Data Curation Services

GiGL plays a vital role in enabling the recording and collecting of data in London. We act as an aggregator and curator of environmental data so they are available as an authoritative evidence base for analysis and use.

GiGL provides a professional data management service that aims to meets the needs of the environmental recording community and data users.

Accurately databased records, referencing source and quality, are the building blocks of the GiGL core datasets underpinning our other services.

We act as data custodian for a wide range of data collectors who report on various aspects of London’s natural environment including biodiversity and green infrastructure. We have a long working relationship with key organisations of the recording community and look to develop new relationships.

We collate data within secure databases that comply to best practice data standards. We offer digitisation services (data entry and mapping) and standard or bespoke tools for data collection. Understanding the data we manage means we can help with interpretation and best use (see Advice and Consultancy). We have developed a Data Flow Strategy to understand existing, and establish new, data sharing and verification pathways in London.

The value of data does not lie in isolation but in combination with other data. The standards of data management (e.g. verification) and interoperability of the data we manage are pertinent not only to the data we hold for London but also when it is used nationally and globally.