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Michelin Star Service

Much as a delicious meal at a restaurant doesn’t just appear on your plate the moment you place your order with the waiter, our data search reports don’t just appear at a click of a button. Even before your chef works his magic, selecting just the right ingredients to compliment each other, those ingredients have to be grown, raised and harvested. So, what goes on behind the scenes at GiGL? What goes into creating the perfect data search recipe?

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GiGL’s Social Sense

From its inception, Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) has been a partnership organisation. We have worked very hard to raise our profile among the organisations that use and contribute to local record centres. So, almost a year ago GiGL plunged into the world of social media and set up a Twitter account.

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SINCs Board

GiGL is now the official custodian of information on London’s 1,500 sites of importance for nature conservation – their citations and boundary information. This core dataset is one on which many of our products and services rely. Its accuracy is vital and we are working closely with our partners to help them update and maintain this important collection of data.

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