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Editorial – Issue 1

‘But there isn’t any wildlife in London.’ I heard that all too familiar phrase again on Saturday – this time from the partner of a friend. ‘Yes there is’ – I launch into my usual explanation – UK hotspots, protected species, London’s wild open spaces – but he isn’t listening to me. He’s pondering why…

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Ten years and counting

Mandy Rudd, GiGL Manager It’s been an eventful journey. Ten years ago, in May 1996, with funding from the Bridge House Trust, London Wildlife Trust launched its Biological Recording Project – the first step towards a biodiversity records centre for London. Alistair Kirk, the first person to captain the recording project recalls: ‘When I started…

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Welcome to the second edition of the GiGLer. This time we focus on protected species and on some of the organisations that generate and need access to protected species data in London. Since July last year, we have seen a significant growth in our data holdings, with more recorders and organisations signing up to the…

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