 other signatories at the Rio de Janeiro ‘Earth Summit’, committed to reducing this rate by the year 2010.The UK chose to adopt…

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