Staff Contacts

Katharine delivers work for community partners and clients. This includes work for members of the public and community groups, as well as carrying out work with students that wish to use GiGL data for research projects. At times she focuses on internal database work and core projects. Contact Katharine if you are a student, recorder or member of the public interested in making use of GiGL's environmental data.

Emma delivers work for existing GiGL partners with Service Level Agreements, as well as carrying out work with students that wish to use GiGL data for research projects. At times she focuses on internal database work and core projects. Contact Emma if you would like to make use of GiGL's environmental data and your organisation is part of the GiGL Partnership, or is an academic institution.

Mandy was appointed CEO in 2013 when the community interest company was set up. She is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction and leadership of the business, and is also a company director.

Prior to becoming CEO, Mandy has headed up the records centre and its predecessor, London Wildlife Trust’s Biological Recording Project since 1999, having started working in this sector as the Trust’s Assistant Biological Recording Officer in 1997.

Mandy is also a company director for the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres (ALERC)

Maria works with the team and the recording community in London to mobilise species data (data flow), work on data standards, and oversee service delivery for community groups. Contact Maria to discuss working in partnership together with GiGL, and projects to record and access data in London.

Chloë works with the team on partnership development and oversees service delivery to GiGL’s funding partners as well as core work on datasets and information systems. Contact Chloë to find out more about working in partnership with GiGL or to discuss project ideas or making the most of your Service Level Agreement.

Outposted Staff

Julie provides partners and customers with data products and services, with particular expertise in delivering green infrastructure projects. She leads development of the open space data set.  She also oversees aspects of business administration including the annual renewal of partner service level agreements. Julie is commissioning editor of the GiGLer newsletter. Contact her if you would like to contribute a relevant article.

Lyndsey works with new data, digitising species and habitat information supplied for the GiGL database. She has control of data from arrival at GiGL through to the verification stage. Please get in touch with her to send in your datasets and records (or one-off sightings can be entered via the online form). Any data entry related questions can also be directed to Lyndsey.

Claudia works for GiGL and is responsible for managing the species and habitat data for all the Royal Parks land holdings across London. If you have any species sightings or dataset relating to any of the Royal Parks, contact Claudia. Claudia is an entomologist and is based at Richmond Park.

Postal Address

c/o London Wildlife Trust, Dean Bradley House, 52 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2AF