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Board of Directors


The main responsibilities of the Board are:

  1. To ensure the CIC complies with the principles of prudent management laid down by current legislation and best practice guidelines of the Community Interest Regulator.
  2. To ensure that the CIC operates in accordance with its Articles of Association at all times.
  3. To ensure that the CIC maintains adequate liquidity at all times to discharge GiGL CIC’s liabilities.
  4. To ensure the CIC maintains adequate records, systems of control and of inspection and report. Providing accurate, comprehensive, relevant and timely information as required by HMRC, Companies House, and the Community Interest Regulator.
  5. Ensure that direction is given to the staff by independent, “fit and proper” Directors acting with prudence and integrity in the interests of the GiGL CIC, and without regard to their personal interests, to meet objects as set out in the Articles of Association.
  6. Where necessary seek and take appropriate external professional advice.
  7. To ensure the CIC complies with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements.


Past members

The GiGL Board has been fortunate to have had the involvement of the following people:

GiGL Advisory Panel

Remit (Terms of Reference)

The GiGL Advisory Panel is representative of the individual experts and areas of delivery that the GiGL Team work with. The GAP is tasked with providing advice and support to the GiGL Team during the quarterly meetings and via other methods on request.

The Panel has no legal responsibilities for GiGL or its staff. Its role is to ensure GiGL services remain relevant to London’s environmental data requirements

Chair – to be elected by GAP members; the duties include chairing meetings and liaising with the GiGL Board.

Broad responsibilities of the GiGL Advisory Panel:

  1. To input to partnership and business development
  2. To input to core dataset development
  3. To assist the GiGL team with service updates and development
  4. To monitor the progress of the GiGL Strategic Plan and Action Plan
  5. To act as advocates for GiGL


There will be a maximum of four meetings annually, each with clearly defined themes and occasional optional email consultations or ‘task and finish’ groups. GAP members will not be expected to attend all meetings but should attend at least one meeting or ‘task and finish’ group per year.

The agenda for the meeting will be circulated at least two weeks before the meeting. If the GAP Chair is not present at the meeting a temporary chair for the meeting should be elected. GiGL staff will provide secretarial support for each meeting.


Click here to see the current GAP members.

If you would like to join the Advisory Panel, please get in touch with Andy or Lyndsey.

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