The metadatabase is an overview of all the surveys we hold.

The table here is up-to-date excluding the last few years; we’re working on getting those provided more recently into the table now. If you’ve questions about a particular survey, please get in touch with a team member.

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Survey TitleSurvey AbstractStart Date of SurveyEnd Date of SurveyDate enteredSurvey Location Site NameRef
Regents Park Moth Data 2004-06Word Report on moth trapping in Regents in 2004 plus various Excel files with data from 2004 to 200626/05/200431/12/200621/05/2007SINC - Regent's Park10
Richmond Park Golf Course - Ecological Survey and AssessmentA survey of the golf course and environmental improvement suggestions (including various ecological surveys)01/06/199131/08/199108/10/2007SSSI - Richmond Park100
Vascular Plant list for Richmond Park (c1988-1999) DRAFTList of flora records in Richmond Pk provided by John Hodge and being worked on by Jacqueline Shane01/01/198831/12/199923/10/2007SSSI - Richmond Park101
Birds which nested in Black Lodge garden 2003 and 2004Records of birds nesting in Black Lodge garden and other garden visitors01/01/200331/12/200429/10/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens102
Greenwich Park Fungi - October 2006List of fungi recorded in Greenwich Pk in Oct 2006. NB data has been incorporated into main Greenwich Pk fungi spreadsheet c. 1994 to current18/10/200619/10/200629/10/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich Park103
Richmond Park Little owls 2005This is a map showing location of Little owls and young in 200501/01/200531/12/200529/10/2007SSSI - Richmond Park104
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens Wildfowl 1996 and 1998Summary of breeding wildfowl in Hyde Pk and Ken Gdns in 1996 and 199801/01/199631/12/199819/11/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens109
The flora of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, 1988-1993Article in London Naturalist No. 73, 19941/1/8831/12/199319/11/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens110
Round the Year in Richmond ParkSpecies lists and text (Mammals, birds, plants). Lists reproduced in Halliday ('A Handful of lists made between 1909 and 1988')01/01/192331/12/192313/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park111
A History of Richmond ParkIncludes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and a few plants. Covers mid-late 19th century to 1937 also has useful references. Lists reproduced in Halliday ('A handful of lists made between 1909 and 1988)31/12/193713/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park112
Plants found during the Draining of Pen Ponds 1941Plants - location of original unknown but list reproduced in Halliday (1973-1988)01/01/194131/12/194113/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park113
Barry Marsh's Bird records (Richmond Park)Copies of files containing Barry Marsh's bird records13/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park114
Grassland Survey of Richmond ParkReport and map - duplicate of EN listed survey; listed in 'Richmond Park Biological Data Sources (Draft 0)'31/12/198319/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park115
LichensSpecies list showing locations and substrates. Listed in 'Richmond Park Biological Data Sources (Draft 0)'31/12/199319/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park116
Dragonflies listDetailed species list giving dates and locations. Listed in 'Richmond Park Biological Data Sources (Draft 0)'19/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park117
Data from Butterfly Conservation databasePrintout from Butterfly Conservation database containing list of records for relevant part of VC Surrey. Listed in 'Richmond Park Biological Data Sources (Draft 0)'01/01/199531/12/199819/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park118
Skylark and Kestrel survey of Richmond Park 1997, 98, (99)Table and maps showing presence of skylarks and Kestrels in 1k squares, also includes Bushy and Hampton Court Pks. Listed in 'Richmond Park Biological Data Sources (Draft 0)'01/01/199731/12/199919/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park119
Monopis fenestratella [É] from Richmond Park, SurreyTwo page report from Entomologists Gazette 47, 19-20 (1996) detailing a record from the 1995 Insect survey20/06/199520/06/199523/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park120
BENHS field meeting (Richmond Park, 6 June 1992)A report of a BENHS field meeting carried out at Richmond Pk in June 1992, published in 'Br. J. Ent. Nat. Hist, 6: 1993' - most interesting species only06/06/199206/06/199223/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park121
Richmond Park Butterflies 1998One page letter from Piers to Richmond Park Wildlife Group giving details of some butterflies seen in 1998 (no numbers)20/07/199823/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park122
Regent's Park - Butterfly Sightings 1999-2002 (4 reports)Reports of butterfly sightings in Regent's Pk for each year from 1999 to 2002 inclusive01/04/199930/09/200204/02/2008SINC - Regent's Park123
Regent's Park: Autumn migration of summer visitorsOne page sheet showing autumn migration counts from 1962-64, 1967-69 and 1996-199901/08/196215/09/199926/11/2007SINC - Regent's Park124
Breeding Birds in Bushy Park - 1991-99List of breeding birds in Bushy Park including numbers 1991-2, 94-5, 97, 9901/01/199131/12/199926/11/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park127
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens Common Bird CensusSummaries based on CBC fieldwork by Roy Sanderson and Doug Boyd carried out on various years btw 1966 and 197801/01/196631/12/197808/11/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens130
Alison Fure records - Ken GardensVarious records of different groups (bats/birds/plants) from Alison Fure15/10/200401/10/200713/11/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens131
The Handbook of Richmond ParkSpecies lists (by order) reproduced in Halliday (A Handful of lists made between 1909 and 1988). Original also contained species accounts but whereabouts not known31/12/190913/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park132
Hyde Park Hedgehog SurveyLetters relate to commissioning of Hedgehog survey but do not hold copy of report01/01/199631/12/199619/11/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens133
Hyde Pk and Ken Gdns Common Bird Census 1966-78Common bird census sheets - surveys carried out for BTO01/01/196631/12/197823/11/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens134
Bryophytes in Richmond Park Jan 1996One page report on visit to Richmond Pk on 20 Jan 1996, adding further bryophyte species to the list from the 1994-95 surveys.20/01/199620/01/199623/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park136
Bird records in Richmond Park 1998 (maps)Two maps of Richmond Park with various bird records marked on them01/01/199831/12/199823/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park137
Small Mammal Trapping study of bracken dominated area and Pond Slade March-April 1999One page summary of mammal trapping study in Mar/apr 99, also refers to further study planned for Sept/Oct 199901/03/199926/04/199923/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park138
Wildflowers seen in Richmond Park - spring to October 1991Handwritten list of flowers seen in Richmond Park in 199101/03/199114/10/199123/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park139
Bushy Park Butterfly transects 2005-07 ongoingCopies of butterfly transect walk forms for 2005-07 along with summary sheets01/04/200524/05/2006SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park14
Bird Watching in the Regent's ParkAppears to be a handout with info on bird watching in Regents Pk and includes sheets showing first and last dates for migrants and sightings in 199716/04/195131/12/199726/11/2007SINC - Regent's Park141
Breeding Birds in Upper Lodge Bushy Park 1998One sheet summary of birds that bred in Upper Lodge in 1998 with some records from 1997. Second typed sheet gives status in 1998 and 'prior years'01/01/199731/12/199826/11/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park143
Arbortrack Export Files 2008-06-04Data for individual trees or groups of trees in The Royal Parks exported from the Arbortrack system in June 200829/05/200715
Bushy Park Wild flower listA list of plants recorded in Bushy Park including some references from other sources01/01/198131/05/200729/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park16
Common Birds Census St James's ParkLists of number of territories in St James Pk and maps from 198901/01/198931/12/200111/06/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham P19
Bushy Park Biannual Water Quality Report (Jan 2008)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts up to Aug 200701/08/199822/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park201
Richmond Park 1k square recording 1999, 2002, 2004-07 ongoing (Butterflies)Data from butterfly surveys carried out in 1k grid squares in Richmond Park on a weekly basis. Includes day flying moths. 2007 data recorded to compartment level01/04/199923/03/2007SSSI - Richmond Park237
Greenwich Park Spider Survey 2003A spider survey conducted over 12 months - the main part was pitfall trapping, but also some sweep netting and beating and a spider foray in May 2002. Includes some records from an adjacent area01/10/200231/10/200323/03/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich Park246
Richmond Park Butterfly Records 2000Paper copy of butterfly totals in Richmond Park for 2000(yearly numbers only), as well as some graphs for certain species01/04/200030/09/200023/03/2007SSSI - Richmond Park251
Greenwich Park Habitat and Phase 2 Botanical surveysReport on phase 1 & 2 habitat survey in Greenwich Park including plant species found in Quadrats28/04/200724/05/200716/07/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich Park28
Richmond Park Biannual Water Quality Report (Jan 2008)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts up to Apr 200701/04/199830/03/2007SSSI - Richmond Park353
Kensington Gdns Biannual Water Quality Report (up to Jan 2008)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts up to Aug 200701/04/199830/03/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens354
Regent's Park Biannual Water Quality Reports (up to Jan 2008)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts up to Apr 200701/04/199830/03/2007SINC - Regent's Park355
Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens Common Birds CensusVarious reports/tables showing results from Common Bird Census carried out in Hyde Pk and Ken Gdns. Results for 1989, 1990 and all yrs from 1994 to 2000.01/01/198931/12/200002/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens377
Tree species in Brompton cemeteryMaps of cemetery with tree numbers plus lists of trees and species17/04/2007SINC - Brompton Cemetery424
Bushy Park Bird Reports - 1993, 1996, 1998, 2000-06 ongoingSummary reports of birds in Bushy Pk compiled by Peter Greening for Wildlife group (written account for each species, later reports more detailed and incorporating records from other observers)01/01/199317/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park451
Odonata 1993-1996 Bushy ParkList of Odonata in Bushy Pk 1993-96 together with some details of the Rare Dragonfly Project 1997. Observer not named but after discussion with Bill Kilby confirmed it to be Margaret Bunce01/01/199331/12/199626/11/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park46
A survey of small mammals in Bushy Park, Middx, Autumn 1997A study of the small mammal population of Bushy Pk contrasted with studies from Wimbledon Common and Richmond Pk01/09/199730/11/199726/11/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park47
Richmond Park Aculeates 2005Full list of aculeates recorded in Richmond Park up to 200401/01/193231/12/200410/12/2007SSSI - Richmond Park49
Bushy Park Aculeates 2003-04List of aculeates recorded in Bushy Park in 2003 and 2004 (two word documents one with records and one a total list. This is the most up to date list that we have currently (05/2008)01/01/200331/12/200410/12/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park50
Bird Sanctuaries Reports - Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park (1931-38)Photocopies from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1928-38 showing Bushy Pk section only (1929 report only covers 2nd half of year)01/01/193131/12/193815/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park535
Various lists for Bushy ParkVarious lists for Bushy Pk dating from around 1997 including birds, flowers, fish, fungi, mammals, insects04/02/2008SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park54
Natural History List - Richmond Park (1976-88)Various species lists (mammals, birds, amphibs, fish, inverts, plants) covering 1976-88. Included in Halliday 'A handful of lists made between 1909 and 1988.01/01/197631/12/198819/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park547
Birds recorded in Bushy Park in 1983Report summarising birds seen in Bushy Pk in 1983 including locations01/01/198331/12/198316/01/2008SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park549
Richmond Park Drive survey (Bats)London Bat group notes from Drive survey carried out in Sept 2003 - gives locations of recording points, recordings still need to be analysed by John25/09/200329/09/200311/02/2008SSSI - Richmond Park55
Richmond Park LichensSpecies list referred to in 'Richmond Park Biological Data Sources (Draft 0)'31/12/198219/11/2007SSSI - Richmond Park551
Hyde Park Bird Transect Data 2004-07 ongoingData from the monthly transect walks in HP from 2004 to 2007. One walk includes data for both the Serpentine and Long Water (KG)01/01/200418/03/2008SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens555
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens Flora survey 2007Phase 1 and NVC survey of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens - written report and tables of records by compartment19/07/200730/08/200715/07/2008SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens556
Richmond Park Amphibian recordsNotes from amphibian surveys carried out in Richmond Pk over 2 years01/01/199631/12/199726/02/2008SSSI - Richmond Park56
Richmond Park Birds 1995-2004Info sheet with summary of which birds were recorded each year from 1995 to 2004 inclusive01/01/199531/12/200431/07/2008SSSI - Richmond Park560
Kew Botanical survey 1929-33List from Kew botanical survey in 1929-33, included in Halliday report ('A handful of lists made between 1909 and 1988, Richmond Park wildlife in the 20th century). Records presumably from Richmond although not absolutely clear01/01/192931/12/193304/08/2008SSSI - Richmond Park561
Richmond Park Collections (1963-70) (fungi)List of fungi identified from material collected at Richmond Park and deposited at either Oxford or Kew01/01/196331/12/197004/08/2008SSSI - Richmond Park562
Richmond Park Wildlife Lists SupplementA number of additional lists collected as a supplement to Halliday ('A handful of lists made between 1909 and 1988'). Most records in the supplement date from around 1993 to 199804/08/2008SSSI - Richmond Park563
Ecological Survey of the Dwarf Orchard, Greenwich ParkFloral survey of the Dwarf Orchard, Greenwich Park, to supplement the 2001 LUC survey18/07/200818/07/200811/08/2008SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich Park565
Regents Park Bird Data 2007Casual sightings spreadsheet of all records from 2007 - has also gone to LNHS01/01/200731/12/200709/01/2008SINC - Regent's Park57
Regents Park Bird survey 2000-07 ongoingWord/excel tables covering fortnightly bird surveys. Currently only hold surveys for 2007 (all sites) and 2000 and 2006 for Avenue Gardens - more surveys exist01/01/200021/05/2007SINC - Regent's Park58
Regents Park Moths Data 2007Data from three moth trapping sites for 200701/01/200731/12/200709/01/2008SINC - Regent's Park59
Regents Park Butterfly Transect Walks 2007Forms from 6 butterfly transect walks carried out in 200701/01/200731/12/200709/01/2008SINC - Regent's Park60
Bushy Park Stuart Cole Beetle records to 2007List of notable beetles seen in Bushy Pk10/06/199503/06/200723/07/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park81
Andrena florea [É] vs the Bryony Ladybird Epilachna argus [É]: a new threat to a rare solitary mining bee?Photocopy of article from bulletin of Amateur Entomologists Society (vol 66 no 471). Not an actual survey but report based on previous observations31/12/200608/10/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park95
Dromius quadrisignatus [É] and other beetles in Bushy Park in October, 2006Photocopy of article from bulletin of Amateur Entomologists Society (vol 66 no 471). Describing visit to search for D. quadrisignatus in 200614/10/200614/10/200608/10/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park96
Extract from Hammond (2007, unpublished report to the Royal Parks). Appendix 1. Saproxylic [É] beetle species recorded from Richmond Park NNR: Summary dataSummary of various 'surveys' of saproxylic beetles in Richmond Park31/12/200608/10/2007SSSI - Richmond Park97
Harlequin Ladybird and Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner in Bushy ParkArticle in the Dec 2007 issue of AES bulletin (vol 66 no 475) about the Harlequin Ladybird and Horse chestnut Leaf miner in Bushy Pk09/01/2008SINC - Bushy Park and Home Park98
Hyde Park (Serpentine) Biannual Water Quality Report (Jan 2008)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts up to Aug 200701/08/199823/08/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens99
Butterfly Monitoring Scheme06/05/199808/04/200016/08/2007GiGL0001
Habitat Survey of the LB Waltham ForestBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory02/09/200426/04/200416/08/2007GiGL0002
Habitat Survey of the LB Tower HamletsBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory17/06/200414/05/200416/08/2007GiGL0003
Habitat Survey of the LB HillingdonBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory13/10/200429/09/200416/08/2007GiGL0004
Habitat Survey of the LB LewishamBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory09/08/200526/09/200516/08/2007GiGL0005
Habitat Survey of the LB BrentBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory12/09/200504/08/200516/08/2007GiGL0006
Habitat Survey of the LB MertonBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory16/08/200629/06/200616/08/2007GiGL0008
Habitat Survey of the LB SuttonBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory30/08/200608/08/200616/08/2007GiGL0009
Habitat Survey of the RB Kingston upon ThamesBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory12/09/200604/08/200616/08/2007GiGL0010
Downe Bank01/01/198217/10/199316/08/2007GiGL0011
Open Spaces & Habitat Survey - Hackney07/03/200421/12/200316/08/2007GiGL0012
Hackney Tree Survey01/01/200331/12/200416/08/2007GiGL0013
Habitat Survey of the LB Richmond upon ThamesBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory07/06/199904/10/199916/08/2007GiGL0015
Tooting Common - Invertebrates29/05/200326/06/200316/08/2007GiGL0017
Wandsworth Common - Invertebrates22/09/200316/06/200316/08/2007GiGL0018
Barn Elms Schools Centre & Adjacent areas01/05/199601/05/199616/08/2007GiGL0020
Battersea Power Station Bat Survey24/06/200321/07/200316/08/2007GiGL0021
Tooting Common aculeate hymenoptera21/05/199530/04/199416/08/2007GiGL0023
Wimbledon Common aculeate hymenoptera22/04/199810/07/200116/08/2007GiGL0024
London Wildlife Trust HLF Reserves Survey22/04/199902/09/200116/08/2007GiGL0030
Downham Woodland Walk - beetles01/06/200205/05/199916/08/2007GiGL0031
Tooting Common - Flora10/05/200501/01/200516/08/2007GiGL0032
Flora of Fulham10/08/200601/04/200216/08/2007GiGL0033
Habitat Survey of the LB Islington - 1989 surveyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory28/09/198926/07/198916/08/2007GiGL0035
Habitat Survey of the LB Richmond upon Thames 84 surveyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory11/10/198427/09/198416/08/2007GiGL0037
Habitat Survey of the LB Barnet 92 survey part 2Borough wide habitat survey and species' inventory09/09/199215/09/199216/08/2007GiGL0040
National Trust21/04/200518/05/200516/08/2007GiGL0043
Water Voles in London (historical records)15/09/199816/06/199916/08/2007GiGL0045
Mink in London01/09/200212/09/200116/08/2007GiGL0046
Black Redstarts 200113/04/200111/05/200116/08/2007GiGL0047
LWT Heritage Reserves Project21/01/200226/06/200116/08/2007GiGL0048
LWT Reserve Surveys01/01/199620/07/199516/08/2007GiGL0049
Chalking Up London's Downs01/01/200031/12/199416/08/2007GiGL0050
Habitat Survey of the LB WandsworthBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory27/05/199905/08/199916/08/2007GiGL0051
LWT Stag Beetle Survey 199701/05/199730/06/199716/08/2007GiGL0052
Other Wildlife Sites08/11/198702/08/199916/08/2007GiGL0053
Habitat Survey of the LB NewhamBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory22/08/200106/09/200116/08/2007GiGL0055
LWT Invertebrates surveys20/07/199630/11/199616/08/2007GiGL0056
LWT Wildlife Garden Survey 199901/01/199931/12/199916/08/2007GiGL0057
LWT Stag Beetle Survey 199801/05/199830/06/199816/08/2007GiGL0058
PTES Stag Beetle Survey 199801/05/199830/06/199816/08/2007GiGL0059
LWT Stag Beetle Survey 199901/05/199930/06/199916/08/2007GiGL0060
LWT Wildlife Garden Survey 200001/05/200031/12/200016/08/2007GiGL0061
Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation04/06/200331/12/199916/08/2007GiGL0062
Water Voles in London 200101/06/200131/08/200116/08/2007GiGL0064
Water Voles in London 200210/09/200226/09/200216/08/2007GiGL0065
Habitat Survey of the RB Kensington and ChelseaBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory12/09/200204/07/200216/08/2007GiGL0066
Herne Hill Cycle Track01/05/199829/02/198016/08/2007GiGL0067
Water Voles in London 200328/03/200315/10/200316/08/2007GiGL0068
Hounslow Heath Survey data10/07/198631/10/198716/08/2007GiGL0069
Bird survey04/02/200114/09/200216/08/2007GiGL0070
Black Redstarts 200201/01/200231/12/200216/08/2007GiGL0071
Footscray Meadows tree survey01/09/199830/09/199816/08/2007GiGL0072
LWT Wildlife Garden Survey 200101/01/200131/12/200116/08/2007GiGL0073
LWT Wildlife Garden Survey 200201/01/200231/12/200216/08/2007GiGL0074
"Nature Notes"- Diary25/08/191506/08/191616/08/2007GiGL0075
Water Voles TEST FOR MONITORING PROJECT23/10/200210/10/200216/08/2007GiGL0076
Habitat Survey of the City of LondonBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory05/06/200121/05/200116/08/2007GiGL0077
Habitat Survey of the LB CamdenBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory19/08/200310/09/200316/08/2007GiGL0078
Habitat Survey of the LB HackneyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory21/08/200120/07/200116/08/2007GiGL0079
Water Voles in London 200401/01/200401/01/200416/08/2007GiGL0080
Water Vole Monitoring London 200401/01/200401/01/200416/08/2007GiGL0081
Habitat Survey of the LB GreenwichBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory19/07/200226/06/200216/08/2007GiGL0082
Habitat Survey of the LB HaveringBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/08/200129/10/200116/08/2007GiGL0083
Habitat Survey of the LB Barking and DagenhamBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory08/10/200216/09/200216/08/2007GiGL0084
Habitat Survey of the LB BexleyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory03/07/200304/08/200316/08/2007GiGL0085
Habitat Survey of the LB HarrowBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory15/08/200312/08/200316/08/2007GiGL0086
Habitat Survey of the LB HaringeyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory02/09/200227/08/200216/08/2007GiGL0087
Nigel Hepper garden survey04/09/200427/03/200416/08/2007GiGL0089
London Underground Data24/06/199916/08/199916/08/2007GiGL0090
LWT Stag Beetle Survey 200516/07/200520/06/200516/08/2007GiGL0091
PTES Stag Beetle Survey 200221/06/200214/06/200216/08/2007GiGL0092
Alison Fure Records12/04/199407/01/200816/08/2007GiGL0094
Canal Survey17/08/200519/08/200516/08/2007GiGL0095
Wandsworth Lakes Data07/11/200631/08/200616/08/2007GiGL0097
House Sparrow Survey 200201/01/200231/12/200216/08/2007GiGL0098
SLA Surveys 2006 Le01/08/200331/08/200416/08/2007GiGL0099
SLA Surveys 2006 Re14/10/200602/09/200516/08/2007GiGL0100
SLA Surveys 2006 Ri01/01/200130/10/200616/08/2007GiGL0101
SLA Surveys 2006 TH08/11/200623/07/200116/08/2007GiGL0102
Sand Martin Breeding Survey01/01/199615/06/199816/08/2007GiGL0103
Plant Records01/01/199431/12/200016/08/2007GiGL0104
Fungi Records28/04/200516/10/200516/08/2007GiGL0105
Dragonfly Records27/06/200416/06/200316/08/2007GiGL0106
Black Redstarts 200529/05/200527/06/200516/08/2007GiGL0108
Miscellaneous Records01/06/200616/10/200616/08/2007GiGL0109
Reptile SAP Surveys27/07/200419/08/200416/08/2007GiGL0110
Richmond Park Stag Beetle Surveys20/06/200512/08/200516/08/2007GiGL0111
SLA Surveys 2006 Hw01/01/199028/02/200116/08/2007GiGL0112
SLA Surveys 2006 We01/01/200630/09/200616/08/2007GiGL0113
SLA Surveys 2006 LWT16/07/200604/05/200316/08/2007GiGL0114
LWT Stag Beetle Survey 200603/06/200601/06/200616/08/2007GiGL0115
LWT Wildlife Garden Survey 200401/01/200431/12/200416/08/2007GiGL0116
LWT Wildlife Garden Survey 200501/01/200531/12/200516/08/2007GiGL0117
LWT Wildlife Garden Survey 200601/01/200631/12/200616/08/2007GiGL0118
London Zoo Data12/06/200504/08/200916/08/2007GiGL0119
London Garden Squares Survey29/06/200401/07/200416/08/2007GiGL0120
Bat General Data pre 199011/08/198911/06/198816/08/2007GiGL0121
Bat Feeding Areas Survey 85-8722/09/198611/05/198616/08/2007GiGL0122
Bird Records01/01/190031/12/190016/08/2007GiGL0123
Bat General Data post 199017/07/200606/07/199616/08/2007GiGL0124
Bat Hibernation Sites09/01/200531/03/200616/08/2007GiGL0125
Bat Roosts 85-8701/07/198531/12/198616/08/2007GiGL0126
Bat Roosts post 199018/05/200609/06/200216/08/2007GiGL0127
Bat Feeding Area Resurvey 199915/07/199931/07/199916/08/2007GiGL0128
Bat Roosts pre 199028/07/198801/08/198416/08/2007GiGL0129
Bat NBMP London Data14/06/200411/06/199916/08/2007GiGL0130
Bat Monitoring Project21/08/200201/07/200016/08/2007GiGL0131
King George's Park - Birds20/04/199827/02/199816/08/2007GiGL0132
Wandsworth Common - Butterflies27/03/199729/05/199716/08/2007GiGL0133
Wandsworth Common - Birds01/08/200020/02/200516/08/2007GiGL0134
LB Wandsworth Bat records01/01/199024/05/198516/08/2007GiGL0135
Beverley Brook re-survey01/01/199831/12/199916/08/2007GiGL0136
Tooting Bec Common - Fungi13/10/200121/09/200216/08/2007GiGL0137
Wandsworth Common - Hymenoptera21/05/199530/03/199716/08/2007GiGL0138
Wandsworth Common - Hymenoptera - historical records01/01/189031/12/189616/08/2007GiGL0139
Morden Cemetery - Invertebrates01/10/199831/12/199816/08/2007GiGL0140
Wandsworth Common - Flora01/05/199907/04/200516/08/2007GiGL0141
LB Wandsworth dragonfly records01/01/198331/12/199216/08/2007GiGL0142
Wandsworth Common - Flora and Fauna26/08/199518/08/199216/08/2007GiGL0143
Battersea Park Nature Areas01/09/199330/09/199316/08/2007GiGL0144
Battersea Park LNR - Small mammals01/10/199431/10/199416/08/2007GiGL0145
Battersea Park - Invertebrates06/07/200031/10/200116/08/2007GiGL0146
Battersea Park - Invertebrates201/01/199523/05/199616/08/2007GiGL0147
Wandsworth Common Lake - Flora22/06/200014/09/199016/08/2007GiGL0148
Morden Cemetery - Flora01/01/199731/07/199616/08/2007GiGL0149
Wandsworth Common Lakes - Birds14/05/199718/02/199616/08/2007GiGL0150
River Wandle/Shell site/Thames area - Birds05/11/199830/11/199816/08/2007GiGL0151
Central London Waterfowl Monitoring01/02/200028/02/199716/08/2007GiGL0152
Battersea Park - Birds15/05/199510/07/199516/08/2007GiGL0153
Battersea Park - Breeding birds29/04/199319/05/199316/08/2007GiGL0154
Battersea Park and River Thames - Naturalised goose survey29/06/200012/05/200016/08/2007GiGL0155
Stag beetles01/06/200217/06/200216/08/2007GiGL0156
Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath01/01/199431/07/199916/08/2007GiGL0158
Lambeth Cemetery - Slow worms07/08/200007/08/200016/08/2007GiGL0159
Battersea Park11/04/200211/04/200216/08/2007GiGL0160
Morden Cemetery - Lichens25/05/200025/05/200016/08/2007GiGL0161
Lake Monitoring Programme - Macroinvertebrates & Aquatic vegetation01/07/199930/04/200216/08/2007GiGL0162
LB Wandsworth01/04/200313/01/200316/08/2007GiGL0163
River Wandle - Invertebrates24/06/199805/08/199816/08/2007GiGL0164
River Wandle - Vegetation01/01/199831/12/199816/08/2007GiGL0165
Wandsworth Garden Survey01/01/200231/12/200216/08/2007GiGL0167
River Wandle - EA Catchment Summary01/01/199631/12/199616/08/2007GiGL0168
1992 LB Wandsworth Habitat Survey13/08/199227/08/199216/08/2007GiGL0169
Morden Cemetery - Flora and Fauna01/04/200031/07/200016/08/2007GiGL0170
Wimbledon Park Rifle Club ecological survey15/01/200014/07/200116/08/2007GiGL0171
Battersea Park - Invertebrates in short grass areas01/10/200218/06/200216/08/2007GiGL0172
Tooting Common - Historical19/08/188031/07/189316/08/2007GiGL0173
Tooting Common - Birds01/03/200322/11/200516/08/2007GiGL0174
Morden Cemetery - Fungi01/10/199831/10/199816/08/2007GiGL0175
Habitat Survey 200315/05/200331/07/200316/08/2007GiGL0176
Habitat Survey 200417/06/200417/06/200416/08/2007GiGL0177
Phase I Habitat survey of the London Borough of Sutton10/06/199715/07/200816/08/2007Multiple SitesGiGL0178
London Orthoptera11/09/199902/08/198916/08/2007GiGL0179
Happy Valley NVC Survey 199909/07/199908/07/199916/08/2007GiGL0180
Happy Valley Misc Plant Observations02/07/200307/06/200116/08/2007GiGL0181
Happy Valley Misc Mammal Observations30/07/200303/06/200316/08/2007GiGL0182
Happy Valley Misc Bird Observations - Dominic North04/06/200331/07/200316/08/2007GiGL0183
Crane Park Butterflies01/04/200031/07/200016/08/2007GiGL0184
Biodiversity 200001/08/200031/08/200016/08/2007GiGL0185
Biodiversity 200129/05/200121/06/200116/08/2007GiGL0186
Biodiversity 200203/04/200203/04/200216/08/2007GiGL0187
Redbridge Watervole Survey 200226/09/200226/09/200216/08/2007GiGL0188
Habitat Survey of Barn Elms Schools Centre01/01/199631/12/199616/08/2007GiGL0189
Claybury Bird Survey 200227/04/200212/06/200216/08/2007GiGL0190
Hainault Local Nature Reserve26/06/199514/07/199516/08/2007GiGL0191
Lower Roding Survey01/12/200211/12/200216/08/2007GiGL0192
Fairlop & Hainault Invertebrate Survey08/10/200117/10/200116/08/2007GiGL0193
Fairlop Bird Survey09/02/200327/02/200316/08/2007GiGL0194
Water fowl in Valentines Park01/06/200331/08/200316/08/2007GiGL0195
Bird data from Valentines Park01/05/200331/10/200316/08/2007GiGL0196
Flowering plants in Valentines Park01/05/200331/10/200316/08/2007GiGL0197
Mammals in Valentines Park01/05/200331/10/200316/08/2007GiGL0198
Dragonfly & Damselfly survey of Valentines Park01/05/200331/10/200316/08/2007GiGL0200
Fairlop & Hainault Vertebrate Survey01/01/200131/12/200116/08/2007GiGL0202
Fairlop Spider Survey02/07/199902/07/199916/08/2007GiGL0203
Terrestrial Invertebrates Recorded at Fairlop 200001/01/200031/12/200016/08/2007GiGL0204
Plant species and plant galls in Hainault Forest and Country Park.01/01/200231/12/200216/08/2007GiGL0205
Roding Valley Bird Walk26/02/200529/05/200416/08/2007GiGL0206
Claybury Bird Walk19/02/200519/02/200516/08/2007GiGL0207
Barn Elms Reservoir15/09/194715/03/198907/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0001
Birds at Barn Elms Reservoir01/01/199130/12/199107/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0002
Barn Elms Monitoring Projects01/01/199630/06/200207/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0003
Barn Elms Wildfowl & Wetlands Reserve: Report 1: The Birds14/01/199314/12/199307/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0004
Barn Elms Wildfowl & Wetlands Reserve: Report 3: The Amphibians & Reptiles11/03/199218/09/199207/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0005
Barn Elms Wildfowl & Wetlands Reserve: Report 4: The Fish13/06/199408/08/199407/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0006
Barn Elms Wildfowl & Wetlands Reserve: Report 5: The Invertebrates22/06/199330/10/199407/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0007
Barn Elms Wildfowl & Wetlands Reserve: Report 6: The Vegetation01/01/199130/12/199307/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0008
Ecological Surveillance & Monitoring at The Wetland Centre, Barn Elms, In 1996 Report 5: The Butterflies03/04/199622/10/199607/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0009
Ecological Surveillance & Monitoring at The Wetland Centre, Barn Elms, In 1996 Report 4: The Dragonflies03/04/199622/10/199607/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0010
The Wetland Centre Monitoring Project, Summary Report: 1st January 1996- 31st December 199801/01/199631/12/199807/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0011
London Wetland Centre Bird & Natural History Report 200001/01/200031/12/200007/12/2005SSSI - Barn Elms Wetland CentreGiGLa0012
Bentley Priory14/07/198714/07/198714/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0013
A Nature Conservation Strategy for London- Bentley Priory14/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0014
London Bird Report- Bentley Priory01/01/198331/12/198314/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0015
British Trust for Ornithology- Bentley Priory01/01/196731/12/197614/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0016
Draft Management Plan. Bentley Priory Nature Reserve14/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0017
Bentley Priory Open Space - Management Brief22/07/198724/07/198914/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0018
Criteria for Selection of SSSI - Bentley Priory02/02/199002/02/199014/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0019
A Brief Invertebrate Survey of Bentley Priory SSSI15/07/199215/07/199214/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0020
Report for Bentley Priory NR for 1991.01/01/199131/12/199114/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0021
Bentley Priory NR Management Committee 31 Jan 199024/06/198924/06/198914/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0022
Review of Bentley Priory Management Brief14/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0023
Warden's report01/01/200231/12/200214/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0024
Bentley Priory NR01/01/199631/12/200414/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0025
Four Seasons28/12/200322/03/200414/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0026
NVC assessment of non-wooded sites28/07/200229/07/200214/12/2005SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0027
Brent Reservoir (WeBS Counts April'03-March'05)01/04/199930/03/200514/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0028
Observes on the Welsh Harp01/01/198801/01/198814/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0029
The Flora of Brent Reservoir01/01/197131/12/198121/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0030
The Flora of the Brent Reservoir, Middlesex01/01/198531/12/199521/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0031
Welsh Harp Report '87, '88,'90, '91, 200101/01/198731/12/200121/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0032
Brent Reservoir, Greater London01/01/198331/12/198321/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0033
Great Crested Grebe Breeding Records01/04/198306/04/199721/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0034
Preliminary Fish Population Study07/07/199321/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0035
Brent Reservoir01/01/199531/12/199521/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0036
The Ornithological Importance of The Brent Reservoir01/01/197631/12/197821/12/2005SSSI - Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)GiGLa0037
Bushy Park01/01/195131/12/197121/12/2005SINC - Bushy ParkGiGLa0038
A Survey of Waterfowl Populations and Recreational Activity at The Chingford Reservoir16/08/198828/02/198921/12/2005SSSI - Chingford ReservoirGiGLa0040
Enfield Energy Centre: Ornithological Monitoring Surv -November&December 199901/01/199828/12/199921/12/2005SSSI - Chingford ReservoirGiGLa0041
Chingford Reservoir22/12/197722/03/198421/12/2005SSSI - Chingford ReservoirGiGLa0042
Chingford Reservoir01/01/198831/12/199321/12/2005SSSI - Chingford ReservoirGiGLa0043
A Survey of The Micro Lepidoptera of Crofton Heath SSSI01/05/198731/10/198721/12/2005SSSI - Crofton WoodsGiGLa0044
Crofton Woods12/05/199312/05/199321/12/2005SSSI - Crofton WoodsGiGLa0045
Crofton Heath Complex01/01/198431/12/199104/01/2006SSSI - Crofton WoodsGiGLa0046
London Wildlife Habitat Survey-Crofton Woods31/07/198404/01/2006SSSI - Crofton WoodsGiGLa0047
Renotification Of Crofton Heath01/01/198301/01/198704/01/2006SSSI - Crofton WoodsGiGLa0048
Orpington Field Club - Crofton Woods01/01/197331/12/197304/01/2006SSSI - Crofton WoodsGiGLa0049
Crofton Heath Surveys01/01/193431/12/197204/01/2006SSSI - Crofton WoodsGiGLa0050
Vegetation Survey of Crofton Heath04/01/2006SSSI - Crofton WoodsGiGLa0051
Crofton Heath30/01/196704/01/2006SSSI - Crofton WoodsGiGLa0052
Invertebrates at Erith and Belvedere Marshes an Assessment01/06/199330/11/199304/01/2006SINC - Erith MarshesGiGLa0053
The Status and Distribution of Water Voles Within Dartford, Crayford and Erith Marshes23/09/200122/08/200204/01/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0054
Dartford Marshes01/08/198531/12/198604/01/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0055
Water Beetles at The Inner Thames Kent Marshes01/01/200231/12/200204/01/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0056
A Biological Survey of Drainage Dykes at Crayford Marshes12/06/199612/06/199604/01/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0057
Invertebrates at Crayford Marsh: An Assessment01/06/199130/08/199104/01/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0058
Crayford Marsh12/08/200316/08/200304/01/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0059
Croham Hurst18/06/199218/06/198804/01/2006SSSI - Croham HurstGiGLa0060
Newsletter - Croham Hurst01/01/198131/12/198204/01/2006SSSI - Croham HurstGiGLa0062
Croham Hurst01/01/194731/12/194704/01/2006SSSI - Croham HurstGiGLa0063
Studies at Croham Hurst01/01/195930/06/195904/01/2006SSSI - Croham HurstGiGLa0064
Croham Hurst28/09/198828/09/198804/01/2006SSSI - Croham HurstGiGLa0065
Croham Hurst30/07/199830/07/199804/01/2006SSSI - Croham HurstGiGLa0066
Croham Hurst Heather Survey29/08/199529/08/199504/01/2006SSSI - Croham HurstGiGLa0067
Croham Hurst31/10/198204/01/2006SSSI - Croham HurstGiGLa0068
Denham Lock Wood - Invertebrate Assessment01/01/199631/12/199604/01/2006SSSI - Denham Lock WoodGiGLa0069
Denham Lock Wood - Vegetation Survey27/06/199727/06/199704/01/2006SSSI - Denham Lock WoodGiGLa0070
Denham Lock Wood - Management Plan01/01/199131/12/199104/01/2006SSSI - Denham Lock WoodGiGLa0071
NVC-Down Bank & High Elms16/08/200218/08/200218/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0072
Downe Bank & High Elms23/04/199223/04/199218/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0073
High Elms22/07/198822/07/198818/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0074
Down Bank13/10/198813/10/198818/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0075
Orpington Field Club - Annual Report16/09/198928/07/199018/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0076
Downe Bank & High Elms06/09/198506/09/198518/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0077
Downe Bank01/01/197931/12/198118/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0078
Kent Trust For Nature Conservation24/04/198828/04/198818/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0079
Downe Bank01/01/196831/12/196918/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0080
Downe Bank15/08/196316/08/196318/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0081
Downe Bank18/06/195518/06/195518/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0082
Downe Bank17/01/195017/01/195018/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0083
High Elms29/05/196729/05/196718/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0084
Site Integrity Monitoring21/09/198818/08/199318/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0085
High Elms Estate01/01/197931/12/197918/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0086
High Elms Management Plan - 199518/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0087
Down Bank & High Elms01/01/198931/12/198918/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0088
Downe Bank28/11/199728/11/199718/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0089
Downe Bank Work Plan 2000-200118/01/2006SSSI - Downe Bank and High ElmsGiGLa0090
Elmstead Pit- Site Integrity Monitoring27/11/199227/11/199227/01/2006SSSI - Elmstead PitGiGLa0091
Geological Site Documentation- management brief01/02/199428/02/199427/01/2006SSSI - Elmstead PitGiGLa0092
Farthing Downs & Happy Valley- Insect Survey01/01/199111/11/199827/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0093
Grassland Survey of Farthing Downs & Happy Valley17/06/198617/06/198627/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0094
Farthing Down Beetles 199201/01/199231/12/199227/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0095
Farthing Down & Happy Valley17/06/198717/06/198727/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0096
Happy Valley01/01/197131/12/197127/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0097
Farthing Down & Happy Valley01/01/200231/12/200227/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0098
Happy Valley01/07/199909/07/199927/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0099
Devilsden Wood30/01/200330/01/200327/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0100
Site Management Plan for Happy Valley01/01/200031/12/200527/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0101
West Wickham & Coulsdon Commons Newsletter(sep2002-mar2003)15/06/200230/06/200227/01/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0102
West Wickham & Coulsdon Commons Newsletter(apr2003-sep2003)01/04/200301/09/200301/02/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0103
Invertebrate Survey 199930/04/199911/10/199901/02/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0104
Farthing Downs Management Plan 2003-200501/01/198431/12/200301/02/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0105
Farthing Downs Management Plan 2005-201001/01/200131/12/200301/02/2006SSSI - Farthing Down and Happy ValleyGiGLa0106
Fray's Farm Meadows and Denham Lock Wood19/03/197815/01/199401/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0107
Fray's Farm Meadows- grassland card14/09/199020/07/199501/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0108
File Note-visit to Fray's Farm Meadows22/03/199622/03/199601/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0109
Fray's Farm Meadows-Invertebrate Site Register01/01/199031/12/199001/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0110
Fray's Farm Meadows01/11/198201/11/198201/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0111
Glowing report05/07/199103/09/199101/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0112
Fray's Farm Meadows-NVC Survey19/09/199019/09/199001/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0113
Fray's Farm Meadows-NVC Survey01/01/198431/12/198401/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0114
Fray's Farm Meadows-Diptera05/11/198405/11/198401/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0115
Fray's Farm Meadows15/08/198515/08/198501/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0116
Meadow Survey01/01/197931/12/197901/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0117
Habitat Plan of Fray's Farm Meadows01/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0118
A Nature Conservation Management Plan 2001-2006/2002-200722/05/195505/10/199901/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0119
Denham Lock Meadow01/05/199731/08/199807/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0120
Frays Farm Meadows - Vegetation Survey 199901/04/199901/01/200007/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0121
Aquatic invertebrates survey Frays Farm Meadows-Aug 200024/08/200029/08/200007/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0122
Water Vole Survey of the LWT Colne Valley Reserves14/06/199928/06/199907/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0123
Invertebrates At The Fray's Farm Meadows01/06/199030/06/199107/02/2006SSSI - Fray's Farm MeadowsGiGLa0124
A Management Plan for Charlton Sandpit01/01/198931/12/198907/02/2006SSSI - Gilbert's PitGiGLa0125
Wildlife Habitats in Greenwich01/01/198531/12/198507/02/2006SSSI - Gilbert's PitGiGLa0126
Geological site documentation/management brief12/06/199212/06/199207/02/2006SSSI - Gilbert's PitGiGLa0127
Management Plan for Gilbert's Pit01/01/199031/12/199707/02/2006SSSI - Gilbert's PitGiGLa0128
Geological Management Plan for Gilbert's Pit07/02/2006SSSI - Gilbert's PitGiGLa0129
Hainault Forest Country Park-Management Brief-may 200007/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0130
Lapsed pollard hornbeams at Hainault Forest21/09/200021/03/200107/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0131
The Birds of Hainault Forest01/01/196531/12/198707/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0132
Hainault Forest07/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0133
Hainault Forest14/06/198514/06/198507/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0134
Hainault Forest Breeding 199101/01/199131/12/199107/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0135
Hainault Forest30/11/199630/11/199607/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0136
A selective Phase ll Survey of Wimbledon Common SSSI, examining the areas of wet heath11/06/199612/06/199608/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0137
Wimbledon Common Management & Wildlife29/01/196830/09/196913/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0138
M.Sc Dissertation in Conservation, University College London ( Extracts)31/12/198213/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0139
An historical ecological survey on Wimbledon Common, in an attempt to recognise changes in vegetation through the influences of past and present land uses31/01/198113/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0140
Species List11/07/199612/07/199613/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0141
Details of birds recorded on Wimbledon Common & Putney Heath during 198501/01/198530/12/198513/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0142
Breeding Birds community evaluation13/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0143
Wimbledon Common- Bird Interest30/12/198213/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0144
Breeding Birds of Wimbledon Common and Putney Common13/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0145
Detail of birds recorded on Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath during 198201/01/198231/12/198215/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0146
Wimbledon Common30/04/197915/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0147
National vegetation classification assessment of non-wooded sites of special scientific interest within Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London05/06/200114/07/200115/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0148
Water level management plan for Wimbledon Common SSSI31/01/200215/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0149
SITE Management Statement31/10/200115/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0150
Veilwort Pallavicinia Iyelli in 200130/12/200115/02/2006SSSI - Richmond Park, SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0151
Management Strategy and Projects - Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath ( Site of Special Scientific Interest)30/12/199715/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0152
Phase 1 Site Characterisations for the Habitats Directive Review of Consents, Wimbledon Common cSAC12/11/200215/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0153
An Invertebrates survey of The Grassland, Heathland and Wetland habitats of the Eastern Half of Wimbledon Common with historical records for the whole Common01/08/199230/09/199215/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0155
Plants list28/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0156
Countryside stewardship agreement16/01/199628/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0157
Report of the bird life of Wimbledon Common in 199301/01/199330/12/199328/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0158
SMS for Wimbledon and Putney Common Conservators31/12/200128/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0159
Notification28/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0160
Farm Bog ( Wimbledon Common SSSI) Management Plan31/07/199928/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0161
Bird List for Wimbledon Common & Putney Heath01/01/199631/12/199628/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0162
