Partner Data Input

Partner data are input as part of their service level agreement.

Recording software

For expert or professional recorders with their own data management system

At GiGL we use Recorder 6 to manage the partnership data. We can accept Recorder files directly.

Data sent in using recording software will immediately be placed in the queue for entry into the database.

Please get in touch for more information.

Paper records

For amateur, expert or professional recorders with paper archives or files

GiGL can accept paper as well as digital or online records. If you have archive or recent data in paper format but don’t have the time or facilities to digitise it we may be able to help.

Single reports or small data sheets can be posted to us or scanned and emailed to us directly

For larger archives, speak to Lyndsey or Maria to discuss how we can help.

Partner surveys

Our partners often run their own surveys using our online tools. These are tailored web forms to collect information about a specific local authority, topic or species group(s), or to raise awareness.

Partners surveys are hosted by GiGL but users are directed to these forms from our partner websites.