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the GiGLer

The newsletter of Greenspace Information of Greater London CIC

GiGL News

GiGL’s data expansion

GiGL’s species database has increased by an incredible 184,000 records since the first edition of the GiGLer in July last year. The sources of these data include London boroughs, London Natural History Society recorders, consultants, the Zoological Society of London, and the Greater London Authority. By collaborating with the Natural History Museum on their species dictionary project, and with the London Biodiversity Partnership, we can now tag all species data with their status. Protected and BAP species are now flagged in our customers’ reports.

A new look and a new website

GiGL’s new website will provide a range of data related services for everyone – partners, customers and the general public. A ‘what’s in my back yard’ page will make species data available to everyone at varying levels of detail, while a data search request facility will be accessible to registered GiGL service users. We hope to launch the website and accompanying email addresses by the end of March.

GiGL has also recently undergone a rebranding exercise, using the extremely successful look and feel of the GiGLer to guide the development of a new logo. New design guidelines have also been applied to our new website.

New service for borough biodiversity reporting

Now that local development frameworks have replaced unitary development plans, borough officers have been tasked with annual monitoring and reporting on a whole raft of matters, including biodiversity (see article on page 3). In conjunction with GiGL’s existing borough partners, we have developed a Londonspecific methodology for reporting on borough-wide biodiversity statistics – as required by ‘The Core Output Indicator 8’ (COI8). To take advantage of this new service, contact Matt Davies

Partnership development

The first edition of the GiGLer has proved a useful tool in attracting the attention of potential new partners and customers. This, along with the continued promotion of our work by many of our existing partners has led to the busiest year we’ve had so far.We hope that the increasing number of enquiries and data requests will facilitate the further growth of the GiGL partnership in 2007/08. A huge thank-you to everyone for their continued support with partnership building.

Staff structure

GiGL’s increased workload has required us to increase our staff capacity.The GiGL team now includes three full-time members of staff, based at London Wildlife Trust’s offices in Southwark, as well as two short-term contract workers assisting us with data entry. More GiGL staff positions are in the pipeline.We will keep you informed of further staff developments in the July 2007 edition of the GiGLer. (See page 8 for staff contact details.)

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