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GiGL mobilises, curates and shares data that underpin our knowledge of London’s natural environment. We enable our stakeholders to make informed decisions in policy and practice.

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Our Services

GiGL's wide range of services fall into four categories.

Data Curation

We are data custodians. We digitise records, ensure their high quality and safe storage, and make them available for active use. We also provide mapping tools and tools for data collection; survey forms, recording spreadsheets and more.

Data & Insight

We use data to uncover the truth about the world around us. From quantitative facts about recorded wildlife and green infrastructure, to audits of available data, to gap analysis and green infrastructure modelling, statistics & analysis.

Advice & Consultancy

We provide expert advice, signposting and advocacy as well as partnership and collaborative working. We help identify and demonstrate priorities for public policy and aid policy compliance; as well as providing a wide range of training, mentoring and academic support for our community.


Charts, graphics, maps and infographics. Our visual tools are used by consultants, partners, the media and the arts for any number of purposes. Map data or tell a bigger story with visualisations and infographics.

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If you have wildlife or habitat records, we encourage you to submit these here.

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GiGL Newsletter

Serving the Community

By Julie Cox

The 10th November was an exciting day for GiGL. Drawing on the success of similar events by our neighbouring Local Environmental Records Centres, we held a London Recorders’ Day for the very first time. This was an event specifically for London’s recording community, bringing together people engaged in recording all genera of wildlife and sharing recording projects across the city….

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London Recorders’ Day

By Suzie Jackman and Valerie Selby

What was the first London Recorders’ Day all about? At its heart was a celebration of the people who care deeply about the wildlife in our capital. Its vision was to showcase the work of individuals, groups and organisations who, through wildlife recording, are making a difference to our knowledge of biodiversity, conservation of species and habitats, and enjoyment of living in London…

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Recording London’s Mulberry Tree Heritage

By Peter Coles

Until the first London Recorders’ Day conference, I had no idea that I, and Morus Londinium, the project I helped to set up nearly three years ago, was part of a community. But there I was, the final speaker in a day of fascinating presentations, showcasing the extraordinary creativity and dedication of those recording, mapping and helping to preserve biodiversity in London…

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Discover-London with GiGL’s new interactive map

By Lyndsey Cox

The outdated iGiGL, GiGL’s previous online mapping facility, has been retired and we’re now delighted to present a new way to view London through our updated discovery map…

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Interview, Richard Smith

By Richard Smith

GiGL’s Board of Directors are central to our work and our success. Their commitment and expertise helps guide GiGL and keeps us moving forward and developing. Until recently Richard held the position of Group Head of Environmental Sustainability at VINCI PLC. He joined GiGL’s Board in October 2018…

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Interview, Tony Burton

By Tony Burton

GiGL’s Board of Directors are central to our work and our success. Their commitment and expertise helps guide GiGL and keeps us moving forward and developing. Tony joined GiGL’s Board in October 2018. As well as his position of GiGL Director he is Vice Chair of Big Lottery Fund and a trustee for The Conservation Volunteers and Friends of the Earth, amongst others…

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Joy of Recording

By Alison Fure

After false starts, and to echoes of the Specials ‘Ghost Town’, I went to the Netherlands in 1980 to find work; there was no work here, especially for a holder of a sociology degree.  I became a gardener in Haarlem, growing bulbs for Wisley and Kew Gardens, then on my return to the UK I began my own gardening business, now run by my son (with some of the same customers)…

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Book Review: “Fencing Paradise – Reflections on the myths of Eden” by Richard Mabey

By Chloe Smith

Written as a response to the Eden Project – the world famous geodesic domed botanical spectacular in Cornwall – this book is as much a reflection on humankind’s relationship with plants as it is on the myths of its sub-title…

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Show & Tell: A deeply rooted dataset – Greater London’s trees on the NBN Atlas

By Katharine Davies

We’ve published our first open (CC-BY) dataset onto the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Atlas, entitled Greater London Habitat Survey tree data. This comprehensive dataset contains 94,842 tree records across Greater London, with 100% of records having verified identifications…

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NBN Conference 2018

By Julie Cox

The 18th National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Conference was held in November. The GiGL team made their way to Nottingham to benefit from two days of talks on the theme of “the NBN in a changing climate”…

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