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Planning Projects

Planning documents

GiGL has collected the most recent planning documents for each London borough and planning authority, and collated them together in the Planning Documents page. These include Local Plans and associated policy maps and Biodiversity Action Plans when available. This page also contains contact details for the planning departments.

Biodiversity Evidence – Better Outcomes from Planning

The “Biodiversity Evidence – Better Outcomes from Planning” project, hosted by GiGL and supported by the Mayor of London, aims to share best practice and support Greater London’s Local Planning Authorities to achieve better outcomes for biodiversity through the planning process. In the Biodiversity Evidence page you can find more information about the project and updates on the progress. Resources produced by this project will also be posted there.”

London’s Biodiversity Action Plan

For information on the current status of Biodiversity Action Plans see London’s Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). The Species Action Plans and Habitat Action Plans pages contain more specific information on the plans which are active in London and which translate the regional commitments to a local level. A table of planning authorities which have an active BAP can be found on the Planning Documents page.

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