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Credit where credit’s due. A great deal of work lies behind the snappy press and publicity stats GiGL provides. Mandy Rudd explains.

GiGL’s partners are making ever-more use of our growing data holdings to create snappy, media-friendly statistics in support of their biodiversity work – in press releases, publications and presentations. While we are delighted that GiGL data are valuable in communicating the value of biodiversity, we need to ensure the role of GiGL’s partners and staff in creating this information resource is acknowledged.

If you are using information derived from GiGL data in your publicity, it is essential to acknowledge the work of the GiGL partnership. The data supplied to you come from a vast range of sources; partners, individual recorders, national organisations and others.

Acknowledgement of their contribution, of the funding and time it takes to produce the data, and of the skills of the GiGL team who facilitate access to this comprehensive resource, enhances our reputation, flags our work to organisations not yet involved, and allows us to further develop our data holdings.

Our data can be manipulated to meet the needs of any number of stories even, by analysing socio-economic information alongside biodiversity data, to demonstrate how many Londoners benefit from improved access to open space. Statistics can be generated by partners or on request by the GiGL team.

If you require bespoke statistics or information about the work of GiGL to include in your PR work, please contact the GiGL team who will be glad to help.

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