Conservation objectives for the European Interest on the SSSI31/12/200028/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0163
SMS for The Royal Wimbledon Golf Club31/12/200128/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0164
Re-introducing grazing animals to Wimbledon Common, constraints and possibilities29/10/199929/10/199928/02/2006SSSI - Wimbledon CommonGiGLa0165
Braeburn Park Management Plan ( draft)31/03/199802/03/2006SSSI - Wansunt Pit (Old Bexley Gun Club)GiGLa0166
Geological site documentation/management brief28/02/199302/03/2006SSSI - Wansunt PitGiGLa0167
Assessment of protected species: 1:Birds22/05/199807/07/199802/03/2006SSSI - Wansunt Pit (Gun Club Quarry)GiGLa0168
Great crested newt, reptile, bat & badger survey22/05/199815/06/199802/03/2006SSSI - Wansunt Pit (Gun Club Site)GiGLa0169
Wansunt Pit, Dartford Heath02/03/2006SSSI - Wansunt PitGiGLa0170
Investigation of the effects of sewage spills on the vegetation of Walthamstow marshes01/05/199330/11/199302/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0171
Walthamstow Marsh Nature Reserve11/11/199702/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0172
Ecological survey of Walthamstow Marshes, a report to The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority01/04/198231/10/198202/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0173
Walthamstow Marsh Experimental Plot Data for 199502/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0174
Report on the Hydrology of Walthamstow Marsh02/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0175
Observations on a water level management plan for Walthamstow Marsh30/09/199807/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0176
Walthamstow Marsh-Lammas Meadow30/06/199607/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow Marshes ( Lammas Meadow)GiGLa0177
The ecological importance of the railway triangle in Walthamstow Marshes30/11/198907/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow Marshes ( railway triangle)GiGLa0178
Walthamstow / Middlesex Filter Beds / Essex Filter Beds Ringing Report14/01/199016/10/199007/03/2006Walthamstow , Middlesex and EssexGiGLa0179
Walthamstow Marsh Aquatic Mollusc Survey10/04/199710/04/199707/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0180
Records from Walthamstow Marsh (letter)07/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0181
Walthamstow Marshes Species List07/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow Marshes ( Lammas Meadow)GiGLa0182
Walthamstow Marshes28/02/198207/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0183
SITE Management Statement30/01/200207/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0185
Walthamstow Marshes09/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow Marshes( North and South Marsh)GiGLa0188
Walthamstow Marshes Insect Survey 200001/06/200031/10/200009/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0189
National Vegetation Classification Assessment of Non-wooded Sites of Special Scientific Interest Within Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London31/05/200101/06/200109/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0190
Protected Areas Plan - Walthamstow Marsh31/12/200409/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0191
(Notification)31/12/198509/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0192
Species List for Walthamstow Marsh09/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0193
Ecohydrological Guidelines for Lowland Wetland Plant Communities31/12/200409/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0194
Final Hydro geological Desk Study29/07/199930/08/200009/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0195
Monitoring of wildfowl at Walthamstow Reservoirs SSSI08/05/199915/08/199909/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0196
Walthamstow Reservoir22/06/199715/03/199814/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0197
Email from Thames Water Utilities about improving the management08/10/199614/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0199
WeBS DATA01/01/199831/12/199214/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0200
Site visit report form05/10/199005/10/199014/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0201
Walthamstow Reservoirs SSSI Report of site-integrity monitoring16/03/198916/03/198914/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0202
Site visit report for Walthamstow Marshes07/06/199807/06/199814/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow MarshesGiGLa0203
Site Management Statement22/09/199714/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0204
Walthamstow Reservoir Bird Report: Year 213/11/199730/09/199814/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0205
A report on the distribution of waterfowl between reservoirs basins in the Walthamstow Reservoirs SSSI01/04/198731/03/199814/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0206
Management of Canada Geese at Walthamstow Reservoirs SSSI30/04/199814/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0207
Permits Sold and Translated Data from Peter Lambert's Selected Monthly Counts01/01/199031/12/199616/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0208
Walthamstow Reservoirs Wildfowl Survey For 199901/01/199931/12/199916/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0209
WEBS Data from the WWT01/01/196031/12/199416/03/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0210
Syon Park, 16 September 200416/09/200416/09/200416/03/2006SSSI - Syon Park: water meadow and river bankGiGLa0211
Environmental impact and status of the Chinese Mitten Crab ( Eriocheir sinensis) at Syon Park ( SSSI)01/02/199916/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0212
Syon Park Tide Meadow30/07/199030/07/199016/03/2006SSSI - Syon Park: The Tie MeadowGiGLa0213
Wildlife and Countryside ACT 198112/10/198316/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0214
Notification16/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0215
Site Integrity Monitoring23/11/199323/11/199316/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0216
Syon Park Middlesex24/10/200224/10/200216/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0217
The Species Action Plans: Red Data Book Intertidal Snails16/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0218
Water Level Management Plan for Syon Park SSSI31/03/200116/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0219
Syon Park, 10 years Landscape Management Plan01/02/199430/06/199416/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0220
Fungi recorded at Syon Park26/10/199820/09/199916/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0221
Whole Site Objective Statement16/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0222
Lichens recorded at Syon Park16/11/199816/11/199816/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0223
National Vegetation Classification Assessment of Non-Wooded sites of Special Scientific Interest within Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London08/08/200108/08/200116/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0224
M.Sc. Dissertation in Conservation (UCL)01/05/199931/08/199921/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0225
Syon Park SSSI Management Plan01/09/200431/08/200921/03/2006SSSI - Syon ParkGiGLa0227
Report on Visit to Syon Park Tide Meadow30/06/199030/06/199021/03/2006SSSI - Syon Park: centre of the SSSIGiGLa0228
Stanmore Common ( TQ1593)14/03/199421/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0229
A brief appraisal of the invertebrate interest of Stanmore Common SSSI01/06/199030/09/199021/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0230
Stanmore Common30/12/199221/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0231
Species list (Aculeate records)15/08/199215/08/199221/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0232
letter + species list (Syrphids, Aculeates, Odonata and other flies)09/10/199221/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0233
A survey of the Heathland and Ancient woodland insects of Stanmore Common SSSI01/06/199231/08/199221/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0234
Stanmore Common SSSI and Stanmore Golf Course Invertebrate Interest03/03/198821/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0235
Stanmore Common- Invertebrate Data21/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0236
Stanmore Common- invertebrate Site Register ( Aug' 82)31/08/198221/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0237
Stanmore Common Notable Invertebrates21/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0238
Species list21/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0239
The Birds of Harrow, Pinner and Stanmore31/12/197821/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0240
The Birds of Harrow, Pinner, Stanmore and District01/01/197331/12/198021/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0241
Birds list30/12/196721/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0242
Stanmore Common, Greater London01/01/197530/12/197621/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0243
LNHS Woodland Bird Survey01/01/198021/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0244
British Trust for Ornithology Register of Ornithological sites01/01/197531/10/197621/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0245
Stanmore Common, Stanmore, Middlesex31/08/195921/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0246
Report of the Lepidoptera of Stanmore Common, in relation to the proposed alterations there01/05/196526/03/196621/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0247
Report on Stanmore Common, Middlesex31/08/196631/08/196621/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0248
02/04/199021/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0249
SSSI Revision14/04/197121/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0250
Bentley Priory, Stanmore, Middlesex: An Ecological Report30/01/196821/03/2006SSSI - Bentley PrioryGiGLa0251
Middlex Additional Area C.21/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0252
Herts and Middx Trust for Nature Conservation Proposals for Management31/03/196721/03/2006LNR - Stanmore CommonGiGLa0253
Survey of Spring Park Wood and Three halfpenny Wood28/01/198630/03/2006Spring Park Wood and Threehalfpenny WoodGiGLa0254
Sites of Nature Conservation Interest30/03/2006Spring Park WoodGiGLa0255
Hardmondsworth Landfill Site Habitats Assessment30/05/200430/03/2006SPA - South West London WaterbodiesGiGLa0256
Integrity of Bird Populations Using The SW London Special Protection Area06/09/200230/03/2006SPA - South West London WaterbodiesGiGLa0257
Review of Abstraction licences for South-West London Water bodies under Habitats Directive : Stage 1 and 2 methodology21/01/200221/01/200230/03/2006SPA - South West London WaterbodiesGiGLa0258
Environment Agency Record of Assessment of Likely Significant Effect On A European Site30/03/2006SPA - South West London WaterbodiesGiGLa0259
Favourable Condition Table27/02/200130/03/2006SPA - South West London WaterbodiesGiGLa0260
Sixty Acre and Jubilee Woods01/01/198731/12/198930/03/2006SINC - Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee WoodGiGLa0261
Survey Great Oaks01/01/198015/06/198530/03/2006SINC - Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee WoodGiGLa0262
ISR database, Great Oaks, Claygate02/08/199130/03/2006SINC - Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee WoodGiGLa0263
Prince's Coverts12/07/199104/04/2006SINC - Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee WoodGiGLa0264
Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee Wood, Kingston01/06/198930/06/198904/04/2006SINC - Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee WoodGiGLa0266
Ancient Woodland Vascular Plants04/04/2006SINC - Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee WoodGiGLa0267
Sixty Acre Wood04/04/2006SINC - Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee WoodGiGLa0269
Sixty Acre Wood06/12/198406/12/198404/04/2006SINC - Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee WoodGiGLa0270
Plants list04/04/2006SINC - Sixty Acre Wood and Jubilee WoodGiGLa0271
Stoke Newington Reservoirs04/04/2006SINC - Stoke Newington ReservoirsGiGLa0272
Newsletters (Stoke Newington Res)30/04/198930/06/199204/04/2006SINC - Stoke Newington ReservoirsGiGLa0273
Stoke Newington Reservoirs, Filter beds and New River Draft Planning Brief04/04/2006SINC - Stoke Newington ReservoirsGiGLa0274
A Preliminary Report of a Survey of The Wildlife Interest of Stoke Newington Reservoirs01/02/198631/03/198604/04/2006SINC - Stoke Newington ReservoirsGiGLa0275
Consultation Draft Area Planning Statement Stoke Newington Reservoirs Filter Beds and New River30/03/198704/04/2006SINC - Stoke Newington ReservoirsGiGLa0276
Development Proposals by Thames Water Authority for Filter Beds and Reservoirs at Stoke Newington01/06/198704/04/2006SINC - Stoke Newington ReservoirsGiGLa0277
Area Planning Statement (First Draft): The future of the Stoke Newington Reservoirs and Filter Beds30/08/198604/04/2006SINC - Stoke Newington ReservoirsGiGLa0278
Grassland card 1: site record09/07/199810/07/199806/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0279
Management Agreement + Management Plan09/01/200806/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0280
Saltbox Hill SSSI03/06/198603/06/198606/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0281
Butterfly Site Recording Form03/08/199715/08/199706/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0282
Saltbox Hill, Greater London01/01/197022/09/198506/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0283
Saltbox Hill SSSI London Borough of Bromley Assessment08/05/199708/05/199706/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0284
Saltbox Hill Complex29/08/198529/08/198506/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0285
Saltbox Hill06/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0286
Saltbox Hill ( Provisional habitat survey report )11/11/198506/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0287
Butterflies recorded at Saltbox SSSI09/06/199609/06/199606/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0288
Species list (Saltbox Hill)18/06/199618/06/199606/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0289
Species list (Saltbox Hill)03/02/199703/02/199706/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0290
Species related to Bromus erectus grassland06/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0291
Saltbox Hill06/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0292
Notification06/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0293
Orpington Field Club outing to Saltbox Hill15/06/198529/09/198506/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0294
Reasons for Notification ( Draft)06/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0295
Salt Box Hill Appeal Site02/08/198502/08/198506/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0296
The Nature Conservation Significance of a Saltbox Down Site15/07/198506/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0297
Butterflies of Salt Box Hill01/01/198331/12/198406/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0298
Saltbox Hill Nature Reserve Monitoring Report 200126/06/200127/06/200125/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0299
Butterflies Recorded at Saltbox Hill, High Elms & West Kent23/04/198408/08/199525/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0300
Hayes Common SSSI: Sight lines16/07/199525/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0301
Butterfly/Vegetation survey of Saltbox Hill01/08/199501/08/199525/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0302
Grassland Card 223/06/199423/06/199425/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0303
Saltbox Hill SQM 199425/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0304
Frequency of Species within a sample area23/06/199223/06/199225/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0305
Saltbox Hill03/06/198604/06/198625/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0306
Plant list (Saltbox Hill)25/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0307
Saltbox Hill15/08/199015/08/199025/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0308
Notification25/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0309
Grassland Card 202/08/199102/08/199125/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0310
Site Integrity Monitoring16/06/199316/06/199325/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0311
Site Integrity Monitoring18/12/199218/12/199225/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0312
Site Integrity Monitoring26/08/199226/08/199225/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0313
Site Integrity Monitoring12/12/199112/12/199125/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0314
Site Integrity Monitoring02/08/199102/08/199125/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0315
Site Integrity Monitoring03/07/199103/07/199125/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0316
Site Integrity Monitoring15/08/199015/08/199025/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0317
Site visit report form15/08/199015/08/199025/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0318
Confidential Site Visit Report Form04/04/198904/04/198925/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0319
Confidential Site Visit Report Form26/10/198826/10/198825/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0320
Confidential Site Visit Report Form21/06/198821/06/198825/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0321
Confidential Site Visit Report Form13/04/198713/04/198725/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0322
Saltbox Hill a nature conservation management brief27/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0323
National Vegetation Classification Assessment of Non- Wooded Sites of Special Scientific Interest within Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London01/09/200201/09/200227/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0324
Site management plans for nature conservation31/12/198727/04/2006GiGLa0325
North Downs Natural Area: Chalk Grassland SSSI Review27/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0326
Criteria for selection of SSSI21/09/198521/09/198527/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0327
Saltbox Hill Management Plan28/02/200027/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0329
Saltbox Hill SSSI Draft Site Management Statement for the land owned and occupied by Whelan's Farms LTD12/01/199827/04/2006SSSI - Saltbox HillGiGLa0331
Water voles Habitat Appraisal of 4 Potential Release Sites27/02/200228/02/200227/04/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0332
Notes of Meeting05/04/200205/04/200227/04/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0333
Acrocephalus Breeding Survey - Ruxley Gravel Pit 199201/05/199201/10/199227/04/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0334
Kent Trust for Nature Conservation (Bird list)27/04/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0335
Ruxley Gravel Pits - Terrestrial invertebrate records01/01/198811/03/199027/04/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0336
Ruxley Gravel Pits: Bird Report for 198801/01/198831/12/198827/04/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0337
Ruxley Gravel Pits: Bird Report for 198701/01/198731/12/198727/04/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0338
Ruxley Gravel Pits: Bird Report for 198916/05/198902/08/198927/04/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0339
Comparative study of the Arthropod Community04/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0340
Ruxley Gravel Pits SSSI Invertebrate Interest Assessment21/08/198904/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0341
Revised assessment of invertebrate interest10/10/198504/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0342
Record of vegetation along transects through the main (SE) marsh 198701/03/198730/09/198704/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0343
Ruxley Gravel Pits: Bird Report for 198601/01/198630/12/198604/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0344
Ruxley Gravel Pits: Bird Report for 198501/01/198530/12/198504/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0345
Notification13/05/198613/05/198604/05/2006SSSI - Parham ParkGiGLa0346
1985 - Breeding Birds, West and South Shores, Ruxley Pits30/11/198504/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0347
An illustrated check-list of coleoptera at Ruxley Gravel Pit30/12/198304/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0348
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Notification under section 2802/11/198304/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0349
Kent Trust for Nature Conservation. Professional advisor group.17/08/198317/08/198304/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0350
File Note: Ruxley Gravel Pits APPL. For herbicide treatments11/05/200111/05/200104/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0351
Ruxley Gravel Pits Reserve - Description and Management Plan04/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0352
Ruxley Gravel Pits Water Level Management Plan30/09/199804/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0353
Creosote Pollution in Broomwood Lake20/12/198804/05/2006Broomwood Lake, River Cray, KentGiGLa0354
Ruxley Gravel Pits: Bird Report for 199601/01/199630/12/199604/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0355
Ruxley Big Lake Fishery Survey. Metropolitan Fisheries Area30/04/198811/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0356
A survey of the aquatic invertebrate fauna at Ruxley Gravel Pits ( SSSI)29/09/198915/05/199011/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0357
Ruxley Gravel Pits, Kent Wildlife Trust Reserve: Water Vole Survey16/10/200526/10/200511/05/2006SSSI - Ruxley Gravel PitsGiGLa0358
Additions to the Fungi ( including Lichens ) of the Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve and Its Vicinity11/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0360
RWMAG Technical Committee14/05/200214/05/200211/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0361
Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve01/04/200130/03/200211/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0362
Ruislip Woods SSSI-Phase l Habitat Survey18/06/199618/06/199611/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0363
The Hover-flies of Ruislip Local Nature Reserve01/04/199118/10/199211/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0364
The Reptiles and Amphibians of the Ruislip Woods and their conservation11/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0365
Annual Management Plan, Reserve Tarletons Lake11/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0366
Provisional List of Hoverflies recorded in Ruislip LNR 199101/01/199131/12/199111/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0367
Damselflies and Dragonflies in Ruislip Local Nature Reserve11/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0368
A wood in change? Beech tree regeneration in Ruislip Pack Wood01/03/198801/05/199111/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0369
Notification11/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0370
Management Plan for Bayhurst Wood Country Park17/10/198311/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0371
Woodland Breeding Bird Survey01/01/198531/12/198711/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0372
Ruislip Woods, Greater London11/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0373
Ruislip Woods, Greater London11/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0374
Species list11/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0375
Species list11/02/198411/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0376
Lake Nature Reserve19/11/198311/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0377
A survey of the Bryophytes of the Ruislip Woods01/01/197930/12/198311/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0378
Study of Ruislip Wood for Hillingdon Borough Council31/08/199411/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0379
Adder Status and Management Brief for Poor's Field30/12/200518/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0380
Damage recording form17/01/199417/01/199418/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0381
Site Unit Recording Form09/01/199809/01/199818/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0382
Site Unit Recording Form21/11/199721/11/199718/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0383
Site Unit Recording Form28/04/199628/04/199618/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0384
Ruislip Woods Management Advisory Group14/05/199614/05/199618/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0385
Site Integrity Monitoring18/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0386
Site Integrity Monitoring23/11/199223/11/199218/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0387
Site Integrity Monitoring10/12/199110/12/199118/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0388
Site Integrity Monitoring01/08/199101/08/199118/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0389
Site Integrity Monitoring21/05/199121/05/199118/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0390
Site Integrity Monitoring20/11/199020/11/199018/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0391
Site Integrity Monitoring09/10/199009/10/199018/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0392
Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve31/03/200318/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0393
NNR Annual Report 1997-199818/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0394
NNR Annual Report 1998-199918/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0395
NNR Annual Report 1999-200018/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0396
Do Red Wood Ants ( Formica rufa) have any affect on the larvae of the Heath Fritillary (Mellicta athalia)?01/01/199831/12/199818/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0397
Ruislip Woods Bat Project 1st Year report01/01/199601/01/199618/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0398
Management Plan Format30/09/200018/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0399
Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve Long Term Management Plan01/01/199718/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0400
Draft Site Management Statement18/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0401
National Vegetation Classification Assessment of Non-Wooded Sites of Special Scientific Interest within Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London15/06/200215/06/200218/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0402
Final report of the Ruislip - North Woods Advisory Working Party28/02/198225/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0403
The Management of Ruislip Woods01/05/199130/08/199225/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0404
The survey of Oak Regeneration in Ruislip Woods01/03/199430/11/199425/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0405
Action for the Heath Fritillary Status, monitoring and conservation progress30/12/199825/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0406
Notification Package ( Cover sheet, criteria sheet, boundary amendment sheet and map citation, habitat checklist and approval sheet)25/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0407
A survey of oak regeneration in Ruislip Woods01/03/199430/09/199425/05/2006SSSI - Ruislip WoodsGiGLa0408
Notification25/05/2006SSSI - Stones Road PondGiGLa0409
Ecological Information on Royal Blackheath Golf Course, Court Road, Eltham11/04/198218/07/198525/05/2006SSSI - Stones Road PondGiGLa0410
Areas of importance for Great Crested newt population15/09/198325/05/2006SSSI - Stones Road PondGiGLa0411
London Borough of Greenwich and Royal Blackheath Golf Club, Proof of Evidence01/08/198525/05/2006SSSI - Stones Road PondGiGLa0412
River Roding Barrage Proposal; Environmental Assessment05/05/199325/05/2006River RodingGiGLa0413
River Cray & Barnes Cray Pastures01/01/197430/12/199325/05/2006River CrayGiGLa0414
Application for a licence to abstract water from an inland water11/03/199311/03/199325/05/2006River CrayGiGLa0415
Notification25/05/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0416
Thoughts on Riddlesdown Chalk Pit30/07/199625/05/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0417
Site Integrity Monitoring02/03/199402/03/199425/05/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0418
Site Integrity Monitoring27/07/199327/07/199325/05/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0419
Site Integrity Monitoring19/07/199319/07/199325/05/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0420
Site Integrity Monitoring22/09/199322/09/199325/05/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0421
Richmond Park, Surrey29/10/198229/10/198208/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0422
List of Timber Beetle Fauna31/10/198608/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0423
Beetles ( Coleoptera ) from Richmond Park, plus records of a few other insect groups08/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0424
Invertebrate Site Register01/04/198330/09/198308/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0425
Nature Conservancy Council10/04/198508/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0426
Beetles in Richmond Park, with special reference to species associated with old trees08/10/198308/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0428
Richmond Park06/08/199108/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0429
Research and Survey in Nature Conservation08/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0430
ISR database03/07/199108/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0431
Lepidoptera06/06/199206/06/199208/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0432
Richmond Park, Spider Survey07/06/199512/09/199608/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0433
Richmond Park SSSI20/05/199608/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0434
(Stag beetle)08/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0435
Water Supply for the Irrigation System and Water Features, Isabella Plantation22/10/199922/10/199908/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0436
list of subterranean beetles trapped in Richmond Park01/12/199808/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0437
Species records from 197008/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0438
Richmond Park adult Stag Beetle survey 200010/10/200008/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0439
The Double line moth- Mythimina turca16/05/200228/06/200208/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0440
Richmond Park Two-Storm wood a report on archaeology30/05/199115/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0441
Richmond Park Pond near Condint Wood09/08/199109/08/199115/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0442
A list of the Plantations in Richmond Park, with their History15/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0443
Habitats30/06/198515/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0444
Richmond Park15/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0445
Bryophytes of Richmond Park01/11/199330/03/199415/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0447
Richmond Park15/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0448
Richmond Park report15/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0449
The vegetation of Richmond Park26/05/193215/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0450
Hainault Forest-Whole Site Objective Statement15/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0451
Re-pollarding Work by Woodland Trust during 199915/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0452
Hainault Forest Invertebrate Survey 199901/01/199931/12/199915/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0453
Hainault Forest-Draft Site Management Statement(2003-2008)01/01/198631/12/200015/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0454
Breeding Birds Hainault Forest 200501/01/200531/12/200515/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0455
Hainault Forest (TQ480940)01/01/197831/12/198915/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0456
Hainault Forest06/06/198506/06/198515/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0457
Hainault Forest15/06/197315/06/197315/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0458
Hainault Forest (reference SC/GL)04/05/196601/04/196815/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0459
Hainault Forest- Woodland Sheet02/06/198824/05/198815/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0460
NCC Ancient Woodland Inventory11/02/198811/02/198815/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0461
Hainault Forest22/07/198622/07/198815/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0462
Hainault Forest01/05/198701/05/198815/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0463
Hainault Forest- 12/198501/01/198316/12/198515/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0464
Hainault Forest-Species List14/06/198514/06/198515/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0465
Heathland Remnant Adjacent to Hainault Forest SSSI18/07/198918/07/198515/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0466
Grassland Survey: June-August 198827/06/198827/06/198815/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0467
Hainault Forest-Woodland Record Sheet29/10/198413/03/198515/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0468
Breeding Birds of Hainault Forest 199001/01/199031/12/199015/02/2006SSSI - Hainault ForestGiGLa0469
Entomological Assessment of Ken Wood and North Wood Hampstead01/07/199030/10/199022/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0470
Hampstead Heath spider report28/08/199228/08/199222/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0471
Hampstead Heath-199001/01/191213/08/199022/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0472
An Autumn Survey of The Aquatic Macro-Invertebrate Communities of The Concert Pond Lily Pond, Kenwood, Hampstead Heath12/11/198712/01/198822/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0473
Hampstead Heath Woods SSSI-Management Plan01/01/196031/12/199522/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0474
Hampstead Heath Flora01/01/162931/12/198122/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0475
The Mammals of The Kenwood Estate01/06/199131/01/199222/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0476
Kenwood Estate SSSI- Management Plan21/12/200105/01/200122/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0477
Kenwood Estate: report on a year-long survey of spiders and beetles at Westfield Bog and adjacent meadows01/12/200431/12/200522/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0478
Kenwood Botanical Report 1990-199101/01/181421/04/199122/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0479
Ecological Survey, West Meadow01/08/199730/08/199722/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0480
Hampstead Heath Woods22/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0481
Hampstead Heath Woods- Reason for Notification22/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0482
Hampstead Heath Woods26/02/200126/02/200122/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0483
Bat Survey of The Kenwood Estate28/07/199602/08/199622/02/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0484
NVC Assessment of Non-Wooded SSSI within Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London- Hampstead Heath30/05/200130/05/200101/03/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0485
Breeding Bird Survey of Kenwood, 199520/04/199531/05/199501/03/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0486
Kenwood Estate Landscape-Management Plan24/02/199524/02/199501/03/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0487
Site Integrity Monitoring- Hampstead Heath Woods28/10/198811/03/199401/03/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0488
Harefield Pit01/03/2006SSSI - Harefield PitGiGLa0489
Site visit report form- Harefield Pit28/06/199028/06/199001/03/2006SSSI - Harefield PitGiGLa0490
Geological site documentation/management brief-Harefield Pit-199301/03/2006SSSI - Harefield PitGiGLa0491
Harrow Weald Common13/05/198613/05/198601/03/2006SSSI - Harrow WealdGiGLa0492
Harrow Weald01/03/2006SSSI - Harrow WealdGiGLa0493
Geological site documentation/management brief-Harrow Weald-199401/01/189031/12/199401/03/2006SSSI - Harrow WealdGiGLa0494
Harrow Weald27/01/198727/01/198701/03/2006SSSI - Harrow WealdGiGLa0495
Harrow Weald02/09/198823/11/199201/03/2006SSSI - Harrow WealdGiGLa0496
NVC Assessment of Non-Wooded Sites of SSSI within Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London- Keston and Hayes Common04/06/200105/06/200101/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0497
Ravensbourne Estate, Bromley11/11/198011/11/198001/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0498
Ravensbourne Catchment Ecological Survey30/07/198804/11/198801/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0499
Baston Road Junction Widening Scheme16/07/199516/07/199501/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0500
Keston Common-Vegetation Map (habitat)01/01/199031/01/199001/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0501
Keston and Hayes Commons SSSI01/09/199130/09/199101/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0502
Keston and Hayes Commons- Reasons for Notification01/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0503
Spahagna of Keston Bog07/03/199107/03/199101/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0504
Ravensbourne Ecological Survey 198801/01/198831/12/198801/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0505
Keston Common-Nationally and Locally rare and Scarce Plant Species09/10/199009/10/199001/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0506
Hayes Common Traffic Lights Sight Lines01/05/198921/05/198901/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0507
Keston war Memorial22/03/198922/06/198901/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0508
Hayes Common20/08/198920/08/198901/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0509
Orpington Field Club-Annual Report15/04/198910/06/198901/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0510
Lichens on SSSIs01/01/198831/12/199007/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0511
Keston14/01/198614/01/198607/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0512
Keston and Hayes Common, PSSSI boundary21/06/198621/06/198607/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0513
Letter (about plants)08/03/198608/03/198607/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0514
Comments (about plants)31/01/198330/04/198307/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0515
British Trust for Ornithology01/01/197031/12/197207/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0516
Hayes Common: Lichens01/05/198630/05/198607/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0517
Bio Register-Breeding Birds-Keston Common01/01/196831/12/197607/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0518
Ravensbourne Estate01/01/197431/12/197607/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0519
Ravensbourne Estate15/10/198015/10/198007/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0520
Keston & Ravensbourne Estate-Odonata22/07/197925/08/198007/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0521
Ravensbourne Estate TQ 41864406/11/198006/11/198007/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0522
Ravensbourne Estate01/01/198031/12/198007/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0523
Notes on Keston Bog23/05/197130/10/197807/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0524
Keston Common, south of Fishponds Road14/01/198614/01/198607/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0525
Ravensbourne Estate and Meadows07/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0526
Botanical Report on SSSI in our area for 197701/01/197731/12/197707/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0527
Keston Bog-Bryophytes16/01/197516/01/197507/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0528
Conservation of Riparian Habitats in Kent07/10/197407/10/197407/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0529
Keston Common18/11/197118/11/197107/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0530
The Nature Conservancy-Keston Common07/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0531
Keston Bog, Kent08/10/194908/10/194907/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0532
Keston Bog, N.W. Kent-195307/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0533
Keston & Hayes Common SSSI29/07/199320/08/199307/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0534
Nature Conservancy Council19/09/198824/04/198907/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0535
Criteria for Selection-Keston and Hayes Common02/02/198702/02/198707/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0536
Keston and Hayes Commons07/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0537
Keston Common Management Plan, Amended edition, October 199022/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0539
Interim Management Statement03/12/199703/12/199722/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0540
Dragonflies observed at Keston Ponds01/01/198031/12/198522/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0541
Ecological Survey Keston Common22/03/2006SSSI - Keston and Hayes CommonsGiGLa0542
Hornchurch Cutting SSSI- Management Statement March 200222/03/2006SSSI - Hornchurch CuttingGiGLa0543
An Invertebrate Survey of Ingrebourne Marshes, South Essex20/07/199230/07/199222/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0545
Water Level Management Plan for Ingrebourne Marshes SSSI 1997/200201/07/199731/07/199722/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0546
Berwick Pond (Ingrebourne Marshes SSSI)01/01/198031/12/198222/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0547
Birds of Berwick Ponds-The effects of withdrawing the close fishing season01/01/198531/12/199522/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0548
Ingrebourne Marshes19/03/198430/03/198422/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0549
Ingrebourne Valley Management Plan June 199501/01/199431/12/199422/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0550
Ingrebourne Marshes/Berwick Ponds Management Plan March 1997 March 200422/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0551
Ingrebourne Marshes22/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0552
Ingrebourne Marshes30/06/199830/06/199822/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0553
Ingrebourne Marshes22/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0554
Ingrebourne Marshes01/01/198431/12/198522/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0555
Adder Status and Management Brief for Berwick Woods May 200522/03/2006SSSI - Ingrebourne MarshesGiGLa0556
Birds breeding on the Inner Thames SSSI April-June 199801/04/199830/06/199822/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0557
Elevated Water Levels on The Inner Thames Marshes10/09/199811/09/199822/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0558
Water Vole\Great Crested Newt Survey ITM SSSI01/09/199801/09/199829/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0559
Inner Thames SSSI Water Vole Survey01/12/199731/12/199729/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0560
Horse grazing within The North Kent Marshes SSSI19/02/199319/02/199329/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0561
Ecology of The Inner Thames Marshes Complex29/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0562
The Swale01/01/198931/12/198929/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0563
The Swale - Wetland Project01/01/199131/12/199129/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0564
Inner Thames22/03/198507/12/198729/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0565
Ordnance Survey01/01/197631/12/197629/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0566
Nature Conservation Council Alternative02/11/199002/11/199029/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0567
Wennington & Aveley Marshes01/06/200030/09/200029/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0568
Aquatic macrophyte survey of ponds, ditches and drains along the route of the proposed CTRL24/08/199401/09/199429/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0569
The rare plants of the Rainham, Wennington and Aveley marshes on The Thames Estuary01/01/198531/12/199029/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0570
Aquatic invertebrate survey of drainage ditches and standing waters within Rainham Marshes on July 12th 200112/07/200112/07/200129/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0571
Aquatic invertebrate survey of marsh ditches and standing waters within the Inner Thames Marshes SSSI, June 199820/06/199820/06/199829/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0572
The Invertebrate Fauna of Purfleet Army Range Essex27/07/198725/06/198729/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0573
Report on the Invertebrate Fauna of Wennington Marshes14/07/198814/07/198829/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0574
Inner Thames Marshes SSSI (TQ5380) 15th Nov 199116/05/198531/12/199029/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0575
Rainham Ranges Data24/03/199924/03/199929/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0576
The Dragonflies of London- 5 Apr 199801/01/198731/12/199729/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0577
English Nature- Aquatic Invertebrate Survey of Inner Thames Marshes01/01/198831/12/198829/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0578
A note on the British Dragonfly Society's survey27/05/199230/06/199229/03/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0579
Essex Bird Recorder01/10/199130/10/199119/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0580
Birds of Rainham Marsh, part three: The Final Chapter?01/01/198031/12/199119/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0581
Birds of Rainham Marsh- Ten Years On18/10/196227/12/198019/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0582
Hen Harrier15/11/197022/03/198419/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0583
Status of The Mute Swan in Greater London and Middlesex,199001/01/197831/12/198319/04/2006GiGLa0584
Birds of Rainham Marsh22/06/196131/12/197019/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0585
Water Pipits in The London Area01/10/193730/05/197019/04/2006GiGLa0586
Main Requirements for Breeding Waders and Wildfowl Damp Lowland Grasslands22/12/195322/03/197719/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0587
Birds of Rainham Marsh 1975-199001/01/197531/12/199019/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0588
A Review of The Wetlands of Metropolitan Essex22/03/198030/03/198219/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0589
Rainham- Wildlife under treat!19/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0590
Effects of Road Traffic on Woodland Breeding Bird Populations01/01/198431/12/198419/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0591
Ornithological Interest of The Inner Thames Marshes SSSI22/12/197822/03/199019/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0592
Breeding Waders of Lowland Grasslands-a site evaluation scheme01/01/198231/12/198219/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0593
Selected species Rainham Marsh 198801/01/198831/12/198819/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0594
The Effects on Birds of Land Drainage Improvement- North Kent Marshes23/11/197819/06/198219/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0595
Breeding Birds of Wet Meadows and Saltmarsh01/01/199031/12/199019/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0596
The Essex Birdwatching Society01/01/198931/12/199019/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0597
MOD Bird Count20/05/198801/06/198919/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0598
Moulting Wildfowl and Wintering Wildfowl and Wader Counts for the Principal Open Waters and Wetland in The London area,1977 to 198501/07/197730/09/198519/04/2006GiGLa0599
1986-198801/01/198631/12/198819/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0600
Breeding Birds of Rainham Marsh 198901/01/198930/08/198919/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0601
Rainham Marsh 1987 breeding season01/01/198730/11/198919/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0602
The Birdlife of Rainham Marsh has been22/03/198612/07/198619/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0603
Spa Of Ramsar sites12/11/198612/11/198626/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0604
