Submit Records

At its most basic level, a record consists of four pieces of information – who recorded what, when and where. If you have this minimum information, we encourage you to submit records knowing that not only will they be securely managed, but also that they will help inform decisions in London.

We accept records from anywhere within Greater London. Find out why your records are vital to us and what happens to your records.

For casual recorders and ad hoc wildlife sightings use our online recording form (opens in a new window).

You can also report one-off sightings over the phone or via email.

Data from our online form are periodically extracted and entered into the database. Records are labelled as coming from a member of the public and displayed on the National Biodiversity Network at full resolution.

For ongoing record keeping, digitising archive and seasonal surveys, or for sending in batches of data from surveys or site visits.

If you think you are going to collect more than a handful of records each year, or have records from an entire survey, you can use our standardised spreadsheet which you can periodically send to GiGL.

Download our recording spreadsheets for adults or a simple recording spreadsheet suitable for BioBlitzes or for use by schools.

Partner data are input as part of their service level agreement.

We use Recorder 6 to manage partnership data. Data sent in using recording software will immediately be placed in the queue for entry into the database.

We can also accept paper as well as digital or online records. If you have archive or recent data in paper format but don’t have the time or facilities to digitise it we may be able to help.

The best method for you to submit records to us will depend on the number and variety of your species records and the frequency with which you wish to submit them. Please contact us if you are unsure which method to use or need further advice on submitting records.

Avoiding Duplication

Please only send a record in using one method to avoid duplication. If you already send records to a recording scheme or society, these records may already be coming our way, please ask your group if this is the case or get in touch with us to check.