London’s Open Spaces

This map, created by GiGL for partnership work, provides an unusual and striking view on London. It shows only London’s open spaces  – including parks, playgrounds, golf courses and farm land – and private domestic gardens. Roads, buildings and other developed areas are excluded, represented as white space. GiGL’s open space dataset includes information about each site. It distinguishes designated Public Open Spaces, so these are represented as a darker green in the map.

The map has been used several times to support the National Park City campaign since it started in 2014, including their Reimagine London project with Queen Mary’s University, the Independent’s feature on London becoming a National Park City, and Time Out’s heads up about the National Park City event at the Southbank Centre. More recently the GiGL datasets that underpin the image have been included in the National Park City Explorer Map.

Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor, supports London becoming a National Park City in 2019, and this has influenced the new London Environment Strategy and will filter through to the new London Plan too. You can read more about our partner the Greater London Authority’s support here.