Common Bird Census-Rainham Marsh22/03/198625/07/198626/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0605
Inner Thames Marshes; Rainham and Wennington Marshes01/01/197131/12/198326/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0606
Stonechats in Essex01/01/196931/12/198526/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0607
Rainham Marsh Hen Harrier Roost27/11/198316/03/198626/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0608
SSSI - Inner Thames Marshes20/06/198620/06/198626/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0609
Register of Ornithological Sites01/01/197331/12/197926/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0610
Birds on Rainham Marsh 1977-197901/01/197731/12/197926/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0611
Rainham Marsh-Breeding Counts 200201/01/200231/12/200226/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0612
Breeding Bird Records01/01/199831/12/200226/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0613
Inner Thames Marshes. Breeding Bird Survey.199806/04/199801/06/199826/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0614
Inner Thames Marshes. Breeding Bird Survey.199915/04/199910/06/199926/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0615
Inner Thames Marshes01/09/198530/09/198526/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0616
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Rainham Marshes records: Winter 199711/11/199721/12/199726/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0619
Inner Thames Marshes SSSI, Rainham: Terrestrial Invertebrates22/10/199122/10/199126/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0620
Aquatic Invertebrates Survey of Inner Thames Marshes, 199829/05/198829/05/198826/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0621
The Condition of Kirby Larval Populations in some Essex Grazing Marshes in May 199021/05/199024/05/199026/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0622
Scarcer species recorded from Inner Thames Marshes SSSI01/06/199030/06/199026/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0623
Records of Larval Kirby in Essex during 198730/04/198730/05/198726/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0624
Thames Marshes Ecological Unit26/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0625
Headquarters Woolwich Garrison22/04/199122/04/199126/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0626
Letter (invertebrates/plants)05/01/198905/01/198926/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0627
Butterflies Noted on Rainham Marshes 1983-198401/06/198330/08/198426/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0628
Nationally rare and scarce invertebrates recorded at Inner Thames Marshes SSSI from 1986 to 199001/01/198631/12/199026/04/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0629
Recorder, Tue 6th Nov. 199006/11/199006/11/199003/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0630
The Institute of Terrestrial Ecology20/07/199027/07/199003/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0631
Letter (Invertebrates/Purfleet Ranges)12/04/198912/04/198903/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0632
Inner Thames Marshes SSSI. Spider Fauna at Purfleet Ranges14/06/198706/05/198803/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0633
Purfleet Ranges Spider List02/04/198902/04/198903/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0634
Inner Thames Marshes SSSI (Rainham) Invertebrate Survey 199001/06/199030/06/199003/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0635
Rainham Rifle Ranges. Ingrebourne Marshes07/06/198807/06/198803/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0636
Ant-hills and grassland history03/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0637
Invertebrate Survey carried out by the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Sep 198929/09/198920/10/198903/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0638
Birds of Rainham Marsh-part four01/01/198631/12/199503/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0639
A Habitat Survey of The Wennington Marshes North11/08/198925/08/198903/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0640
Distribution of water voles on Aveley, Wennington and Rainham Marshes03/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0641
Water Vole Survey on Inner Thames Marshes01/04/199930/04/199903/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0642
The relationship between water vole numbers and latrineÉ01/08/199830/08/199903/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0643
The role of habitat and mink predation in determiningÉ.22/06/199521/09/199503/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0644
Distribution of water voles within the drainage ditch systemÉ01/08/199830/09/199803/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0645
Water voles on Aveley Marshes01/09/199730/08/199803/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0646
Inner Thames Marshes23/07/199323/07/199310/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0647
Inner Thames Marshes07/05/199307/05/199310/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0648
Site Integrity Monitoring- Inner Thames Marshes02/08/199102/08/199110/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0649
Inner Thames Monitoring Photos22/11/199122/11/199110/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0650
Dyke Flora Survey of Aveley Marshes/ Wennington Marshes22/06/198622/08/198710/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0651
Pictures taken at Rainham Marshes14/07/199014/07/199010/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0652
Site Visit Report Form- Inner Thames marshes15/09/198915/09/198910/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0653
Rainham Marshes- Photos01/09/198930/09/198910/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0654
Rainham Marshes- Photos01/02/199228/02/199210/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0655
Letter - Counting Birds01/01/199931/12/200410/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0656
WeBS-Monthly Local Wildfowl & Wader Counts05/01/200314/12/200310/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0657
WeBS- Letter to Kristine25/01/200412/12/200410/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0658
WeBS Counts01/01/199531/12/200010/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0659
Kempton Birds Records01/05/200231/05/200210/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0660
Denham Court Estate- Insect Recorded from Denham Court08/07/199108/07/199110/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0661
Tilehouse South Gravel Pit and Adjacent River Colne12/09/198517/06/199110/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0662
Conservation Management Schemes10/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0663
The Ornithological Interest of Tile House South Gravel Pit01/09/199030/07/199310/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0664
Survey of The Flora of The Chalk Downland NearÉ01/01/197831/12/197810/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0665
Breeding Waterfowl-Westwood Great Pool SSSI05/04/199405/04/199410/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0666
Sample Survey of SSSI, 199301/01/199331/12/199310/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0667
Breeding birds of the Mid-Colne Valley SSSI01/03/199330/09/199310/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0668
An Investigation Into The Effectiveness of The Wildfowl Refuge É27/09/199531/03/199610/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0669
The Effects of sailing on The Wintering Wildfowl of The Mid-Colne Valley SSSI01/01/198231/12/199110/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0670
Peak Winter Counts of Waterfowl at Broadwater Gravel Pit22/12/198522/03/199810/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0671
Mid Colne Valley04/12/199104/12/199110/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0672
Mid Colne Valley22/03/198822/03/198810/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0673
Distribution of Waterfowl within the Mid-Colne Valley SSSI/ Ecological AssessmentÉ14/01/199614/01/199610/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0674
Minimoth- Old Park Wood05/05/199505/05/199517/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0675
Cardamine bulbifera (L.) Crantz in The British Isles- Watsonia (1993)17/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0676
Old Park Wood - Site Integrity Monitoring18/04/199118/04/199117/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0677
Old Park Wood - Site Integrity Monitoring26/04/198526/04/198517/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0678
Rare Spiders and Beetles from Oxleas Woods 1993 survey01/01/199331/12/199317/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0679
East London River Crossing. Oxleas, Falconwood and Shepherdleas Woods Tree Survey.01/10/198430/10/198417/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0680
Oxleas Wood, Jackwood01/03/198330/09/198917/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0681
Oxleas Wood SSSI. NVC16/07/199216/07/199217/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0682
Oxleas Woodlands02/07/199002/07/199017/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0683
A Botanical Baseline for Oxleas Wood SSSI.01/01/199431/12/199417/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0684
Oxleas Wood Pond. Invertebrate Survey.07/05/199617/10/199617/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0685
Oxleas Woodlands-letter27/11/198327/11/198317/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0686
Shooters Hill Woodlands01/01/192731/12/198217/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0687
Oxleas Woodlands (coleoptera survey)01/01/198331/12/198617/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0688
The Identity of Cetema Elongata26/04/198526/04/198517/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0689
Oxleas Wood-Letter26/07/198426/07/198417/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0690
Shepherdleas Wood-Invertebrate Species List01/01/198431/12/198417/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0691
Results of a Small Mammals Survey Conducted in Oxleas Wood17/11/198219/11/198217/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0692
Oxleas Wood20/05/198220/05/198217/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0693
Oxleas Woodlands SSSI09/09/198509/09/198517/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0694
Heath Consultant Ecologists-Tree Survey of Oxleas and Shepherdleas Woods11/03/198411/04/198417/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0695
Report on the Lichens of Oxleas Wood19/08/198519/08/198517/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0696
The Bryophytes and Lichens of Oxleas Wood, Bexley, Kent01/05/198530/05/198517/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0697
Bryophytes- Species noted13/02/198213/02/198217/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0698
Oxleas Wood Complex- Report on The Bryophyte Flora08/05/198514/08/198517/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0699
A Survey of The Breeding birds of the Mid-Colne Valley SSSI01/01/199331/12/200217/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0700
Andrews Ward Associates07/10/200307/10/200317/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0701
An Ecological Assessment of Alternative Development Sites in The Colne Valley, London B of Hillingdon01/12/198930/04/199024/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0702
The Effect of Sailings on The Tufted Duck of The Mid-Colne Valley SSSI15/07/199021/08/199024/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0704
Mid Colne Valley-Whole Site objective Statement24/05/2006SSSI - Mid Colne ValleyGiGLa0705
Old Park Wood - Whole Objectives Statement24/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0706
NVC Survey of Selected Herts. And Middlesex Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves- Old Park Wood01/01/197231/12/198324/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0707
Cardamine Bulbifera at Old Park Wood01/01/197031/05/198124/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0708
A Baseline Hydrological Investigation of Seepages Issuing Into Park Wood, Harefield, Middlesex.01/01/199130/07/199124/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0709
Reserve Report 4: Old Park Wood Natural Reserve24/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0710
Management Plan for Old Park Wood SSSI24/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0711
Records for Old Park Wood01/01/197231/12/198324/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0712
Species list for Old Park Wood29/11/199629/11/199624/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0713
Old Park Wood SSSI (HMWT Reserve)-Management Plan01/01/199831/12/200224/05/2006SSSI - Old Park WoodsGiGLa0714
Waterbird Use of The South-West London Reservoirs and Gravel Pits proposed SPA01/09/199231/08/199324/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0715
Kempton East Reservoir: Conservation Management Plan01/03/199630/03/199624/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0716
Kempton Park Reservoirs- Reason for Notification24/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0717
Local Nature Reserve- Kempton nature reserve01/01/198731/12/199824/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0718
Department Brief: South-West London Reservoirs and Gravel Pits01/01/199531/01/199524/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0719
Kempton Park Reservoirs-Criteria Sheet (Summary)01/01/199231/12/199824/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0720
Moulting Wildfowl & Wintering Wildfowl and Wader Counts for The Principal Open Waters and Wetland in The South West London Reservoirs Area01/01/198631/12/199024/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0721
Kempton Park Water Treatment Works West Reservoir Herpetofaunal Survey01/06/199430/06/199424/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0722
Kempton West Reservoir Botanical Investigation16/05/199430/06/199424/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0723
Kempton West Reservoir Invertebrates Survey01/06/199430/06/199424/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0724
Surrey Minerals Local plan 1991. Public Local InquiryÉ01/01/197731/12/199024/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0725
Kempton Park-Ecological Survey & Assessment01/11/199030/11/199024/05/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0726
Oxleas Woodland-Management Brief01/10/199530/10/199524/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0727
Oxleas Woodland- Reason for notification31/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0728
Shepherdleas Wood08/05/198508/05/198531/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0729
A report on the Ground Flora of Three Woodland Edges Bordering Oxleas and Shepherdleas WoodsÉ31/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0730
Oxleas Wood Monitoring05/03/198614/02/199431/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0731
Oxleas Woods (Jackwood, Shepherdleas and Oxleas Wood) Management Plan31/05/2006SSSI - Oxleas WoodlandsGiGLa0732
Maps- birds01/01/199031/12/199031/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0733
Letter01/01/198031/12/199831/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0734
Rainham Marsh Birds 1997 (Letter)01/01/199731/12/199731/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0735
Breeding Birds at Rainham Marsh 199101/01/199131/12/199131/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0736
The Birds of Aveley Marshes 1997-199801/01/199731/12/199831/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0737
Number of Territories of Key Species Rainham Marsh 1994/9501/01/198030/03/199631/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0738
Inner Thames Marshes- Maps01/01/198931/12/199831/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0739
WeBs data request31/05/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0740
Memorandum - Breeding and wintering Bird Data 1990-199401/01/199031/12/199407/06/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0741
Wet Grassland07/06/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0742
Ecological Research on Inner Thames Marshes SSSI14/08/199514/08/199507/06/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0743
Ingrebourne Marshes SSSI management25/10/199425/10/199407/06/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0744
Lestes Dryas at Wennington and Aveley, 199020/07/199027/07/199007/06/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0745
Letter12/03/199312/03/199307/06/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0746
Pen Ponds & Spankers Hill07/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0747
Come & Enjoy14/05/200014/05/200007/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0748
Report on ecological Priorities for the Management of the Central Area of Lowland acid grassland and the Pen Ponds Area, Richmond Park11/12/200211/12/200207/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0749
Richmond Park-Management Plan01/03/200030/03/200007/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0750
Draft Environmental report on the Proposal for the Removal of the Pen Ponds Car Park, Richmond Park13/03/200113/03/200107/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0751
Richmond Park SSSI, surrey ; Insect Survey - 199501/01/199231/12/199507/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0752
Richmond Park- Veteran Trees01/03/200130/03/200107/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0753
Richmond Park: Veteran Tree Survey01/08/200230/08/200207/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0755
Richmond Park01/01/189531/12/199307/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0756
Richmond Park Historical Survey01/01/198331/12/198307/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0757
Richmond Park SSSI, Surrey; Insect Survey-199601/01/199631/12/199607/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0758
The Beetles of Richmond Park SSSI-a case study01/01/198331/12/198807/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0759
Richmond Park SSSI, Surrey; Insect survey-199404/03/199427/11/199407/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0761
Total of Butterflies Recorded in Richmond Park in 200401/01/200431/12/200407/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0762
Protection for Breeding Skylarks01/01/196831/12/200407/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0763
Flora of Richmond Park 1929-193401/01/192931/12/193407/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0764
British Museum- Lichens01/01/192931/12/193407/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0765
Richmond Park - Two Storms Wood21/06/199121/06/199114/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0766
Richmond upon Thames- SSSI notification14/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0767
Criteria for Selection-Richmond Park14/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0768
Preliminary survey of the Richmond Park Nor, Surrey, U.K., with a review of previous records, and proposals for the future work05/12/200523/02/200614/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0769
The Historical and Ecological Significance of London Royal Deer Parks05/09/198905/09/198914/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0770
Richmond Park-species list01/01/198331/12/199614/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0773
Letter (bird list 1938-1977)01/01/193831/12/197714/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0774
Richmond Park- Royal Park14/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0775
Single Species Dominant Survey, Habitats01/05/198630/05/198614/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0776
Trees and Woods14/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0778
Bryophyte Register survey01/09/198630/09/198614/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0779
Richmond Park. Storm damage assessment16/10/198716/10/198714/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0780
Richmond Park-Pond near Cordmit Wood09/08/199109/08/199114/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0781
Bryophytes of Richmond Park site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)22/12/199331/12/199414/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0782
Letter (plant species)12/12/198512/12/198514/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0783
Forestry-199701/01/192031/12/199414/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0784
Richmond Park14/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0785
Adjacent Areas to Richmond Park14/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0786
Rest of Richmond Park Report14/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0788
(Ornithological recorder) Richmond Park Botanical & Ecological Survey17/06/193231/12/193414/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0789
A survey of Grassland of Richmond Park01/01/198331/12/198614/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0790
Richmond Park14/02/198614/02/198621/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0791
Acid Grassland21/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0792
Richmond Park14/06/199114/06/199121/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0793
A Survey of the Grassland of Richmond Park01/07/198330/07/198321/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0795
Richmond Park01/05/198631/05/198621/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0796
An Analysis of the importance of Hawthorn in the conservation..01/01/200031/12/200021/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0797
Completed Forms-Site Integrity Monitoring30/07/199330/07/199321/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0798
Grassland Card 2- Richmond 99'25/06/199925/06/199921/06/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkGiGLa0799
Spiders from pitfall-traps as indicators of grassland conservation value01/01/200531/12/200521/06/2006GiGLa0800
Spiders of Hampstead Heath: an ongoing story of ecological recovery01/01/173631/12/200521/06/2006SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsGiGLa0801
Wildfowl Counts12/09/198113/04/198621/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0802
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds proof of Evidence01/01/197731/12/198621/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0803
National Wildfowl Data Count11/08/198216/03/198621/06/2006GiGLa0804
Town and Country Planning Act 197122/10/198022/03/198521/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0805
Wildlife and Kempton Park29/07/197929/07/197921/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0806
Kempton Reservoirs and Heronry01/01/197731/12/198721/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0807
Kempton Park Heronry01/01/194531/12/198621/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0808
Nature Conservation Value of The Disused Kempton Waterworks Site21/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0809
Walton Reservoirs Wildfowl Counts01/01/197731/12/198221/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0810
Breeding Pairs Survey;1981 to date01/01/198111/07/198621/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0811
Winter Counts of Shoveler on Stain Hill and Kempton Reservoirs10/09/198316/02/198621/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0812
An outline appraisal of moulting wildfowl and wintering wildfowl and wader counts for principal..01/01/197731/12/198521/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0813
Kempton Reservoirs- Habitat Survey Reports23/09/198623/09/198621/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0814
Assorted Notes on Kempton Reservoirs obtained from information & files held É26/06/199625/03/199821/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0815
Kempton Park Reservoirs01/08/199231/03/199821/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0816
Kempton01/07/199315/03/199821/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0817
Birds at Kempton Park Reservoirs area- Jan 1989 to Jul 199001/01/198931/12/199021/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0818
South West London Waterbodies Potential Special Protection AreaÉ- Dragonfly Record01/01/198131/12/199221/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0819
Kempton Reservoir14/12/199814/12/199821/06/2006SSSI - Kempton Park ReservoirsGiGLa0820
Riddlesdown SSSI01/01/195131/12/198727/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0821
Letter (vegetation survey)22/09/198922/09/198927/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0822
Riddlesdown SSSI28/06/198828/06/198827/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0823
Riddlesdown Quarry Survey02/09/198702/09/198727/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0824
Riddlesdown Quarry Invertebrate Survey-May to Aug 198701/05/198731/08/198727/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0825
Riddlesdown SSSI27/02/198927/02/198927/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0826
Riddlesdown Top Common02/07/198702/07/198727/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0827
Riddlesdown20/08/198620/08/198627/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0828
Riddlesdown06/07/198706/07/198827/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0829
Riddlesdown Chalk Pit 1984 & 1984-8501/01/198431/12/198527/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0830
Riddlesdown and Surrounds17/07/198417/07/198427/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0831
Effects of declining site size on Schmidtiella gemmarum01/01/196931/12/198027/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0832
Riddlesdown SSSI01/03/198101/03/198127/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0833
David Bales' Survey 198701/01/198731/12/198727/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0834
Vegetational Survey of Riddlesdown Quarry11/10/198811/10/198827/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0835
Small Blue01/01/198431/12/198427/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0836
SSSI Proposed renotification boundaries RiddlesdownÉ02/12/198602/12/198627/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0837
Alternation of Boundaries of Riddlesdown/É24/11/198624/11/198627/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0838
Riddlesdown, Visited 11Sep198611/08/198611/08/198627/06/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0839
Riddlesdown Quarry. Vegetation Schedule.01/01/198531/01/198505/07/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0840
Vegetation zones of Riddlesdown Quarry06/02/198406/02/198405/07/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0841
Riddlesdown Chalk Pit, Godstone Road, Kenley06/10/198206/10/198405/07/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0842
S.N.T. Site Report01/01/196305/07/2006SSSI - RiddlesdownGiGLa0843
Rainham Marshes Habitats and Rarer Plants10/01/198610/01/198605/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0845
Distribution and Abundance of Carex Divisa on Aveley Marsh in Sep.199801/09/199830/09/199805/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0846
Divided Sedge (Carex Divisa) mapping27/11/199727/11/199705/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0847
Inner Thames- Fax Transmission21/09/199021/09/199005/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0848
Inner Thames Marshes, Greater London and Essex01/01/198531/12/198705/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0849
Inner Thames Marshes SSSI. NVC quadrant data recorded 1989 and 199001/01/198931/12/199005/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0850
Inner Thames Marshes05/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0852
Dyke Flora Survey of Aveley Marshes22/06/198722/08/198705/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0853
Rare and scare plants, as requested05/10/199005/10/199005/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0854
Impact of proposed A13 improvements on localities known for rarer plant species05/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0855
Species map from plant survey July 199001/07/199031/07/199005/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0856
Inner Thames Marshes05/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0857
General Location of Puccinellia01/07/199131/07/199105/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0858
Inner Thames Marshes-Dyke Survey Summary 1987É01/01/198731/12/198705/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0859
Report on the Nature Conservation Value of the Rainham, Wennington and Aveley Marshes Complex17/12/198517/12/198505/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0860
Gleu Survey Sheet05/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0861
Inner Thames Marshes SSSI. Wennington: Additional Plant Records22/07/198822/07/198805/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0862
Species distribution29/09/198629/09/198605/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0863
Nationally uncommon plant species on the Inner Thames Marshes and their decline in Britain05/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0864
Rainham Rifle Ranges06/09/199506/09/199505/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0865
Proposed Site for the Relocation of the Rainham Steelworks at Rainham Marsh in the London Borough of Havering01/10/198530/10/198505/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0866
Inner Thames Marshes -Habitat division19/08/198522/08/198505/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0867
Historical Ecology notes on Erith Marshes01/01/162431/12/184305/07/2006SSSI - Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0868
The Effect of Stocked Trout on Diving Duck Populations at Warwick, Walthamstow01/11/198830/11/198819/07/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0869
The Impact of the Trial works at the West Warwick Reservoir, WalthamstowÉ01/01/198731/12/198719/07/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0870
Walthamstow Reservoir - West Warwick Basin. Resurvey of the Bank Vegetation07/10/198709/12/198719/07/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0871
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Notification under Section 21- Walthamstow01/01/197719/08/198319/07/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0872
Distribution of the Tufted Duck between basin in the Walthamstow Reservoirs SSSI 1987-8816/08/198513/03/198819/07/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0873
Distribution of moulting and wintering Pochard between reservoir basins in the Walthamstow Reservoirs SSSI, !985/8601/01/198531/12/198619/07/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0874
Walthamstow Reservoirs- breeding birds 1974-8501/01/197731/12/198519/07/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0875
Walthamstow Reservoirs15/11/194717/03/197419/07/2006SSSI - Walthamstow ReservoirsGiGLa0876
Breeding Waders on Crayford/ Dartford Marshes01/01/199131/12/199119/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0877
Crayford Marshes01/01/199031/12/199119/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0878
Wintering bird peak numbers 1990/91. Marsh Dykes Catchment01/01/199031/12/199119/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0879
A survey of Aquatic Coleoptera of Dartford and Crayford Marshes01/08/198631/08/198619/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0880
Crayford Marshes - Ditch Data11/06/198624/09/198519/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0881
Crayford Marshes. Tables for species lists + descriptions for drains and hedges19/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0882
Crayford Marshes15/09/198524/09/198519/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0883
Notes on presentation of survey data drains and hedges19/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0884
Visit to Crayford Marshes 1 Jul 198601/07/198601/07/198619/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0885
Breeding birds of Crayford Marshes, 29-30may, 198629/05/198630/05/198619/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0886
Crayford Marshes - Summary of Dyke Types01/01/198631/12/198619/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0887
Crayford & Dartford Marshes01/01/198431/12/199219/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0888
Crayford Marshes. Marsh Dyke Ecological Survey 199013/02/199113/02/199119/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0889
Crayford Marshes Study01/01/197631/12/197919/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0890
Crayford Marsh18/03/198929/06/199119/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0891
Facsimile transmission sheet. Invertebrates09/12/199109/12/199119/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0892
Crayford Marshes01/10/199030/10/199019/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0893
Low Tide Count for Thames with Greater London19/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0894
Bird observed at Crayford MarshesÉ23/05/198304/06/198319/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0895
British Trust for Ornithology01/01/197222/08/197619/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0897
Crayford Marshes05/12/198505/12/198519/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0898
Plants of the Crayford Mashes that are infrequent within Greater London19/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0899
The Ecology of the Freshwater and Saline Ditches on CrayfordÉ22/06/197930/10/198019/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0900
Side record form - Crayford Ness Marshes27/03/198427/03/198426/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0901
Crayford Marshes: field notes./ Birds and Invertebrates. Saturday 4 June04/07/198305/07/198326/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0902
Crayford Marshes26/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0903
Species list of Lepidoptera found on Crayford Marshes27/08/198127/08/198126/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0904
Hemiptera-Heteroptera of the London Area01/11/197930/10/198026/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0905
Crayford Marshes- General Note01/12/198101/12/198126/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0906
Crayford Marshes21/11/198103/11/198126/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0907
Saltings01/01/197631/12/197926/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0908
Birds at Crayford Ness, 1972-197501/01/197231/03/198126/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0909
Crayford Marshes Study01/04/197526/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0910
Botanical Dyke Marshes Survey of Dartford Marshes01/01/198531/12/198626/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0911
Dartford Marshes- physical characteristics of ditches22/09/198616/10/198626/07/2006SINC - Dartford and Crayford MarshesGiGLa0912
Inner Thames Operational Reservoir in London Areas01/01/197822/03/198826/07/2006GiGLa0913
West London Reservoirs and Key Wildfowl Species27/07/198927/07/198926/07/2006GiGLa0914
The Reservoirs of Southwest London and their importance to birds01/01/197331/12/198626/07/2006GiGLa0915
Principal reservoir of year for each of the key waterbird species26/07/2006GiGLa0916
Key reservoir species01/10/197831/03/198826/07/2006GiGLa0917
Recreational use of The Thames Water Authority Reservoirs Notes ofÉ01/01/197731/12/198526/07/2006GiGLa0918
Birds at Surrey Commercial Docks, Jan 1973 to Dec 197501/01/197301/01/197526/07/2006GiGLa0920
Report by P. Anderson. Wildfowl assessment of the Wraysbury Gravel Pit01/10/197031/08/198526/07/2006GiGLa0921
The Wildfowl Trust- Slimbridge01/01/198131/12/198526/07/2006GiGLa0922
Distribution Map of Regular Wintering01/01/195731/12/196726/07/2006GiGLa0923
Mitcham Common Invertebrate Survey01/01/199030/12/199230/11/2005Mitcham CommonGiGLa0924
Enfield Parks/ Woodlands12/04/198727/05/198730/11/2005Ride Wood, Williams Wood, Shaws Wood, Shakes Lane GiGLa0925
Ponds Data30/11/2005GiGLa0926
The Middlex Filter Beds, A provisional Flora and Fauna09/02/198430/01/2006Hackney MarshesGiGLa0927
Breeding Bird Census of selected sites in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames06/01/199509/01/199501/02/2006Hogsmill Open Space, Elmbridge Open Space, RaeburnGiGLa0928
The Ground Flora of Oxleas Woodlands, Greenwich, London01/06/198504/06/198507/11/2005GiGLa0929
Hogsmill River Park Survey 1980/91 with later additions01/01/198031/12/199101/02/2006from South of the railway at Berrylands to Old MalGiGLa0930
Fungi survey of Barn Hill/Fryent Way Open Space06/01/198331/03/198401/02/2006Barn Hill/ Fryent Way Open SpaceGiGLa0931
Mill Hill Old Railway Reserve01/01/198713/11/199505/02/2006Mill Hill Old Railway ReserveGiGLa0932
Horsenden Hill17/07/198617/06/198605/02/2006Horsenden HillGiGLa0933
Ancient Woodland Vascular Plants05/02/2006Long WoodGiGLa0934
Winter bird survey of Barn Hill/Fryent Way Open Space, London Borough of Brent11/12/198329/02/198405/02/2006Barn Hill/Fryent Way Open SpaceGiGLa0935
Southwark's Parks, An Ecological Survey10/01/199030/11/199005/02/2006Peckham Rye Park, Southwark Park, Russia Dock WoodGiGLa0936
Barn Hill/ Fryent Way11/01/198205/02/2006Barn Hill/ Fryent WayGiGLa0937
Stockley Park, Ironbridge Road South: Ecology Report01/01/198423/11/2005Stockley ParkGiGLa0938
Biological Survey - Morden Hall Park, Wandle01/07/198930/09/198923/11/2005Morden Hall ParkGiGLa0939
Limmo Peninsula and East India Dock Basin Habitat Survey - Summer 199523/06/199505/07/199523/11/2005Bow Creek Ecology ParkGiGLa0940
Plant species list for a railway site at the edge of Enfield01/01/197723/11/2005GiGLa0941
The Wildlife Habitats of the Regent's Canal and Hertford Union Canal, London01/09/198502/09/198515/11/2005The Regent's CanalGiGLa0943
Report of insect survey at Forty Hall30/05/199822/07/199823/11/2005Forty HallGiGLa0944
Flora of the Wandle01/04/199130/08/199423/11/2005Waddon Ponds; Hilliers Lane; Beddington Park; CarsGiGLa0945
Mitcham Common Invertebrate Survey15/03/199015/08/199030/11/2005Mitcham CommonGiGLa0946
Inner Thames Breeding Bird Survey 199901/04/199930/06/199923/11/2005Inner Thames MarshesGiGLa0947
Bird monitoring04/03/199416/03/199830/11/2005East India, Pontoon, Albert, Thames, Blackwall, BiGiGLa0948
Epping Forest22/04/198822/04/198830/11/2005Woodford Golf Course, Hunting Lodge Pond, ChingforGiGLa0949
Butterflies of the London Borough of Barnet22/03/199229/10/199207/11/2005Arrandene Open Space; Barnet Gate Wood; Big Wood;GiGLa0950
The Richard Jeffries Bird Sanctuary27/06/199317/09/199330/01/2006The Richard Jeffries Bird SanctuaryGiGLa0951
Small Mammal and Invertebrate Surveys26/06/199316/09/199323/11/2005Coombe Hill Wood Natural ReserveGiGLa0952
Bentley Priory Nature Reserve Report 199425/04/199507/11/2005GiGLa0953
Atlas Of Essex Plants-Part One - Charophyta23/11/2005GiGLa0954
Rushett Lane Hedgerow Survey - Lower Mole Countryside Management Project19/06/199503/08/199523/11/2005Rushett LaneGiGLa0955
Barnet Wildlife Survey - Summary of results from certain areas01/09/198930/09/199215/11/2005Moat Mount and Scratchwood Countryside Park;LaingGiGLa0956
Parkside Railway Sidings, Islington28/06/199830/06/199815/11/2005GiGLa0957
Adelaide Nature Reserve, Camden07/06/199830/08/199815/11/2005Adelaide Nature ReserveGiGLa0958
Final Report of the first 12-months Invertebrate Survey of sites I LB of Hillingdon including Sites of Metropolitan and Borough Grade 1 importance01/12/200101/05/200215/11/2005Mabey's Meadow;Little Britain;Churchyard/wood HareGiGLa0960
Westbere Copse31/12/198415/11/2005Westbere CopseGiGLa0961
Botanical Survey of Hainault Lodge Reserve01/09/199430/09/199415/11/2005Hainault Lodge ReserveGiGLa0962
Old Ford Island Nature Reserve Newham: Invertebrate Assesment 199815/06/199819/07/199815/11/2005Old Ford Island Nature ReserveGiGLa0963
Bramley Bank: a relic old park in south-east Croydon17/05/199913/10/199923/11/2005Bramley BankGiGLa0966
Water Vole Survey of The Inner Thames Marshess SSSI22/06/199922/08/199930/11/2005Aveley, Wennington, Rainham MarshesGiGLa0967
Proposed Nature Conservation And Field Study Area at Tump 53, Thamesmead01/04/198430/04/198423/11/2005The TumpGiGLa0968
New River Wildlife Survey, Supplementary Report08/01/198731/08/198730/01/2006New River, River Lee and River RodingGiGLa0969
An Ecological Survey of The Canal in Hammersmith and Fulham20/08/199215/12/199215/11/2005GiGLa0970
RIVER INGREBOURNE Fisheries survey Thames North EastThis survey of the River Ingrebourne looks at 10 sites to assess the current status of the fishery using electrofishing methods.01/04/199631/08/199631/03/2005River IngrebourneGiGLa0971
SYDENHAM HILL WOOD report on urban ecologyThis report brings together the results of biological and botanical survey work carried out by Urban Ecology Study Unit in Sydenham Hill Wood.06/09/200531/03/2005Sydenham Hill wood,Dulwich wood & Cox's walkGiGLa0972
THE WARREN Untitled records of wildlifeThese are loose untitled records from the Warren at Bromley , see abstract.01/01/198628/10/198831/03/2005The Warren BromleyGiGLa0973
THE CHASE Annual report 1990 - 1These bird records with status are included in the Chase nature reserve annual report01/01/199031/03/2005Dagenham Chase reserveGiGLa0974
Lots Rd Power Station Development Reassessment of invertebrate biodiversityA follow-up to a survey carried out in 2000, commissioned due to the planned redevelopment of the site.18/06/200419/07/2004Lotts Rd Power Station, Chelsea CreekGiGLa0975
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE 1982 reportThese records are part of proposals put forward by Chiswick Wildlife group to turn the area into a nature reserve.01/01/198231/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa0976
HIGHGATE & QUEEN'S WOOD Biology and management surveyThis survey looks at the biology and it's management and contains records for input onto baseline data information.01/01/198631/03/2005Highgate & Queens WoodGiGLa0977
NEW CROSS GATE CUTTING FungiThese are records of fungi recorded at New Cross Gate cutting nature reserve.31/03/2005New Cross Gate cuttingGiGLa0978
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE ecological surveyThese are bird, tree and plant records contained in an ecological report published in 1982 which looked at proposals for industrial development on this site. Gunnersbury 01/01/198231/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa0979
LOT'S AIT An assessment of Habitats & WildlifeThis document describes the plant and animal life of Lot's AIT and the surrounding river bed and assesses the habitats present.01/04/198331/05/198431/03/2005Lot's AITGiGLa0980
MILL HILL OLD RAILWAY Nature reserveThis report looks at the Mill Hill old Railway reserve and includes records of Birds/Amphibians/reptiles/Moths/Butterflies & Plants for input onto baseline data information13/11/199531/12/200031/03/2005Mill Hill Old Railway nature reserve.GiGLa0982
CAMLEY STREET Natural Park. BryophytesThese are records of Bryophytes from Camley Street and are intended for input onto baseline data information.18/01/199631/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa0983
CAMLEY STREET FungiThese are records of Fungi from Camley. Unverifiable with no contact details other than Camley St. Could be used for input onto baseline data information.11/08/198731/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa0984
BOROUGH OF LEWISHAM. The MossesThis is a Borough of Lewisham publication which describes some of the Mosses that can be found within this borough. No methodology is contained in this paper.31/03/2005Borough of LewishamGiGLa0985
Records of B.populi ( green leaf roller weevil) at 6 sitesThese are records of B.populi weevils from 6 sites in G London and are intended as additional items for input into baseline data information.16/05/200207/07/200231/03/2005Orlestone Forest;Ruislip Common;Backwardens reservGiGLa0986
GREVILLE PLACE Wildlife observationsThese are monthly wildlife sightings by volunteers working on the site. Some breeding records of birds.01/07/199012/01/200231/03/2005Greville Place Nature reserve.GiGLa0987
BRAMLEY BANK A preliminary invertebrate surveyThis is a preliminary invertebrate survey which concentrates on Coleoptera; Diptera; Hemiptera: Hymenoptera;17/05/199913/10/199931/03/2005Bramley Bank Nature ReserveGiGLa0988
SHAKESPEARE ROAD, BRIXTONThis survey looks at the habitats at Shakespeare Road with some management proposals and records for input onto baseline data information.01/08/198531/03/2005GiGLa0989
BATTERSEA PARK An invertebrate surveyThis is survey of Battersea Park to assess its invertebrate interest. Standard methods were used ; beating trays,sweep nets and stout knife. The survey concentrated on the major groups Coleoptera,Diptera,Hemiptera,Hymenoptera & Lepidoptera.04/06/199801/09/199831/03/2005Battersea parkGiGLa0990
BEXLEY GUN CLUB & RIVER CRAY Bird recordsThese are bird records from Bexley gun club and are an addition to the baseline data information.02/08/199731/03/2005Bexley gun club & River Craybexley gun & River CraGiGLa0992
HALL PLACE Vascular plantsThese are vascular plant records compiled from Hall Place Bexley for input onto baseline data information01/01/198531/12/198631/03/2005Hall Place BexleyGiGLa0993
HALL PLACE PlantsThese are plant records compiled from Hall place for input onto baseline data information01/01/198631/03/2005Hall Place BexleyGiGLa0994
LONDON AREA List of floraThis is a list of the flora of London. The figs given in col % of London indicate how widespread the species is in Greater London.31/03/2005Greater LondonGiGLa0995
SPRAY STREET Nature Reserve Teachers guideThis is a teachers guide to Spray Street Nature Reserve and contains records for input onto baseline data information.01/05/198531/03/2005Spray Street Nature reserveGiGLa0996
RIVER ROM/BEAM Fisheries surveyThis survey looks at 9 sites to assess the current status of fish populations in the Rom/Beam catchment. Sites were surveyed using electrofishing methods01/05/199631/07/199631/03/2005River Rom/BeamGiGLa0997
MORDEN HALL PARK. Biological EvaluationGrey Heron record at Morden Hall Park for input onto baseline data information18/07/200331/03/2005Morden Hall ParkGiGLa0998
OAKS LANE ALDBOROUGH HATCH ILFORD Fern recordsRecord of Hart's Tongue Fern submitted by Chris Gannaway.19/06/199731/03/2005Oaks LaneGiGLa0999
SUFFOLK ROAD, BARNES House Martin recordSand Martin record as part of London House Martin Survey 1996/7 intended for input onto baseline data10/06/199831/03/2005Suffolk Road, BarnesGiGLa1000
MIDDLE FARM PLACE SURREY House Martin RecordsSand Martin record as part of London House Martin Survey 1996/7 intended for input onto baseline data01/05/199731/03/2005Middle Farm Place,SurreyGiGLa1001
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Ant recordsThese are ant records for Gunnersbury Triangle and are intended as additions for baseline data input.08/04/199606/01/199731/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1002
DANSON PARK A teachers guideThis guide prepared by the Urban ecology unit contains records of species for input onto baseline data information31/03/2005Danson ParkGiGLa1003
DEWS FARM Sand pit Habitat & vegetation surveyThis survey at Dews Farm Pond follows standard phase 1 habitat survey methodology01/01/200431/03/2005Dews Farm Sand pitGiGLa1004
RUSKIN PARK Nature WalkThis is a booklet describing a nature walk in Ruskin Park and contains a small list of tree species to be found within the site.31/03/2005GiGLa1005
PARLIAMENT HILL Grassland managementThis is a Grassland management document for Parlia ment Hill and contains records of plants for input onto baseline data.01/01/200031/03/2005Parliament Hill Hampstead HeathGiGLa1006
SALT BOX HILL Nature reserve chalk grassland surveyThis is list of plants found during site survey at Salt Bow Hill and is intended as information for input to baseline data.01/01/199831/03/2005Salt Box hill nature reserveGiGLa1007
SALT BOX HILL National vegetation classification assessment of non-wooded SSSI's in Essex,Hertford and G.LondonThis vegetation survey classifies non-wooded vegetation on sites throughout Essex, Hertfordshire and London using national vegetation classification and provide up to date information on status.01/01/199031/12/199531/03/2005Salt Box hill nature reserveGiGLa1008
THE CHASE Annual report 1991 - 2These bird records with status are included in the Chase nature reserve annual report.01/01/199131/03/2005Dagenham Chase reserveGiGLa1009
THE CHASE 1995 bird reportThis list follows the sequences and scientific nomenclature of Professor Dr.K.H.Voous ( 1977 ), List of Recent Holartic Bird Species, and comments on the species of each species.17/06/200531/03/2005Dagenham Chaes reserveGiGLa1010
