What our open space data can tell you

Information includes
NameEach site has a unique name that corresponds to that used on Ordnance Survey maps, borough planning documents or a commonly used local name. If the name is unknown, a descriptive name is used.
LocationThe London borough(s) the site is in, the ward, it's area, the eastings and northings of the centre of the site, its postcode and also address where applicable.
Land UseA broad open space category, primary use and secondary uses of the site. See our Open Space Categories. The level of use, site's predominant use and site events are also recorded where known.
OwnershipAn indication of the type of ownership and, where it is known, the name of the owner. Manger name and website are also included where known, along with primary contact details for the site.
AccessThe accessibility of the site to the general public. Restricted access details and permission to enter the site is documented where relevant. Information on access points is also recorded.
Facilities and FeaturesIncluding sport facilities, recreational facilities and practical facilities such as toilets and refreshments. Feature type, name and condition is recorded, where known.
DesignationsAny special designations which apply to the site. Includes statutory designations such as SSSIs and SPAs, non-statutory designations such as SINCs and POS, open space and landscape designations such as Green Belt, Metropolitan Open Land and Green Flag awards, and also information on byelaws and orders, where known. Information includes designation type, grade, name, percentage of the site included and first and last designation dates.
Site InformationIncluding named areas of the site, a description of the site, opening times, and Friends of Group and other site user group information, where known.
Site QualityWhere known, information about site management plans, maintenance, threats and disturbances, safety projects and wildlife features.

Some information about publicly accessible open spaces is shown through Discover-London. For access to full open space data please contact a member of staff.

Information regarding open space data formats is available in our Data Guide.