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Open Space Data Validation & Verification

National Biodiversity Network definitions

Data Validation: Carrying out standardised, often automated checks on the completeness, accuracy of transmission and validity of the content of a record

Data verification: Ensuring the accuracy of the identification of the things being recorded

GiGL Open Space Data Validation Process

This is carried out during the data import routine. It entails checking all aspects of the records (what, where and when).

  • Electronic data always require some processing once they are received by GiGL.
  • Data is checked geographically, including validating its spatial boundaries.
  • The open space names are checked, where discrepancies occur, using existing data and ordnance survey maps.
  • Data are manipulated into the standardised formats.

GiGL Verification Process

It is important that the information held by GiGL accurately represents open spaces throughout London. To ensure this GiGL is liaising with the London Boroughs to verify the open space dataset, to certify that the information reflects open spaces on the ground.
Open space officers/managers, GIS officers and planning officers from the London Boroughs are consulted on the open spaces within their areas. They are provided with paper copies of:

  • a summary of information GiGL holds for the borough
  • highlighted maps of the open spaces divided according to space type
  • highlighted map of open spaces divided according to public accessibility
  • information about categorisation according to the London Public Open Space hierarchy
  • specific queries where data may not be accurately representing the borough’s open spaces

The data is discussed through an arranged meeting (held where convenient for borough officers) or through email discussion. Points for consideration include:

  • categorisation by PPG17 category
  • categorisation by space type/use
  • site accessibility by the public
  • designations within the Public Open Space Hierarchy
  • site ownership information

By identifying specific data queries GiGL aims to keep the time burden as low as possible for borough contacts that are helping with the verification. It is assumed that all data received from a borough is already correct, unless it conflicts with existing information (for example information from London Survey Method surveys). GiGL can supply other services in return for assistance in verifying the open space data.

Procedure for updates

It is hoped that informing GiGL of changes to borough open space boundaries, locations, designations and facilities will become part of the broader data sharing process. Ideally changes will be applied throughout the year, however, reminders will be sent annually with Service Level Agreement renewals. The data should, at the least, be updated when new open space or facility surveys are completed.

The public also play a role in verifying the open space data, through the GiGL website.

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