THE GROVE , A record of dragonfly larvaeThese are dragonfly records from the Grove Hillingdon and are intended as additions to baseline data information13/07/200225/08/200231/03/2005The Grove HillingdonGiGLa1011
RIVER CRAY, HALL PLACE Bexley InvertebratesThese are invertebrate records from River Cray Hall Place Bexley for input onto Baseline data information.01/01/198631/03/2005River Cray Hall PlaceGiGLa1012
ROYAL BOROUGH of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Mammal survey ( Excluding Bats )This survey looks Mammals ( Excluding Bats ) at a range of sites within the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Methods used include trapping & direct observation.01/05/199731/12/199731/03/2005Royal Borough of Kensington & ChelseaGiGLa1013
DENHAM LOCK WOOD Vegetation surveySurvey carried out to map vegetation types present on reserve to assess routes of ditches27/06/199731/03/2005Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1014
OXLEAS WOODS, JACK WOODS, ELTHAM COMMONThis is a report of Macro-Fungi at Oxleas Woods, Jack Woods and Eltham Common and is intended as information for input onto baseline data.14/10/198216/11/198231/03/2005Oxleas Wood, jJack Wood andd Eltham CommonGiGLa1015
THE CHASE bird report 1997This list follows the sequences and scientific nomenclature of Professor Dr K.H.Voous ( 1977 ), List of Holartic bird species, and comments on the status of each species01/01/199731/03/2005Dagenham Chase reserveGiGLa1016
EASTBROOKEND DAGENHAM Record of SpidersList of Spiders in Eastbrookend,Old gravel workings, now managed by LWT.No status or methodology01/01/199731/03/2005Eastbrookend,DagenhamGiGLa1017
MILL HILL old railway nature reserve management briefThis is a management brief prepared for London Wildlife trust, Barnet group by William Atkins. It includes wildlife records from the study area.01/01/198713/11/199531/03/2005Mill Hill old railway nature reserve.GiGLa1018
OXLEAS WOOD, JACKWOOD & ELTHAM COMMON Flora recordsThese are notes on Flora of Oxleas and Jack Woods and Eltham Common and are intended for input onto baseline data information01/10/198230/11/198231/03/2005Oxleas & Jack Woods and Eltham CommonGiGLa1019
COULSDON COPPICE Management planThis management plan contains records of birds,plants and butterflies from Coulsdon Coppice. No methodology given.01/06/198731/03/2005Coulsdon CoppiceGiGLa1020
THE DEW POND Trent Park Campus Middx UniversityThis is an assessment of ecological importance and the effect of proposed development on the pond with suggested mitigation measures01/01/199331/03/2005The Dew Pond, Trent Park Campus MiddxGiGLa1021
CAMLEY STREET Natural Park Bird SurveyThis is a bird survey which looks at the birds sighted in the various compartments of Camley Street. It does not include breeding records or any records relating to Feral Pigeons.01/08/200331/07/200431/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1022
159 HORSESHOE LANE WATFORD Bird RecordsRecords of birds from "birds aware" LWT survey and can be used to start ongoing baseline data input05/03/200308/11/200331/03/2005159 Horseshoe Lane Watford WD25 7HTGiGLa1023
ISLEWORTH AIT Nature Reserve Coleoptera surveySurvey of Coleoptera at Isleworth AIT reserve using searching, sweeping ,beating vegetation and sifted samples of litter. Also trapping and water filled collection trays01/05/198330/09/199731/03/2005Isleworth AIT nature reserveGiGLa1024
DOWNHAM. A Woodland WalkThis survey concentrates on the following major groups Coleoptera , Diptera , Hemiptera and Hymenoptera. Some examples of other groups were noted if seen. Invertebrates were collected by standard methods, beating trays, sweep nets and visual means05/05/199925/08/199931/03/2005Downham , Woodland WalkGiGLa1025
RIPPLE NATURE RESERVE Vascular plant recordsVascular plant records from Ripple nature reserve for input onto baseline data info31/03/2005Ripple nature reserveGiGLa1026
TEN ACRE WOOD Flower surveyThese are records of flora from Ten Acre Wood reserve and are intended for input on baseline data01/01/197631/12/198431/03/2005Ten Acre Wood Nature ReserveGiGLa1027
THE BULLY POINT REPORT A Wildlife surveyThis report details the findings on land adjacent to River Lea at Bully Point and looks at Plants, Grasses, Fungi and Invertebrates with records for input onto baseline data information01/05/198430/11/198431/03/2005Bully PointGiGLa1028
STREATHAM VALE SIDINGS Invertebrate surveyThese are records of invertebrates at Streatham Vale sidings collected by Pitfall traps.17/05/199714/08/199731/03/2005Streatham Vale sidingsGiGLa1029
UNIGATE WOOD Nature Reserve Plants,FungiThese records of plants and fungus are contained within a management brief for Unigate Wood nature reserve01/01/199131/12/199431/03/2005GiGLa1030
WATERMEADS ( Part )This report is a brief appraisal of the nature conservation aspects of Watermeads and contains records of invertebrates and water plants for input onto baseline data information.01/06/199631/08/199631/03/2005WatermeadsGiGLa1031
CLAYBURY HOSPITAL Plots 1,2,5 & 6This survey identifies all the vascular plant species and chief habitats in 4 plots.01/08/199931/08/199931/03/2005Claybury HospitalGiGLa1032
SALT BOX HILL A follow -up invertebrate surveyThis invertebrate survey re-examines the site after extensive scrub clearance.17/05/200403/09/200431/03/2005Salt Box hill nature reserveGiGLa1033
CAMLEY STREET Natural Park Invertebrate surveyThis survey looks at Invertebrates at Camley Street natural Park using standard methods of collecting, sweeping, beating and pitfall traps.01/02/199431/08/199431/03/2005GiGLa1034
DAGENHAM CHASE Plant recordsFlowering plants list, no status or methodology31/03/2005Dagenham ChaseGiGLa1035
GREATER LONDON Phase 2 Survey of Acid Grassland and HeathlandA survey of acid grassland in Greater London to assess the extent & quality of the resource. Standard Phase 2 methodology using NVC grassland recording cards used.01/01/199331/03/2005Various sites in Greater LondonGiGLa1036
NEW CROSS GATE CUTTING FloraThese records of plants at New Cross Gate cutting. List of compartments is missing but London % is indicated.31/03/2005New Cross Gate CuttingGiGLa1038
CAMLEY ST Reserve management plan1994-9These are records included in the 1994-9 management plan for Camley St for input onto baseline data.01/01/199431/12/199931/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1039
SYDENHAM HILL Flowering plants,conifers ,fungus,moss and liverwortsThese are records from a species list at Sydenham Hill woods undertaken by London Natural History society in 198301/01/198331/03/2005Sydenham Hill ReserveGiGLa1040
MILL HILL OLD RAILWAY Nature reserve report 1998This 1998 report contains invertebrate, vertebrate and plant records intended to be inputted onto baseline data information01/01/199831/03/2005Mill Old Railway nature reserveGiGLa1041
DUKE'S HOLLOW Wildlife conservationThis is a proposal for the conservation of a small area of Chiswick's riverside and contains records for input onto baseline data information.01/11/198331/03/2005Dukes Hollow, ChiswickGiGLa1042
BEXLEY GUN CLUB Dragonfly recordsThese are dragonfly/damselfly records from Bexley gun club and are additional to the baseline data information.02/08/199731/03/2005bexley gun club & River Craybexley gun & River CraGiGLa1043
DENHAM LOCK WOOD Water Vole surveyThis is a survey of Water Vole evidence at Denham Lock Wood.19/05/200419/05/200431/03/2005Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1044
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE record of lichensRecord of Lichens at Gunnersbury Triangle to establish baseline data17/10/200031/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1045
WILDERNESS IS. Survey of molluscsBaseline survey of molluscs to start frequent monitoring.01/01/199631/03/2005Wilderness IslandGiGLa1046
ROYAL BOROUGH of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Biological appraisal & management recommendationsThis survey looks at the current ecological value, management recommendations & stimulation/development of public awareness of Holland Park and contains records of species for input onto baseline data information.01/01/198431/03/198531/03/2005Royal Borough of Kensington & ChelseaGiGLa1047
THE CHASE nature reserve annual report 1994-5These bird records are included in the Chase 1994-5 annual report01/01/199431/03/2005Dagenham Chase reserveGiGLa1048
HOLLAND PARK. Native,naturalised & introduced Vascular plantsThe introduction is missing from this survey, prepared by the Ecology Service, which looks at the Native, naturalised and introduced plants at Holland Park.01/01/199931/03/2005Holland ParkGiGLa1049
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Fern recordsThese are records of ferns from Gunnersbury Triangle and are intended as additional records to update the baseline data.10/10/199631/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1050
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE 1995 reportThese records are part of the Gunnersbury Triangle local nature reserve 1995 report and are intended to be added to baseline data info.01/01/199531/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1051
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Record of HymenopteraRecord of Hymenoptera at Gunnersbury Triangle to establish baseline data17/10/200031/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1052
SYDENHAM HILL STATION PlantsThis survey contains records of plants found at Sydenham Hill station along with management suggestions.11/06/199711/06/199731/03/2005Sydenham Hill StationGiGLa1053
TOWER HAMLETS Canal project Vegetation projectThis is a field survey looking at the vegetation in six survey zones of the Regents and Hertford Union Canal.01/09/198531/03/198631/03/2005GiGLa1054
ROYAL BOROUGH of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Bat SurveyThis survey is part of the London Conservation bat Strategy to define the medium & long term requirements of Bats in the Capital and contains records for input onto baseline data information.13/08/199415/08/199431/03/2005Royal Borough of Kensington & ChelseaGiGLa1056
WILDERNESS Is Survey of LichensBaseline survey of Lichens to start frequent monitoring23/02/199631/03/2005Wilderness IslandGiGLa1057
CLAPHAM & WIMBLEDON AREAS Ornithology and Entomology records from 4/9/1915 - 12/28/1917These are records of ornithology and entomology taken from dairies dating from April 1915 - December 1917.04/09/191505/03/191831/03/2005Various locations in Wimbledon and ClaphamGiGLa1058
BEDDINGTON FARM Bird ReportSee abstract for 1993 Bird Report.01/01/199431/12/199431/03/2005Beddington Farm,SuttonGiGLa1059
BEDDINGTON FARM Bird ReportSee abstract for 1993 Bird Report.01/01/199531/12/199531/03/2005Beddington Farm,SuttonGiGLa1060
WEST NORWOOD CEMETERY. Integrated land management study.This report seeks to develop a method of restoration and enhancement that will secure the future of West Norwood Cemetery. It contains extensive biological records for input onto baseline data information01/05/200031/05/200031/03/2005West Norwood CemeteryGiGLa1061
DAGENHAM CHASE Bird species recordsBird species list with status, also includes Eastbrookend Country Park.01/01/199031/03/2005Dagenham ChaseGiGLa1062
OXLEAS WOODS survey of ground floraThis report looks at the ground flora of Oxleas Woods with regard to proposed East London River Crossing.01/06/198531/03/2005Oxleas WoodsGiGLa1063
TEN ACRE Flora & FaunaThese are records of birds, mammals, amphibians and flowers from Ten Acre.01/07/198330/11/198531/03/2005Ten Acre Wood Nature ReserveGiGLa1064
DUCK WOOD Floral surveyFlora recorded to consider the wood and its management for recommendations01/01/199831/03/2005Duck WoodGiGLa1065
WINDY CORNER BEXLEY Bird,Cricket Grasshopper & Butterfly recordsThese are bird,cricket,grasshopper & butterfly records from windy corner Bexley and are intended as additional information for baseline data.02/08/199731/03/2005Windy corner BexleyGiGLa1066
CLAYBURY WOODLANDS habitat surveyThis survey using land parcel recording form looks at the grassland at Claybury Woods.16/05/198431/03/2005Claybury WoodsGiGLa1067
LONDON BOROUGHS ( Various ) House Sparrow recordsThese are House Sparrow records from various site in G. London and are intended as more information to be added to baseline data.01/01/200328/02/200331/03/2005Various site in G LondonGiGLa1068
HOGSHILL Wood Nature ReserveThis survey looks at Fauna on a casual basis only and further records come from previous surveys.08/05/199231/03/2005GiGLa1069
HITHER GREEN Nature ReserveThis is a teachers guide to Hither Green Nature Reserve and contains biological records( no methodology) for input onto baseline data information.01/08/198531/03/2005Hither Green Nature ReserveGiGLa1070
BEDDINGTON FARM Bird ReportThis is the Beddington Farm Bird report for 1993 and in addition to a systematic list of bird counts also contains arrival and departure information for summer migrants,Beddington Sewerage Farm breeding bird survey & Tree Sparrow Nest Box Project at 01/01/199331/12/199331/03/2005Beddington Farm,SuttonGiGLa1071
CAMLEY STREET Species ListThis is a species list for Camley Street compiled by volunteers who have brought specialist knowledge to the park. It is part of an on-going species recording programme and is intended as information for baseline data information.01/01/199031/10/199431/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1072
BEDDINGTON FARM Bird ReportSee abstract for 1993 Bird Report.01/01/199631/12/199631/03/2005Beddington Farm,SuttonGiGLa1073
TOTTERIDGE FIELDS a wildlife reportThis is a "follow up " survey which looked at 50 of the 2000 sites and gathered records to be used as input onto baseline data information30/05/198507/09/198531/03/2005Totteridge FieldsGiGLa1074
JACK WOOD Teachers guideThis is a teachers guide to Jack Wood and contains species records for input onto baseline data information.01/06/198631/03/2005Jack Wood ( Shooters Hill )GiGLa1075
MIDDLESEX FILTER BEDS Management planThis management plan describes, evaluates and makes management proposals for the Middx filter beds and contains plant and bird records for input onto baseline data information01/07/199831/03/2005Middlesex Filter BedsGiGLa1076
DAGENHAM Record of Vascular plantsVascular plant records from Dagenham Parish churchyard for input onto baseline data info01/01/199831/03/2005Dagenham Parish ChurchyardGiGLa1077
Birds Nesting on Bentley Priory in 2004List of bird species found on Bentley Priory01/01/200431/12/2004Bentley PrioryGiGLa1078
Invertebrates at Gutteridge Wood Nature ReserveAn inventory of inverts taken at 3 weekly intervals between April & oct 200301/04/200331/10/2003Gutteridge WoodGiGLa1079
Hutchinson's Bank Butterfly SurveysAn inventory of butterflies found at Hutchinson's Bank01/04/199723/09/2001Hutchinson's BankGiGLa1085
Habitat Survey of the LB EalingBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/200531/12/2005Across EalingGiGLa1087
Post shutdown Ecological Monitoring Surveys 2002 - 2004, Breeding & Wintering Birds Surveys.Bird species & numbers both pre and post shutdown of the station07/11/200020/02/2004Lotts Rd Power Station, Chelsea CreekGiGLa1089
Birds Nesting on Bentley Priory in 1999List of bird species found on Bentley Priory01/01/199931/12/1999Bentley PrioryGiGLa1091
Birds Survey, BNPR 2005List of bird species found on Bentley Priory01/01/200531/12/2005Bentley PrioryGiGLa1093
List of Fungi on Stanmore Common on 6th, 8th & 26th Oct 2005List of fungi found on Stanmore Common06/10/200526/10/2005Stanmore CommonGiGLa1097
Summary of Bird Records for Harrow AreaYearly records of birds found in the Harrow Area01/01/197331/12/2005Across HarrowGiGLa1100
Invertebrates at the Frays Farm Meadows/Denham Lock Wood Complex, Middlesex: an assessmentAn inventory of inverts found on the sites of Frays Farm Meadow and Denham Lock Wood commissioned by EN01/06/199131/07/1991Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1101
ISLINGTON Hummingbird Hawkmoth recordHummingbird Hawk moth record submitted by individual for input to baseline data info18/11/200331/03/2005Public library garden,IslingtonGiGLa1103
Lower Marvels Wood Brief Management PlanBrief Management Plan01/01/199331/12/1993Lower Marvels WoodGiGLa1105
Invertebrate Appraisal of Totteridge FieldsA survey of Totteridge Fields carried out to provide a list of invertebrates present, to enable recommendations for management to be put forward15/08/200504/10/2005Totteridge FieldGiGLa1106
GLA Habitat SurveyGLA habitat survey - 28 parcels01/01/198431/12/1984High Elms Country ParkGiGLa1107
High Elms Management PlanHigh Elms Management Plan01/01/199831/12/1998High Elms Country ParkGiGLa1108
Saltbox Hill SSSI NVC SurveyA vegetation survey carried out on the northern part of the SSSI, which updates the 1999 survey by concentrating on the grassland & scrub areas as these have been the focus of management works01/06/200430/06/2004Saltbox Hill SSSIGiGLa1109
High Elms Estate. It's history, management and conservation. Some records of flora & fauna.Records of flora and fauna found at High Elms Estate.01/01/197431/12/1981High Elms EstateGiGLa1110
High Elms Country Park Butterfly Transect ReportResults of 2 years of butterfly transects01/01/199631/12/1997High Elms Country ParkGiGLa1111
Birds of High Elms Country ParkList of birds which visit or are resident at High Elms Country Park01/01/199731/12/2000High Elms Country ParkGiGLa1112
Saltbox Hill SSSI, Biggin Hill: first follow-up invertebrate surveyA follow up survey carried out 5 years after the original survey and following much scrub clearance01/05/200430/09/2004Saltbox Hill SSSIGiGLa1113
Saltbox Hill: a relic chalk downland in north-west KentA preliminary invertebrate survey of Saltbox Hill SSSI carried out during 199901/05/199931/10/1999Saltbox Hill SSSIGiGLa1114
Habitat Survey of the LB Barnet 96 surveyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/199631/12/1996Across BarnetGiGLa1115
Plant Survey at Burnt Gorse, High ElmsList of plant species found using 4 x 1m2 quadrats01/08/200501/08/2005Burnt Gorse, High ElmsGiGLa1120
Brief Management Plan, St Thomas Open Space and Crofton HeathBrief Management Plan including a species list01/01/199431/12/1994St Thomas Open Space and Crofton HeathGiGLa1123
High Broom Wood Management Plan DescriptionManagement report including species' list for both plants & birds16/04/198520/05/1985High Broom WoodGiGLa1124
Sparrow Wood Brief Management PlanBrief Management Plan including a species list01/06/199430/06/1994Sparrow WoodGiGLa1125
Scadbury Park Management PlanSpecies list of birds recorded for Scadbury Park from 1983 - 198701/01/198331/03/1987Scadbury ParkGiGLa1127
Lilly's Wood Brief Management PlanBrief Management Plan including a species list23/07/199323/07/1993Lilly's WoodGiGLa1128
Brief Management Plan, Jugg HillBrief Management Plan including a species list01/01/199431/12/1994Jugg HillGiGLa1129
Invertebrates at Dews Farm Sand Pit Nature ReserveA preliminary assessment of inverts found at Dews Farm Sand Pit NR using sweep nets, beating trays & direct observation01/04/200430/06/2004Dews Farm Sand Pit NRGiGLa1133
Morden CemeteryThis report on the ecology and management of Morden Cemetery reflects the increasing interest in the grasslands of the cemetery and the commitment of the council to seek management regimes that will maintain their conservation value.01/06/1996Morden CemeteryGiGLa1139
Flora of Tooting CommonRepeat surveillance of plants on Tooting Common01/01/2005Tooting CommonGiGLa1146
Wimbledon Common aculeate hymenopteraAn inventory of hymenoptera found on Wimbledon Common01/01/1933Wimbledon CommonGiGLa1147
COOMBE HILL WOOD Nature Reserve Management briefThis is a management brief for the proposed Combe Hill nature reserve and contains records for input onto baseline data information.06/05/199231/03/2005Combe Hill Nature ReserveGiGLa1151
RAMMEY MARSH Early marsh orchidsCount of Early Marsh Orchid on Rammey Marsh01/01/200131/12/200231/03/2005Rammey MarshGiGLa1152
ERITH & THAMESMEAD House Sparrow recordsHouse Sparrow record submitted from walkers between Erith & Thamesmead for input onto baseline data.08/09/200231/03/2005Erith/ThamesmeadGiGLa1153
FRAYS FARM MEADOWS Water Vole surveyThis a water vole survey carried out at Frays Farm Meadows.01/04/200430/04/200431/03/2005Frays Farm MeadowsGiGLa1154
DENHAM LOCK WOOD Water Vole surveyThis is the result of a water vole survey carried out at Denham Lock Wood.18/05/200418/05/200431/03/2005Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1155
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Record of ChilopodaRecord of Chilopoda at Gunnersbury Triangle to establish baseline data17/10/200031/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1156
OLD FORD Is Vegetation surveyVegetation survey using DAFOR scale for site overall, vegetation broken down into practical units & described. Attempt to look at site in context of past knowledge,use of aerial photographs.01/01/199131/12/199831/03/2005Old Ford Island reserveGiGLa1157
Habitat Survey of the LB HounslowBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/199931/12/2000Across HounslowGiGLa1159
Ickenham Marsh - Invertebrate Species List 2002An inventory of inverts found at Ickenham Marsh during 200201/01/200231/12/2002Ickenham MarshGiGLa1162
Denham Lock Wood Vegetation Survey For LWT June 1997A survey carried out to map the vegetation types present on the reserve01/06/199730/06/1997Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1163
Denham Lock Wood Nature Reserve Habitat & Vegetation SurveyA habitat & vegetation survey of Denham Lock Wood NR following standard phase 1 survey methodology01/01/200431/12/2004Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1166
Central London Waterfowl monitoring - WWT 2003-04 Waterfowl ReportA monitoring programme for the London Lakes Rehabilitation Project, involving twice monthly counts of waterfowl made over a core area of 14 lakes at eight sites.01/01/200331/12/2004London LakesGiGLa1171
Gutteridge Wood: Habitat Survey 2003An inventory of plants found in Gutteridge Wood including habitat information15/05/200331/07/2003Gutteridge WoodGiGLa1172
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Record of ColeopteraRecord of Coleoptera at Gunnersbury Triangle to establish baseline data02/08/200131/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1173
The beetles of Downham Woodland WalkA repeat survey of beetles in Downham Woodland Walk, split into 7 compartments. Some beetle finds are included from the original 1999 survey. 01/01/199931/12/2002Downham Woodland WalkGiGLa1175
Habitat Survey of the LB Lewisham 84-85 surveyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/198431/12/1985Across LewishamGiGLa1176
Habitat Survey of the LB Lewisham 88 surveyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/198831/12/1988Across LewishamGiGLa1177
Vincam Close, Whitton: Reptile Translocation ReportReport of a Reptile translocation carried out at the site of a proposed housing development01/04/200631/07/2006Vincam Close, WhittonGiGLa1179
Habitat Survey of the LB Richmondborough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/199931/12/1999Across RichmondGiGLa1181
Habitat Survey of the LB Richmond 84 surveyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/198431/12/1984Across RichmondGiGLa1182
Invertebrate Appraisal of Wilderness IslandA survey of Wilderness Island carried out to provide a list of invertebrates present, to enable recommendations for management to be put forward15/08/200504/10/2005Wilderness IslandGiGLa1184
FRAYS FARM MEADOWS Invertebrate assessmentThis survey concentrates on locating important habitat features for invertebrates and habitat indicator species at Frays Farm Meadows01/07/199131/03/2005Frays Farm MeadowsGiGLa1186
SYDENHAM HILL WOOD invertebrate surveyThis survey was commissioned by London Wildlife Trust and the specimens collected by general means ;sweeping,beating,tray and examination of logs and tree trunks.28/05/199711/11/199731/03/2005Sydenham Hill WoodsGiGLa1187
INNER THAMES KENT MARSHES an inventory survey of Water BeetlesThis is an inventory survey of water beetles on Dartford marshes but includes other insects of interest that could be identified.01/04/200231/10/200231/03/2005Dartford MarshesGiGLa1188
RICHMOND PARK, Surrey Small mammal surveyThis is a trapping survey of small mammals in Richmond Park with comments on the potential for the re-establishment of Barn Owls.01/01/199431/03/2005GiGLa1189
SYDENHAM HILL WOOD bird monitoring reportThis survey was commissioned by London Wildlife Trust to undertake a series of bird surveys over 12 month period at Sydenham Hill Wood.25/07/199924/06/200031/03/2005Sydenham Hill WoodsGiGLa1190
CAMLEY ST, Bee recordsSurvey of bees by London Natural History on field visit20/07/199631/03/2005GiGLa1192
DENHAM LOCK WOOD Lichen surveyLichens recorded vegetation survey of Denham Lock Wood27/06/199731/03/2005Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1193
CLAYBURY HOSPITAL reptile surveyThe objectives of this survey were to identify reptile species on site, identify habitats, highlight conservation needs and make recommendations.02/08/199909/08/199931/03/2005Claybury Hospital groundsGiGLa1194
CLAYBURY HOSPITAL Ecological surveyThese are bird records contained in an ecological survey of Claybury Hospital grounds and are intended as information for input onto baseline data.01/06/198830/09/198831/03/2005Claybury Hospital groundsGiGLa1197
WINDY CORNER BEXLEY Floral recordsThese are flora records from Windy corner Bexley and are intended as additional to the baseline data information.02/08/199731/03/2005Windy corner BexleyGiGLa1198
LESSNESS ABBEY WOODS Management PlanThis is a management plan for Lessness Abbey woods which includes some species records for input onto baseline data information.18/06/200531/03/2005Lessness Abbey WoodsGiGLa1199
CAMLEY STREET Natural Park. Ornithological statusThese are records of birds from Camley Street with notes on breeding status for input onto baseline data information.01/01/198431/03/2005GiGLa1200
FERRY LANE & LOT'S AIT BrentfordThis survey looks at the Northern inlet creek on the mainland and Lot's AIT, for terrestrial invertebrates.25/04/199831/03/2005Ferry Lane & Lot's AITGiGLa1201
CRAB HILL,BECKENHAM PLACE PARK Meadow restoration projectThis report provides details of initial stages of meadow restoration with baseline vegetation and soil surveys including analysis in terms of NVC communities using MATCH computer software.26/06/200202/07/200231/03/2005Crab Hill, Beckenham Place ParkGiGLa1202
HEPPLE CLOSE ORCHARD Wildlife surveyThis survey looks at plants and birds at Hepple Close Orchard. Vegetation survey is limited because visits were only made during season01/10/198631/03/2005Hepple Close OrchardGiGLa1203
RIVER CRAY Hall placeThis guide prepared by the Urban ecology unit contains records of species for input onto baseline data information01/01/198631/03/2005River Cray Hall PlaceGiGLa1206
FOOTS CRAY MEADOWS Floral SurveyPart of wildlife survey of Foots Cray Meadows. Record of Flora, no status or method.01/08/199831/03/2005Footscray MeadowsGiGLa1207
BRAMLEY BANK Vegetation surveyThis is a survey of tree distribution at Bramley Bank and gives an indication of % 0f tree canopy for 5 species.31/03/2005Bramley Bank Nature ReserveGiGLa1208
CANONS PARK, Harrow .Botanical RecordsThese are Botanical records from Canons Park ,Harrow collected by Sean Tobin ( From Excel based database of wildlife records maintained by John Dobson ) for input onto baseline data information01/01/198431/12/199431/03/2005Canons Park HarrowGiGLa1209
CAMLEY STREET Wildlife surveyThese are survey's and records from Camley St covering a range of wildlife using standard methods of recording. There does not appear to be much verification but the information could be used or database records.28/06/198629/10/198931/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1210
CLAYBURY HOSPITAL record of bird speciesBird species list for Claybury hospital, no status or breeding indicators01/01/198431/03/2005Claybury HospitalGiGLa1212
MIDDLESEX FILTER BEDS Tree floraThis survey looks at the poplars and Willows at Middx filter beds and the records are intended as additional information onto baseline data records01/07/198531/08/198531/03/2005Middlesex Filter BedsGiGLa1213
RIPPLE NATURE RESERVE Invertebrate surveyThis survey was commissioned to provide basic baseline information of the site; to inform practical management of the site and clarify importance as a wildlife resource.27/07/200030/09/200031/03/2005Ripple nature reserveGiGLa1214
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Management planThese records are included in a Gunnersbury Triangle Reserve management plan and are intended as info for baseline data input.01/01/198731/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1215
CROUCH END PLAYING FIELDS an ecological surveyThis survey looks at the ecology of Crouch End Playing Fields and includes records of Mammals,plants,spiders,snails & Butterflies for input onto baseline data information01/04/198631/03/2005Crouch End Playing FieldsGiGLa1216
FOOTS CRAY MEADOWS Insect recordsPart of wildlife survey of Foots Cray meadows, records of insects, observation only, no status01/08/199831/03/2005Footscray MeadowsGiGLa1217
SALT BOX HILL Nature reserve chalk grassland surveyThis survey was commissioned by LWT and looks at the vegetation on Salt Box Hill LWT Nature reserve01/01/198431/12/198531/03/2005Salt Box hill nature reserveGiGLa1219
CAMLEY STREET Natural Park HymenopteraThese are records of Hymenoptera from a field visit to Camley St Nature Reserve and are intended for input onto baseline data20/07/199631/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1220
OSTERLEY PARK Bird recordsBird records from Osterley Park rugby fields intended for input onto baseline data.128/06/200331/03/2005Osterley rugby clubGiGLa1221
RIPPLE NATURE RESERVE Vertebrate wildlifeVertebrate records from Ripple Valley nature reserve for input onto baseline data info01/01/199531/12/199731/03/2005Ripple nature reserveGiGLa1222
FOREST HOUSE ( Claybury Woods )This invertebrate survey of Forest House was carried out by direct observation and specific searching for expected species in specialist micro-habitats01/08/199931/03/2005Forest House ( Claybury House )GiGLa1223
FOREST WOODS/CLAYBURY HOUSE Invertebrate appraisalThis survey is an invertebrate appraisal of Claybury woods using direct observation,specific searching in specialist micro-habitats,sweep netting and beating tree foliage.01/01/198131/08/199931/03/2005Claybury woodsGiGLa1224
ICKENHAM MARSH Invertebrate surveyThese are invertebrate records from Ickenham Marsh intended for input onto Baseline data information.01/01/200231/03/2005Ickenham MarshGiGLa1225
EAST & WEST RESERVOIRS STOKE NEWINGTON LONDON bird recordsThese are bird records from E & W reservoirs Stoke Newington and are intended as additional information for baseline data input.12/06/200331/03/2005East & West Reservoir Stoke NewingtonGiGLa1226
HALL PLACE Plants ,Invertebrates and fishThese records of fish,plants and invertebrates from Hall Place.01/12/198631/03/2005Hall Place BexleyGiGLa1227
WHIPPS CROSS HOSPITAL & HAMPSTEAD HEATH EXTN Plant Gall recordsPlant Gall records submitted from Hampstead area ( grid ref ) and for input onto baseline data.30/06/200224/07/200231/03/2005Hampstead HeathGiGLa1228
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE 1987-88 reportThese records are part of the Gunnersbury Triangle report for 1987-88. The records also contains notes on status.01/01/198931/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1229
FOREST HOUSE ( Site 6 ) Repton Park ; Invertebrate appraisalThis survey is an invertebrate appraisal of an area of Claybury Woods for Crest Homes. Sampling was by direct observation, sweeping, and beating01/08/199931/05/200031/03/2005Forest House ( site 6 ) Repton ParkGiGLa1230
OLD FORD Is Nature reserve Invertebrate AssessmentThis survey identifies and categorises the invertebrate habitats present on the site and to record the species found15/07/199819/07/199831/03/2005Old ford Island nature reserveGiGLa1231
UXBRIDGE MOOR Inertebrate,plant & bird recordsThese are plant , invertebrate & bird records from Uxbridge Moor nature reserve management plan for input onto baseline data information.01/01/200231/12/200431/03/2005Uxbridge MoorGiGLa1232
HUTCHINSON'S BANK & CHAPEL BANK Management planThis management plan contains surveys of higher plants, birds,grasslands and butterflies at Hutchinson's Bank for input onto baseline data information01/01/198731/03/2005Hutchinsons Bank & Chapel BankGiGLa1233
PETTS WOOD & HAWKWOOD brief field surveyThis report is based on observations carried out during a brief field survey of Petts Wood and Hawkwood and the records of invertebrates & birds are intended for input onto baseline data.01/01/197230/09/198831/03/2005Petts Wood and HawkwoodGiGLa1234
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Environmental reportThese records are a preliminary ornithological assessment of the Gunnersbury triangle in relation to proposed office block development. Contains some notes on status.01/01/198331/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1236
SPRINGFIELD PARK Management planThis is a site management plan for Springfield Park which contains records for input onto baseline data .01/01/199731/03/2005Springfield ParkGiGLa1237
CAMLEY STREET Natural Park. Parasitic FaunaThis project studies the parasitic fauna and the degree of utilisation by parasites of natural hosts in habitat at Camley Street.01/01/198831/12/199931/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1238
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Record of plant gallsRecord of Plant galls at Gunnersbury Triangle to establish baseline data17/10/200031/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1240
NEW CROSS CUTTING Invertebrate surveyThis is a preliminary invertebrate looks at the major invertebrate groups. This survey covers the ecological importance of the groups with abundance. Other groups were noted if seen.27/03/199724/07/199731/03/2005New Cross Cutting Nature ReserveGiGLa1241
HARINGEY OPEN SPACES, The EcologyThis survey looks at the wildlife of about 336 hectares of Haringey and contains records of Flora,Ferns,Birds, Invertebrates & Vascular plants for input onto baseline data information.01/01/196231/12/198331/03/2005Haringey open spacesGiGLa1242
BRAEBURN PARK ( Eastern Quarry ) Reptile surveyThese are records of reptiles from Eastern Quarry, Braeburn Park.23/04/199901/09/199931/03/2005Easyern Quarry, Braeburn ParkGiGLa1243
HOUNSLOW HEATH Bird, mammal & invertebratesThis report looks at the findings of a 12 month survey of Hounslow Heath during 1982 and contains bird and mammal records.01/11/198131/10/198231/03/2005GiGLa1244
OAK HILL WOODS Local Nature Reserve management planThis management plan covers the area known as Oak Hill Woods Local Nature Reserve. It contains Invertebrate, bird, mammal, vascular plants, fungi and lichens for input onto baseline data information.01/01/200231/03/2005Oakhill Woods Nature reserveGiGLa1245
GREATER LONDON Plant records from 6 sitesThese are plant records from 7 sites in G London and are intended as additions to baseline data input. Records of status are included.01/01/195224/07/199631/03/2005Various sitesGiGLa1246
DAGENHAM CHASE Dragonfly/Invertebrate recordsdragonflies recorded at the Chase reserve01/01/199731/03/2005Dagenham ChaseGiGLa1247
BEXLEY GUN CLUB Record of plantsThis survey looks at plant records at the former Bexley Gun club which includes a SSSI Wansunt Pit. The records are intended as part of an ongoing baseline data input21/07/199831/03/2005Bexley gun clubGiGLa1248
BIRDBROOK RESERVE Orthoptera recordsOrthoptera recorded at Birdbrook reserve, no methodology given01/01/198231/12/199831/03/2005Birdbrook nature reserveGiGLa1250
DENHAM LOCK WOOD Moth recordsMoths noted during above vegetation survey27/06/199731/03/2005Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1251
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Ant recordsThese are ant records for Gunnersbury Triangle and are intended as additions for baseline data input.21/06/199831/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1253
FOREST HOUSE ( site 6 ) Repton Park ; Supplementary vegetation surveyThis survey supplements the 8/1999 survey which missed early flowering plants at Forest House.01/08/199930/04/200031/03/2005Forest HouseGiGLa1254
FRAYS FARM MEADOWS Aquatic invertebrate assessmentThis survey provides a representative account of spatial differences in the composition of invertebrate assemblages and species distributions with the SSSI.24/08/200029/08/200031/03/2005Frays Farm MeadowsGiGLa1255
RIVER POOL LINEAR PARK BELLINGHAM. Management Plan.This management plan commissioned by London Borough of Lewisham contains records of Vascular plants at the River Pool for input onto baseline data information.01/01/198531/03/2005River PoolGiGLa1256
MILL HILL OLD RAILWAY Nature reserve Slow Worm surveyThis is a Slow Worm survey of Mill Hill Old Railway Nature Reserve and maps the distribution of Slow Worms and their management requirements.30/04/199625/05/199631/03/2005GiGLa1257
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Report 1999These are bird, moth, Heteroptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Coleoptera, Mollusca, Orthoptera, records taken from the Gunnersbury Triangle Reserve 1999 report. 01/01/199931/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1258
WESTBERE COPSE Nature Reserve Plant and bird recordsThis is a management plan for Westbere Copse Nature Reserve and public open space and has plant and bird records for input onto baseline data information01/01/198431/03/2005Westbere Copse Nature ReserveGiGLa1259
EAST THAMES & HAVERING Corridor ,An example of the importance of invertebrate biodiversityThis survey shows the rich invertebrate biodiversity in South Essex and the East Thames Corridor, with invertebrate indexes. Contains records for input onto baseline data information01/08/199831/03/2005SouthEssex and East Thames CorridorGiGLa1260
THE WOODLANDS of HaringeyThe Woodlands of Haringey presents a great deal of easily digestible, factual information on all the major woods of the borough and some of the smaller ones. Contained in this are records of species for input onto baseline data information.01/01/198531/03/2005Woodlands of HaringeyGiGLa1261
RIDDLESDOWN Nature reserve management plan.This plan has been compiled by LCS and includes a vegetation survey for input onto baseline data info01/01/200231/12/200731/03/2005Riddlesdown Nature reserveGiGLa1262
RIPPLE NATURE RESERVE Invertebrate recordsInvertebrate records from Ripple Valley nature reserve for input onto baseline data info.01/01/199531/12/199731/03/2005Ripple nature reserveGiGLa1263
CLAYBURY HOSPITAL Bat surveyThis survey looks for evidence of bat activity at Claybury hospital using binoculars and signs such as droppings and stains around round roost entrances. The survey also contains a review of an earlier 1985 survey.30/09/199930/09/199931/03/2005Claybury hospitalGiGLa1264
ROYAL BOROUGH of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Fox SurveyThis survey looks at Fox activity in the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and although it contains NIL visual sightings, it does have records of activity signs.01/01/199831/03/2005Royal Borough of Kensington & ChelseaGiGLa1265
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE record of antsAnts recorded at Gunnersbury with some notes. Intended as baseline data.21/06/199831/03/2005GunnersburyGiGLa1266
RIVER LONGFORD Wildlife Survey ReportThis survey consists of general description, with details of the river banks and adjacent land with an assessment of it's conservation value.01/01/199131/03/2005River LongfordGiGLa1267
SYDENHAM HILL WOODS Fungus recordsFungus records for Sydenham Hill Wood and is a list compiled during a Fungi Foray.14/10/200031/03/2005Sydenham Hill WoodsGiGLa1268
BRAEBURN PARK Badger surveyThis is the result of a badger survey undertaken by the Amphibian, Reptile and Mammal conservation Ltd and intended for input into baseline data info01/01/199807/07/199931/03/2005Braeburn Park BexleyGiGLa1269
HALL PLACE InvertebratesThese are invertebrate records compiled from Hall place for input onto baseline data information.01/01/198631/03/2005Hall Place BexleyGiGLa1270
CAMLEY STREET Pond . Fish recordsThis is a list of fish caught at Camley Street for input onto baseline data information.15/11/199031/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1271
BEXLEY GUN CLUB Plant recordsPlant records from Bexley Gun Club for input onto baseline data.02/08/199731/03/2005Braeburn Park ( formerley Bexley Gun club)GiGLa1272
FRAYS FARM MEADOWS Vegetation surveyThis is the result of a vegetation survey at Frays Farm Meadows which reviews existing information ; provides a general habitat survey of the area as well as more detailed surveys of grassland communities using National Vegetation Classification01/01/199931/12/199931/03/2005Frays Farm MeadowsGiGLa1274
DENHAM LOCK WOOD Invertebrate assessmentAn annotated species inventory with management proposals for study area.01/01/199631/03/2005Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1275
BATTERSEA PARK Vegetation surveyVegetation survey looking at the most prominent and ecologically important species and their abundance in the study area01/01/198531/12/199831/03/2005Battersea ParkGiGLa1276
RUSSELL'S NURSERY WOODLAND Ground flora surveyThis is the result of a survey of ground flora in Russells Nursery Woodland and contains records for input onto baseline data info.01/01/198431/03/2005Russells NurseryGiGLa1277
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE 1996 reportThese records are part of the Gunnersbury Triangle local nature reserve 1996 report and are intended to be used as additions to baseline data info01/01/199631/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1278
GUTTERIDGE WOOD nature reserve InvertebratesThis invertebrate survey of Gutteridge Woods uses sweep netting, beating trays and direct observation. Also a limited amount of pitfall trapping and nocturnal light trapping.01/04/200331/10/200331/03/2005Dews Sand pitGiGLa1279
SALT BOX HILL LWT Nature reserve Butterfly recordsThis is a list of butterflies recorded at Salt Box Hill and is intended as information to be inputted onto baseline data.01/01/199731/12/199831/03/2005Salt Box hill nature reserveGiGLa1280
25A MONTAGUE ROAD RICHMOND, Bird recordsThese are bird records from in and near a private dwelling in Richmond.11/05/200001/12/200131/03/200525A Montague Rd Richmond TW10 6QWGiGLa1282
TOTTERIDGE FIELDS Nature Reserve Report 1996This is the 1996 Report for Totteridge Fields nature reserve and contains records of Birds ( some breeding records ) and Butterflies for baseline data input.01/01/199631/03/2005Totteridge FieldsGiGLa1283
LONDON BOROUGH OF BEXLEY A wildlife reportThis report aims to collate the existing information from a range of sources concerning the intrinsic wildlife value of sites throughout the borough. Records of species are for inputting onto baseline data information01/01/198431/03/2005London Borough of BexleyGiGLa1284
NORTH CRAY WOOD management plantThis management plan includes records intended for input onto baseline data information01/01/198631/03/2005North Cray Wood management planTQ 478 720GiGLa1285
BRAMLEY BANK Butterflies & Moth recordsThese are butterfly and moth records from Bramley Bank using traps.31/03/198529/06/199731/03/2005Bramley Bank Nature ReserveGiGLa1286
PONDERS END Pumping StationThis document is a feasibility study to determine the nature and educational value of Ponders End pumping station and contains some records for input onto baseline data.01/10/199031/03/2005Ponders End pumping stationGiGLa1287
KIDBROOKE GREEN/BIRDBROOK ROAD Amphibian & invertebrate recordsThis survey is an extensive evaluation of both native and non- native amphibian species at Kidbrooke Green and Birdbrook Road sites. There is also additional information on aquatic invertebrates.01/03/199306/12/199331/03/2005Kidbrooke Green/Birdbrook Road sitesGiGLa1288
TOTTERIDGE FIELDS Small mammal surveySmall mammal survey of Totteridge fields using Longworth live traps in 2 transects07/11/199711/11/199731/03/2005Totteridge fieldsGiGLa1289
TOTTERIDGE FIELDS Orthoptera and allied ordersA survey report of Orthoptera and allied orders at Totteridge fields. Casual observations only, no attempt to quantify status or systematic study.06/02/199509/12/199531/03/2005Totteridge fields nature reserveGiGLa1290
CAMLEY STREET Interim report on FungiThese are records of Fungus as Camley St are for input onto baseline data information.15/09/198622/10/198631/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1291
RAMMEY MARSH Bee Orchid recordsCount of Bee orchids on Rammey Marsh01/01/199514/06/200231/03/2005Rammey MarshGiGLa1292
DENHAM LOCKWOOD bird & Invertebrate records from 1991 Management planThese are records of Birds & Invertebrates from Denham Lock Wood and are intended as additional information for input onto baseline data.01/01/197031/12/199131/03/2005Denham Lock WoodGiGLa1293
AISLEWORTH AIT Ecological management report.This is an ecological management report of Isleworth AIT with various species records and habitat recommendations.31/03/2005GiGLa1294
FRAYS FARM MEADOWS plant communitiesThis survey looks plant communities at Frays Farm Meadows .Community and Quadrat cards are the main survey techniques05/08/198607/01/200231/03/2005Frays Farm Meadows SSSIGiGLa1295
TOTTERIDGE FIELDS Nature ReserveThis is the 1998 Totteridge Fields nature report containing biological records for input onto baseline data.01/01/199831/12/199831/03/2005Totteridge fields nature reserveGiGLa1296
MORDEN CEMETERY Preliminary invertebrate surveyThis survey looks at the invertebrate life at Morden cemetery using sweep nets; beating and visual means. It concentrates on Coleoptera; Diptera;Hemiptera;Hymenoptera & Lepidoptera.05/05/199829/11/199831/03/2005Morden CemeteryGiGLa1297
RIVER CRAY near ORPINGTON Wildlife habitat surveyThis is a habitat survey of the River Cray near Orpington compiled by London Wildlife Trust and contains records to be inputted onto baseline data information.25/02/198826/02/198831/03/2005River Cray near OrpingtonGiGLa1299
CAMLEY STREET SpidersThese are records of spiders from Camley Street for input onto baseline data information.16/06/198931/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1300
KINGS CROSS & BRUNSWICK Pavement TreesThis booklet looks at lists of streets in 2 wards with numbers of each kind of tree present.01/05/199131/03/2005Kings Cross & BrunswickGiGLa1301
BROOKMILL ROAD Nature ReserveThis is a teachers guide to Brookmill Rd Nature Reserve and contains biological records( no methodology ) for input onto baseline information.01/02/198631/03/2005Brookmill Road Nature ReserveGiGLa1302
FRAYS FARM MEADOWS Nature conservation management planThis is a conservation management plan which includes bird, invertebrate and vegetation records at Frays Farm Meadows.01/01/200231/03/2005Frays Farm MeadowsGiGLa1303
DAGENHAM OLD CHURCHYARD Invertebrate AssessmentThis survey is an invertebrate appraisal of Old Dagenham Churchyard. There are also some management proposals for invertebrates.01/08/199730/09/199731/03/2005Old Dagenham churchyardGiGLa1304
WILDERNESS Is. Lichen recordslichen recorded at Wilderness Island01/07/199731/03/2005Wilderness IslandGiGLa1305
ROYAL BOROUGH of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Breeding Bird SurveyThis survey looks at the breeding birds from six sites in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. There are also records of birds that were ringed.01/04/200131/08/200131/03/2005GiGLa1306
TEN ACRE WOOD Management planThis is a management plan for Ten Acre Wood which includes records of Vascular plants, flowers and birds for input onto baseline data records.01/08/198731/03/2005Ten Acre Wood Nature ReserveGiGLa1307
LONDON BOROUGH OF BARNET A summary of the occurrence and distribution of mammals in LB of BarnetThis survey represents the first attempt at making a detailed statement about the occurrence of mammals in the London borough of Barnet01/01/198331/03/2005London Borough of BarnetGiGLa1308
SALT BOX HILL nature reserve vegetation surveyThis survey was undertaken to record habitats and vegetation communities and lists of constituent plant species at Salt Box Hill Nature Reserve01/01/199931/03/2005Salt Box hill nature reserveGiGLa1309
REPTON PARK ( Formerly Claybury Hospital ) Tree survey sites 1 &2This survey updates the 1995 tree survey and records height, girth and spread plus age, health and identification01/01/199531/07/199931/03/2005Repton Park ( Formerley Claybury Hospital )GiGLa1310
MORDEN HALL PARK. Biological EvaluationThis report is a brief appraisal of the nature conservation aspects of Morden Hall Park and contains records of invertebrates for input onto baseline data information.01/06/199631/08/199631/03/2005Morden Hall ParkGiGLa1311
DUCK WOOD Invertebrate assessmentThis survey identifies and categorises the invertebrate habitats within the woodland, to record the invertebrate species found and suggest further areas for study and management.21/05/199815/07/199831/03/2005Duck wood HaveringGiGLa1312
