Common pipistrelle, Alison Fure

London Bat Atlas

The London Bat Atlas was initiated during 2010, with seed funding from the Vodafone ‘World of a Difference’ programme. This made it possible to employ a part-time researcher to gather together the existing data holdings, as well as investigate the type of document and layout we wanted. Five years later and with the help of Greenspace…

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Slow Worm

Amphibians & Reptiles Atlas

There are thirteen native species of amphibians and reptiles (collectively known as herpetofauna) in the UK. Five of the seven native amphibians (common frog, common toad, smooth newt, palmate newt & great crested newt) and four of the six native reptiles (slow-worm, common lizard, grass snake & adder) are found in Greater London.

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