Data for GiGL Partners

GiGL partners have access to full resolution data from their geographic area as part of a regular data exchange and via specific ad hoc data requests to the GiGL team.

Data exchange

The data exchange is the quarterly delivery of data to organisations with a service level agreement (SLA)SLA holders receive their own data, in a standardised digital form, alongside other datasets from local and national organisations or individuals.

London-wide organisations receive data for the whole of Greater London; other organisations receive data for their local area of interest plus a 500m buffer.

When an organisation sets up a SLA with us we send them all data holdings for their area. We accept new datasets at any time, and our team works throughout the year to enter these into the GiGL database. Every quarter, we send copies of any updated spatial data to each of our SLA holders.

Partners sometimes integrate these data into their own systems or use them to perform their own searches using MapInfo or ArcGIS.

For more information about the GIS data see our data and interpretation guidance.

Specific requests

Partners can also ask us for tailored data searches or help with queries. Partners can contact us with a request, and we then send them relevant data or mapping for their in-house use within ten working days. This service is available throughout the year for SLA holders and incurs no extra cost. For some partners, this ad hoc basis method of accessing data is vital.

Read more about the benefits of joining the GiGL partnership, or get in touch with GiGL’s Partnership Manager, Chloë, to discuss the possibility of becoming a partner.

Sharing data with contractors

One advantage of entering into a SLA with GiGL is being able to share access to original datasets with your contractors. Many organisations directly engage consultants or other organisations to support their strategic work on a project basis. SLAs are designed to support ongoing and strategic requirements for evidence and so we have a contractor licence that we can use to facilitate your contractors to have access to the GiGL datasets they need to complete a project for you. NB: SLA data are provided for in-house use only, so contractors can’t onward share data – see accessing data policy.