DEVONSHIRE ROAD , Nature ReserveThis is a teachers guide to Devonshire Road Nature Reserve and contains biological records for input onto baseline data information.01/03/198531/03/2005Devonshire Road Nature ReservenGiGLa1313
BEXLEY GUN CLUB Butterfly recordsThese are Butterfly records from Bexley gun club and are additional to the baseline data information.02/08/199731/03/2005Bexley gun club & River Craybexley gun & River CraGiGLa1314
BIRDBROOK RESERVE Record of MothsMoths recorded at Birdbrook reserve, no methodology given01/01/198131/12/199131/03/2005Birdbrook nature reserveGiGLa1315
ROYAL BOROUGH of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Amphibian & Reptile borough surveyThis survey of Amphibians in the Boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea looks at five sites and three school ponds. No attempt has been made to survey garden ponds. Included are visual counts of amphibians and spawn.01/01/199531/03/2005Royal Borough of Kensington & ChelseaGiGLa1316
WEST KENT GOLF COURSE Nature reserveThis is a management plan for West Kent Golf course and includes records of Birds, vegetation and invertebrates input to baseline data info.01/01/197531/12/200231/03/2005West Kent Golf courseGiGLa1317
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE invertebrate recordsThese are invertebrate records from Gunnersbury Triangle and are intended as the start of an ongoing baseline data input.21/06/199523/06/199831/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1318
MORDEN CEMETERY Ecological survey & management reportThis report on the ecology and management of Morden Cemetery looks at the increasing interest in grasslands of the cemetery with records of Grasses and Flora.01/06/199631/07/199631/03/2005Morden CemeteryGiGLa1319
HOAC Lake records of InvertebratesInvertebrate record from HOAC lake for input onto baseline data info02/09/199531/03/2005HOAC lakeGiGLa1320
TOTTERIDGE FIELDS Nature Reserve Report 1993 - 4This is the 1993-94 Report for Totteridge Fields Nature Reserve and contains records for input onto baseline data information.01/01/199331/12/199431/03/2005Totteridge FieldsGiGLa1321
ERITH MARSHES NORTH a future management proposalThis report aims to establish why Erith Marshes is a site of major ecological importance and why it should be protected from development. It contains records of species for input onto baseline data information01/01/198431/03/2005Erith marshesGiGLa1322
SYDENHAM HILL WOOD/DULWICH WOODS/COX'S WALK Invertebrate surveyThis invertebrate survey of Sydenham Hill Wood uses general methods of collecting including beating vegetation, sweep net and trowel and visual searching. Also includes some management suggestions.28/05/199711/11/199731/03/2005Sydenham Hill wood,Dulwich wood & Cox's walkGiGLa1323
RIVER WANDLE Ecological surveyAn ecological survey looking at a variety of flora and fauna01/01/199831/03/2005River WandleGiGLa1325
BEXLEY WOODS Teachers guideThis guide prepared by the Urban ecology unit contains records of species for input onto baseline data information01/01/198631/03/2005Bexley WoodsGiGLa1326
GREATER LONDON Fish recordsThese surveys are collected from 10 different organisations including Environment Agency, SGS Environment( Fisheries),Lee Valley Park,Anglers Mail and Buckingham Palace survey. Are intended as start of baseline data input01/06/199531/12/199731/03/2005Various sitesGiGLa1327
SHREWSBURY PARK Teachers guideThis is a teachers guide to Shrewsbury Park and contains records for input onto baseline data records01/01/198631/03/2005Shrewbury ParkGiGLa1328
JUBILEE LINE ReptilesThis survey looks at reptiles ( all slow worms ) found on the Jubilee line at Shakespeare Drive Kenton and is intended as information for input to baseline data.09/02/198928/06/198931/03/2005Jubilee Line at Shakespeare Drive KentonGiGLa1329
MARYON WILSON Park Teachers guideThis is a teachers guide to Maryon Wilson Park and contains records for input onto baseline data records31/03/2005Maryon Wilson ParkGiGLa1330
SALT BOX HILL preliminary invertebrate surveyThis invertebrate survey of Salt Box Hill concentrates on Coloeptera,Diptera,Hemiptera and Hymenoptera plus examples of other groups if seen.17/05/199913/10/199931/03/2005Salt Box hill nature reserveGiGLa1331
THAMES NORTHEAST RIVER RODING Fisheries surveyThis survey looks at 25 sites from the River Roding to assess the current status of the fishery.01/03/199331/07/199331/03/2005River RodingGiGLa1332
BIRDBROOK ROAD Nature reserve Botanical surveyThis botanical survey at Birdbrook Meadow follows GLA adapted phase 1 method involving 8 survey parcels.28/06/200331/03/2005Birdbrook Road Nature reserveGiGLa1333
Wilderness Island bird surveycount of bird species and territories on Wilderness Is01/01/199431/12/199731/03/2005Wilderness IslandGiGLa1334
CRANE PARK Is Invertebrate AssessmentThis is a list of Invertebrate species recorded at Crane Park Is to start baseline data.02/07/199831/03/2005Crane Park IslandGiGLa1335
CAMLEY STREET Natural Park " Pond Dip "This is an interim report by the Environment agency to take water samples from Camley Street following reports of dust and smells from a Waste Transfer station nearby. This report contains records of invertebrates for input onto baseline data informa30/10/199631/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1336
HORTON COUNTRY PARK Bird recordsRecords of birds, with some passerine counts in winter and some breeding records at Horton country Park. Intended as baseline for future surveys.31/03/2005Horton Country ParkGiGLa1337
DONKEY WOODS HOUNSLOW Bird recordsBird ringing records for Donkey woods as part of preparation for management strategy01/01/198531/12/198731/03/2005Donkey Woods,HounslowGiGLa1338
CLAYBURY WOOD National Yellow Neck Mouse surveyNational Yellow-Necked Mouse survey of Claybury wood, using traps. Also included Woodland questionnaire & vegetation classification17/10/199831/03/2005GiGLa1339
WILDERNESS Is Survey of FungusBaseline survey of Fungi to start frequent monitoring14/11/199516/12/199531/03/2005Wilderness IslandGiGLa1340
HUTCHINSON'S BANK & CHAPEL BANK Management planThese are appendices to a management plan which contain invertebrate records for Hutchinson's Bank and Chapel bank17/05/199913/10/199931/03/2005GiGLa1341
HUTCHINSON'S BANK Preliminary Invertebrate surveyThis invertebrate survey is contained with the management plan appendix and concentrates on Coleoptera;Diptera;Hemiptera & Hymenoptera17/05/199913/10/199931/03/2005Hutchinsons Bank & Chapel BankGiGLa1342
SHEPHERDLEAS WOOD Teachers guideThis is a teachers guide to Shepherdleas Wood and contains records for input onto baseline data records.01/01/198731/03/2005Shepherdleas WoodGiGLa1343
RAINHAM RIFLE RANGES Invertebrate FaunaThis invertebrate report of Rainham Rifle Range commissioned by NCC looks at the Dyke system to assess the significance of the results in relation to developments in SW corner of site.19/06/198609/08/198631/03/2005Rainham Rifle RangeGiGLa1344
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE proposalsThese are records of plants,grasses,ferns,horsetails,mosses,liverworts,lichens,fungi,birds,mammals,fish,reptiles,molluscs,spiders and coleoptera contained in proposals put forward by Chiswick wildlife group to turn Gunnersbury Triangle into a nature 01/07/198331/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1345
DUCK WOOD Harold Hill Record of BirdsThis is a census of the bird population undertaken during 1998 breeding season.23/07/199831/10/199831/03/2005GiGLa1346
BIRDBROOK NATURE RESERVE butterfly recordsButterflies recorded at Birdbrook reserve, no methodology given01/01/198331/03/2005Birdbrook nature reserveGiGLa1347
COPPETTS WOOD & ENVIRONs wildlife survey and management proposalsThis is a report of a wildlife survey of Coppettes Wood and its environs with a list of recorded species for inputting onto baseline data.12/06/197331/08/198431/03/2005Coppetts WoodGiGLa1348
MILL HILL OLD RAILWAY RESERVE record of small mammalsSmall mammal survey of Mill Hill old railway reserve using standard Longworth live-traps on 3 transects of main habitat types27/12/199728/12/199731/03/2005Old Mill hill railway nature reserveTGiGLa1349
DENHAM LOCK WOOD Bat surveyThis survey was required so that the presence of bats could be considered during future conservation management work on the site.05/06/200427/06/200431/03/2005Deham Lock Wood SSSIGiGLa1350
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Record of MolluscsRecords of Molluscs at Gunnersbury Triangle to establish baseline data17/10/200031/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1351
CAMLEY STREET InvertebratesThese are invertebrate records from Camley street caught by pitfall traps and for input onto baseline data information.01/08/198631/10/198631/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1352
BURNT ASH HILL POND Teachers guideThis is a teachers guide to Burnt Ash Hill Road and contains records for input onto baseline data records01/06/198631/03/2005Burnt Ash Hill PondGiGLa1353
TOTTERIDGE FIELDS record of MothsThis is a record of moths found on Totteridge fields and is intended as the start of ongoing baseline data input06/07/200231/03/2005Totteridge FieldsGiGLa1354
FAIRLOP WATERS COUNTRY PARKThis is an amphibian survey which looks in particular at Great Crested Newts with notes of other amphibians kept.21/03/200408/06/200431/03/2005Fairlop waters country parkGiGLa1355
BOROUGH OF HACKNEY Butterfly recordsThis survey looks at the Butterflies of London Borough of Hackney and has a species account and transect map for each species recorded. Intended as information for baseline data.01/01/199231/12/199531/03/2005GiGLa1356
HUTCHINSON'S BANK & CHAPEL BANK Management planThese are appendices to a management plan which contain plant, moss & bird records for Hutchinson Bank & Chapel Bank01/01/200231/12/200231/03/2005Hutchinsons Bank & Chapel BankGiGLa1357
ST PETER & ST PAUL'S Churchyard 5 year management planThis 5 year management plan at St Peter & St Paul's churchyard includes a survey of vascular plants and an invertebrate survey carried out by Colin Plant.01/01/199131/12/199731/03/2005St Peter and St Paul's ChurchyardGiGLa1358
HUTCHINSON'S BANK & CHAPEL BANK Management plan AppendicesThis management plan appendix contains records of birds,plants and butterflies from Hutchinson's Bank31/03/2005Hutchinsons Bank & Chapel BankGiGLa1359
THE WOOD, SURBITON & THE RICHARD JEFFRIES BIRD SANCTUARYThis is a management plan for the site which contains records of Plants, Birds & Butterflies.06/05/199231/03/2005The Richard Jeffries Bird SanctuaryGiGLa1360
FARM BOG Plant recordsplants recorded at Farm Bog01/01/199131/03/2005Farm BogGiGLa1361
SOUTH LONDON A preliminary invertebrate survey of remnant chalk downland sitesThis is a preliminary invertebrate survey of some remnant chalk downland sites in South London and is intended as the start of baseline data information01/01/200231/12/200331/03/2005Various sites in South LondonGiGLa1362
ROYAL BOROUGH of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Ecological surveyThis is the first comprehensive survey of Wildlife habitats in Greater London undertaken by LWT and is to be used for planning nature conservation in the Capital.09/08/198731/12/199331/03/2005Royal Borough of Kensington & ChelseaGiGLa1363
EAST & WEST BANK Stamford Hill Feasibility study for a nature reserveThis report looks at the feasibility for a nature reserve at East & West bank of Stamford Hill. The records contained are intended as additions to baseline data information.01/08/199731/03/2005East & West Bank Stamford HillGiGLa1364
SYDENHAM HILL WOOD bird monitoring reportThis report was commissioned by London Wildlife Trust to establish a monitoring procedure for the site; undertake monthly monitoring; produce brief summary & provide input to site management plan.01/07/199730/06/199831/03/2005Sydenham Hill WoodsGiGLa1365
SYDENHAM HILL WALK & COX'S WALK Birds monitoring reportsThis report contains monthly reports from Sydenham Hill woods, Dulwich wood and Cox's walk. It also contains a brief summary of the status of birds01/07/199730/06/199831/03/2005Sydenham Hill wood,Dulwich wood & Cox's walkGiGLa1366
EUROPEAN GOLF & TENNIS ACADEMY AT PRINCES COVERTSThis report is an ecological assessment of the Crown Estate Woodlands at Princes Coverts, Oxshott, Surrey and contains records of Birds, plants and invertebrates for baseline data information01/02/198730/09/198731/03/2005Princes Coverts, OxshottGiGLa1367
MERTON ABBEY WALL,WANDLE PARK & WATERMEADS Biological surveyThis report is a brief report of the nature conservation aspects of 3 sites and contains biological records for input onto baseline data information.01/07/198931/03/2005GiGLa1368
SOUTHWARK CATHEDRAL Plant LifeThis report is an initial look at the vegetation with ways it can be enhanced and is intended as the ongoing input into baseline data.05/03/199931/03/2005Southwark CathedralGiGLa1369
RICHMOND bird recordsHouse Sparrow records submitted from private dwelling in Richmond for input onto baseline data.05/01/200205/12/200231/03/200525A Montague Rd Richmond TW10 6QWGiGLa1370
IONA CLOSE ORCHARDThis survey concentrates on the following major groups Coleoptera ; Diptera and Hemiptera . Other groups were noted if seen. Invertebrates were collected by standard methods using beating trays, sweep nets and visual searching.06/05/199909/06/199931/03/2005Iona Close OrchardGiGLa1371
SUTTON & MERTON Hornet moth distribution & statusDistribution and status map for Hornet moths in boroughs of Sutton and Merton.10/03/199931/03/2005Sites in Merton & SuttonGiGLa1372
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Butterfly transectGunnersbury Triangle Butterfly transect. 15 sections covered in transect area.04/08/199917/09/199931/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1373
FRAYS FARM MEADOWS & DENHAM WOOD Invertebrate recordsInvertebrate survey concentrating on locating important habitat features for invertebrates and habitat quality indicator species. Also habitat management recommendations.01/06/199131/03/2005Frays Farm Meadows SSSIGiGLa1374
DAGENHAM CHASE record of Grasses,Rushes & SedgesList of Rushes, Grasses & Sedges at Dagenham Chase, no status or methodology31/03/2005Dagenham ChaseGiGLa1375
BOSTALL HEATH & WOOD Teachers GuideThis is a teachers guide to Bostall Heath and Wood and contains information for input onto baseline data records01/11/198631/03/2005Bostall Heath and WoodGiGLa1376
PEABODY HILL wild flower recordsThese are wild flower records from WEA trip to Peabody Hill and are intended as additional information for the baseline data input.02/11/199731/03/2005Peabody HillGiGLa1377
AINSLIE WOOD CHINGFORD GREENAWAY AVENUE & SYDENHAM HILL WOODS Beetle recordsBeetle records from 3 sites with some annotation and intended as additional information for baseline data input.01/01/199431/12/199731/03/2005Ainslie Wood Chingford;Greenway Avenue Wood WalthaGiGLa1378
CLAYBURY HOSPITAL ecological surveyEcological survey of Claybury hospital with annotated notes & description of habitats and their species plus evaluation of various habitats.01/01/198431/03/2005Claybury hospitalGiGLa1379
FOLKSTONE GARDENS Preliminary Invertebrate surveyThis survey looks at the invertebrate life at Folkstone Gardens and concentrates on Coleoptera, Diptera & Hemiptera using sweep nets,beating & visual means.05/05/199908/06/199931/03/2005Folkstone gardensGiGLa1380
CLAYBURY HOSPITAL ornithological surveyThis report at Claybury Hospital outlines the findings and provides recommendations for protecting breeding birds during new landscaping schedules.27/04/200212/06/200231/03/2005Claybury Hospital groundsGiGLa1381
BRAMLEY BANK Habitat & Vegetation surveyThis survey looks at habitat & vegetation at Bramley Bank using Standard Phase 1 & 2 habitat survey methodology. Woodland and Acid grassland habitat data was supplemented by quadrat samples.01/04/199830/06/199831/03/2005Bramley Bank Nature ReserveGiGLa1382
DEWS FARM SAND PIT Invertebrate surveyThis is a preliminary invertebrate assessment of Dews Farm Sand pit using sweep nets, beating trays and observation and light trapping for moths.01/04/200430/06/200431/03/2005Dews Farm Sand pitGiGLa1383
BRAMLEY BANK Local nature reserveThis is a nature conservation management plan of Bramley Bank nature reserve and contains records of Higher plants,amphibians,invertebrates & birds ( with some breeding records ).12/07/198431/12/199631/03/2005Bramley Bank Nature ReserveGiGLa1384
INNER THAMES MARSHES SSSI Water Vole SurveyThe aim of this survey was to identify the distribution and provide an estimate of the total population of water voles on the Inner Thames Marshes.31/05/199906/06/199931/03/2005GiGLa1385
SCRUBS WOOD WildlifeThis is a preliminary wildlife survey of Scrubs wood and contains records for input onto baseline data information.01/12/198431/03/2005Scrubs WoodGiGLa1386
RECTORY LANE POND Foots Cray Moth recordsMoths recorded at Rectory Lane pond as baseline for future surveys21/08/199831/03/2005Rectory Lane pondGiGLa1387
CAMLEY STREET Natural Park Invertebrate recordsThese records of invertebrates at Camley St, were collected on a one day field meeting of the Ecology & Entomology section.20/07/199631/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1388
BRAMLEY BANK Bird surveyThis survey from unknown sources, contains records of birds some of which may be breeding at Bramley Bank nature reserve.17/03/199621/05/199631/03/2005Bramley Bank nature reserveGiGLa1389
CAMLEY STREET InvertebratesThese are invertebrate records from Camley street for input onto baseline data information. No methodology included.13/04/198520/10/198931/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1391
TOTTERIDGE FIELDS Nature Reserve Report 1997This is the 1997 Totteridge Fields nature report containing biological records for input onto baseline data.01/01/199731/12/199731/03/2005Totteridge Nature reserveGiGLa1392
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE as local nature reserveThis proposal looks at the arguments for and against preserving the Gunnersbury Triangle as a nature reserve .01/06/198331/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1393
CAMLEY STREET Natural Park, Invertebrate recordsThese are records without an originators name or contact details, other than site contact details. These records are for input onto baseline data information13/07/200412/08/200431/03/2005Camley Street nature reserveGiGLa1394
RUSSELL's NURSERY Preliminary survey and management suggestionThis survey looks at management suggestions for Russells Wood and contains tree records for input onto baseline data information01/01/198331/03/2005Russells NurseryGiGLa1395
NORTH CRAY WOOD management plantThis is a revision of the 1986 management plan, the purpose of which was to conduct a detailed survey of the wood to determine impacts from the 1987 storm.01/05/198931/03/2005North Cray Wood management planTQ 478 720GiGLa1396
GUNNERSBURY TRIANGLE Butterfly transectThese are butterfly transects from Gunnersbury Triangle for input onto Baseline data .04/06/200031/03/2005Gunnersbury TriangleGiGLa1397
GREATER LONDON 65 sites,Dragonfly recordsThese are dragonfly records from Steve Brook's data base which "appear to relate to LEU Met sites" Intended as initial input for baseline data .01/01/198331/03/2005Barn Elms ReservoirGiGLa1398
MOYOW PARK Preliminary Invertebrate surveyThis survey looks at the invertebrate life of Moyow Park, concentrating on Coleoptera,Diptera,Hemiptera & Hymenoptera using beating trays,sweep nets and visual searches.05/06/199922/07/199931/03/2005GiGLa1399
CRANE PARK ISLAND Records of Lichen,Plant Galls and ColeopteraRecords of Lichen,fungi,plant gall,mollusca and invertebrates intended as the start of baseline data input.06/06/200131/03/2005Crane Park IslandGiGLa1400
THE CHASE reserve management plan 1996These are bird,flowering plant ,grass, rush and sedge records from the Chase management plan. There are brief notes with the bird records.01/01/199631/03/2005Dagenham Chase reserveGiGLa1401
Birds in Sydenham Hill Woods (09/05/1993)01/02/199317/04/199310/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1402
A Bird Monitoring Report of Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood and Cox's Walk 1997-199821/07/199708/06/199827/10/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's Walk
Dulwich and Sydenham Hill Woods Bird Monitoring July 1998-June 199925/07/199822/06/199927/10/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's WalkGiGLa1404
Bird Monitoring at Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood and Cox's Walk July 1999-June 200025/07/199924/06/200027/10/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's WalkGiGLa1405
Bird Monitoring at Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood and Cox's Walk July 2000-June 200129/07/200024/06/200127/10/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's WalkGiGLa1406
Bird Monitoring at Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood and Cox's Walk July 2001-June 200215/07/200103/06/200227/10/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's WalkGiGLa1407
Firecrests sighted in Wood-LWT Press release02/12/199202/12/199212/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1408
Birds of Sydenham Hill Woods (1974-1977; 1988-1992)01/01/197431/12/199212/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood and DulwichGiGLa1409
Bird List for Dulwich area-personal records (Paul Bradbeer)01/04/197619/08/199506/11/2006DulwichGiGLa1410
Dawn Chorus-1996-Dulwich Wood (05/05/1996)05/05/199605/05/199606/11/2006Dulwich WoodGiGLa1411
Sydenham Society News (New Year 1993)01/12/199201/01/199312/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1412
Woodcock in the Wood-LWT Press release07/01/199307/01/199312/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1413
Autumn bird migration records. Sightings Newsletter-Spring 199312/09/199228/01/199310/11/2006Dulwich Park, Crystal Palace ParkGiGLa1415
Flight of the Honey Buzzard. Sightings Newsletter-Autumn 199302/09/199320/09/199306/11/2006Dulwich ParkGiGLa1416
The wildfowl of Dulwich Park Lake. Sightings Newsletter-Summer 199301/06/199310/11/2006Dulwich ParkGiGLa1417
Rare raptor (Hobby) at Sydenham Hill Wood-LWT Press release13/06/199413/06/199406/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1418
Dawn Chorus-1996-Sydenham Hill Wood (27/04/1996)27/04/199627/04/199606/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1419
Dawn Chorus 1998-Cox's Walk-03/05/199803/05/199803/05/199805/11/2006Cox's WalkGiGLa1420
Summary of Bird Box monitoring-28/05/200216/04/200205/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's WalkGiGLa1421
Appendix B:Historic Systematic List (of birds) (1975-1998)01/01/197501/01/199803/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's WalkGiGLa1422
Appendix 10:Vertebrates-Birds. Table of recent records (1993-1998)01/01/199331/12/199803/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood?GiGLa1423
Sydenham Hill Common Bird Census27/10/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1424
Dawn Chorus 1998-Crystal Palace Park-02/05/199802/05/199802/05/199805/11/2006Crystal Palace ParkGiGLa1425
Dawn Chorus 1998-South Norwood Park-24/04/199824/04/199824/04/199805/11/2006South Norwood Country ParkGiGLa1426
Bird Monitoring at Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood and Cox's Walk July 2002-June 200325/07/200224/06/200326/10/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's WalkGiGLa1427
The Birds of Sydenham Hill Wood (12/01/1993)12/01/199310/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1428
Breeding bird survey of Sydenham Hill and Dulwich Woods 1988-198901/04/198801/04/199917/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich WoodGiGLa1429
To whit to woo27/04/199127/04/199114/01/2007Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1430
Birds of the Norwood District31/12/193403/12/2006Norwood DistrictGiGLa1431
Ornithological records from Dulwich Woods, 1959-196001/01/195931/12/196003/12/2006Dulwich WoodsGiGLa1432
British Trust for Ornithology Bird Survey 1968-1972, 1973, 1974, 197501/01/196831/12/197503/12/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1433
Bird sighting report 198001/01/198031/12/198003/12/2006Dulwich, LapsewoodGiGLa1434
Lapsewood and its importance as a breeding ground in the London area 1976-197801/01/197631/12/197803/12/2006LapsewoodGiGLa1435
The Birds of Sydenham Hill Wood 1982-199301/01/198231/12/199303/12/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1436
Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Butterflies& Moths recorded in Sydenham Hill Wood;1983-198401/01/198331/12/198403/12/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1437
Bird Population Survey of Sydenham Hill Wood: Importance of the Beechgrove site01/03/198431/12/198417/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood and FernbankGiGLa1438
Letter/bird record13/08/199213/08/199217/11/2006London Road, SE23GiGLa1439
Amazon Parrot at Sydenham Hill Wood-LWT Press release30/06/199430/06/199406/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1440
Letter/ bird record18/11/198617/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1442
Spring and summer bird records. Sightings Newsletter-Autumn/Winter 199201/05/199201/08/199215/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's WalkGiGLa1443
Birds of Sydenham Hill Wood14/01/2007Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1444
The Birds of Sydenbham Hill Wood-draft article14/01/2007Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1446
Dawn Chorus Sydenham Hill Wood-17/04/200417/04/200417/04/200405/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood LNRGiGLa1447
Birds of Horniman Gardens01/01/197001/08/199517/11/2006Horniman gardens, The Railway Trail, Hill Rise GarGiGLa1448
Dawn Chorus 1998-Sydenham Hill Wood -18/04/199818/04/199818/04/199805/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1449
Spring bird records. Sightings Newsletter-Summer 199201/01/199212/04/199215/11/2006Dulwich Common, Dulwich ParkGiGLa1450
Autumn bird records.Sightings Newsletter-January 199219/09/199114/12/199115/11/2006Dulwich ParkGiGLa1451
Species records-News/Sightings Newsletter-Winter 199101/12/199115/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood and DulwichGiGLa1452
Species records-News/Sightings Newsletter-Autumn 199120/03/199113/09/199115/11/2006Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Park, Belair ParkGiGLa1453
Species records. Sightings Newsletter-Summer 199106/05/199122/06/199115/11/2006DulwichGiGLa1454
Sydenham Hill Wood Birdwatch 199104/05/199104/05/199115/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1455
RSPB Field Trip to Sydenham Hill Woods-15/04/200415/04/200415/04/200405/11/2006Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1456
Wandsworth Lakes Macrophyte Surveys25/04/200631/08/200620/11/2006GiGLa1457
Ham Lands Bore Hole Survey17/05/200427/09/200420/11/2006Ham LandsGiGLa1458
Observations of Red-listed Bird Species on Mereway01/01/200513/07/200520/11/2006Mereway (The Crane Corridor)GiGLa1459
LB Richmond Garden Survey 199901/01/199931/12/199920/11/2006GiGLa1460
Plants of the former Mereway Alotments (sic), the Rifle Range, and the Duke of Northumberland's River northwards to the A31601/01/200331/12/200320/11/2006Mereway (The Crane Corridor)GiGLa1461
LB Richmond Garden Survey 200001/01/200031/12/200020/11/2006GiGLa1462
Birds of the Lower Crane Corridor01/01/199714/07/200520/11/2006Mereway (The Crane Corridor)GiGLa1463
Butterflies on Mereway15/07/200315/07/200320/11/2006Mereway (The Crane Corridor)GiGLa1464
Locations of Japanese Knotweed Plants: Hams Land, Richmond Upon Thames01/04/200530/04/200520/11/2006Ham LandsGiGLa1465
Mereway Flora Update01/01/200403/05/200420/11/2006Mereway (The Crane Corridor)GiGLa1466
LB Richmond Garden Survey 200201/01/200231/12/200220/11/2006GiGLa1467
Mereway Bat Survey18/07/200518/07/200520/11/2006Mereway (The Crane Corridor)GiGLa1468
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Butterfly Survey 200401/04/200419/09/200420/11/2006Tower Hamlets Cemetery ParkGiGLa1469
Barnes Common Acid Grassland Survey01/06/200501/06/200520/11/2006Barnes CommonGiGLa1470
Sand Martin Breeding Records 1990-200201/01/199031/12/200220/11/2006GiGLa1471
London's Heathland Heritage Project: Barnes Common Moths29/07/200629/07/200620/11/2006Barnes CommonGiGLa1472
East End Bird Report 200401/01/200431/12/200420/11/2006GiGLa1473
LB Richmond Garden Survey 200101/01/200131/12/200120/11/2006GiGLa1474
Downham Beetle Chart05/05/199902/07/200214/11/2006DownhamGiGLa1476
Lewisham Parks Data01/04/200401/07/200414/11/2006GiGLa1477
Species List from Sue Godfrey Nature Park01/01/198401/01/199714/11/2006Sue Godfrey Nature ParkGiGLa1478
East End Bird Report 200501/01/200531/12/200520/11/2006GiGLa1479
Tower Hamlets Bat Data27/06/200519/08/200520/11/2006GiGLa1480
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Butterfly Survey 199911/04/199928/09/199920/11/2006Tower Hamlets Cemetery ParkGiGLa1481
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Butterfly Survey 200007/04/200029/09/200020/11/2006Tower Hamlets Cemetery ParkGiGLa1482
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Butterfly Survey 200102/04/200125/09/200120/11/2006Tower Hamlets Cemetery ParkGiGLa1483
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Butterfly Survey 200204/04/200217/09/200220/11/2006Tower Hamlets Cemetery ParkGiGLa1484
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Butterfly Survey 200305/04/200329/09/200320/11/2006Tower Hamlets Cemetery ParkGiGLa1485
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park Butterfly Survey 200503/04/200529/09/200520/11/2006Tower Hamlets Cemetery ParkGiGLa1486
Chinbrook Meadows Botanical Survey16/01/200416/01/200414/11/2006Chinbrook MeadowsGiGLa1487
Burnt Ash Species List27/05/200522/06/200514/11/2006Burnt Ash Nature ReserveGiGLa1488
LBP Sparrows at Home Survey01/01/200231/12/200214/11/2006GiGLa1489
Birds on Buildings 200420/02/200421/06/200415/03/2007GiGLa1490
British Waterways Canal Survey16/08/200505/09/200516/03/2007GiGLa1491
Darwin at Downe Surveys - Various01/01/184216/03/2007Darwin at Downe World Heritage SiteGiGLa1492
Black Redstart Records 200508/03/200512/07/200516/03/2007GiGLa1493
Bishop's Park Plant Species August 2006 - Flora of Fulham10/08/200610/08/200616/03/2007Bishop's ParkGiGLa1494
GiGL Miscellaneous Records18/11/200328/08/200816/03/2007Multiple SitesGiGLa1495
Bill Whitaker Herpetological Reports 200401/01/200401/01/200416/03/2007GiGLa1496
Richmond Park Stag Beetle Records 200504/01/200517/10/200516/03/2007Richmond ParkGiGLa1497
Harrow Bryophytes Records01/11/199228/02/200616/03/2007GiGLa1498
Pinner Road Harrow Fungi Records10/10/200613/10/200616/03/2007Pinner Road Public GardensGiGLa1499
Historical Flora Record for Stanmore and District up to 199401/01/195731/12/199416/03/2007GiGLa1500
Botanical Survey of Newton Farm Ecology Park 200518/10/200518/10/200516/03/2007Newton Park and Newton Park Ecology CentreGiGLa1501
Roxbourne Rough Survey 199701/01/199231/12/199716/03/2007Roxbourne RoughGiGLa1502
Flora Record for Stanmore and District 199501/01/199531/12/199516/03/2007GiGLa1503
Queenswood Road Nature Reserve Ecological Survey and Assessment, August 200301/08/200331/08/200316/03/2007Queenswood Road Nature ReserveGiGLa1504
Barnes Common Spider Survey 200627/08/200627/08/200616/03/2007Barnes CommonGiGLa1505
Lake Monitoring Programme for Victoria Park and Mile End Park Lakes 200601/08/200608/11/200616/03/2007GiGLa1506
Amphibia survey of Valentines Park01/05/200331/10/200325/05/2007Valentines ParkGiGLa1507
Claybury Bird Walk19/02/200519/02/200525/05/2007Claybury WoodGiGLa1508
Fairlop Bird Survey19/01/200327/02/200325/05/2007Fairlop Plain and Fairlop WaterGiGLa1509
Birds sighted in Valentines Park since 200101/01/200125/05/2007Valentines ParkGiGLa1510
Hainault Local Nature Reserve Surveys22/06/199514/07/199525/05/2007Hainault Lodge LNRGiGLa1514
Fairlop & Hainault Vertebrate Survey01/09/200131/12/200125/05/2007GiGLa1515
Fungus Foray for BNA in Claybury Hospital Woods 14th October 200614/10/200614/10/200616/08/2007Claybury WoodGiGLa1516
Fungus Foray 1st October 2006 - Hainault Forest Country Park01/10/200601/10/200616/08/2007Hainault Forest Country ParkGiGLa1517
R Jones invert species list 2005 - Hainault Forest Country Park25/05/200502/09/200516/08/2007Hainault Forest Country ParkGiGLa1518
Wandsworth Lakes Data 100607/11/200607/11/200616/08/2007GiGLa1519
Wandsworth Garden Survey 2003-200501/01/200331/12/200516/08/2007GiGLa1520
East Finchley Cemetery invert report21/07/200621/07/200616/08/2007East Finchley CemeteryGiGLa1521
East Finchley Bat Survey 200601/01/200631/12/200616/08/2007East Finchley CemeteryGiGLa1522
Habitat Survey and Protected Species Assessment (Sep 2006)01/06/200630/09/200616/08/2007GiGLa1523
St Johns Wood Church Grounds Bat Survey26/07/200609/08/200616/08/2007St Johns Wood Church GroundsGiGLa1524
St Johns Wood Church Grounds Invertebrate Report20/07/200620/07/200616/08/2007St Johns Wood Church GroundsGiGLa1525
Paddington Recreation Ground Bat Survey05/06/200112/06/200116/08/2007Paddington Recreation GroundGiGLa1526
Ecological Survey of Paddington Recreation Ground14/11/200214/11/200216/08/2007Paddington Recreation GroundGiGLa1527
Paddington Recreation Ground - Habitat Survey and Protected Species Assessment (June 2006)19/04/200619/04/200616/08/2007Paddington Recreation GroundGiGLa1528
London Zoo Birds 200617/10/200521/07/200616/08/2007London ZooGiGLa1529
London Zoo Birds pre 200512/02/200215/07/200316/08/2007London ZooGiGLa1530
London Zoo Invertebrates 200508/03/200529/10/200516/08/2007London ZooGiGLa1531
London Zoo Invertebrates 200617/04/200610/09/200616/08/2007London ZooGiGLa1532
London Zoo Invertebrates pre 200513/06/200314/07/200416/08/2007London ZooGiGLa1533
London Zoo Mammals 200608/01/200608/01/200616/08/2007London ZooGiGLa1534
Totteridge Field Moths 200608/07/200608/07/200623/04/2008Totteridge FieldsGiGLa1535
Gutteridge Wood Butterfly Transect Data 200601/04/200624/09/200623/04/2008Gutteridge WoodGiGLa1536
Mill Hill Old Railway Species List 1999-200501/01/199930/09/200523/04/2008Mill Hill Old Railway Nature ReserveGiGLa1537
Bat Survey of Sydenham Hill disused Rail Tunnel 200514/09/200528/09/200523/04/2008Sydenham Hill Wood Disused Railway TunnelGiGLa1538
Camley Street Plant List01/01/199031/12/200423/04/2008Camley Street Natural ParkGiGLa1539
Totteridge Field Fauna 1990 - 199701/01/199031/12/199723/04/2008Totteridge FieldsGiGLa1540
Selsdon Wood Vascular Plant Data01/01/197631/12/200423/04/2008Selsdon WoodGiGLa1541
Sydenham Hill Wood Moth Night 30th August 200730/08/200730/08/200723/04/2008Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1542
Sydenham Hill Wood Records July - Sep 0701/07/200719/09/200724/04/2008Sydenham Hill WoodGiGLa1543
Selsdon Wood Moth Data04/05/200304/06/200324/04/2008Selsdon WoodGiGLa1544
St Joseph's College Flora Survey20/04/200720/04/200724/04/2008St. Joseph's College, Mill HillGiGLa1545
LNHS Bird Data 1987 Part 101/01/198731/12/198725/04/2008Greater LondonGiGLa1546
LNHS Bird Data 1987 Part 201/01/198731/12/198725/04/2008Greater LondonGiGLa1547
LNHS Bird Data 1987 Part 301/01/198731/12/198725/04/2008Greater LondonGiGLa1548
Kingston Sparrow Champion Bird Survey 04-0507/05/200431/07/200525/04/2008Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesGiGLa1549
LNHS Crayford Marsh Visit 06/08/0506/08/200506/08/200525/04/2008Crayford MarshesGiGLa1550
Redbridge Borough Miscellaneous Records01/01/200702/07/200825/04/2008London Borough of RedbridgeGiGLa1551
Woodpeckers / East End Farm Bird Records 200728/02/200701/05/200725/04/2008Woodpeckers / East End FarmGiGLa1552
Wandsworth Casual Records 2005 - 200701/01/200531/12/200725/04/2008London Borough of WandsworthGiGLa1553
Wandsworth Lakes Macrophyte Data 200719/07/200719/07/200725/04/2008Wandsworth LakesGiGLa1554
Wandsworth Lakes Data 200730/01/200719/07/200725/04/2008Wandsworth LakesGiGLa1555
Wandsworth Bridge Roundabout20/07/199905/08/199925/04/2008Wandsworth Bridge RoundaboutGiGLa1556
Wandsworth Lakes - Extra Bird Data01/05/200330/04/200425/04/2008Wandsworth LakesGiGLa1557
Darwin at Downe - Various Surveys Sept 0705/06/200507/07/200725/04/2008Darwin at DowneGiGLa1558
Metronet Inventory of Trackside Land - Norton Associates04/07/200518/10/200625/04/2008Greater LondonGiGLa1559
Ladywell Fields Bat Survey07/10/200612/10/200613/05/2008Ladywell FieldsGiGLa1560
Devilsden Wood Ancient Woodland Vascular Plants 2000-200101/01/200031/12/200113/05/2008Devilsden WoodGiGLa1561
Farthing Downs and Happy Valley Invertebrate Survey10/05/195806/10/199913/05/2008Farthing DownsGiGLa1562
Happy Valley Bird Surveys14/05/2008Happy ValleyGiGLa1563
Happy Valley Miscellaneous Invertebrate Observations25/07/200102/07/200614/05/2008Happy ValleyGiGLa1564
Happy Valley Miscellaneous Reptile and Amphibian Observations25/08/200409/10/200514/05/2008Happy ValleyGiGLa1565
Richmond Park Stag Beetle Records - John Hatto14/05/200431/07/200414/05/2008Richmond ParkGiGLa1566
Highgate Wood - Cindy Blaney Records10/09/199431/12/200714/05/2008Highgate WoodGiGLa1567
Kensington and Chelsea Mammal Survey 199701/01/199531/12/199716/05/2008Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaGiGLa1568
Kensington and Chelsea Amphibian and Reptile Survey 199501/01/199531/12/199516/05/2008Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaGiGLa1569
Kensington and Chelsea Bat Survey 199401/01/199431/12/199416/05/2008Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaGiGLa1570
Holland Park Buglife Bumblebee ID Workshop 200720/07/200720/07/200716/05/2008Holland ParkGiGLa1571
Holland Park Lepidoptera Survey01/01/198231/12/199816/05/2008Holland ParkGiGLa1572
Holland Park Fungal Surveys01/01/198021/10/200716/05/2008Holland ParkGiGLa1573
Brompton Cemetery Spider and Beetle Survey 1994-9501/01/199431/12/199521/05/2008Brompton CemeteryGiGLa1574
A Preliminary Ecological Survey of Depots & Sidings26/06/200608/08/200621/05/2008Greater LondonGiGLa1575
Miscellaneous records - Chris Rose01/01/197231/12/200721/05/2008Greater LondonGiGLa1576
Add an Adder Survey01/01/196031/12/200621/05/2008Greater LondonGiGLa1577
Kimpton Industrial Estate Plant Survey27/06/200327/06/200321/05/2008Kimpton Industrial EstateGiGLa1578
Kimpton Industrial Estate Bird Survey05/06/200320/06/200321/05/2008Kimpton Industrial EstateGiGLa1579
David Bevan Records01/01/200631/12/200721/05/2008Greater LondonGiGLa1580
Wandsworth Common Lakes Data Jan 0825/01/200825/01/200829/05/2008LB Wandsworth LakesGiGLa1581
Crossness Nature Reserve Casual Records02/01/200730/03/200829/05/2008Crossness Nature ReserveGiGLa1582
Hampstead Heath Herpetological Records13/03/199731/03/199929/05/2008Hampstead HeathGiGLa1583
Hampstead Heath Beetle Records01/01/195031/12/200729/05/2008Hampstead HeathGiGLa1584
All of a Buzz in the Thames Gateway - Invertebrate Survey Records05/06/200512/10/200713/10/2008Administrative Area - Several BoroughsGiGLa1585
Butterfly Conservation Herts & Middlesex Data07/03/198513/10/2008Administrative Area - Several BoroughsGiGLa1586
Crayford Marshes - River Corridor Survey30/09/200106/10/200113/10/2008Administrative Area - Several BoroughsGiGLa1587
River Wandle - River Corridor Survey01/01/199631/10/199613/10/2008Administrative Area - Several BoroughsGiGLa1588
John Hollingdale Garden Macro Moths - post 199906/01/199923/12/200514/10/2008Private GardenGiGLa1589
John Hollingdale Garden Macro Moths - pre 199901/01/199631/12/199814/10/2008Private GardenGiGLa1590
Harrow Micro Moths pre 200601/01/199731/12/200614/10/2008London Borough of HarrowGiGLa1591
Bentley Priory Moths24/07/200013/09/200214/10/2008Bentley PrioryGiGLa1592
Harrow Macro Moths 200601/01/200629/11/200614/10/2008London Borough of HarrowGiGLa1593
Stanmore Country Park Macro Moths21/03/199929/11/200614/10/2008Stanmore Country ParkGiGLa1594
Pear Wood Macro Moths31/03/200125/04/200214/10/2008Pear Wood, StanmoreGiGLa1595
Stanmore Common North Macro Moths01/01/199731/12/200014/10/2008Stanmore CommonGiGLa1596
Stanmore Country Park Macro Moths pre 199901/01/199631/12/199814/10/2008Stanmore Country ParkGiGLa1597
Harrow School Grounds Wildlife Survey25/04/200726/09/200714/10/2008School GroundsGiGLa1598
Roundshaw Downs LNR Butterfly Data16/04/200726/09/200714/10/2008Roundshaw DownsGiGLa1599
High Elms Butterfly Records 200712/04/200718/08/200714/10/2008High Elms Country ParkGiGLa1600
High Elms Moth Records23/04/200705/02/200814/10/2008High Elms Country ParkGiGLa1601
River Ravensbourne Vegetation Data - Keston/Ravensbourne Open Space01/01/197015/10/200714/10/2008River RavensbourneGiGLa1602
Downe Bank Vegetation Data 200720/07/200720/07/200714/10/2008Downe BankGiGLa1603
Darwin at Downe Algae Data20/06/199822/06/200714/10/2008Darwin at Downe WHSGiGLa1604
Darwin at Downe WHS Various Data01/04/200702/03/200814/10/2008Darwin at Downe WHSGiGLa1605
Keston Common and Bog Vegetation Data01/01/200009/05/200714/10/2008Keston CommonGiGLa1606
Keston Bog data01/01/200013/06/200714/10/2008Keston BogGiGLa1607
Keston Vegetation Data 200713/06/200721/09/200714/10/2008Keston CommonGiGLa1608
Padmall Wood Vegetation Data01/01/200521/09/200714/10/2008Padmall WoodGiGLa1609
Ravensbourne Open Space Vegetation Data01/01/200021/09/200714/10/2008Ravensbourne Open SpaceGiGLa1610
Keston Common Vegetation Data14/06/200714/06/200714/10/2008Keston CommonGiGLa1611
Darwin at Downe WHS Various Data 2005 - 200701/01/200518/10/200714/10/2008Darwin at Downe WHSGiGLa1612
Down House Estate Bird Records01/01/200701/11/200715/10/2008SINC - West Kent Golf Course and Down HouseGiGLa1613
Downe Orchard Lichen Records01/01/200731/12/200715/10/2008Downe OrchardGiGLa1614
Down House Fungi Records01/10/200730/01/200815/10/2008SINC - West Kent Golf Course and Down HouseGiGLa1615
London Borough of Camden Staff Records28/01/200027/11/200715/10/2008Multiple sitesGiGLa1616
Highgate Wood Moth Records01/01/198531/12/200715/10/2008Highgate WoodGiGLa1617
London's Heathland Heritage Invertebrate Records01/01/200622/10/200715/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1618
Lambeth Mistletoe Propagation23/02/200711/02/200815/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1619
RPS Consultancy Data01/06/200515/08/200615/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1620
Holland Park National Moth Night 0807/06/200807/06/200815/10/2008Holland ParkGiGLa1621
Metronet Railside Land Survey04/07/200518/10/200615/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1622
London Bat Group Boat Surveys08/06/200631/08/200715/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1623
London Borough of Sutton Staff Casual Records23/08/200017/06/200815/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1624
Lavander Field Invertebrate Survey27/06/200827/06/200815/10/2008Lavander FieldGiGLa1625
Sutton Small Mammal Trapping Project03/09/199811/09/199815/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1626
Sutton Mistletoe Survey01/01/200131/12/200215/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1627
Sutton Moth Records04/05/200626/03/200815/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1628
Sutton Occasional Records29/06/198419/06/200015/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1629
Sutton Occasional Butterfly Records16/06/199513/06/200715/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1630
Sutton Entomological Survey - Benhilton Gardens03/06/199803/06/199815/10/2008All Saints Churchyard, BenhiltonGiGLa1631
London Borough of Sutton - Ron Parker's Surveys01/01/200601/06/200615/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1632
Wandsworth Allotment Survey 200801/05/200830/06/200816/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1633
Michael Woods Associates Consultancy Data01/03/200721/05/200816/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1634
Buglife Big Bumblebee Hunt25/05/200715/09/200716/10/2008Multiple SitesGiGLa1635
London Borough of Islington Garden Survey 200801/06/200831/08/200814/01/2009Multiple SitesGiGLa1636
LNHS Bird Data 1987 Part 401/01/198731/12/198714/01/2009Greater LondonGiGLa1637
River Wandle Catchment Plan. Ecology survey01/01/198831/12/199826/02/2009River Wandle catchmentGiGLcb001
The New River Wildlife survey01/06/198601/09/198626/02/2009The New RiverGiGLcb003
Lower Lea Project. Dagenham Brook14/07/199814/07/199826/02/2009Dagenham BrookGiGLcb004
Coombe Hill Wood Nature Reserve. Small mammal&invertebrate survey 199326/06/199311/10/199326/02/2009Coombe Hill WoodGiGLcb005
Birds of Bentley Priory, Stanmore, Middlesex01/01/197101/01/198326/02/2009Bentley PrioryGiGLcb006
Bat survey of Waterlow Park24/10/199624/10/199626/02/2009Waterlow ParkGiGLcb007
Ferry & Coldharbour Lane Road Improvements. Entomological survey. Terrestrial invertebrate assessment 200125/05/200131/12/200126/02/2009Ferry & Coldharbour LaneGiGLcb008
Catchment Management Plans. Marsh Dykes Ecology survey. Site descriptions Vol.1. Feb 199101/06/199001/09/199026/02/2009Thames regionGiGLcb009
Catchment Management Plans. Marsh Dykes. Ecology survey. Site descriptions. Vol II01/06/199001/06/199026/02/2009Thames regionGiGLcb011
Marsh Dykes Catchment Management Plan. Ornithological study report02/07/199026/06/199126/02/2009Thames regionGiGLcb014
The Common Lands of Greater London. A Biological Survey. Sept 200901/01/198801/09/200004/03/2009119 London CommonsGiGLcb015
List of species recorded for L B of Hillingdon as of 28/01/0314/07/199128/01/200304/03/2009HillingdonGiGLcb016
West Middlesex Golf Course. Ecological survey and management plan.19/07/199923/07/199904/03/2009West Middlesex golf courseGiGLcb017
Rosehill Open Space, London Borough of Sutton: management recommendations04/08/199704/08/199704/03/2009Rosehill Open Space, SuttonGiGLcb018
Perrets Field, London Borough of Sutton: management recommendations04/08/199704/08/199704/03/2009Perrets Field, SuttonGiGLcb019
Revesby Wood & Middleton Road Open spaces, London Borough of Sutton: management recommendations04/08/199704/08/199704/03/2009Revesby Wood, SuttonGiGLcb020
Beddington Corner. Analysis of invertebrate interest21/05/199829/06/199804/03/2009Beddington CornerGiGLcb021
Devonshire Avenue Children's Playground butterfly species list15/06/199721/06/199804/03/2009Devonshire Avenue playgroundGiGLcb022
Barking PFA lagoons - invertebrate species lists24/06/199830/06/199804/03/2009Barking PFA lagoonsGiGLcb023
Harrow Road Operational Site, Willesden. Ecological assessment03/06/200012/06/200004/03/2009Harrow Road Operational SiteGiGLcb024
Wembley New English National Stadium. Environmental statement. Nov 199901/06/199801/08/199904/03/2009Wembley New National StadiumGiGLcb025
The Nature Conservation Importance of Petersham Farm11/10/198427/08/198704/03/2009Petersham FarmGiGLcb026
Selsdon Wood Nature Reserve01/01/193114/10/199704/03/2009Selsdon Wood Nature ReserveGiGLcb027
Deptford Creek. Terrestrial Invertebrate Survey. Dec 199701/09/199701/11/199704/03/2009Deptford CreekGiGLcb028
Ingrebourne & Beam catchment. Strategic River Corridor Survey. Survey data. Beam sub-catchment. Sept.199501/08/199501/09/199504/03/2009BeamGiGLcb029
River Ravensbourne. Fisheries survey. Fisheries south east. 199601/04/199601/07/199604/03/2009River RavensbourneGiGLcb030
Kenley Pastures & Woodland. London Borough of Croydon. Habitat survey. May 200327/05/200327/05/200304/03/2009Kenley PasturesGiGLcb031
The Wildlife Garden at Roots and Shoots. Invertebrates. Walnut Tree Walk01/05/199901/01/200204/03/2009Walnut Tree WalkGiGLcb032
The Wildlife Garden at Roots and Shoots. Vertebrates - Birds. May199901/05/199911/05/200210/03/2009Wildlife Garden at Roots and ShootsGIGLcb033
The Birds of Alexandra Park (and Wood Green Reservoir)01/01/197031/12/197710/03/2009The Hertfords and Mid'sex Trust for ConservationGIGLcb034
The Ecology of Mitcham Common01/01/198301/09/198410/03/2009Mitcham CommonGIGLcb035
The Wildlife and Habitats of Thames Wharf and Bow Creek (Inc. Limmo Peninsula)01/03/198401/03/198510/03/2009Thames Wharf and Bow CreekGIGLcb036
Ecological Study of Eastbrokend Dagenham Corridor01/01/198331/12/198410/03/2009Eastbrookend Dagenham corridorGIGLcb037
Deptford Creek Algal Survey. Dec 199720/10/199701/12/199710/03/2009Deptford CreekGIGLcb038
Crane Valley. A local biological study and preliminary management plan. July 1978-197901/07/197831/12/197910/03/2009Crane ValleyGIGLcb039
Fords Dagenham Estate01/04/198501/07/198510/03/2009Fords Dagenham estateGIGLcb040
Amphibian & Reptile Survey of Local Nature Reserves. Royal borough of Kingston-upon-Thames. 199601/04/199630/09/199610/03/2009Kingston-upon-ThamesGIGLcb041
Ham Lands. Guide to Nature Conservation01/01/198310/03/2009Ham LandsGIGLcb042
Pett's Wood and Hawkwood. Biological survey.01/05/198716/10/198710/03/2009Pett's Wood & HawkwoodGIGLcb043
Invertebrate Site Register.Report no.90 Part I. Nov 198701/01/198531/12/198710/03/2009EssexGIGLcb044
Invertebrate Site Register. Report no.90 Part 2 Nov 198701/01/198531/12/198710/03/2009EssexGIGLcb045
Invertebrate Site Register. Report no. 99 Dec 198701/01/198531/12/198710/03/2009EssexGIGLcb046
Flora records at Bexley Gun clubThis survey looks at the invertebrates found in MadeUp Woods.
Several survey techniques were used including pitfall trapping and misting.
The reason for the survey was to establish a baseline
of information before monitoring started.
