Transport for London

This page is for Transport for London (TfL) staff and contractors to help with accessing their GiGL services.

Request environmental data

If you are conducting works that have potential to affect biodiversity, or if data can support your work, you can request information on recorded wildlife, habitats and green infrastructure from GiGL, below. The form is intended to streamline the request service, but please contact GiGL if there are any questions.

To understand GiGL datasets, their copyrights and content, please refer to our Data Guide (updated periodically) and save a copy with the files for reference: Download the Data Guide

How to provide data

TfL contractors are required to provide GiGL with the environmental data results of any relevant site surveys. Where instructed by TfL, contractors must complete the TfL Biodiversity Toolkit, and record the habitats present before and after the works on site, especially if works have altered habitat.

Please follow this guide to collect and provide data in the best format for continuing habitat data management, net gain monitoring and the legacy of the data.