18/07/199831/07/199816/08/2007MadeUp WoodsLC0001
Tooting Common InvertebratesInvert surveys of Tooting and Wandsworth Commons were commissioned as part of a review of open spaces in the London Borough of Wandsworth.29/05/200331/12/200316/08/2007Tooting Common - 6 compartmentsLC0002
Wandsworth Common InvertebratesInvert surveys of Tooting and Wandsworth Commons were commissioned as part of a review of open spaces in the London Borough of Wandsworth.16/06/200331/12/200316/08/2007Wandsworth Common - 7 compartmentsLC0003
Battersea Park Invertebrates01/01/200131/12/200116/08/2007LC0004
Battersea Park - Historical Birds RecordA diary account of birds in Battersea park.01/03/195022/11/196816/08/2007Battersea parkLC0006
Battersea Power Station Bat SurveyThe survey was commisioned to identify current bat species andassess habitats for foraging and roosts. This was part of proposals for the re-development of the site.01/01/200331/12/200316/08/2007Battersea Power StationLC0008
Naturalists NotebookDiary style entries regarding the nature in Battersea Park.01/06/198801/06/199016/08/2007Battersea ParkLC0009
Lakes Monitoring Programme - Macroinvertebrates & aquatic vegetationAnnual report to assess the London Lakes Project, focussing on wether the lake improvements are progressing, levelling out or declining. This is monitored on a site-by-site basis.01/01/199931/12/199916/08/2007Battersea Park Main Lake; King George's Park Lake;LC0010
Barn Elms Schools Centre & adjacent areasA survey commisioned to identify any features of wildlife interest within a newly aquired site. Neighbouring areas where also surveyed to enable the site to be assessed in the context of its surroundings.01/05/199631/05/199616/08/2007Barn Elms Schools CentreLC0012
Tooting Common BirdsRepeat surveillance of Tooting Common01/03/200330/03/200316/08/2007Tooting CommonLC0013
Wandsworth Common Birds01/10/199831/10/199816/08/2007Wandsworth CommonLC0014
Wandsworth Common FloraAn inventory of plants found on Wandsworth Common.01/01/199931/12/199916/08/2007Wandsworth CommonLC0015
Wandsworth Common aculeate hymenopteraAn inventory of hymenoptera found on Wandsworth Common01/01/199231/12/199216/08/2007Wandsworth CommonLC0016
Tooting Common aculeate hymenopteraAn inventory of hymenoptera found on Tooting Common01/01/199431/12/199416/08/2007Tooting CommonLC0017
Wandsworth Common Lakes - BirdsA dissertation involving regular and spot surveys of birds found on Wandsworth Common Lakes01/01/199031/12/199016/08/2007Wandsworth CommonLC0019
Morden CemeteryAn inventory of plants found within compartments of Morden Cemetery01/01/200431/12/200416/08/2007Morden CemeteryLC0020
Foreshore Communities & SedimentsA pre-development ecological survey01/08/200301/08/200416/08/2007Lotts Rd Power Station, Chelsea CreekLC0021
Appendix 2: Bird Observations for Denham Lock Wood from 1991 Management PlanAn inventory of birds for Denham Lock Wood01/01/199131/12/199116/08/2007Denham Lock WoodLC0024
Appendix 3: List of invertebrates other than insects recorded for Denham Lock WoodAn inventory of inverts other than insects for Denham Lock Wood01/01/199631/12/199616/08/2007Denham Lock WoodLC0025
Appendix 4:List of insects recorded for Denham Hill WoodAn inventory of insects for Denham Lock Wood01/01/199631/12/199616/08/2007Denham Lock WoodLC0026
Aquatic invertebrate survey Frays Farm Meadows SSSI, Denham. August 2000An inventory of aquatic inverts across the SSSI for use in a Water Level Management Plan01/08/200001/08/200016/08/2007Frays Farm MeadowLC0030
Appendix 2: Plant Species List for Frays Farm MeadowsA vegetation survey of Fray's Farm Meadows NR01/08/199901/01/200016/08/2007Frays Farm MeadowLC0031
Appendix 3: Bird Species List for Fray's Farm MeadowsAn inventory of bird species found at Fray's Farm Meadows compiled from a number of sources01/08/199901/01/200016/08/2007Frays Farm MeadowLC0032
Dews Farm Sandpits Nature Resrerve Habitat & Vegetation SurveyA habitat & vegetation survey of Dew's Farm Sandpits NR following standard phase 1 habitat survey methodology01/08/200401/08/200416/08/2007Dews Farm Sand Pit NRLC0034
Yeading Brook Meadows - Invertebrate Species List 2002An inventory of inverts found at Yeading Brook Meadows during 200201/01/200231/12/200216/08/2007Yeading Brook MeadowsLC0037
Ten Acre Wood - Invertebrate Species List 2002An inventory of inverts found at Ten Acre Wood during 200201/01/200231/12/200216/08/2007Ten Acre WoodLC0038
Uxbridge Moor - Invertebrate Species List 2002An inventory of inverts found at Uxbridge Moor during 200201/01/200231/12/200216/08/2007Uxbridge MoorLC0039
Saltbox Hill SSSI NVC SurveyA vegetation survey carried out on the northern part of the SSSI, which updates the 1999 survey by concentrating on the grassland & scrub areas as these have been the focus of management works01/04/200401/06/200416/08/2007Saltbox Hill SSSILC0043
Totteridge Fields Nature reserve Habitat & Vegetation Survey 2005A habitat & vegetation survey of Totteridge Fields NR following standard phase 1 survey methodology06/07/200526/07/200516/08/2007Totteridge FieldLC0046
Denham Lock Wood Nature Reserve Habitat & Vegetation SurveyA habitat & vegetation survey of Denham Lock Wood NR following standard phase 1 survey methodology01/06/200531/08/200516/08/2007Denham Lock WoodLC0047
Featherbed Lane Road Verge, LB Croydon Habitat & Vegetation Survey Apeil - June 1998A habitat & vegetation survey of Featherbed Lane Rd Verge following standard Phase 1 & 2 survey methodology08/04/199818/06/199816/08/2007Featherbed Lane Road VergeLC0048
Three Corner Grove, LB Croydon Habitat & Vegetation Survey April - June 1998A habitat & vegetation survey of Three Corner Grove following standard Phase 1 & 2 survey methodology08/04/199818/06/199816/08/2007Three Corner GroveLC0049
Hutchinson's Bank and Chapel Bank: relic chalk habitats on the south-east edge of Croydon, LondonA preliminary invertebrate survey of Hutchinson's Ban & Chapel Bank (incorporating Featherbed Lane & Three-corner Grove)17/05/199913/10/199916/08/2007Featherbed LaneLC0050
Totteridge FieldsCollection of species recorded at Totteridge Fields01/01/199531/12/200216/08/2007Totteridge FieldLC0057
Flora of High Elms EstateList of flora found at High Elms Estate19/05/199119/05/199116/08/2007High Elms EstateLC0064
Orchid Bank quadrat surveysMisc records of quadrats taken at Orchid Bank - High Elms Estate01/06/199630/06/199616/08/2007Orchid Bank, High ElmsLC0066
Elmfield Community Woodland Brief Management PlanBrief management plan with species lists of plants and butterflies29/05/199629/05/199616/08/2007Elmfield Community WoodlandLC0070
Plan of Operations; Covet WoodSpecies lists of fungi and plants01/05/199231/05/199216/08/2007Covet WoodLC0074
The Ecology of Petersham Common WoodDescription of the vegetation with lists of plants recorded within Petersham Common Wood01/01/200531/12/200616/08/2007Petersham Common WoodLC0075
Flowers of Bentley Old Vicarage Nature Reserve and Wildflower meadow in Day Centre GroundsList of plant species found at Bentley Old Vicarage NR01/01/199731/12/200516/08/2007Bentley Old Vicarage NRLC0080
Fungi in Pinner New CemeteryList of fungi found in Pinner New Cemetery06/11/200406/11/200416/08/2007Pinner New CemeteryLC0081
Fungi on Stanmore Common 14/16 October 2004List of fungi found on Stanmore Common14/10/200416/10/200416/08/2007Stanmore CommonLC0082
Fungi Found in Stanmore Country Park 31/10/2004List of fungi found on Stanmore Country Park31/10/200431/10/200416/08/2007Stanmore Country ParkLC0084
Species list of fungi found on Pinner Rdlist of fungi found in public gardens on Pinner Rd13/10/200613/10/200616/08/2007TQ132893LC0085
Habitat Survey of the LB Barnet 92 surveyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/199231/12/199216/08/2007Across BarnetLC0087
Habitat Survey of the LB BromleyBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/198431/12/198416/08/2007Across BromleyLC0089
Habitat Survey of the LB Bromley SINCsBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory of SINCs01/01/200031/12/200016/08/2007Across BromleyLC0090
Habitat Survey of the LB CroydonBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/199631/12/199616/08/2007Across CroydonLC0091
Habitat Survey of the LB Hammersmith & FulhamBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/198831/12/198816/08/2007Across Hammersmith & FulhamLC0093
Habitat Survey of the LB IslingtonBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/198931/12/198916/08/2007Across IslingtonLC0095
Habitat Survey of the LB RedbridgeBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/199731/12/199716/08/2007Across RedbridgeLC0098
Habitat Survey of the LB SouthwarkBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/199431/12/199416/08/2007Across SouthwarkLC0101
Habitat Survey of the LB WestminsterBorough wide habitat survey and species' inventory01/01/199531/12/199516/08/2007Across WestminsterLC0102
LWT Garden surveyLondon wide garden survey, observations sent in by MOP01/01/200431/12/200616/08/2007Across LondonLC0103
Nature Conservation EvaluationNature conservation evaluation of Morden Hall Park14/04/200518/05/200516/08/2007Morden Hall ParkLC0104
Battersea Park Nature ReservesThe survey looks at vegetation in 'The Meadow' Section of battersea Park. The site is deteriorating and the survey was used to reasses the management plan and suggest changes.09/09/199131/12/199116/08/2007LC0105
Mill Green Management PlanManagement plan for Mill Green including species list01/06/199431/01/199508/04/2008Mill GreenLC0106
Survey of Badger Activity at Queen Mary's Hospital, CarshaltonSurvey undertaken of proposed development site looking at Badger setts and activity31/07/199731/07/199708/04/2008Queen Mary's HospitalLC0107
Bandonhill CemeteryA survey undertaken to assess the nature conservation importance of the site01/06/199810/06/199808/04/2008Bandonhill CemeteryLC0108
Anton Crescent Wetland - Report of 1994 Survey & Monitoring ProgrammeA full botanical survey of the site plus other records of species' seen at time of botanical survey. Report includes info regarding future botanical monitoring scheme10/06/199410/06/199408/04/2008Anton Crescent WetlandLC0109
Land at Worcester Park, Sutton
Ecological Assessment
Ecological assessment of Worcester Park including mitigation measures01/05/200031/05/200008/04/2008Worcester ParkLC0110
Land North of Goat RoadSurvey of Land N of Goat Rd01/06/199930/06/199908/04/2008Land North of Goat RoadLC0111
Wilderness Island Nature Reserve 1987Management plan for Wilderness Island including species' lists01/01/198731/12/198708/04/2008LC0112
Carshalton Botanical SurveySurvey of proposed development site within grounds of All Saints Church01/03/199830/06/199808/04/2008All Saints ChurchyardLC0113
Belmont Pastures SurveySite description and species list for Belmont Pastures28/06/199628/06/199608/03/2008Belmont PasturesLC0114
Ecological Survey Report for Woodend Allotments09/08/200009/08/200008/04/2008LC0115
Slow Worm (Anguis fragilis) survey of Beddington Corner (Spencer Rd) AllotmentsA report prepared for LB Sutton following casual reports of slow worms23/09/199502/10/199508/03/2008Spencer Road AllotmentsLC0116
Survey of Ecology Centre GroundsSpecies forms for various plots within grounds od Sutton Ecology Centre26/07/199126/07/199108/03/2008Sutton Ecology CentreLC0117
Management Brief for Roundshaw Open Space01/08/199031/08/199008/04/2008Roundshaw DownLC0118
Ecological Survey Report for Benhilton GardensReport and species list06/01/199806/01/199808/04/2008Benhilton GardensLC0119
Site Report - Poulter ParkReport and species list from Poulter Park01/08/198431/01/198408/04/2008Poulter ParkLC0120
Nightingale Road Spinney Bird SurveySurvey of the Spinney using the Common Bird Census11/04/199206/07/199208/04/2008Nightingale Rd SpinneyLC0121
Westbourne Green Bat SurveyBat survey of site18/05/200719/06/200701/03/2008Westbourne GreenLC0122
Rembrandt Gardens Habitat Survey and Protected Species AssessmentA desk top study and survey of the site to detail species present and assess potential of habitat to support protected species.27/07/200727/07/200701/12/2007Rembrandt GardensLC0123
Preliminary ecological survey of the upper spring pond of the lower Wandle, within the boundary walls of: St Philomena's School, CarshaltonAn assessment of the current status of the pond, aquatic vegetation and animal life11/06/198311/06/198308/03/2008St Philomena's SchoolLC0124
Carshalton Park WatercourseVarious species' lists01/01/199131/12/199208/04/2008Carshalton ParkLC0125
Waltham Forest Reptile SurveyA reptile survey was undertaken at a number of sites, selected due to known or suspected presence of suitable reptile habitat. This was done as part of the preliminary work for a Borough BAP06/06/199717/09/199701/09/2007Various - LB Waltham ForestLC0126
The Wildlife Interest of the Essex Filter BedsA description of the wildlife interest of the Essex Filter Beds, bringing together previous surveys and surveys undertaken by the David Miller at the time of the report01/09/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0127
Water Beetles of Essex Filter BedsSpecies lists taken from a dissertation01/09/199801/12/199801/09/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0128
Essex Filter Beds: Species ListList of plant species, taken from Plant and Harris (1985)01/01/198531/12/198501/09/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0129
Middlesex Filter BedsHymenoptera species list13/07/199613/07/199601/09/2007Middlesex Filter BedsLC0130
The Galls of Walthamstow Marshes01/01/199001/07/200501/09/2007Walthamstow MarshesLC0131
Walthamstow Marsh SSSI Insect Survey 2000To investigate the invertebrate fauna of Walthamstow Marsh and assess the relative species richness of the area with regards the norm for a site of this type08/06/200020/10/200001/09/2007LC0132
Walthamstow Marsh ButterfliesWalthamstow Marsh butterfly species list01/01/199231/12/200201/09/2007Walthamstow MarshLC0133
Walthamstow Marsh DragonfliesWalthamstow Marsh Dragonfly species list01/01/199331/12/200301/09/2007Walthamstow MarshLC0134
Walthamstow Marshes
A new cryptogamic survey of the horseshoe thicket and Coppermill wetlands
01/04/200630/04/200601/10/2007Walthamstow MarshLC0135
Walthamstow Marsh Plant ListTable of plant species found at Walthamstow Marsh by various recorders over the last few decades01/01/196031/12/200301/10/2007Walthamstow MarshLC0136
Middlesex Filter Beds ButterfliesButterflies of Middlesex Filter Beds species' list01/01/199231/12/200101/09/2007Middlesex Filter BedsLC0137
Essex Filter Beds birdsTable of Essex Filter Bed birds13/11/200503/12/200501/10/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0138
EFB Birds 2006Essex Filter Beds bird species list23/04/200630/06/200601/10/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0139
Essex Filter Beds ButterfliesEssex Filter Bed butterfly species list27/04/199211/08/200201/10/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0140
The wildlife interest of the Essex Filter Beds01/10/2007LC0141
Essex Filter Beds Moth Trapping Results 1998Species table30/03/199825/08/199801/10/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0142
New Plant Sightings - Spring 2000Species list31/03/200024/06/200001/10/2007VariousLC0143
Moths and butterflies of the Essex Filter Beds 1985 - 2000Species table of moths and butterflies found in EFB01/01/199931/12/200001/10/2007Essex Filter BedLC0144
Butterfly (Lepidoptera) list for East India DockComplied from surveys carried out 1999 - 200201/01/199931/12/200201/10/2007East India DockLC0145
EFB Moths 2001Species list of moths found at EFB in 200101/04/200120/10/200101/10/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0146
EFB Moths 200014/04/200014/08/200001/10/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0147
EFB Moths 1999Species list03/04/199912/11/199901/10/2007Essex Filter BedsLC0148
East Fichley Cemetery Bat SurveyBat survey and species list14/05/200714/06/200701/03/2008East Finchley Cemetery, City of WestminsterLC0149
East Finchley Cemetery Reptile and Bird SurveySurvey of reptiles and birds within site29/04/200730/05/200701/03/2008East Finchley Cemetery, City of WestminsterLC0150
Westbourne Green Gardens Phase 1 Habitat Survey and Protected Species AssessmentA desk top study and survey of the site to detail species present and assess potential of habitat to support protected species.04/05/200704/05/200701/03/2008Westbourne Green GardensLC0151
Paddington Street Gardens Habitat Survey and Protected Species AssessmentA desk top study and survey of the site to detail species present and assess potential of habitat to support protected species.22/06/200722/06/200701/03/2008Paddington Street GardensLC0152
St Georges Square Gardens Phase 1 Habitat Survey and Protected Species AssessmentA desk top study and survey of the site to detail species present and assess potential of habitat to support protected species.22/06/200722/06/200701/03/2008St Georges Square GardensLC0153
Mill Hill Cemetery Bird SurveyBird Survey of site29/04/200709/06/200701/03/2008Mill Hill CemeteryLC0154
Mill Hill Cemetery Habitat Survey and Protected Species AssessmentA desk top study and survey of the site to detail species present and assess potential of habitat to support protected species.19/04/200719/04/200701/03/2008Mill Hill CemeteryLC0155
Mill Hill Cemetery Bat SurveyBat survey of site17/05/200718/06/200701/03/2008Mill hill CemeteryLC0156
Various moth records from LNHSMoth records from LNHS covering range of years and areas01/07/2008Administrative Area - Several BoroughsLC0157
The Woodland Walk: an ancient woodland relic in DownhamA preliminary invertebrate report05/05/199925/08/199901/07/2008LC0159
Forster Memorial Park: an ancient woodland relic in CatfordA preliminary invertebrate report05/05/199930/09/199901/07/2008LC0160
Mayow Park: a preliminary invertebrate surveyA preliminary invertebrate report06/05/199921/01/200001/07/2008LC0161
Iona Close Orchard: a preliminary invertebrate surveyA preliminary invertebrate report06/05/199909/06/199901/07/2008LC0162
A bird survey of Foots Cray Meadows, SidcupA full bird survey of Foots Cray Meadow01/04/200631/12/200601/08/2008LC0163
Iona Close Orchard Site, Report on site visit to assess invertebrate potentialA preliminary invertebrate report05/05/199505/05/199501/08/2008LC0164
invertebrate survey of Highgate WoodA survey of invertebrates from Highgate Wood01/04/199831/12/200001/08/2008LC0165
Report on Phase 1 spider survey: Highgate WoodA report on the spiders of Highgate Wood01/12/199431/12/199501/08/2008LC0166
Water Vole Survey Final ReportFive watercourses surveyed in the vicinity of the proposed West London Tram route14/05/200420/05/200431/08/2008VariousLC0167
Ecology and Biodiversity. Final Great Crested Newt Survey ReportAn initial Great Crested Newt habitat assessment for the water bodies in the vicinity of the proposed route of the West London Tram22/07/200427/07/200431/08/2008VariousLC0168
Ecology and Biodiversity Preliminary Breeding Bird Habitat Assessment - Final ReportThis report presents the results of an initial Phase One ornithological survey along the proposed route of the West London Tram project.13/07/200414/07/200431/08/2008VariousLC0169
West London tram Project Invertebrate AssessmentA appraisal of invertebrate ecology along the route of the proposed West London Tram Project.29/05/200424/07/200431/08/2008VariousLC0170
West London Tram Project Survey Report: Supplementary Water Vole SurveysA supplementary water vole survey01/07/200430/09/200431/08/2008VariousLC0171
West London Tram Project Survey Report: Supplementary Great Crested Newt SurveysA supplementary Great Crested Newt survey05/05/200505/04/200731/08/2008VariousLC0172
West London Tram Project Survey Report: Supplementary Breeding Bird SurveysA supplementary bird survey01/04/200630/06/200631/08/2008VariousLC0173
West London Tram Project Survey Report: Supplementary Badger SurveysA supplementary badger survey01/07/200531/07/200531/08/2008VariousLC0174
West London Tram Project Survey report: Bat surveysActivity and roost surveys16/03/200517/09/200531/08/2008VariousLC0175
West London Tram Project Survey report: Otter surveysOtter surveys along the proposed West London Tram route18/07/200630/09/300631/08/2008VariousLC0176
West London Tram Project Survey report: Reptile surveysReptile surveys along the proposed West London Tram route15/09/200501/10/200531/08/2008VariousLC0177
Initial Badger SurveySurvey to assess the presence/absence of badgers21/07/200422/11/200431/08/2008VariousLC0178
Erith Saltings and Yacht Club Bexley, Reptile SurveyA reptile survey of Erith Salthings Yacht Club01/09/200730/09/200731/07/2008Erith Salthings Yacht ClubLC0179
Erith Saltings and Yacht Club Bexley, Intertidal Invertebrate Survey Ð summaryAn intertidal invertebrate survey of the Thames foreshore at Erith Saltings.28/09/200728/09/200731/07/2008Erith SaltingsLC0180
Erith Saltings and Yacht Club Bexley, Appraisal of invertebrate interestAn ecoloical survey of Erith Saltings and Erith yacht Club20/09/200716/09/200731/07/2008Erith SaltingsLC0181
Erith Saltings and Yacht Club Bexley, Protected species survey - mammalsA mammal survey of Erith Saltings18/08/200718/08/200731/07/2008Erith SaltingsLC0182
Ecological Assessment of Intertidal Habitats at Erith Saltings, Thames TidewayA pre-development ecological survey for a proposed erosion mitigation project.28/09/200728/09/200731/07/2008Erith SaltingsLC0183
Frogspawn (Common Frog) in ponds at Fryent Country ParkFrogspawn data01/01/198331/12/200715/08/2008Fryent Country ParkLC0184
Hedgerow Records, Fryent Country ParkHedgerow records01/01/198331/12/200315/08/2008Fryent Country ParkLC0185
Meadow Management databaseSurvey of meadows in Fryent Country Park01/01/198331/07/200815/08/2008Fryent Country ParkLC0186
Butterfly RecordsButterfly records for various locations in Fryent Country Park27/04/198627/09/200801/08/2008Fryent Country ParkLC0187
Butterfly RecordsButterfly records for various locations in Beane Hill17/06/199627/09/200801/08/2008Beane HillLC0188
Islington Garden Survey 2008Public garden survey15/09/2008VariousLC0189
Hainault Forest website Species List: Plant Gall records 2006 - 10Survey of Galls found in Hainault Forest Country Park06/05/200617/09/200805/10/2008Hainault Country ParkLC0190
Dulwich Park bird CountRecords of birds seen at Dulwich Park17/05/200517/10/200710/08/2008Dulwich ParkLC0191
Dulwich Park Lake Bird CountRecords of Birds on Dulwich Lakes31/01/200431/12/200710/08/2008Dulwich ParkLC0192
Cladonia in LondonPart of a larger project assessing all the taxa recorded for the London area01/08/2008VariousLC0193
Foliose and fruticose lichen records and a checklist of crustose lichens in the London areaA view of lichens (apart from Cladonia and Stereocaulon) in the London Natural History SocietyÕs recording area01/08/2008VariousLC0194
Lichen in the Royal ParksA species list of lichens in the royal parks01/01/200631/12/200601/08/2008Royal parksLC0195
A brief moth survey of Sydenham Hill Wood Local Nature Reserve, SurreyMoth survey22/05/200117/10/200116/10/2008Sydenham Hill ParkLC0196
Morden Park Pool, Merton; Great Crested Newt Population Assessment 200617/10/2008LC0197
Nunhead Cemetery: a preliminary invertebrate surveyAn invertebrate survey of Nunhead Cemetery24/04/200728/08/200720/10/2008Nunhead CemeteryLC0198
The 3rd meeting of the Surrey Micromoth Group on 15.7.2007An inventory of moths in Russia Docks Woodland15/07/200715/07/200720/10/2008Russia Docks Woodland inc Stave HillLC0199
DULWICH PARK BIRD COUNT APRIL 23RD 2008An inventory of birds in Dulwich Park23/04/200823/04/200820/10/2008Dulwich ParkLC0200
PECKHAM RYE BIRD COUNT FEB 13TH 2008An inventory of birds in Peckham Rye13/02/200813/02/200820/10/2008Peckham Rye ParkLC0201
080323 Nunhead Species InvertsData from an invertebrate survey of Nunhead Cemetery (see 'An invertebrate survey of Nunhead Cemetery' for original data)24/04/200728/08/200720/10/2008Nunhead CemeteryLC0202
The flora of Holland Park, 1999; native, naturalised and introduced vascular plants and bryophytesA survey of Holland Park01/01/199931/12/199921/10/2008Holland ParkLC0203
Flood Risk Management Biodiversity Recording SheetsSeries of surveys of waterways throughout Greater London29/04/200825/02/200908/06/2009VariousLC0246
Strategic River Corridor Survey of the River Brent Catchment on behalf of the National Rivers Authority, Thames RegionSpecies and habitat survey along the River Brent07/06/199417/06/199408/06/2009River BrentLC0247
Strategic River Corridor Survey of the River Colne and associated watercoursesSpecies and habitat survey along the Rive Colne catchment22/07/199606/10/199608/06/2009River Colne catchmentLC0248
Parks and Open Spaces, City of Westminster Habitat Survey & Protected Species AssessmentSurveys carried out at a number of locations to assess the wildlife potential of each site30/06/200618/09/200608/06/2009VariousLC0249
Epping Forest Fungi Foray Species Lists 21/09/08, 12/10/08, 08/11/08, 16/11/08Species list for Epping Forest21/09/200816/11/200816/06/2009Epping ForestLC0250
European Mosquito Bulletin (Journal of the European Mosquito Control Association) 26, 9-17 (2008).Mosquitoes of the Epping Forest16/06/2009Various - Epping ForestLC0251
Bryophyte Notes, 1962; The Essex NaturalistA wider study of Bryophytes, with only those found in Epping Forest inputted on this occasion29/06/2009Various - Epping ForestLC0252
Checklist of mosses and liverworts recorded from Epping ForestA species list for Epping Forest29/06/2009Various - Epping ForestLC0253
LNHS Recording Form - Epping Forest Conservation CentreSpecies list of birds found within Epping Forest01/01/198431/12/198429/06/2009Various - Epping ForestLC0254
RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch Results; 2008 & 2009results of the RSPB garden birdwatch surveys29/06/2009VariousLC0255
BTO Breeding bird surveys April & MaySpecies list of birds09/04/200931/05/200929/06/2009LC0256
BTO Winter Bird SurveySpecies list of birds15/12/200915/12/200929/06/2009LC0257
Fairlop Waters Country Park 4 April 2009Species list04/04/200604/04/200929/06/2009LC0258
Garden Birdwatch survey data Jan-March 09Species list05/01/200929/03/200929/06/2009LC0259
BTO Garden birdwatch survey 06-07Species list15/07/200728/12/200829/06/2009LC0260
Redbridge Birdwatching Feb - May 09Species list01/02/200931/05/200929/06/2009LC0261
GiGL data entry spreadsheet July08 - June 09species list01/07/200830/06/200929/06/2009LC0262
ZSL Marine Mammal dataSpecies list26/08/199410/01/200929/06/2009LC0263
Mosses Course EFCCSpecies list09/11/198510/11/198518/08/2009LC0265
Spider recordsSpecies list01/04/198530/06/198518/08/2009LC0266
Small mammal trapping sheetRecord of mammal trappings01/01/197831/12/197818/08/2009LC0267
List of species of MacrolepidopteraSpecies list01/05/197931/12/198118/08/2009LC0268
Epping Forest Conservation Centre, Lepidoptera Atlas DataSpecies list18/08/2009LC0269
Richmond Park NNR Larger BrachyceraSpecies list01/06/200331/07/200425/08/2009LC0270
Bird Brain UK Breeding survey resultsResults of breeding bird survey01/01/200831/12/200825/08/2009LC0271
Dave Clarke bird records; Dulwich Park, Peckham Rye & Sydenham Hill up to July 2009Bird surveys28/07/2009LC0272
Burgess Park, Southwark, Ecology ReportPhase 1 habitat survey and protected species assessment01/05/200930/06/200915/09/2009LC0273
Barnsbury Wood; Habitat Survey and Management ReportA survey of Barnsbury Wood leading to a management plan31/12/198519/10/2009LC0274
Parkland Walk Foray RecordsA series of species lists for Parkland Walk19/10/2009LC0275
A management plan for St Pancras and Islington CemeteryA survey and management plan01/08/198831/08/198819/10/2009St Pancras and Islington CemeteryLC0276
A survey report: The wildlife habitats of the Regents Canal and Hertford Union CanalResults of a vegetation survey undertaken by LWT01/09/198530/09/198519/10/2009LC0277
Southwark Misc recordsA variety of records spanning LB Southwark, bird and lepidoptera records ommitted due to large LNHS datasets of same taxa19/10/2009LC0278
Adder Records Hounslow Heath LNRA list of dates that Adders were found in Hounslow Heath21/10/2009Hounslow HeathLC0279
Moths of Cranford Park 1997 / 2009List of moths of Cranford Park; only those recorded in 2009 added onto R601/01/200931/12/200921/10/2009Hounslow HeathLC0280
Lepidoptera of Hounslow HeathSpecies listof butterflies found in Hounslow Heath01/07/200931/07/200921/10/2009Hounslow HeathLC0281
Hounslow Heath Sightings 2007Species list01/01/200731/12/200721/10/2009Hounslow HeathLC0282
Hounslow Heath Sightings 2008Species list01/01/200831/12/200821/10/2009Hounslow HeathLC0283
Red data book and notable species of invertebrates present on Hounslow Heath LNR-with locations and suggested management prescriptionsList of invert species01/01/199831/12/199821/10/2009Hounslow HeathLC0284
Ecology Appendix 5 Higher PlantsPlant list for Bedfont Park01/01/200931/12/200921/10/2009Bedfont ParkLC0285
Larger Brachycera (Diptera) Recorded From Hounslow Heath LNR-1996-1998List of Large Brachycera records for Hounslow Heath21/10/2009Hounslow HeathLC0286
Monitoring sheet for Frays Farm MeadowExcel spreadsheet of species found at Frays Farm20/07/200920/07/200919/11/2009Frays Farm MeadowLC0287
Inner Thames Marshes Vascular PlantsExcel spreadsheet of Vascular plants from Inner Thames Marshes15/07/200916/07/200919/11/2009Inner Thames MarshesLC0288
Denham Lock Wood Species Listexcel spreadsheet of plants found at Denham Lock Wood15/04/200915/04/200919/11/2009Denham Lock WoodLC0289
Report from the London Reptile Surveys 2004 LBP species recovery action planReport into presence/absence of reptiles at various sites across London01/01/200431/12/200419/11/2009VariousLC0290
EN Data_Lee BradySpecies list of herp species found across London12/03/200423/07/200408/12/2009VariousLC0291
HCT results 1Species list of herp species found across London03/05/200419/09/200408/12/2009VariousLC0292
LeHART Adder dataSpecies list of herp species found across London01/04/200416/07/200408/12/2009VariousLC0293
Public survey data from PTES Living with Mammals surveySpecies list compiled by MOP during a public survey01/01/200331/12/200808/12/2009VariousLC0294
Emergent wetland vegetation created as part of a SITA funded project to enhance habitat at Grey Heron breeding sites in London Ð habitat created Winter/ Spring 2007/08Details of habitat creation for Grey Heron breeding01/11/200731/03/200808/12/2009LC0295
Ingrebourne Valley Bat Survey 20095 transects monitor the course of the river for bats; part of a larger survey of the Ingrebourne Valley03/08/200923/09/200908/12/2009LC0296
Moth count from Barnet groupemail detailing moth records from various moth evenings30/05/200915/08/200921/12/2009Various, BarnetLC0297
Plant species recorded from Braeburn Park, August 2005species list of plants found in Braeburn Park01/08/200531/08/200521/12/2009Braeburn ParkLC0298
LWT - Camley Street Species Daybook Jan - July 2008Species list from Camley Street01/01/200831/07/200821/12/2009LC0299
Chapel Bank visit 08-06-09Species list resulting from site visit08/06/200908/06/200921/12/2009Chapel BankLC0300
Plant Species List for Crane Park. (excluding Crane Park Island) Recorded in January and February 2008 by Naomi ForbesSpecies list01/02/200928/02/200921/12/2009Crane ParkLC0301
East Reservoir Community Garden Moth Records 2009Species list from visit02/05/200910/06/200929/12/2009East ReservoirLC0302
EL_GiGLDataEntrySpreadsheet2007GiGL spreadsheet29/12/2009LC0303
EL_GiGLDataEntrySpreadsheet2008GiGL spreadsheet30/12/2009LC0304
10.05.09 Andy BrownGiGL spreadsheet10/05/200910/05/200930/12/2009LC0305
Gunnersby Triangle Local Nature Reserve - Data collected by Peter EdwardsWord document01/06/200931/08/200930/12/2009LC0306
Gunnersby Triangle Local Nature Reserve recordsGiGL spreadsheet04/06/200827/08/200830/12/2009LC0307
Fray's Farm Meadow Nature Reserve Vegetation Survey Update Oct 2006The results of a vegetation survey carried out at Fray's Farm Meadows22/09/200622/09/200630/12/2009LC0308
List of plant species recorded from Ickenham MarshSpecies list from Ickenham Marsh01/06/200231/08/200230/12/2009LC0309
Plant Species list for Roxbourne Park and Roxbourne RoughSpecies list from Roxbourne Park22/01/200822/01/200830/12/2009LC0310
Plant Species list for land to the south of Yeading MeadowSpecies list for Yeading Meadow24/01/200824/01/200830/12/2009LC0311
Plant Species list for the land to the north of Charville LaneSpecies list for Charville Lane24/01/200824/01/200830/12/2009Charville LaneLC0312
Yeading Brook Fields (Between 10 Acre Wood and Yeading Brook meadows)Species list for Yeading Brook Fields14/02/200814/02/200830/12/2009Yeading MeadowsLC0313
River Wandle and King George's Park, Wandsworth: Breeding Bird SurveySurvey aiming to determine the birds using section of river16/04/200719/06/200730/12/2009LC0314
Amphibian & reptile survey report, King Georges Park, Wandsworth, LondonA series of surveys to identify presence or absence of amphibians and reptiles01/04/200730/09/200730/12/2009LC0315
LWT Garden Survey 2007Garden survey run by LWT01/01/200731/12/200730/12/2009LC0316
Riddlesdown plant species by compartment 2001Report detailing plants found at Riddlesdown21/04/200121/04/200130/12/2009LC0317
Bird Walk with David Lindo 9th March 2008Species list09/03/200809/03/200830/12/2009LC0318
Dawn Chorus Walk led by Dave ClarkeSpecies list10/05/200010/05/200030/12/2009LC0319
List of plant species recorded from Ten Acre Wood (2002)Species list01/06/200231/08/200230/12/2009LC0320
Invertebrate species recorded from Ten Acre WoodReport for LWT01/01/200231/12/200230/12/2009LC0321
The Warren Species list from LWT filesspecies list01/06/200531/05/200530/12/2009LC0322
The Warren Nature Reserve Telemast Surveys and AppraisalAn ecological assessment of land at Warren Nature Reserve18/05/200516/06/200530/12/2009LC0323
West Kent Golf Course inverts 2009Species list of inverts found at West Kent Golf Course01/06/200931/08/200930/12/2009LC0324
Myriapoda (Centipedes & Millipedes) Carshalton areaA list of centipedes and millipedes found in the Carshalton area05/05/199631/03/200207/01/2010CarshaltonLC0325
Flora & Fungus Survey of East Sheen CommonA survey of East Sheen Common01/01/200801/01/200907/01/2010East Sheen CommonLC0326
Dagenham Parish Churchyard Vegetational Survey (Phase 1 & phase 2)A survey undertaken to better able to assess the future management of the churchyard22/05/200621/07/200611/01/2010Dagenham Parish ChurchyardLC0327
Plants recorded in the Old Redbridge Southern Sewage Works during the years 1975 - 1994A table of plants taken from a study of the Redbridge Sewage Works01/01/197531/12/199412/02/2010Old Redbridge Southern Sewage WorksLC0328
London Fungus Group - Foray Species List, Barn Hoppitt 20/10/2007Species list of fungi found during a group activity in Barn Hoppitt20/10/200720/10/200712/02/2010Barn HoppittLC0329
London Fungus Group - Foray Species List, Epping Forest 19/08/07 - 18/11/07Species list of fungi found during a group activity in Epping Forest19/08/200718/11/200712/02/2010Epping ForestLC0330
Butterflies recorded by Iris NewberryButterfly records by Iris Newberry across various locations30/03/199106/10/199112/02/2010LC0331
Berkeley Square Ecological Survey, A report for Westminster City CouncilPhase 1 habitat survey of Berkeley Square08/06/200908/06/200912/02/2010Berkeley SquareLC0332
Ebury Square Ecological Survey, A report for Westminster City CouncilPhase 1 habitat survey of Ebury Square01/07/200901/07/200912/02/2010Ebury SquareLC0333
Hanwell Cemetery Bird Survey, A report for Westminster City CouncilBird surveys19/04/200931/05/200912/02/2010Hanwell CemeteryLC0334
Hanwell Square Ecological Survey, A report for Westminster City CouncilPhase 1 habitat survey of Hanwell Cemetery19/04/200919/04/200912/02/2010Hanwell CemeteryLC0335
Norfolk Square Ecological Survey, A report for Westminster City CouncilPhase 1 habitat survey of Norfolk Square03/07/200903/07/200912/02/2010Norfolk SquareLC0336
Porchester Square Ecological Survey, A report for Westminster City CouncilPhase 1 habitat survey of Porchester Square06/07/200906/07/200912/02/2010Porchester SquareLC0337
Soho Square Ecological Survey, A report for Westminster City CouncilPhase 1 habitat survey of Soho Square03/07/200903/07/200912/02/2010Soho SquareLC0338
Violet Hill Gardens, A report for Westminster City CouncilPhase 1 habitat survey of Violet Hill Gardens06/07/200906/07/200912/02/2010Violet Hill GardensLC0339
WWT Mistletoe recordsRecords of mistletoe found at Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust19/12/200919/12/200908/03/2010Wildfowl & Wetland TrustLC0340
Nigel Hepper bird reports 2009Bird records found in garden of Nigel Hepper10/01/200926/12/200908/03/2010LC0341
London Bird Report 2006Archive bird records of playing fields across London10/07/197527/06/197608/03/2010Various playing fields across LondonLC0342
Selective Record of Flowering Plants on Stanmore Common 2009Plant species records found on Stanmore Common30/04/200931/08/200908/03/2010Stanmore CommonLC0343
Ruskin Park Fungi SurveyList of fungi species found at Ruskin Park04/05/200013/12/200908/03/2010Ruskin ParkLC0344
Ruskin Park BirdsList of bird species found at Ruskin Park 1968 - 200901/01/196831/12/200908/03/2010Ruskin ParkLC0345
GiGL data entry spreadsheet GCN recordscollection of GCN records for Dagnam Park13/05/200923/06/200909/03/2010Dagnam ParlLC0346
73 - 79 Priory Rd Pre Planning Consultation / Design and Access Statement; Appendix 5 Ecological ReportPre planning consultation report including phase 1 survey17/06/200817/06/200809/03/2010LC0347
Holland Park trees 2009Species list of trees found at Holland Park16/03/200916/03/200906/04/2010Holland ParkLC0348
Breeding Bird Survey 2009Report detailing breeding birds found across the open spaces of RB K&C21/02/200930/05/200906/04/2010VariousLC0349
Tim FreedÕs moth data from Sept 09 (National Moth Night) 2009List of moth species found on moth night18/09/200918/09/200906/04/2010Holland ParkLC0350
Little Wormwood Scrubs Tree Survey 2009Results of a tree survey for Little Wormwood Scrubs01/01/200931/12/200906/04/2010Little Wormwood ScrubsLC0351
Little Wormwood Scrubs Wild Flower Survey 2009Species list for wildflowers at Little Wormwood Scrubs26/06/200902/08/200906/04/2010Little Wormwood ScrubsLC0352
Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea Tree survey & recommended worksCollection of info regarding trees found throughout borough, including any works needed20/04/200730/06/200806/04/2010Across boroughLC0353
Tim FreedÕs moth data from June 08 (National Moth Night)Species list07/06/200807/06/200806/04/2010Holland ParkLC0354
Tim FreedÕs butterfly data from july 09Species list18/07/200918/07/200906/04/2010Holland ParkLC0355
Redbridge Bats 2008Species list07/09/200802/10/200806/04/2010LC0356
Redbridge Bats 2009Species list07/09/200902/10/200906/04/2010LC0357
Monthly bird recordsMonthly records for bird sightings throughout the borough01/04/200928/02/201006/04/2010Various locations across LB RedbridgeLC0358
Tooting Common Plant CommonA species list of wild plants found in Tooting Common01/01/200328/02/201007/04/2010Tooting CommonLC0359
AQUATIC INVERTEBRATE SURVEYS AT REGENTÕS CANAL, ISLINGTONA survey was carried out for aquatic invertebrates to assess the impact of recent habitat enhacements12/06/200828/08/200807/04/2010Regents CanalLC0360
Bird Watch results for GiGL 2010Results of a bird watch carried out by LB Islington30/01/201030/01/201007/04/2010Various sitesLC0361
Croham Hurst Plant Records - Roadside VergeFlora of a roadside verge14/06/200505/08/200907/04/2010LC0362
Croham Hurst Plant Records - MeadowFlora of a meadow which is being restored14/06/200531/07/200907/04/2010LC0363
Lewisham Grassland Survey 2004Complete grassland survey of the LB Lewisham01/01/200430/12/200428/07/2010Across LewishamLC0364
Ruxley Gravel Pits Nature Reserve; summary of bird records 1945 - 2007Bird records recorded by volunteers of the Ruxley Gravel Pits01/01/194531/12/200728/07/2010LC0365
Gillespie Park Recordsspecies records from Gillespie Park01/01/200931/12/200928/07/2010Gillespie ParkLC0366
Redbridge birdwatching records March 2010Bird records from across LB Redbridge01/03/201031/03/201028/07/2010Across RedbridgeLC0367
Redbridge Garden Survey 2009Public garden survey held across borough01/01/200931/12/200928/07/2010Across RedbridgeLC0368
Invasive species dataset from River WandleSpecies list of invasive species found along River Wandle01/08/200930/06/201030/07/2010River WandleLC0369
Ecology Consultancy Ingrebourne Records BirdsSpecies list of bird records01/01/200930/12/200930/07/2010LC0370
Sydenham Hill Wood Winter 2009_Spring 2010Species list from Sydenham Hill Wood22/11/200930/04/201030/07/2010Sydenham Hill WoodLC0371
Ecological Survey Response to condition 11 of planning agreement relating to land at 140-142 Beddington Lane, BeddingtonEcological survey triggered due to request for planning permission08/06/200008/06/200010/08/2010Beddington LaneLC0372
Devonshire Avenue Nature Reserve, SuttonSpecies lists taken every summer for a number of years01/06/199231/08/199710/08/2010Devonshire Avenue Nature ReserveLC0373
Land East of London Rd, Hackbridge; Report of Ecological SurveyA report into the ecological significance of a fly-tipped area01/06/199830/06/199810/08/2010Beddington Rd Fly-tipped areaLC0374
Oaks Park, SuttonSpecies list from Oaks Park01/01/199331/12/199310/08/2010Oaks ParkLC0375
Land at Upper Mulgrave Road, Cheam; Phase 1 Habitat SurveyPhase 1 habitat survey with species list22/04/200522/04/200511/08/2010Upper Musgrave RdLC0376
Rotherhithe Bee & Hoverfly Survey 2009A survey to identify the bees & hoverflies present in Rotherhithe01/02/200930/09/200913/08/2010Across SouthwarkLC0377
Green Lane Watermeadows moth recording01/06/200931/07/200917/08/2010LC0378
Bird records 1999
Bird records 1999
Checklist of birds of Hounslow Heath LNR 2000
Dragonfly records
Dukes Hollow records
Checklist of birds of Hounslow Heath LNR 200001/01/200031/12/200017/08/2010LC0380
Dragonfly records17/08/2010LC0381
Dukes Hollow records01/01/199931/12/199917/08/2010LC0382
London Heath ReportReport of Heaths across London01/08/200631/08/200618/08/2010Across LondonLC0383
Aculeate Hymenoptera Hounslow HeathList of Hymenoptera01/01/199731/12/200018/08/2010Hounslow HeathLC0384
Macro Moths recorded from Hounslow Heath LNRSpecies list01/08/199731/07/199818/08/2010Hounslow HeathLC0385
Brown Argus recordsSpecies list09/05/199727/07/199718/08/2010LC0386
Moths recorded from Hounslow HeathSpecies list01/01/199731/12/199718/08/2010Hounslow HeathLC0387
Orthoptera records Hounslow Heath LNRSpecies list01/01/200031/12/200018/08/2010Hounslow HeathLC0388
Pyralid, Macro and tortrix moths recorded from Hounslow Heath LNR 1997 -1998Species list01/01/199731/12/199818/08/2010Hounslow HeathLC0389
Syrphid Records 97Species list01/04/199730/09/199718/08/2010LC0390
Cherry Wood Management PlanManagement plan01/02/199828/02/199820/08/2010Cherry WoodLC0391
Nature Conservation Management Plan for Cranmer GreenManagement plan01/02/200128/02/200120/08/2010Cranmer GreenLC0392
Nature Conservation Management Plan for The Lower Wandle LNRManagement plan01/02/200101/02/200120/08/2010Lower WandleLC0393
Merton Parks Green Walks Management PlanManagement plan01/02/199828/02/199820/08/2010Merton Park Green WalkLC0394
Morden Park Management ParkManagement plan01/06/200031/07/200020/08/2010Morden ParkLC0395
Management Plan for Myrna Close LNRManagement plan02/11/200631/12/200620/08/2010Myrna CloseLC0396
Draft Nature Conservation Management Plan for Ravensbury Park LNRManagement plan14/02/200122/02/200120/08/2010Ravensbury ParkLC0397
Management Plan for Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing FieldsManagement plan08/08/200608/08/200620/08/2010Sir Joseph Hood Memorial GroundLC0398
Wandle Meadow Nature Park Management PlanManagement plan01/11/199730/11/199720/08/2010Wandle Meadow Nature ParkLC0399
Aculeate Hymenoptera recorded from Hounslow Heath LNRSpecies list01/01/198731/08/200023/08/2010Hounslow HeathLC0400
Aculeate Hymenoptera survey of Feltham marshalling yards, undertaken on 18/7/98, 20/7/98 and 19/8/00Species list18/07/199819/08/200024/08/2010Feltham Marshalling YardsLC0401
Aculeate Hymenoptera recorded from Cranford Country ParkSpecies list01/01/199831/12/200024/08/2010Cranford Country ParkLC0402
The natural history of Hounslow Heath Local Nature ReserveAn overview of the state of Hounslow Heath01/01/199631/12/199724/08/2010Hounslow HeathLC0403
Ecological Report; Furlongs Abbey Rd, LB Barking of DagenhamAn ecological assessment of the site with mitigations to the proposed development included25/10/200225/10/200220/10/2010Abbey RdLC0404
The Wildlife Garden at Roots and ShootsSpecies list from the wildlife garden01/05/199931/12/200920/10/2010Roots and Shoots Wildlife GardenLC0405
ZSL London Zoo Wildlife SightingsSpecies list01/01/200805/06/201020/10/2010London ZooLC0406
LNHS plant recordsSpecies list01/01/190030/12/200820/10/2010Across LondonLC0407
Darwin at Downe recordsVarious species lists01/01/200013/03/201020/10/2010VariousLC0408
GiGL excel spreadsheetSpecies list13/07/200905/08/201020/10/2010variousLC0409
Deptford Creek Algal Surveyreport01/10/199731/10/199720/10/2010Deptford CreekLC0410
Nunhead Cemetery Bird RecordsSpecies transects01/01/199705/02/201001/11/2010Nunhead CemeteryLC0411
Forest Farm Allotments, Hazelbrouk Gardens, Hainault; Breeding Bird and Bat SurveysAn ecological survey of birds and bats undertaken to understand how these species were using the site, prior to a plan to intensify the allotments11/05/200704/06/200701/11/2010Forest Farm AllotmentsLC0412
Goodmayes Allotments, Goodmayes; Breeding bird surveysAn ecological survey of birds aimed at understanding how birds use the site11/05/200704/06/200702/11/2010Goodmayes AllotmentsLC0413
Plants Recorded in Streatham Cemetery, Garratt LaneNon-cultivated plants found in Streatham Cemetery01/05/200931/10/201003/12/2010Streatham CemeteryLC0414
Nature Conservation Management Plan for London Road Playing FieldsManagement plan14/02/200114/02/200113/12/2010London Road Playing FieldLC0415
Derwent Road Floodwash Habitat SurveyManagement Plan03/06/200003/06/200013/12/2010Derwent Road FloodwashLC0416
Draft Nature Conservation Management Plan for Morden Recreation Ground SpinneyManagement Plan22/02/200122/02/200113/12/2010Morden Recreation GroundLC0417
Nature Conservation Management Plan for Moreton GreenManagement plan`24/01/200124/01/200114/12/2010Moreton GreenLC0418
Oakleigh Way Nature Area (proposed LNR) management briefManagement Plan01/06/199830/06/199814/12/2010Oakleigh Way NRLC0419
Draft nature conservation management plan for Raynes Park Sports Ground Wildlife AreaManagement Plan24/01/200124/01/200114/12/2010Raynes Park Sports Ground Wildlife AreaLC0420
Nature Conservation in Lake Park Wood, Wimbledon Park, SouthfieldsDraft report01/01/199031/12/199014/12/2010Lake Farm WoodLC0421
Tyson Rd bird survey 2007 - 2008Species list01/01/200731/12/200821/12/2010Tyson RoadLC0422
Lewisham Park bird records 2007 - 2010Species list03/08/200730/07/201021/12/2010Various LB LewishamLC0423
Beckenham Place Park invertebrate survey of pond and wetlandReport detailing surveys carried out for Froglife in 200924/04/200925/08/200921/12/2010Beckenham Place ParkLC0424
Dacres Wood invertebrate survey of pondReport detailing surveys carried out for Froglife in 200924/04/200925/08/200921/12/2010Dacres WoodLC0425
Beckenham Place Park; NE corner: a preliminary invert surveyA report examining the likely impact of a proposed development of the previous sports pavilion05/06/200607/09/200621/12/2010Beckenham Place ParkLC0426
Hainault Forest Lodge Report on a spider and beetle survey for the period: Feb 2007 - Feb 2008A survey of ground living spiders and beetles01/02/200728/02/200805/01/2011LC0427
List of spiders recorded for Claybury Wood up to 12/07/07Species list of spiders found at Claybury Wood13/02/200610/06/200706/01/2011LC0428
A torchlight survey of the amphibians of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park 2007A survey carried out to compare numbers with previous years26/02/200704/08/200712/01/2011LC0429
A torchlight survey of the amphibians of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park 2008A survey carried out to compare numbers with previous years05/03/200806/08/200812/01/2011LC0430
A survey of the invertebrates of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park 2007Part of a long-term monitoring project of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park01/01/200731/12/200712/01/2011LC0431
A survey of the invertebrates of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park 2008Part of a long-term monitoring project of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park01/01/200831/12/200812/01/2011LC0432
Fairlop Quarry extension, Redbridge: survey of ponds for Great Crested Newts (Triturus cristatus)An assessment of the potential impacts of a proposed development30/04/200817/06/200817/01/2011LC0433
Loxford School, Ilford Essex, Reptile surveyEcological assessment to gauge presence/absence of reptiles01/04/200830/04/200817/01/2011LC0434
River Roding Enhancement Project Phase 1 Habitat SurveySurvey carried out to inform enhancement proposals22/03/200722/03/200717/01/2011River RodingLC0435
Uni of Kingston Breeam ecology reportReport carried out to assess impacts of changes to Uni campus01/05/201031/05/201021/02/2011LC0436
Uni of Kingston newt survey reportReport carried out to assess impacts of changes to Uni campus01/05/201031/05/201021/02/2011LC0437
Uni of Kingston Phase 1 survey and protected species scoping reportReport carried out to assess impacts of changes to Uni campus01/08/201031/08/201021/02/2011LC0438
Redbridge birdwatching May 2010Monthly bird watching report across Redbridge01/05/201031/05/201022/02/2011LC0439
London Sustainable Industries Park; Dagenham Dock; Invertebrate AppraisalAn investigation into invert numbers in a number of land parcels17/06/201003/09/201023/02/2011LC0440
Institute of Terrestrial Ecology; Terrestrial Ecological study of Barking ReachAn assessment of flora and fauna found at Barking Reach01/06/198810/08/198811/03/2011LC0441
Bat Surveys; Barking Riverside Development, BarkingAn assessment of bat activity in a proposed development site14/08/200824/09/200825/03/2011LC0442
Barking Riverside Development; Extended Phase 1 surveyAn ecological survey carried out to complement the EIA01/07/200130/06/200425/03/2011LC0443
St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School, Great Crested Newt & reptile surveyA survey of ponds for GCN and other reptiles15/03/200701/05/200728/03/2011LC0444
Phase 1 Habitat Survey and Watervole Survey of Mayesbrook ParkA phase 1 habitat survey for the Mayesbrook Park development application17/08/201006/09/201030/03/2011LC0445
LNHS Bird Records 1994 - 2006A series of bird records across London01/01/199431/12/200611/04/2011LC0446
London's Wetland Project - 39th Progress Report 2008 Project Update; Vegetation: London Wetland Centre01/01/199131/12/200913/05/2011LC0447
Friends of Ainslie and Larks Wood Activity Report 2010Report detailing work carried out throughout year followed by species records01/01/201031/12/201011/07/2011Ainslie & Larks woodLC0448
Fish Records; Old River Lea at Hackney MarshTables of fish records for River Lea29/04/200811/09/201011/07/2011River Lea, various sitesLC0449
Grid of species found in Abney Cemetery ParkGrid of fungi and slime mold found in Abney Cemetery Park01/01/199631/12/201011/07/2011LC0450
Stanmore Country Park fungi recordsSpreadsheet of fungi records for Stanmore Country Park06/11/201006/11/201011/07/2011Stanmore Country ParkLC0451
London BirdwatchingBird records from London birdwatching website01/10/201031/12/201011/07/2011LC0452
MKA Ecology Greater London species recordsSpreadsheet of records from LB Sutton01/02/200531/08/200811/07/2011LC0453
Wandsworth Bird RecordsRecords on website of bird records at Wandsworth and Tooting Common Park01/01/200930/04/201111/07/2011LC0454
PTES_LwMsy03-10_London_BoroughsSpreadsheet of records across London01/01/200331/12/201011/07/2011Across LondonLC0455
Misc FRM WatercoursesBiodiversity Record sheets01/01/200931/12/200916/09/2011Across LondonLC0456
Camden Reserves dataExcel spreadsheets containing species records21/06/201022/07/201116/09/2011VariousLC0457
2011 Bird RecordsLists of bird records seen throughout Havering01/01/201128/02/201116/09/2011VariousLC0458
Ecological Survey of Barking ReachReport into species found at Barking Reach07/05/201129/07/201116/09/2011Barking ReachLC0459
Swift RecordsData downloaded from NBN01/01/200731/12/201016/09/2011Across LondonLC0460
The Ecology Consutancy Greenwich Park invertebrate surveysVarious surveys sent in by EC following surveys carried out in Greenwich Park01/01/200231/12/200902/02/2012Greenwich ParkLC0461
Survey recording formsFroglife surveys from 201101/01/201131/12/201102/02/2012Across LondonLC0462
Allotment and garden recordsFroglife surveys taken from allotments across London01/01/200231/12/200202/02/2012Across LondonLC0463
Habitat surveysHabitat surveys undertaken across LB Islington01/01/201031/12/201002/02/2012Across LB IslingtonLC0464
Checklist of Sydenham Hill Wood Leaf Miners14/11/200614/11/200605/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT101
Insect Survey 1993-Sydenham Hill Wood05/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT102
Spiders from Sydenham Hill Woods and the Horniman Nature Trail05/02/2007Sydenham Hill Woods, Horniman Nature TrailLWT103
Spiders new to London from Sydenham Hill Wood05/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT104
The Spiders and Harvestmen of Sydenham Hill Wood05/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT105
Specimens in Horniman Museum collection20/09/199220/01/199805/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT106
Diptera Survey of Sydenham Hill Wood 1987-198806/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT107
The Diptera of Sydenham Hill Wood (Notable and Red Data Book species at mid-August 1988)06/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT108
Vespoidea ('true' wasps) of Sydenham Hill Wood06/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT109
Ichneumonidae of Sydenham Hill Wood (Horniman collections, malaise traps)06/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT110
Horniman Collection of Sphecoid wasps from three sites (Chobham, Sydenham Hill Wood, Ashtead)06/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT111
Ants in the Horniman Reference Collection (as at July 1996)06/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT112
Rare and Notable (invertebrate) species, Sydenham Hill Wood24/04/199311/09/199706/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT113
Brief Moth Survey of Sydenham Hill Local Nature Reserve22/05/200117/10/200108/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT114
Spiders recorded for Sydenham Hill Wood (up to 01/08/2001)08/04/200101/08/200108/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT115
Sydenham Hill Woods: Butterflies, moths, other insects (31/07/2004)31/07/200431/07/200408/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT116
The Rhododendron Lacebug, Stephanitis rhododendri Horvath, rediscovered in South-east London23/07/199309/09/199308/02/2007Dulwich ParkLWT117
Beetles recorded from LWT sites (including Lapse Wood, Sydenham Hill Wood)08/02/2007Lapse Wood, Sydenham Hill WoodLWT118
The beetles and other invertebrates of Sydenham Hill and Dulwich Woods-indicators of ancient woodland (2002 publication)01/01/198731/12/200008/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT119
The use of a suction sampler to find beetles in Sydenham Hill and Dulwich Woods (2002)21/05/200206/09/200213/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT120
Beetles of Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood, Cox's Walk-indicators of ancient woodland (2000)09/05/200014/06/200013/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT121
An invertebrate survey of Sydenham Hill Wood, Dulwich Wood and Cox's Walk (1998)28/05/199711/11/199713/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT122
Coleoptera of Sydenham Hill Woods (letter dated 15/06/1995)13/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT123
Digenean snail parasites in Sydenham Hill Wood (Project proposal 1985)13/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT124
Insects from meadow at Sydenham Hill Wood (25/04/1998)25/04/199825/04/199813/02/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT125
Monitoring deadwood volumes for the conservation of Lucanus cervus (Stag beetle) and other saproxylic species in London13/03/2007LondonLWT126
The moths of Sydenham Hill Wood (1988)16/03/198811/08/198813/03/2007Sydenham Hill WoodsLWT127
Horniman Museum Formicidae collection (12/96, listed by site)13/03/2007LWT128
Fishpond Wood & Beverley Meads Management Plan, 2001 - 2010 (Jan 2001)Flora recorded at Fishpond Wood and Beverley Meads01/01/200131/01/200117/07/2007Fishpond Wood and Beverley MeadsLWT129
Fishpond Wood & Beverley Meads management plan, 2001 - 2010 (Jan 2001)Fungi recorded at Fishpond Wood and Beverley Meads01/02/200101/02/200117/07/2007Fishpond Wood and Beverley MeadsLWT130
Bramley Bank management plan, Feb 2006Breeding Bird Survey 1996, Chris Barfield and amphibians, B. Wills 198?01/06/199601/06/199617/07/2007Bramley BankLWT132
Bramley Bank management plan, Feb 2006Higher Plants From Habitat and Vegetation Survey B. Nicholson 199801/01/199801/02/200617/07/2007Bramley BankLWT133
Camley Street RecordsNotable, Rare and Decreasing Bird Species that have been recorded at CSNP Natural Park.17/07/2007Camley StreetLWT134
Rare, Notable and Local Invertebrates recorded at CSNP (2003)Rare, Notable and Local Invertebrates recorded at CSNP01/01/200331/12/200317/07/2007Camley StreetLWT135
Rare, Notable and Local plants recorded at CSNP (2003)Rare, Notable and Local plants recorded at CSNP01/01/200331/12/200317/07/2007Camley StreetLWT136
Hutchinson's Bank and Chapel Bank (2003)Birds, butterflies, invertebrates and plants.01/01/200331/12/200329/08/2007Hutchinson's Bank and Chapel BankLWT137
Hutchinson's Bank and Chapel Bank Management Plan 2006-2011 Barry NicholsonBirds, butterflies, mammals, plants and reptiles and amphibians.29/08/2007Hutchinson's Bank and Chapel BankLWT138
Sydenham Hill Wood & Cox's Walk Management Plan Oct 2006 - Sept 2011 Ian Holt, Sarah Graham-Brown & Hazel James (October 2006)Birds, invertebrates, mammals, reptiles and vegetation.01/10/200631/10/200620/09/2007Sydenham Hill WoodLWT139
Denham Lock Wood Nature Reserve Management Plan 2006/2011The following notable invertebrate species have been recorded from the site:01/01/199631/12/199617/07/2007Denham LockLWT140
Denham Lock Wood Nature Reserve Management Plan 2006/2011Plant species recorded from Denham Lock Wood. Compiled from the 2005 habitat survey.10/10/200531/12/200517/07/2007Denham LockLWT141
Fray's Farm Meadows Management Plan 2001-2006 (B. Nicholson 2000?)Species recorded include: birds, invertebrates, mammals, plants and reptiles.10/10/198531/12/200021/08/2007Fray's Farm MeadowsLWT142
Dew's Farm Sandpits Nature Reserve Management Plan (2004) Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonList of plant species recorded from DewÕs Farm Sandpits (Barry Nicholson, summer 2004).List of moths (2004). List of invertebrates other than moths (Colin Plant 2004)01/01/200431/12/200431/07/2007Dew's Farm SandpitsLWT143
Gunnersbury Triangle Management Plan 2005-2010. Prepared by Jan Hewlett and edited by Pete Guest (June 2005).Amphibians, Araneae (Spiders), Birds, Crustaea, Flora, Grasses, Sedges & Rushes, additional species introduced to ponds and margins, Hopilianes, Insects (Beetles and Butterflies), Mammals and Molluscs.22/08/2007Gunnersbury TriangleLWT144
Gutteridge Wood Management Plan 2007 to 2012 (Oct 06) Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonInvertebrates recorded included 11 nationally notable species and 33 locally notable species.01/01/200231/12/200217/07/2007Gutteridge WoodLWT145
Survey of meadow in Gutteridge Wood, compartment 6Plants09/06/198709/06/198717/07/2007Gutteridge WoodLWT146
Gutteridge Wood Management Plan 2006 to 2011 (Sep 06) Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonHabitat and vegetation survey (summer 2003)01/07/200331/07/200319/07/2007Gutteridge WoodLWT147
Gutteridge Wood Management Plan 2007 to 2012 (Oct 06) Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonList of non-insect invertebrate species recorded from Gutteridge Wood, including 11 nationally notable species and 33 notable species01/10/200631/10/200619/07/2007Gutteridge WoodLWT148
Ickenham Marsh Management Plan 2006-2011 (October 2006) Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonInvertebrates (inc. butterflies) and plants.01/01/200231/12/200230/08/2007Ickenham Marsh and Manor MoatLWT149
New Cross Gate Cutting Management Plan (Nick Bertrand and John O'Reilly) October 1997Birds, flora, fungi and invertebrates.05/09/2007New Cross CuttingLWT150
Oak Hill Woods Management Plan 2002-2007 Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonAmphibians, birds, fungi, intebrates, mammals and plants.05/09/2007Oak Hill WoodsLWT151
Old Ford Draft Management Plan 1999. Prepared by the Lower Lea Project (November 1999).Birds, flora, invertebrates and mammals.11/09/2007Old Ford IslandLWT152
Riddlesdown management plan, 2002 - 2007 (Oct 2002)Uncommon plant species.The presence of numerous burrows indicates that the site clearly supports a good population of badgers (Meles meles)01/01/198331/12/199319/07/2007RiddlesdownLWT153
Rowley Green Common Management Plan April 2003-2007 (S. Marshall January 2003)Amphibians and reptiles, birds, dragonflies, damsonflies, mammals and vegetation.10/10/200331/01/200312/09/2007Rowley Green CommonLWT154
Saltbox Hill SSSI Management Plan 2000 Barry Nicholson (February 2000)Birds, butterflies, invertebrates, mammals and plants.01/02/200028/02/200018/09/2007Saltbox Hill SSSILWT155
Saltbox Hill SSSI Management Plan 2007-2012 Alan Scott (October 2006)Invertebrates, mammals, reptiles and vegetation.01/05/200430/09/200418/09/2007Saltbox Hill SSSILWT156
Spencer Road Wetlands Management Plan Colin Plant (Consultation Draft December 1997)Birds, invertebrates and plants.01/12/199731/12/199711/09/2007Spencer Road WetlandsLWT157
Ten Acre Wood Management Plan 2006 to 2011 (Oct 06) Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonHabit and vegetation survey.01/07/200231/07/200219/07/2007Ten Acre Wood and MeadowsLWT158
Ten Acre Wood Management Plan 2007 to 2012 (Oct 06) Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonInvertebrates.01/01/200231/12/200219/07/2007Ten Acre Wood and MeadowsLWT159
Totteridge Fields Management Plan 2006-2011 (Clare OÕReilly)plants, birds, butterflies, moths01/01/200501/01/200520/09/2007Totteridge FieldsLWT160
West Kent Golf Course records (1986/1989) J. Pitt.Records of Bryophytes, Liverworts and Mosses.01/01/198631/12/198919/07/2007West Kent Golf CoourseLWT161
West Kent Golf Course records (1990) H. Eve and GB. Corbet.Records of Birds, Butterflies ( compiled by H. Eve 1990) and other Invertebrates (compiled by G.B. Corbet 1990).01/01/199031/12/199026/07/2007West Kent Golf CoourseLWT162
West Kent Golf Course Vegetation Survey (1990) from ScottVegetation Survey (from Scott 1990).01/01/199031/12/199026/07/2007West Kent Golf CoourseLWT163
Wilderness Island Habitat Management Plan (July 2006)Pase 1 plant species01/08/200601/08/200620/09/2007Wilderness IslandLWT164
Yeading Brook Meadows Management Plan 2007 to 2012 (Oct 06) Alan Scott & Barry Nicholson.A total of 531 invertebrate species were recorded, including: 6 nationally notable species and 21 locally notable species. 01/01/200231/12/200226/07/2007Yeading Brook MeadowsLWT165
Yeading Brook Meadows Management Plan 2007 to 2012 (Oct 06) Alan Scott & Barry Nicholson.Habitat and vegetation survey, includes list of plant species.01/07/200331/07/200326/07/2007Yeading Brook MeadowsLWT166
Cannon Hill Common Management Plan 2001-2010 (Pete Guest)Records of amphibians, birds, butterflies, mammals and miscellaneous. 01/10/199631/10/199608/08/2007Cannon Hill CommonLWT167
Dagenham Parish Churchyard Management Plan 2006-2011Records of amphibians, birds, invertebrates, plants and reptiles08/08/2007Dagenham Parish ChurchyardLWT168
Fox Wood nature reserve report Sept 1982Birds, fungi, insects, mammals and plants recorded at Fox Wood.01/01/197231/12/198208/08/2007Fox WoodLWT169
Fox Wood Management Plan 1999 to 2004 (July 1999)Birds, fungi, insects, mammals and plants recorded at Fox Wood.01/01/199931/12/200408/08/2007Fox WoodLWT170
Mill Hill Old Railway Management Plan 2002-2007 Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonBirds, butterflies, mammals, plants and reptiles/amphibians.14/08/2007Mill Hill Old RailwayLWT171
Mortimer Terrace Management Plan 2003-2008 (January 2003) Alan Scott & Barry NicholsonVegetation survey (2002) of plants.01/05/200231/05/200214/08/2007Mortimer TerraceLWT172
Pyl Brook Management Plan 2001-2010Birds, mammals and vegetation.01/01/200131/01/200114/08/2007Pyl BrookLWT173
Bramley Bank management plan, Feb 2006Invertebrate Records: B. Wills 198? and S. Davis 199101/01/198028/02/200612/07/2007Bramley BankLWT174
Bushy Park Plant list for parksA list of plants recorded in Bushy Park including some references from other sources01/01/198131/05/200729/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0001
Bushy Park Moth Survey 2006File Bushy Park Moth survey 2005-06 has consolidated list with additional species seen in 2006 but we do not yet hold the separate details of the 2006 surveys05/06/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0002
Greenwich Park Standard Bird Walks (Areas) Sep 2002 - Dec 2004Standard Bird walk data for Greenwich Pk from 2002 to 2004. However, the data was collected by survey areas rather than following a predetermined route (transect). Data ends in 2004 as the method was then changed11/09/200218/12/200407/06/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0003
Regents Park Moth Report 2004Word Report on moth trapping in Regents in 2004. Data in 3 Excel files by location plus an excel list of species recorded26/05/200426/05/200421/05/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0004
Records for Microlepidoptera Review 2006 from T H FreedList of a few noteworthy records from Bushy Pk moth surveys in 2005-0611/07/200504/07/200624/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0005
Bushy Park Moth Survey 2005-06Records of moths found on four dates in 2005 plus full list including species new in 2006 (no dates for these)09/07/200531/12/200624/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0006
Odonata - Dragonflies in Bushy Park (copied from list prepared by Don Tagg)List of dragonflies & damselflies recorded in Bushy Pk with comments against each species31/12/200024/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0007
Bushy Park Butterfly counts 2006Copies of butterfly transect walk forms for 2006 along with summary sheets15/04/200628/09/200624/05/2006SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0008
Arbortrack data for all other parks (Hyde/Ken Gdns/Green/St James/Regents)Data for individual trees in central London parks stored in the Arbortrack system29/05/2007TRP0009
1995 Common Birds Census St James's ParkList of number of territories held in St James's Pk in 199501/01/199531/12/199511/06/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0010
Outbreaks of Botulism - Central Royal Parks Summer 1995List of species suffering botulism in central London parks in summer 95, listed by deaths and recovered birds01/06/199531/08/199511/06/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0011
Canada goose numbers 1991-1993, 1995, 1998-2000Table showing goose numbers 1991-93, 95, 98-Jan 2000 at various sites plus forms showing numbers of eggs pricked of Greylag and Canada geese in St James Pk in 199301/01/199119/01/200011/06/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0012
Penned Waterfowl bred in 1992 (St James's Park)List showing numbers of penned waterfowl bred in St James Pk in 199201/01/199231/12/199211/06/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0013
Richmond Park Wildlife group minutesWildlife group minutes include a section on wildlife sightings - many will be duplicated elsewhere but some may not12/06/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0014
Hyde Park Bird Transect Walks3 files for Hyde Park Bird transect walks.01/01/200431/12/200615/06/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0015
Richmond Park Bat survey Feb 2006Copy of email from Philip Briggs to Nigel about bat survey15/02/200615/02/200619/06/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0016
Bushy Park Bat survey 2004Survey of bats as part of study to develop a survey strategy for bats30/06/200426/08/200419/06/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0017
Canada geese control in Greenwich ParkLetters for most years from c.1995 detailing number of Canada geese eggs pricked in Greenwich Park as condition of licence01/01/199504/07/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0018
Greenwich Park Phase 1 and Phase 2 Habitat surveysReport on phase 1 & 2 habitat survey in Greenwich Park including plant species found in Quadrats28/04/200724/05/200716/07/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0019
Inspection of chlorination plant 7.04.03Report of an inspection of the chlorination plant at Hyde Pk looking for evidence of bat activity carried out in 200307/04/200307/04/200316/07/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0020
Kensington Gardens Bat walk records 2004Summary of info from bat walk in Ken Gardens in 200425/08/200425/08/200416/07/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0021
Moths recorded 2005Excel List of moths recorded in Regents Pk in 2005. 4 other excel files break this down by date and location26/05/200505/10/200521/05/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0022
Moths recorded in Regents Park 20063 files (one for each of 3 locations) showing moths trapped on certain dates in Regents Pk. Two do not appear to have any data02/06/200625/08/200621/05/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0023
Regents Park Bird survey Avenue Gardens 2000Word table covering 26 bird surveys throughout year (one a fortnight)01/01/200031/12/200021/05/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0024
Regents Park Bird Survey Avenue Gardens 2006Word table covering 26 bird surveys throughout year (one a fortnight)01/01/200631/12/200621/05/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0025
Regents Park sightings 1995Annual bird records for Regents Pk to August only01/01/199531/08/199521/05/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0028
Arbortrack data for Bushy ParkData for individual trees in Bushy Park stored in the Arbortrack system29/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0029
Arbortrack data for Greenwich ParkData for individual trees in Greenwich Park stored in the Arbortrack system29/05/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0030
Arbortrack data for Richmond ParkData for individual trees in Richmond Park stored in the Arbortrack system29/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0031
London Bat Group Kensington GardensLetter from Alison Fure/London Bat group to Nigel Reeve about visit to the Italian Gdns (Ken Gdns) carried out in Nov 200617/11/200617/11/200616/07/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0032
Bat extract Marlborough Gate reportReport about visit to Ken Gdns recording bat activity in May 200417/05/200417/05/200416/07/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0033
Richmond Park Bat Transect walks and other surveysData from bat transect walks carried out by AP Lawrence10/07/200731/07/200713/08/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0034
Official Bird Observer's Report (Bushy Park) - 1976, 77List of birds recorded by official observer in Bushy Pk in 1976 & 77 with more details for some species. Photocopies from archived files AD8553/17 & /18 at Hyde Pk01/01/197631/12/197723/07/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0035
Official Bird Observer's Reports (Regents Park) - 1976, 77, 79List of birds recorded by official observer(s) in Regents Pk in 1976, 77 and 79 with more details for some species. Photocopies from archived files AD8553/17, /18 and /20 at Hyde Pk01/01/197631/12/197923/07/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0036
Official Bird Observers Report (Hyde Park & Kensington Gdns) - 1976, 77List of birds recorded by official observers in Hyde Pk & Ken Gdns in 1976 & 77 plus report with more details. Photocopies from archived files AD8553/17 & /18 kept in Hyde Pk01/01/197631/12/197725/07/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0037
Official Bird Observers Report (Richmond Park) - 1976, 77List of birds recorded by official observers in Bushy Pk in 1976 & 77 plus report with more details. Photocopies from archived files AD8553/17 & /18 kept in Hyde Pk01/01/197631/12/197725/07/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0038
St. James's Pk - Waterfowl Reports and StocklistsContains lists of agreed complements of captive wildfowl and actual numbers - does not contain any information on wild bird numbers01/01/197531/12/198220/07/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0039
Regent's Park - Wildlife Information and factsCopy of a fax to Policy (HQ) giving details of wildlife in Regent's Pk. No observer or date info is provided with the info21/06/199920/07/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0040
Brompton Cemetery - Conservation of Bird lifeCopies of letters from Tom Slack containing a few records of birds in Brompton Cemetery01/01/197631/12/197820/07/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0041
Official Bird Observers Report (Greenwich Park) - 1976, 77List of birds recorded by official observers in Greenwich Pk in 1976 & 77 plus report with more details. Photocopies from archived files AD8553/17 & /18 kept in Hyde Pk01/01/197631/12/197725/07/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0042
Official Bird Observer's Report 1976 (St. James & Green Parks)List of birds seen by official observer in St James & Green Park in 1976 with further details for some species. Photocopy from archive file AD8553/17 in Hyde Pk01/01/197631/12/197623/07/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0043
Official Bird Observers Report (Brompton Cemetery) - 1976, 77, 79List of birds recorded by Official Observer in Brompton Cemetery in 1976, 77 & 79. Photocopies from archived files AD8553/17, /18 & /20 kept in Hyde Pk01/01/197731/12/197925/07/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0044
Notable beetle records from Bushy ParkList of notable beetles seen in Bushy Pk10/06/199503/06/200723/07/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0045
Webs counts Richmond Park Dec 06-June 07Webs counts from Pen Ponds (separate counts for Lower and Upper ponds)24/12/200617/06/200725/07/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0046
Official Bird Observers Report 1977 (St James & Green Parks)List of birds recorded in St James & Green Pks in 1977 plus report with more details. Photocopy from archived file AD8553/18 kept in Hyde Pk01/01/197731/12/200725/07/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0049
Bushy Park Flora - Walk 28th July 2007List of plants recorded during Friends of Bushy & Home Parks walk - 28 July 200728/07/200728/07/200730/07/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0054
Official Bird Observers Report 1979 (St James Pk)Species list for St James Pk for 1979. Photocopy from archive file AD8553/20 held in Hyde Pk01/01/197931/12/197930/07/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0055
Official Bird Observers Report 1979 (Brompton Cemetery)species list for Brompton Cemetery 1979. Photocopy from archive file AD8553/20 held in Hyde Pk01/01/197931/12/197930/07/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0056
Official Bird Observers Report 1979 (Regents Pk)Species list for Regents Pk 1979 and report for year. Photocopy from file 8553/20 held in Hyde Pk01/01/197931/12/197930/07/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0057
Kensington Gardens Bird Transect routesTwo files with bird transect results for Ken Gdns (3 different observers)01/01/200431/12/200507/08/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0058
Ecological Surveys of Bushy ParkThis report details the methods and results from a number of baseline surveys of Bushy Park carried out in 2004 by LUC and other sub-contractors. Each of the individual surveys is listed as a separate record on the metadatabase.15/06/200408/10/200422/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0059
Bushy Park LUC Aquatic Inverts Aug 2004 (incl Amphibians & Fish)Part of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. Fieldwork was undertaken by independent aquatic ecologist David Leeming in June 2004. The data also includes amphibians found during the survey.15/06/200416/06/200422/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0060
Bushy Park LUC Aquatic Quads Aug 2004Part of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. 28 survey locations were covered including ponds, lakes and linear waterbodies05/07/200416/07/200422/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0061
Bushy Park LUC Terrestrial Inverts Aug 2004Part of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. Fieldwork by Dr Jonty Denton. A range of qualitative techniques was used with effort concentrated on veteran trees, flower rich habitats other good habitats.28/06/200423/08/200422/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0062
Bushy Park LUC Woodland Quads Aug 2004Part of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. Contains records of species observed in quadrats during NVC mapping of the park using the DOMIN scale.15/06/200403/08/200422/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0063
Bushy Park LUC Bat Surveys (2004)Part of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. Transects were walked by bat specialist Dr Paula Cox and other volunteers. No work was undertaken to look for roost sites.14/07/200426/08/200422/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0064
Bushy Park LUC Grassland Quads Aug 2004Part of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. Details of Grassland quads with species and habitat classification15/06/200403/08/200426/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0065
Bushy Park LUC Vascular Plant Species List Aug 2004Part of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. List of species found in park (central grid ref only)15/06/200403/08/200426/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0066
Bushy Park LUC Reptiles (2004)Part of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. Refugia were set up in four areas - no reptiles were found but voles and amphibians were recorded.15/06/200408/10/200422/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0067
Bushy Park LUC Amphibians & FishPart of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. Recorded during the Aquatic inverts surveys and incl within that data15/06/200416/06/200430/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0068
Bushy Park LUC Water VolesPart of the "Ecological Surveys of Bushy Park" undertaken by LUC in 2004. 101 locations were surveyed looking for Water Vole field signs. No definitive records found but 11 possible sites05/07/200408/08/200422/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0069
Phase II (NVC) Survey and Condition assessment of the grasslands of Richmond ParkPhase 2 NVC assessment of Richmond Park carried out by LUC, producing a paper report and excel files20/07/200411/08/200422/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0070
Bushy Park Biannual Water Quality Report (2006)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts01/08/199831/08/200622/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0071
Greenwich Park LepidopteraSurvey of moths using traps and butterflies transects. Report also includes some casual records. List of plants also included.11/05/200412/10/200622/03/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0072
Survey of Moths utilising Reedbeds and marginal habitat in the Long Water, Kensington GardensSurvey of moths in Long Water enclosure in 2005 targeting species of reedbeds and other marginal habitats using overnight and daytime surveys21/06/200527/10/200522/03/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0073
Richmond Park Flora P-A (1 June 2006)Summary of flora records in Richmond Park by 1k grid squares using DAFOR scale, with bulk of recording carried out btw 1999 and 200301/01/198801/06/200622/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0074
Richmond Park Flora Particular records with GPS refSpreadsheet picking out certain species and giving more precise locations than 1k grid ref given in 'Richmond Park flora P-A'22/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0075
An ecological Assessment of Richmond Park PondsAn ecological investigation of the pond resource in Richmond Park, looking at both macrophyte and macro-invertebrate populations and historical data29/06/200106/08/200122/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0076
Grassland soil analysis results: Richmond Park - Sept & Dec 2006Table of soil analysis results from 25 sites with measurements of acidity, phosporus, potassium, magnesium, lime req and nitrogen. Phosporus levels shown on map in traffic light type presentation.01/09/200618/12/200622/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0077
Grassland soil analysis results: Bushy Park - July 2006Table of soil analysis results from 31 sites with measurements of acidity, phosporus, potassium and magnesium. In same Excel spreadsheet as Richmond Park soil analysis results.01/07/200606/07/200623/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0078
Richmond Park - Effects of Woodland Management on Vegetation and associated Epigeal Arthropods of Sidmouth Wood 2003The effect of thinning on the ground layer vegetation and the epigeal arthropods of beech and oak was investigated at Sidmouth Wood, Richmond Park as part of a first year undergraduate project30/05/200309/06/200322/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0079
Investigating differences in floral composition inside and outside small scrub enclosures in Richmond ParkComparison of plant species inside and outside scrub enclosures in Richmond Park, carried out as part of an MSC and using NVC methods11/06/200311/07/200322/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0080
Richmond Park (Wildlife Group) Wilson Reports 1935,1938-47General information and species information for Richmond Park contained in reports written by superintendent A.E. Wilson in the 1930s and 1940s. Data mostly qualitative.01/11/193831/10/194722/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0081
Richmond Park - the effect of host sex on the Helminth infections of mammalsSurvey of helminth parasites on Fallow Deer, carried out as part of a BSC, samples from autumn 200101/09/200131/12/200122/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0092
Richmond Park - Historical surveyA survey of the fabric of the park to identify the origin and historical significance of individual features and to appraise the current use of the site and its effect. Provides a baseline in 1983 against which future changes can be monitored.31/12/198322/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0093
Richmond Park Bird Transect Walks 1998-2007 ongoingRegular monthly transect walks covering 10 sections in Richmond Park20/12/199822/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0094
Richmond Park Flora Group Data sheetsFlora recording sheets completed by Mary Clare Sheahan (some data by her and other recorders)06/07/199913/06/200422/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0095
Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens: Management for LepidopteraReport on moths and butterflies recorded in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens between 1993 and 2004 with a more detailed study in 1998. Management recommendations are also given.01/01/199331/12/200422/03/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0096
Regents Park - Lepidoptera Baseline Survey Report 2003A baseline survey of butterflies and moths in Regent's Park, also incorporating other casual records in the park from 2003 within the results and giving recommendations for management.15/05/200312/11/200322/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0097
Bushy Park Surveys & Habitat StudiesTable of annual plant records from Bushy Park from 1981 to 1993. Was Appendix 10.5 of wildlife group submissions to Jenkin's Royal Park review.01/01/198131/12/199322/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0098
A Bat survey of Greenwich Park3 evening visits to survey bat activity were undertaken and a general search for tree holes was undertaken before the survey began - this was a joint survey with the Royal Parks23/05/200320/06/200322/03/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0099
Results Greenwich Std Bird Transect Walks 2005-7 ongoingRegular monthly transect walks covering 16 sections in 2 routes in Greenwich Park14/01/200522/03/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0100
Habitat restoration in the area of the Pen Ponds car park, Richmond Park NNR: a preliminary reportA report monitoring soil, vegetation (using DOMIN scale) and insects following habitat restoration work at the Pen Ponds car park13/07/200410/11/200422/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0101
Richmond Park - Units of standing deadwoodPowerpoint slide showing units of standing deadwood in each of the compartments in Richmond Park. Survey carried out in winter 2005/0601/10/200503/03/200623/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0102
Richmond Park Butterfly Transects 2003-07 ongoingData recorded on butterfly transect walk route starting at Holly Lodge in Richmond Park. Includes weekly recording forms and an annual summary for each year (both in Excel). Includes records of day flying moths01/04/200323/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0103
Richmond Park 1k square recording (Butterflies)Data from butterfly surveys carried out in 1k grid squares in Richmond Park on a weekly basis during 2004 and 2005. Includes day flying moths.01/04/200430/09/200523/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0107
The Double line moth- Mythimina turca - Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common survey, Surrey, 2002 (Butterfly Conservation Report No. SO2-38)Species lists from the Double-line moth survey of Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common carried out in 200222/07/200228/07/200223/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0108
Richmond Park - Double line survey 2004List of species recorded at 11 sites during Double line moth survey in Richmond Pk in 200405/07/200405/07/200423/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0109
Richmond Owl pellets resultsDetails of owl pellets sent to A.Love for analysis in March 2003. Paper report contains results of analysis10/02/200310/03/200323/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0110
Richmond PondsRe-evaluation of a selection of ponds from the LUC 2001 report to determine if they have undergone ecological change and also looking at species richness (university student project)01/01/200631/12/200623/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0111
pH measurements for some waterbodiesA list of pH measurements for 14 waterbodies in Richmond Park following a long dry spell in 200208/10/200208/10/200223/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0112
Richmond Park Pond Survey July 2001Not known - cannot access mdb01/07/200131/07/200123/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0113
Richmond Ponds info from JSVarious information about RP ponds including grid ref, size, pH levels, Cond & REDOX. Date measurements relate to is unknown23/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0114
Saproxylic (dead-wood associated) beetle survey in Richmond Park vane-traps in 2006 A word report lists the beetles found during the Richmond Park vane trap survey in 2006. Two Excel spreadsheet show (1) numbers recorded from each trap on each date, (2) Details of the locations of each of the 30 traps16/05/200628/11/200611/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0115
Report on 12 month spider survey of Greenwich Park, with some information on spiders in the adjacent areaA spider survey conducted over 12 months - main part was pitfall trapping, but also some sweep netting and beating and a spider foray in May 2002.01/10/200231/10/200323/03/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0116
The Double line moth- Mythimina turca - Richmond Park survey 2003Includes information on moths found from a larvae survey carried out in April and May incl a A4 sheet corrected species list. The species list also includes records of moths from 24th June.17/04/200324/06/200323/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0117
Birds - May 2000Contains list of bird sightings in April 200001/04/200030/04/200004/07/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0119
Richmond Park Butterfly Records 1999Paper copy of butterfly totals in Richmond Park for 1999(yearly numbers only), as well as some graphs for certain species01/04/199930/09/199923/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0120
Richmond Park Butterfly Records 2000Paper copy of butterfly totals in Richmond Park for 2000(yearly numbers only), as well as some graphs for certain species01/04/200030/09/200023/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0121
Richmond Park Butterfly Records 2002Paper copy of butterfly totals in Richmond Park for 2002 (weekly totals), as well as some graphs for certain species01/04/200220/10/200223/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0122
The Birds of Richmond Park 1995-2004Leaflet listing birds of Richmond Park and years in which recorded01/01/199531/12/200423/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0123
The Birds of Greenwich Park 1996-2005Leaflet listing birds of Greenwich Park including dates for some of the rarer species01/01/199631/12/200523/03/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0124
Park Butterfly Records: Regents ParkList showing presence or absence of 19 species in Regents Park in 1999, 2000 & 2001. Observer is not given and neither numbers nor exact dates are recorded.01/01/199931/12/200123/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0125
Regent's Park: Butterfly Transect Recording sheets 2004Copies of 16 recording sheets for butterfly transect route in Regent's Park in 200422/05/200409/09/200423/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0126
Survey of Regent's Park Boating Lake on 17th March 2003Written report on fish survey of Regent's Park boating lake in 2003 (2 A4 sheets)17/03/200317/03/200323/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0127
City of Westminster Nature Conservation Survey 1995Report on sites in Westminster, giving brief details of habitats and wildlife at each site. Sites incl. Regents Pk, Hyde Pk/Ken Gdns and St James's Pk. Numbers of breeding birds also given01/01/199531/10/199523/03/2007Administrative Area - City of WestminsterTRP0128
Royal Parks Survey: The Regent's Park & Primrose HillRecords the history, development and current state of the park (1981). A survey of trees and shrubs was undertaken01/01/198131/12/198123/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0129
Preliminary Orthoptera Survey: Regent's Park, June 2004Very brief report on preliminary orthoptera survey with some initial results from 3 sites. A full survey was not carried out01/06/200430/06/200423/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0130
Regent's Park/Primrose Hill: Report on Invertebrate Survey/Monitoring Feb-November 2003Survey of invertebrates (spiders and beetles) from Jan to Nov 2003 with time pitfall traps being operated at 7 sites, supplemented with some sweep netting01/01/200330/11/200323/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0131
Regent's Park and surrounding areas. Report on 12-month Invertebrate survey Feb 2002 - Jan 2003Survey of invertebrates (spiders and beetles) from Feb 2002 to Jan 2003 with pitfall traps being set at various sites, and also including some sweeping and searching. Includes table with records going back to the 1980s01/02/200231/01/200323/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0132
Proposed sports facility for the Holford House site, Regent's Park: Ecological Impact assessment Stage 1A stage 1 ecological impact assessment for a proposed facility at Regent's Park, including various species records from the survey and from other sources04/08/200504/08/200523/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0133
3850 Former Holford House Site in Regent's Park Preliminary Appraisal of Bat HabitatThe study comprised of a desk study review of bat records within 2k and a field survey to look at the likelihood of potential roost sites within mature trees02/05/200602/05/200623/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0134
GiGL Ecological Data search for Regent's Park on behalf of Land use consultants (report ref 05/240Data search run by GiGL on Regent's Park on behalf of Land use consultants30/11/200530/11/200523/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0135
Regent's Park Bird Reports 1982-2007 ongoingAnnual bird records/reports for Regents Pk. Currently TRP holds the reports for 1982, 85-94, 95 (to Aug only), 96-02, 04-07.01/01/198221/05/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0136
Regent's Park, London (Bird Records)A4 sheet listing bird sightings in 197801/01/197831/12/197823/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0155
Birdlife of Regent's Park & Primrose Hill, 1968A4 report detailing the birds seen in Regent's Park in 1968, in some cases giving a summary of sightings during the 1960s01/01/196831/12/196823/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0156
The Birds of Regent's ParkThis is not a survey but a book summarising the status of the birds of Regent's Park up to early 199928/02/199923/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0157
Richmond Park - aquatic & littoral flora - 13 August 2000List of species recorded during Plantlife visit compiled by Thomas Wood and Tim Wilkins at Plantlife13/08/200013/08/200030/10/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0158
An investigation into the habitat use of the Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) in Richmond ParkReport looking at the habitat use of Red Deer and also Fallow deer for comparative purposes, from a transect survey (university research project)26/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0159
Richmond Park - Fungi - 1999A list of fungi species identified in October 1999 in squares TQ1970 and TQ1971with comments against some species09/10/199917/10/199926/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0160
Richmond Park Fungi Foray 21 Oct 2000A list of fungi species found during a foray on 21 Oct 2000 plus second list by grid square with comment 'noted by Irene Kettle'21/10/200021/10/200026/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0161
Bryophytes of Richmond Park - as at 26 May 1994This is a 'very preliminary list' of mosses and liverworts (bryophytes) from Richmond Park, based on fieldwork during the winter of 1993-94. As yet (i.e. at time of writing) material has not been sent off to be verified.01/01/199331/12/199426/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0163
Bryophytes of Richmond Park - as at 17 May 1995This is a 'preliminary list' of mosses and liverworts (bryophytes) from Richmond Park, based on fieldwork during the winters of 93-94 and 94-95 and updates a previous version from 94. As yet (i.e. at time of writing) material has not been verified01/01/199331/12/199526/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0164
Fungi collected in Richmond Park, Surrey, 24th Sept 1983An A4 list of fungi collected in Richmond Park on 24/09/1983 with no further details24/09/198324/09/198326/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0165
The status of the Canada Goose in the London areaThis is a copy of an article in the 1984 London Bird Report (no. 49) about the Canada goose in London and includes some data about the species in the Royal Parks. A note from Ken Osbourne gives additional data from 1983-89 from Bird Reports.01/01/195531/12/198926/03/2007Administrative Area - Whole of LondonTRP0166
Research on Grey herons in SurreyA copy of an article in 'Nature Line' in Spring 98 discussing heronries in Surrey. An extra sheet lists nests at heronries in the BTO London region from 93-97 including Richmond & Regent's Pk with numbers for Richmond Pk written in for 98-9901/01/199331/12/199926/03/2007Administrative Area - Vice County of SurreyTRP0167
Moth survey (Richmond Park 1992)Records from Pen Ponds area from a British Entomological and Natural History Society evening at Richmond Pk on 6.6.9206/06/199206/06/199226/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0168
Insects recorded from Richmond Park in 1992Records from visits in 1992 concentrating on hoverflies and micro-moths but also recorded other groups. The grid ref vistied on each date is recorded01/05/199228/08/199226/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0169
Medon dilutus in Richmond Park, SurreyCopy of report from 25.xi.1998 edition of Entomologists Record describing the finding of a specimen of Medon dilutus in 199701/05/199731/07/199726/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0170
The spatial distribution of beetles within the canopies of oak trees in Richmond ParkThis is an information sheet (from a website) about a paper in UK Ecological Entomology (26, 302-311) about a survey of beetles in oak trees carried out in 1984. There is no copy of the report itself.01/04/198430/11/198426/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0171
National Moth Night on 16th-17th June 2002This is a printout of an email to Simon Richards about National Moth night 2002, with the list of moths seen. Second copy adds comment 'these are unverified records. Richmond Pk Holly Lodge'16/06/200217/06/200226/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0172
Butterfly species list for Richmond Park as at 1/7/95A list of butterfly species for Richmond Pk with comments and maps but does not include dates for sightings01/01/199401/07/199526/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0173
The Double Line moth Mythimna turca Survey 2001 (Butterfly Conservation Report SO2-15)Details of a survey carried out at various sites in 2001 and including records of traps from Richmond Park03/07/200103/07/200126/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0174
Observations on Raymondionymus marqueti in north SurreyDetails of a study of R. marqueti in gardens in north Surrey. Does not include any records from the Parks. From The Entomologist 116 (2) 122-12901/04/199530/09/199626/03/2007Administrative Area - Vice County of SurreyTRP0175
Coleoptera occurring underground at the roots of old treesThe survey was carried out between 1995-97 and includes records from surveys carried out in Richmond Pk in 1996-97. Copy of report from Entomologist's Gazette 51: 239-256 (2000)01/01/199531/12/199726/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0176
Insect survey of Richmond Park SSSI, Surrey - 1993 (JNCC Report No. 177)This report details the findings of survey work on insects in 1993 and briefly compares the results with a similar survey in 199220/02/199311/11/199326/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0177
Report on studies on underground beetles in Richmond ParkA summary and list of beetles trapped during surveying in Richmond Pk in 1997-9801/01/199731/12/199826/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0178
Bees, Wasps and Ants of Richmond ParkA list of species recorded with no further details apart from national status. See Feb 03 list for comments01/01/199030/06/200326/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0179
Beetles occurring underground at the roots of old trees on Ashtead Common, SurreyA survey carried out on Ashtead Common prior to the wider survey that included Richmond Pk. Does not contain any data relating to the Parks. From Entomologist's Gazette 50: 59-67 (1999)01/05/199531/12/199726/03/2007TRP0180
Richmond Park SSSI, Surrey: Insect Surveys 1992-96Details of species annually from 92-96 (5 reports), with the main effort being on recording moths (These are JNCC Reports). Records are recorded by grid ref and/or compartment number.01/05/199231/12/199626/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0181
Invertebrate Site Register (JNCC)A list of RDB and Notable inverts at sites in London as at 19 Dec 94 with date of last known record, source and status of record. Includes the Royal Parks19/12/199426/03/2007Administrative Area - Whole of LondonTRP0184
The effect of sewage sludge treatment on acid grassland in London's Richmond Park (1982-2004)An analysis of areas that were treated with sewage sludge in the1980s to see whether the effects could still be seen 15 years later. Contains a small amount of species data (university project)05/07/200411/07/200426/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0185
Bracken: an ecological review - An investigation into the Nature conservation value of Pterdium aquilinum in Richmond ParkAnalysis of the nature conservation of bracken including the microclimate beneath the bracken the insect diversity, the soil pH and floral diversity (university project). Includes a few species records01/09/199615/09/199626/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0186
Richmond Park grassland surveyA phase II survey of parts of Richmond PK SSSI, carried out 22-24 June 1999. Includes bryophytes/lichens but not consistently across quadrats as depended on whether specialist was covering that quadrat22/06/199924/06/199926/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0188
Essex, Herts and London Regional Grazing Animals project - audit resultsProject initiated by English Nature with objective of ensuring appropriate grazing on grassland sites of nature conservation importance. Brief report and map showing grazable land. No species info.31/03/200026/03/2007Administrative Area - Whole of LondonTRP0189
An experiment to investigate the effect of drought on the populations of Juncus squarrosus and Deschampsia cespitosa in an area of acid grasslandCompares the % cover of Juncus squarrosus and Deschampsia cespitosa with a survey in 198315/04/199716/04/199726/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0190
Isabella Plantation: Habitat Management InvestigationStudent report about the Isabella Plantation (May 2000), containing various lists of flora and flora (dates unknown) - lists appear to be the same as those in the Report and Management recommendations26/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0191
A follow up survey of small mammals on Ham Lands, south-west LondonPresent the results of a live-trapping survey of shrews, mice and voles on Ham Lands. From the London Naturalist, No. 81 2002 (not in royal Parks)28/09/200130/09/200126/03/2007SINC - Ham LandsTRP0192
Diet analysis of Microtus agrestis in undisturbed acid grassland in Richmond Park: does site vegetation cover correlate with faecal compositionCompares the faecal composition of Microtus agrestis (Field Vole) with the % site cover of the vegetation (MSc project)01/04/199930/04/199926/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0193
Trapping surveys of small mammals on wimbledon Common, Bushy Park and Ham Lands, south-west LondonPresents the results of live-trapping studies of shrews, mice and voles in Wimbledon Cn (Oct 96), Bushy Pk (Oct 97) and Ham Lands (Oct 97) and earlier survey of Richmond Pk (94). From The London Naturalist No 80 2001.01/10/199631/10/199726/03/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0194
A trapping survey of small mammals in Richmond Park (Autumn 1994) with comments on the potential for the re-establishment of Barn OwlsA small mammal survey carried out as part of general investigations into the possibility of re-establishing Barn owls in the park01/09/199531/10/199526/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0195
Council Directive on the conservation of natural habitats and wild flora and flora (92/43/EEC) - The Habitats Directive: A list of possible Special Areas of Conservation in the UKList of possible special areas of conservation in the UK for consultation (31 March 1995). Not a survey.26/03/2007Administrative Area - Whole of LondonTRP0196
The Nature Conservation interest of Windsor Forest and Great ParkSummary of nature conservation interest and management guidelines for Windsor Forest and Great Park. No dates given. Not a survey and not a Royal Parks site.26/03/2007TRP0197
Ham Pond (Fish survey)A note (A4 sheet) detailing a fish survey of Ham Pond and listing the species caught. Date is given as Weds 17th April but the year is not given26/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0198
The Isabella Plantation: Report and Management RecommendationsManagement plan and recommendations for the Isabella Plantation (dated Jan 1995). Includes list of species that appears to be the same as that found in the Habitat management investigation (dates unknown)26/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0199
An investigation into the causes of reedbed retreat in Upper Pen Pond, Richmond Park, to identify management solutions to reinstate the area's ecological valueThe reedbed at Upper Pen Pond is recognised [in 1998] as undergoing retreat and the report investigates the consequences of this continuing. Includes some flora species list and analysis of water (MSc project)01/05/199831/07/199826/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0200
Suggestions for the Improvement and Development of the Pen Ponds Plantation, Richmond Park (Feb 94)Covers suggestions and proposals of the various management practices that would be suitable for the plantation. Data is generic except for a few records without dates or names - no survey was undertaken.26/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0201
Richmond Park adult Stag Beetle survey 2000 (Draft)Casual recorders of adult stag beetles in Richmond Park received from staff and members of Richmond Pk Wildlife group. Some records may be missing as note says 'Not all staff have returned recording forms yet'02/06/200021/08/200026/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0202
The tube-web spider Atypus affinis rediscovered on Hampstead Heath after more than a centuryAn account of the rediscovery on Hampstead Heath of the mygalomorph spider Atypus affinis. From The London Naturalist No. 74. 199501/09/199430/09/199426/03/2007SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsTRP0203
Spiders and disturbance on Hampstead Heath and some other London grasslandsA discussion of the management implications of disturbance to spiders, including a list of spiders found. From The London Naturalist No. 72, 199301/05/199131/05/199226/03/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0204
Spiders and disturbance - 2: A study on West Heath, HampsteadA continuation of the survey of a number of sites in 91-92 at a single new site from May 1993. From The London Naturalist No. 73 199401/05/199331/05/199426/03/2007SSSI - Hampstead Heath WoodsTRP0205
Results of Spider pitfall-trapping in LondonDiscussion of pitfall trapping in London - not a survey. Extract from The London Naturalist No. 79, 200026/03/2007Administrative Area - Whole of LondonTRP0206
Spider survey: species list and preliminary analysis of data (Richmond Park 1995-96)List of species of spiders recorded by pitfall trapping in Richmond Park during a survey in 1995-96, with 3 pages of discussion07/06/199511/09/199626/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0207
Report on a spider survey in Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Brompton Cemetery 1994-95, with notes on other invertebratesList of species found with some comments05/12/199405/12/199526/03/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0208
Oxleas Wood: Observations on the Spiders, their Phenology and Ecological strategies. From The London Naturalist No. 67, 1988Discussion about the spiders of Oxleas Wood, with some lists of records from pitfall trapping survey in 1987-8801/04/198730/04/198826/03/2007TRP0209
An analytical assessment of the levels of Through-flow traffic pollution in Richmond Park and the implications of this in terms of the conservation of the Park environmentLooks at the potential impact of pollution derived from traffic, by analysing soil samples17/09/199816/10/199827/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0210
Various short reports about the effects of traffic/air pollution on grasslandVarious reports all from outside the Parks looking at the effects of traffic/air pollution on grassland27/03/2007TRP0211
Microbial biomass in Richmond Park SoilsReports of soil analyses carried out in Richmond Pk betw 27 Sept & 16 Oct 8627/09/198616/10/198627/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0212
A comparison of the type and number of acquatic invertebrates in shaded and unshaded sections of Beverley Brook, Richmond ParkAn investigation into whether dense shading in some parts of Beverley Brook affected the distribution of aquatic invertebrates. A small amount of species data included (student project)30/09/199327/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0213
Beverley Brook aquatic macroinvertebrate surveysData on inverts in Beverley Brook from late 95 to spring 01 including report of a baseline survey carried out in 1998/99 (some sites outside park)27/09/199522/05/200127/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0214
Richmond Park - Adam's and Pen PondsTwo tables showing algal composition and benthic macro-invertebrate community assemblage1998-02 (excluding 01)01/08/199831/08/200227/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0215
The Royal Parks Lake Phytoplankton monitoring 1998Bioassay tests carried out at nine water bodies in the Parks looking at phytoplankton01/08/199831/08/199827/03/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0216
Richmond Park Hydrogeological appraisal of Groundwater ResourcesInvestigation into the potential for groundwater use within Richmond Pk. Water samples were taken from the artesian well nr Pembroke Lodge and analysed24/01/199224/01/199227/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0217
Ecological Appraisal of the Beverley Brook catchment 1989An ecological, habitat based survey carried out over the entire Beverley Brook catchment area in the summer of 1988 by the LWT for Thames Water Authority01/06/198831/10/198827/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0218
The Royal Parks Water Quality Report for August 1999Analysis of water quality in the Royal Parks including details of algal composition and inverts01/08/199931/08/199927/03/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0219
A study of two ponds in Richmond Park and two ponds in Bushy Park, to find their trophic status and to compare their levels of heavy metal pollution1998-99 study Looking at the trophic status & heavy metal pollution of the two Pen Ponds in Richmond Pk and Heron & Leg of Mutton Ponds in Bushy Pk (student project)27/08/199824/01/199927/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0220
1986 Habitat Survey Richmond Park1986 habitat survey of Richmond Pk carried out by B.J. Pardon for NCC (English Nature). Species recorded in body of report (no tables)01/05/198631/05/198627/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0221
Coleoptera: Carabidae in the London Area with a preliminary list of the ground beetlesComments on records in London with an interim list of carabids for the London area. From The London Naturalist No. 79, 200031/12/199927/03/2007Administrative Area - Whole of LondonTRP0222
Richmond Park Biannual Water Quality Report (2006)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts01/04/199830/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0223
Kensington Gdns/Hyde Park Biannual Water Quality Report (2006)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts01/04/199830/03/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0224
Regent's Park Biannual Water Quality Report (2006)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts01/04/199830/03/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0225
Greenwich Park (Birds)Photocopy of p46-51 of what is apparently an extract from A.D. Webster's "Greenwich Park" (1902)31/12/190204/07/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0226
Birds that visit Greenwich Park and stay all year roundHandwritten list of birds sent by J.C. Buttress (superintendent) to J. Gunn. Observer is unknown04/07/2007TRP0227
Greenwich Park Biannual Water Quality Report (to Jan 2008)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts up to Aug 200701/04/199830/03/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0228
St. James Park Biannual Water Quality Report (2006)Report produced biannually measuring water quality and including info about phytoplankton and inverts01/04/199830/03/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0229
The Larger Brachycera and Conopidae of Bushy Park, MiddlesexReport on larger Brachycera and Conopidae contained in volume 65 of the Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society (volume dedicated to Bushy Park)01/02/200602/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0230
The Saproxylic Coleoptera of Bushy Park, MiddlesexSummary of records of saproxylic coleoptera in Bushy Pk and measurement of the site's quality. From volume 65 of the Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society (volume dedicated to Bushy Park). Not a survey but some species are not in our records02/06/190501/02/200602/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0231
Additions to the list of Aculeate Hymenoptera for Bushy Park, MiddlesexContains additions to the list of records published by the authors in 2003. From volume 65 of the Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society (volume dedicated to Bushy Park)01/01/200431/12/200402/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0232
Diary Notes: Bushy Park, Middlesex (1999-2005)Several recollections based on some of Peter Sutton's diary notes from observations in Bushy Park. From volume 65 of the Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society (volume dedicated to Bushy Park)01/05/199931/12/200502/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0233
Queen Anne's Alcove, Kensington Gardens: Bat Surveys, Oct 2004Bat survey including a desktop study, buildings inspection, habitat survey and 3 field surveys. Contract work for Metronet15/10/200421/10/200402/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0234
GiGL Ecological Data search for Kensington Gardens on behalf of Furesfen (report ref 04/158)Data search run by GiGL on Kensington Gdns04/11/200402/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0235
Reed Bed Construction noticeA notice about new reed bed construction on the east bank of the Longwater with an enquiry number. Date uncertain - written in but with note that it needs checking02/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0236
Bird Counts in Kensington Gardens (1925-2005)A summary of autumn bird numbers in Kensington Gardens for 7 years btw 1925 and 2005. 6 years worth of data (up to 2000) is reported in an article in the London Bird Report no. 65 for 2000.01/01/192507/11/200502/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0237
Coleoptera records from Kensington GardensRecords from visits btw 2000 and 2002, with written note 'freely usable; permission of Peter Hammond'01/11/200014/05/200202/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0238
Bat Survey of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens 1994Bat survey undertaken to examine the use of the sites for bats, consider their potential and importance and to make recommendations as required.30/05/199416/08/199402/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0239
Surveys of Brompton CemeteryCopy of emails btw Nigel Reeve and Nick Butler about survey of Brompton Cemetery carried out by Kensington and Chelsea for which Royal Parks didn't have the data at time of writing (2003)02/04/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0240
Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens FloraVarious reports mostly from London Naturalist about the flora of Hyde Pk and/or Ken Gdns. Includes a number of slides of plants in the parks02/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0241
Hyde Park Meadow surveyMeadow survey using randomised 1m square quadrats within each sub-compartment. Nigel has noted 'hardly a thorough job - did not cover all compartments01/07/200331/07/200302/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0242
Species List for Hyde Park Meadow AreaList of species and plant recording sheet for visit to Hyde Pk Meadow area on 30/06/1993 (LEU survey)30/06/199330/06/199302/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0243
Hyde Park Meadow: A report on surveys in 2001 and 2002 with recommendations for future managementNotes from visits to Hyde Pk meadow area on the flora and fauna10/07/200128/08/200202/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0244
Wildfowl counts for 22 Nov 2000 and 24 Jan 2001Letter giving wildfowl counts for 22/11/2000 for Hyde Pk/Ken Gds, St James's Pk, Regent's Pk and Buckingham Palace22/11/200022/11/200002/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0245
Hyde Park Meadow Butterfly SurveyResults of a butterfly survey of the 12 acre meadow and relevant adjacent habitat in 1993. Records from a moth trap are also included. Except for 4 species, this data has been reproduced in the 2004 HP/KG report.01/04/199330/09/199302/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0246
Hyde Park Common Birds CensusVarious reports/tables showing results from Common Bird Census carried out in Hyde Pk. Results for all yrs from 1994 to 200001/01/199431/12/199402/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0247
Central Royal Parks Wildlife Group: Bird Reports for 2002-065 Bird reports for 2002-06 covering Hyde Pk & Ken Gdns, St James's Pk and Buckingham Palace Gdn01/01/200231/12/200608/11/2007TRP0248
Standard Walks - Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park (separate forms)Summary sheets showing figures for standard walks in Ken Gdns and Hyde Pk from 2003 to 200601/01/200331/12/200602/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0250
Hyde Park - LEU survey 1985Flora recording sheets from LEU survey of Hyde Park carried out in 1995, also including a 'General Overview'.01/01/199531/12/199502/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0251
Spider records for the London Area in 1996Annual review of spider records for the London area from The London Naturalist No. 76, 199701/01/199631/12/199602/04/2007Administrative Area - Whole of LondonTRP0252
Richmond Park Aculeate Survey 2002, Interim report Feb 2003List of species recorded in Richmond Park since 1990, mostly from 5 visits made by survey originator in 2003 but also including a few records from other hymenopterists (not labelled as such)23/07/200202/04/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0253
Surrey Aculeate Sites at Dec 2003Species quality scores for sites in Surrey using Archer scores and modern (post-1985) records01/01/198531/12/200302/04/2007Administrative Area - Vice County of SurreyTRP0254
Bushy Park Aculeates July-October 2003List of records of Bushy Pk aculeates from David Baldock. Data used in Sutton/Baldock (2003), The Aculeate Hymenopteran fauna of Bushy Park. NB A more up to date list exists for 2003/0401/07/200331/10/200302/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0255
Richmond Park Aculeates 1998-2003List of records of Richmond Pk aculeates, records collected and collated by David Baldock. A more up to date copy exists (Aculeates 2005)01/01/199831/12/200302/04/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0256
The aculeate fauna of Bushy Park - 1971 additions and further records including a note on Mimesa bruxellensis BondroitReport supplementing previous lists for Bushy from Felton and Yeo. From Entomologist's Gazette Vol 23. List is also included in Sutton & Baldock (2003)27/06/197104/09/197102/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0257
Notes on the Hymenoptera of the Bushy Park Area, MiddlesexReport supplementing previous list for Bushy from Yeo. From the London Naturalist No. 46, 1967. List is also included in Sutton & Baldock (2003)01/06/195201/05/196602/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0258
Bees and Wasps in Bushy Park and at Hampton Hill, MiddlesexAn account of the author's collecting in the area, which took place from August 1948 to May 1953. From the London Naturalist No. 3601/08/194831/05/195302/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0259
Victoria Works, Victoria road, Feltham, London: Ecological IssuesEcological survey of Victoria Works building application, assessing possible impacts on the Longford River22/05/200622/05/200602/04/2007SINC - Longford River in RichmondTRP0260
RPS Ecoscope Report: Longford River Corridor Survey SummaryA survey of the River Colne and Longford River in the area of Longford village23/07/200324/07/200302/04/2007SINC - Longford River in RichmondTRP0261
Heathrow, Terminal 5 Project Twin Channel Diversion: Results of Fish captures from Longford RiverSummary of fish captures by Moore & Moore Carp carried out as part of the Rivers Switch process during Heathrow terminal 5 development17/02/200426/02/200402/04/2007SINC - Longford River in RichmondTRP0262
Site visit to DONR and LR re macroinvertebrate/substrate transfer methodologyBriefing note from a site visit to Duke of Northumberland river and Longford River. Both channels waded with ad-hoc sampling undertaken18/11/200318/11/200302/04/2007SINC - Longford River in RichmondTRP0263
Brompton Cemetery Moth Data 1997-98Word document with table showing moth data for 1997 and 1998. Hard copy is in different format and also includes suggestions for habitat management01/01/199731/12/199804/04/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0264
The Effect of Benthivorous fish on the water quality of London's urban park lakes and the factors influencing blue-green algae abundanceSurvey of various London lakes including several RP looking at water quality and containing information about algae (Mres project)01/04/199931/07/199905/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0265
Central London Waterfowl monitoring - Annual Report 1997/98Report provided by WWT to Wandsworth Borough Council looking at monthly wildfowl numbers in 1997/98 in central London parks. Numbers are totals and not by park.01/05/199730/04/199805/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0266
St. James's Park Bat Survey Report 1995Results of bat survey in St James' Pk to look at importance of site for feeding and roosting bats31/08/199509/09/199505/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0267
Uncommon trees in LondonThe results of a search in 1996 for uncommon trees in London. From The London Naturalist No. 76 199701/01/199631/12/199605/04/2007Administrative Area - Whole of LondonTRP0268
Wildlife Newsletters (St. James's Park)Newsletters from St James's Pk covering March to July. Year only given in an article in one report but appears safe to assume that all relate to the same year as they follow on (1997)01/03/199731/07/199705/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0269
Kensington Gardens - Long Water Sanctuary clearing on site of Henry Moore sculptureRecommendations on management of the clearing after the Henry Moore sculpture is returned to the clearing. Includes some records of flora based on this visit and previous survey in 199517/09/199817/09/199805/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0270
Moths recorded in Hyde Park 1993-1996List of moths recorded from 1993-1996 with dates included13/05/199317/07/199605/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0271
Bird Records from St James's ParkRecording sheets from visits to St James's Park in 1990. Unknown whether this is duplicated but records were sent to 'Mary' of wildlife group so presumably were collated at the time12/01/199008/08/199005/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0272
Bird records from Hyde Park/Kensington GardensBird records from 1986 from an unknown observer including various anecdotes and comments about mammals and butterflies (Alison Paristo) - not sure if same observer as birds01/01/198631/12/198605/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0273
Bird Ringing in the Royal ParksReport (three A4 sheets) about Bird ringing in the royal Parks. Mostly written information with a few dates quoted within the report (year only). No tabular data.01/01/197530/11/198405/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0274
Bird Ringing in St. James's Park, LondonReport (one A4 sheet only)01/01/197531/12/198605/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0275
Enhancing Biodiversity in London's Royal ParksStudent project comparing some of the areas in the parks that are managed for conservation with those managed ornamentally. Includes some data on flora and fauna01/01/200230/09/200205/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0276
Biodiversity in Richmond ParkSummary of management issues relating to biodiversity in Richmond Pk, including comments and records of specific important species30/11/200205/04/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0277
Waterfowl and Wildlife in The Royal Parks. Final report - Jan 1993A review of the waterfowl and their management in The Royal Parks, commissioned by the Department of National Heritage (RP division)01/06/199207/01/199305/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0278
Waterfowl and Wildlife in The Royal Parks. Preliminary report - Nov 1992A review of the wildlife of Buckingham Palace Gardens08/09/199208/09/199205/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0279
Recommendation for marginal planting in St James's Park LakeDescribes recommendations for planting in St James's Pk Lake with maps showing planned locations.14/02/199414/02/199405/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0280
Factors affecting performance of deer in parksStudy of deer in Richmond & Bushy Pks following sudden and unexpected high mortality in 1985/6. Includes maps showing distribution of deer and habitat use01/01/198731/12/198905/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0281
Brompton Cemetery Bat SurveyRecording form from a bat survey carried out in Brompton Cemetery on 9th September 200409/09/200409/09/200410/04/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0282
Regents Park Bats Sept 04Email from Nick Biddle (Park Manager) summarising species seen on bat walk led by John Tovey in Sept 0401/09/200401/09/200410/04/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0283
Hyde Park Bat Roost visit report formBat roost visit report form following request from Andrew Boyle (site manager) to check whether bats were roosting in the Plant room of the Old Police House, Hyde Pk05/05/200326/05/200310/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0284
Bat Survey forms St James Park 2005Bat survey forms from St James Park and Green Park in Sept/Oct 2005 plus copy of emails btw N.Reeve and Philip Briggs about Nathusias Pipistrelle at St James's Pk29/09/200511/10/200510/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0285
Bat Survey in Richmond Park Aug 05Copy of email from Philip Briggs to Nigel Reeve and Simon Richards giving list of species found on bat survey of Richmond Pk in Aug 0518/08/200518/08/200510/04/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0286
Regent's Park Tennis and Golf Centre: Phase 1 Habitat survey and protected species assessmentDesktop study, habitat survey, protected species assessment and bat emergence survey of Regents Pk Tennis and Golf centre in 200606/06/200628/06/200610/04/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0287
Central London Waterfowl monitoring - Annual Report 2000/01Report provided by WWT to Wandsworth Borough Council looking at monthly wildfowl numbers in 2000/01 in central London parks. Numbers are totals and not by park.01/05/200030/04/200130/10/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTrp0288
Royal Parks Wildlife Group Water Birds recordsSummary of water birds in parks produced as draft for article in Richmond Park magazine in Sept 2000. No dates or precise information given30/09/199910/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0289
Canada and Greylag Goose numbers in Royal Parks, Wandsworth and surrounding areasMonthly counts of Canada and Greylag geese at various sites including the central Royal Parks as part of London Canada Goose Project. Only counts we have data for are from Jan to Sept 9701/01/199730/09/199710/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0290
Central Parks Number of geese eggs pricked 1997 & 1999Copies of letters giving details of number of Canada & Greylag geese eggs pricked in central parks in 97&99 as supplied to Department of the Environment. No data for other years01/01/199731/12/199910/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0291
The effect of sewage sludge treatment and mowing on the diversity of arthropod orders and orthoptera species in the grassland of Richmond ParkStudent project surveying grasshoppers and arthropods at six sites in Richmond Pk in 200502/07/200528/08/200510/04/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0292
Survey of Richmond Park for the PECE project (Lichens) (Dec 2006)A survey of lichens at various sites in London and Moscow for air quality management. This booklet summarises the data from Richmond Pk in 200601/12/200631/12/200612/04/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0293
Bracken areas July 2005 (Brompton Cemetery)Map of Brompton cemetery showing areas of bracken01/07/200531/07/200517/04/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0294
[No title] Tree species in Brompton cemeteryMaps of cemetery with tree numbers plus lists of trees and species17/04/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0295
Liking Lichens in LondonA4 sheet copy of article from Brompton Cemetery friends newsletter (date unknown). Includes some species plus states that Amanda has listed 59+3 species from cemetery17/04/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0296
A self guided walk around the trees of Brompton cemeteryA5 booklet describing a self guided walk looking at 50 tree species in the cemetery31/12/200317/04/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0297
Brompton Cemetery Moth Survey Report 1997-1998A4 Report. The data (without remainder of the report) is held in an MS word file on the w:drive14/07/199720/10/199817/04/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0298
The Aculeate Hymenopteran fauna of Bushy ParkSummary which includes lists of species recorded during major surveys of Bushy Park (from Bulletin of the Amateur Entomologists' Society, Dec 2003)01/01/195731/12/200317/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0299
A survey of the terrestrial invertebrates in Bushy ParkA summary of Jonty's 2004 survey? - various drafts. Rare and notable taxa are listed. May be duplicate of data from LUC survey01/06/200431/10/200417/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0300
Spider Investigations at Arethusa Fountain 29.11.04A4 sheet with photos showing Nigel investigating fountain for possible presence of Cave spiders (Meta) and picture of only spider identified (Amaurobius similis)29/11/200429/11/200417/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0301
[no title] Bushy Park records by Peter Sutton (Orthoptera)Photocopy of Wildlife reports section of 'British Wildlife' from Oct 2004 giving a list of records from Bushy Park in June/July (part of ongoing survey)20/06/200422/07/200417/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0302
Bushy Park. 450 Hs. Dry Acid Grassland. 165 Sps. SQS=5.34 at Sept 30 2004 (Inverts)List of invert species found at Bushy Pk. Author unknown but presumed David Baldock as part of calcs of SQS and therefore covered in other reports. NB A more up to date list exists for 2003/0430/09/200417/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0303
Bushy Park Butterfly Surveys 2005Transect forms for two separate butterfly transect walks plus a summary sheet for each transect01/04/200530/09/200517/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0304
Bird Report 2004 Bushy Park Wildlife GroupMinutes of Wildlife Group mtg for 13/09/2005 includes bird report for 2004 (written account for each species with dates and observer initials for some)01/01/200431/12/200417/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0305
Bushy Park National Moth Night 09.07.05List of species identified at 3 moth trap sites on national moth night 09.07.05. Plus map of suggested locations09/07/200509/07/200517/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0306
Butterfly Checklist Bushy Park 2003Table showing presence/absence of butterflies each month during 200301/01/200331/12/200317/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0307
Butterflies recorded in Bushy Park - 1996 & 1997Two handwritten lists (both 2 A4 pages) of species recorded in Bushy Park in 1996 and in 1997. First record date is given for most species and location details are given in some instances.01/01/199631/12/199617/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0308
Wildlife of Bushy Park Public talkList of species seen in the park by Peter Sutton (odonata/orthoptera), during public talk in Dec 2004 (notes taken by Nigel Reeve)01/12/200417/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0309
Wildlife Highlights in Bushy Park during 1998Written summary of wildlife seen in Bushy Park during 1998 (no dates shown)01/01/199831/12/199817/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0310
[no title] pages torn from notebook with plant records from Bushy ParkSeveral pages torn from a notebook with written records mainly of plants from visits to Bushy Park - possibly by Nigel but could be from someone else09/06/200305/08/200317/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0311
Bushy Amphibian recordsAmphibian national recording scheme cards from surveys in Bushy Park24/03/199627/03/199617/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0312
Bushy Park Management PlanManagement plan for Bushy Park. Does not appear to contain many biological records and does not include any new survey work31/12/200317/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0313
Report on the management of the marshland area north of Heron Pond for fountain landscapesReport about the heron pond area - mentions a few taxa but unclear whether these were from an actual survey28/02/200317/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0314
1996 6 October Fungus Foray Bushy ParkList from fungus foray in Bushy Park in 1996 including location map plus some records from 199415/09/199406/10/199617/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0315
Survey of Mistletoe in Bushy Park March 1995Map showing sites of Mistletoe in Bushy Pk with tree species that it was growing on also recorded01/03/199531/03/199530/10/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0316
Bushy Park: Historic Survey and Landscape Management PlanManagement plan for Bushy Park to provide support documentation for application to Heritage lottery fund Jul 02. Does not appear to include notable biological records31/07/200217/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0317
Hedgehog Release study 1997Various papers including record sheets relating to hedgehog release study in Bushy Pk in 199701/01/199731/12/199717/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0318
Birds in Bushy Park - 2002Summary of birds in Bushy Pk in 2002 compiled by Peter Greening for Wildlife group (written account for each species with dates and observer initials for some)01/01/200231/12/200217/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0319
Birds in Bushy Park in 1996Summary of birds in Bushy Pk in 1996 seen by Peter Greening (written account for each species with dates for some)01/01/199631/12/199617/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0320
Birds recorded in Bushy Park since Jan 1983Tick list of birds recorded in park since 1983 up to Aug 03. No dates or further information given01/01/198305/08/200317/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0321
2005 Bushy Park Bird ReportSummary of birds in Bushy Pk in 2005 compiled by Peter Greening for Wildlife group (written account for each species with dates and observer initials for some)01/01/200531/12/200517/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0322
A check list of the birds of Bushy ParkCheck list of birds recorded in Bushy Pk with status; dates only for a small number of records (no observer details)31/03/200617/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0323
Birds in Bushy Park in 1998Summary of birds in Bushy Pk in 1998 by Wildlife group (written account for each species with dates and observer initials for some)01/01/199831/12/199817/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0324
Bushy Park Standard Bird Walk Recording Forms 2004-06 ongoingStandard walk recording forms for Bird transects in 2004-06 (2 transect routes)01/01/200417/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0325
RSPB Richmond & Twickenham local group newsletters3 A5 newsletters from local RSPB group containing occasional records from TRP01/08/200328/02/200617/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0326
A Preliminary Survey of the Insects of Bushy ParkReport on a short survey of inverts in Bushy Pk carried out in Aug & Sept 199206/08/199230/09/199217/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0327
The Brewhouse Field Birds (including the Upper Lodge area)Summary of birds recorded on Brewhouse fields compiled by Peter Greening (written notes for each species with status and dates for a few - no record of period covered25/07/2008SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0328
Nature Conservation in GreenwichCopy of p21-23 of Ecology Handbook 10 covering Greenwich Pk only copied at EN office with printed date on front of 15/11/1989. Small amount of biological data refs15/11/198917/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0329
Greenwich Park Management PlanManagement plan for Greenwich Park (in two parts) containing a small number of biological records only31/12/199917/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0330
Birds in the Park (Greenwich)Patricia Brown17/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0331
Butterflies seen flying in Greenwich Park 1985-2001Simple list of 14 species recorded in Greenwich Pk btw 1985 & 200101/01/198531/12/200117/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0332
Greenwich Park Grassland Management Recommendations July 2003Summary of survey of grassland areas with recommended actions14/05/200325/07/200317/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0333
[no title] Grass cutting in Greenwich ParkVarious maps showing grass cutting areas in park c.2003-0527/06/190517/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0334
Greenwich Park Bird Report 1998Notes on 70 species seen in Greenwich Pk including dates for some records01/01/199831/12/199817/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0335
Baseline Survey of flora on the reservoir, Greenwich ParkCD containing baseline survey of flora from 2001. Also 2 pages of notes from GP04/07/200117/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0336
Tree Walk May 2006Summary of trees (info pack for tree walk in May 2006)01/05/200631/05/200617/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0337
Veteran Trees in Greenwich Park Feb 2005Summary of veteran trees (info pack for tree walk in Feb 2005)02/02/200502/02/200517/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0338
Trees of interest planted in Greenwich Park since Christmas 2000Summary of trees (info pack for tree walk in June 2005)22/06/200522/06/200517/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0339
Grasshopper & Cricket walk: Greenwich ParkList of orthoptera species recorded on walk on 4/8/2003 (notes by Nigel Reeve)04/08/200304/08/200317/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0340
A history of the vertebrate fauna of Blackheath & Greenwich Park, 1850-1999copy of an article in the London Naturalist No. 80, 2001 including some records from TRP31/12/199917/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0341
Greenwich fungi (source Anne Andrews) - updated to 2007File with fungi records in Greenwich Pk from c.1994 to 2007. Most records from fungi forays 2002-07. Spreadsheet produced by Nigel Reeve01/01/199401/11/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0342
OrthopteraHandwritten list of grasshoppers and crickets - may be written notes linked to write up of Sandi's Gropper walk17/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0343
Royal Parks Historical survey: St. James's Parkhistorical survey, includes maps of habitat features 1647-1981 (water, trees) and maps and counts of trees in 198131/12/198118/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0344
Greenwich Park: Historical surveyHistorical survey including maps showing locations of trees31/12/198618/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0345
The Green Park Historical Survey: Tree surveySurvey of trees in the Green Park with lists of trees in different areas and girth height and quality measures15/03/198115/05/198118/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0346
Hyde Park Historical survey: Tree SurveySurvey of trees in Hyde Park with lists of trees and girth height and quality measures01/01/198131/12/198218/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0347
Greenwich Park Historical survey: Tree surveySurvey of trees in Greenwich Park with lists of trees in different areas and girth height and quality measures01/05/198431/08/198418/04/2007SINC - Blackheath and Greenwich ParkTRP0348
Royal Parks survey: The Regent's Park and Primrose Hill - Tree and shrub schedulesLists of trees in the Regent's Pk with grid square, height girth and quality01/07/198131/07/198118/04/2007SINC - Regent's ParkTRP0349
Royal Parks Review: St James's and Green Parks; Regent's Park and Primrose HillReview of parks carried out in 1993 with very few bits of biological info20/04/199318/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0350
Royal Parks Historical survey: Hampton Court and Bushy ParkReview carried out in 1982. Volume 2 (and also vol 3) contains various information on habitats and trees31/08/198218/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0351
Brompton Cemetery: Historical Survey and Management PlanHistorical survey of Brompton Cemetery (1988) including tree survey31/12/198818/04/2007SINC - Brompton CemeteryTRP0352
Royal Parks Historical Survey: Green ParkHistorical survey of Green Park including maps from 168231/07/198118/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0353
Tree Management Strategy Hyde Park - Management proposalsManagement proposals for Hyde Pk with info trees in compartments. Unclear whether survey work was done or data taken from elsewhere. Provides picture at time of writing31/08/200319/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0354
Central Parks Wildlife Group meeting minutesThe meeting minutes contain some info re biological records (sightings). Various papers are also included - as far as I can tell all are filed elsewhere25/06/190528/06/190519/04/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0355
Kensington Gardens field notes (19/07/2004)Field notes (A4 sheet) from visit to Ken Gdns - flora and fauna19/07/200419/07/200419/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0356
Calluna vulgaris in Kensington GdnsEmail to Nigel about Heather in Ken Gdns (2006)28/08/200619/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0357
[no title] Kensington Gdns Bird surveysA few bits on bird surveys inc song bird census route, autumn bird census counts, nesting birds in Black Lion Lodge garden19/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0358
Hyde Park Meadow ManagementMaps and letters outlining cutting regime at Hyde Park meadow (area left uncut)19/04/2007SINC - Hyde Park and Kensington GardensTRP0359
Various stuff on Stag beetle surveys/walks (5 GiGL format files 2003-07 inclusive)Various papers re stag beetles and surveys/walks from John Hatto and other surveyors01/01/200331/12/200723/04/2006SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0360
Investigation into the water quality of St James's Park Lake and the Serpentine and the effects of waterfowl and sediment resuspension on the nutrient levelsStudent project looking at measurements of water quality and bird counts - data included in paper - bird counts presumed to have come form regular monitoring by wildlife group07/04/200423/04/2006SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0361
Seed specification for lakeside by Inn the ParkEmail & fax relating to the seed specification (grass and broad leafed herbs) for the lakeside by Inn the Park (2000)25/10/200426/10/200423/04/2006SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0362
St James's Park Lake water samplesReport on water sample tests carried out on St James's Park Lake in Feb 0726/02/200726/02/200723/04/2006SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0363
St James's Park - Cakehouse Green roofCopies of letters relating to the seed mix for the cakehouse green roof10/10/200314/10/200323/04/2006SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0364
St James's Park: Lakeside Planting scheduleMap showing lakeside planting plan in Aug 200401/05/200431/05/200423/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0365
Suggested planting list for newly created lakeside margin: St James's Park Sept 2003List of suggested species for planting in the lakeside margin at St James's Pk01/09/200330/09/200323/04/2007SINC - St James' Park, Green Park and Buckingham PTRP0366
Birds of Bushy and Hampton Court ParksRecords from Bushy put together by Keith based mainly on reports and records from official observers btw 1930 and 197901/01/192931/12/197930/04/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0367
Birds of Richmond ParkRecords from Richmond Pk put together by Keith based mainly on reports and records from official observers btw 1920 and 199401/01/192031/12/199430/04/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0368
Bird Life in the Royal Parks 1961-62Report on bird life recorded in the Royal Parks during 1961-6201/01/196131/12/196203/05/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0369
Kestrel Survey Richmond Park AD2000 Introductory notesInfo for participants prior to 2000 Kestrel survey - includes maps of data from surveys in 1999 and 1967-72 (Marsh & Ingram). Also hold map for 1998 with Skylark survey papers01/01/196731/12/199903/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0370
The Royal Parks' Wildlife GroupsSummary information about the Royal Parks wildlife groups together with some details of flora and fauna03/05/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0371
Grey Squirrel at MoleseyPhotocopy of extract from 'Harvesting the field - Anthology of letters from 1853 to the present' dated 1909 re report of Grey squirrel, Ed comment about release in 189031/12/190903/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0372
Bushy Park - Bird species seen by Peter Greening - 1991-93Report summarising birds seen in Bushy Pk during 1991-93 month by month01/01/199131/12/199316/01/2008SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0373
Birdlife of the Brewhouse Fields areaSummary of birdlife in the Brewhouse fields - dates only given for a small number of records31/08/199303/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0374
Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks Reports for 1921-38Copy of whole or part of 'Bird Sanctuaries' reports for The Royal Parks containing bird data from the superintendent of each park. Richmond Pk only for some years. 1923 report is missing01/01/192131/12/193814/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0375
Richmond Park Bird Report 1924Copy of report listing birds nesting in Richmond Pk and casual visitors01/01/192431/12/192414/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0376
Richmond Park Bird Report 1925Copy of report listing birds nesting in Richmond Pk and casual visitors01/01/192531/12/192514/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0377
Richmond Park Bird Report 1926Copy of report listing birds nesting in Richmond Pk and casual visitors01/01/192631/12/192614/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0378
Richmond Park Bird Report 1927Copy of report listing birds nesting in Richmond Pk and casual visitors01/01/192731/12/192714/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0379
Park Happenings (Notes by Collenette)Copy of personal notes by Collenette from 1932 to 193901/03/193230/06/193914/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0391
Fifty years ago - Some ornithological records from January to June 1948Two pages of A4 apparently written by Barry Marsh in 199901/01/194830/06/194814/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0392
Various Richmond Park Bird Reports 1939-1947Various reports by Collenette, Rawlence, Hayman covering single years and also reviews of the whole period01/01/193931/12/194714/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0393
Bird Life in the Royal Parks 1939-47 (one-off) and annual reports for 1948-1970 (Richmond Pk section only)Photocopy of section covering Richmond PK in annual Parks Bird Reports from 1948 to 1970 and one-off report covering 1939-4701/01/194831/12/197014/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0394
Birds recorded in the London Royal Parks 1951-1977Photocopy of table in Parks Bird Reports from 1952 to 1977 showing birds recorded in all parks01/01/195231/12/197714/05/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0395
Bird Life in the Royal Parks 1969-1970Copy of the Bird Sanctuaries report for 1969-7001/01/196931/12/197014/05/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0396
Bird Life in the Royal Parks 1973Copy of the Bird Sanctuaries report for 197301/01/197331/12/197014/05/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0397
Bird Life in the Royal Parks 1959-60Copy of the Bird Sanctuaries report for 1959-6001/01/195931/12/196014/05/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0398
Bird Life in the Royal Parks 1953-54Copy of the Bird Sanctuaries report for 1953-54. Labelled 'Editing experiment and contains many lines crossed out01/01/195331/12/195414/05/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0399
List of birds seen or heard in Pembroke Lodge grounds 1926A4 sheet with list of birds seen in Pembroke Lodge grounds in 1926 including notes re which nested01/01/192631/12/192615/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0400
Report of Superintendent for 1925List of birds recorded in Bushy Pk in 1925 including those that nested01/01/192531/12/192515/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0401
Richmond Park - List of vermin killed during the past year (feb 1926)List of 9 species killed in park in year to Feb 1926 with number killed28/02/192615/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0402
Bushy Park - Report by the Superintendent for 1926List of birds recorded in Bushy Pk in 1926 including those that nested01/01/192631/12/192615/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0403
Hampton Court and Bushy Parks - Report for 1928 by the SuperintendentPhotocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1928 showing Bushy Pk section only01/01/192831/12/192815/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0404
Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park - Report for the second half of 1929Photocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1929 showing Bushy Pk section only and covering only second half of the year01/08/192931/12/192915/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0405
Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park - Report for 1931Photocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1931 showing Bushy Pk section only - compiled from notes made by the late Mr Robert Patterson01/01/193122/07/193115/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0406
Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park - Report for 1930Photocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1930 showing Bushy Pk section only - compiled from notes made by the late Mr Robert Patterson01/01/193031/12/193015/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0407
Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park (1932)Photocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1932 showing Bushy Pk section only - full report not available as no observer was appointed01/01/193231/12/193215/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0408
Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park - Report for 1933Photocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1933 showing Bushy Pk section only01/01/193331/12/193315/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0409
Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park - Report for 1935Photocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1935 showing Bushy Pk section only01/01/193531/12/193515/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0410
Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park - Report for 1936Photocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1936 showing Bushy Pk section only01/01/193631/12/193615/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0411
Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park - Report for 1937Photocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1937 showing Bushy Pk section only01/01/193731/12/193715/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0412
Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park - Report for 1938Photocopy from 'Bird Sanctuaries in Royal Parks' 1938 showing Bushy Pk section only01/01/193831/12/193815/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0413
Fish from Pen PondsPhotocopy of letter detailing the number of fish taken from Pen Ponds when they were drained in Oct 194001/10/194031/10/194015/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0414
Bushy and Hampton Court Parks Report by E.W. Pearce 1939-1946 inclusiveReport based on records from both J.E. Roberts and E.W. Pearce01/01/193931/12/194615/05/2007SINC - Bushy Park and Home ParkTRP0416
Survey of Bird Habitats in the Royal ParksReport on bird habitats in the Royal Parks including some records of birds. Date unknown although probably late 1950s based on report number15/05/2007Administrative Area - Several BoroughsTRP0417
The Richmond herons - their home and habitsArticle in the Times about the Richmond herons08/04/191915/05/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0418
Birds of the Richmond and Twickenham area 1985-1986Summary of birds seen in the Richmond and Twickenham area including some records from Richmond and Bushy Parks01/01/198531/12/198615/05/2007Administrative Area - London Borough of Richmond uTRP0419
Report on the oak polypore Piptoporus quercinusGives some information about the ecology of the Oak Polypore and summarises pre and post 1970 records including some sites in the Parks01/03/200131/10/200126/03/2007SSSI - Richmond ParkTRP0612