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Planning Documents

Documents and contact details

GiGL use planning documents for many purposes, such as in designated sites data validation and verification process. Because GiGL data is often used in planning and decision making, we use local planning documents to ensure that our London wide datasets of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation and Public Open Space reflect current policies in each of London’s Local Planning Authorities, (LPAs). We also provide services to support creating some of these documents, such as Biodiversity Action Plans. We have helped many of our partner boroughs with these by modelling, analysing and visualising data.

Sometimes these documents can be hard to find and we have found it useful to keep a London wide record of them in one place. On this page we have collected the most recent planning documents for each Planning Authority in London. These include Local Plans, associated policy maps and biodiversity relevant supplementary planning documents, Biodiversity Action Plans and relevant strategies (e.g. Open Space Strategies, Green Infrastructure Strategies etc) when available. This page also contain contact details for LPAs’ planning departments. For any questions about the content of these documents please contact the LPA. For any updates to the content of this list of documents, please contact Eleni Foui, GiGL’s Partnership Officer (Planning).

The below information is available as a downloadable spreadsheet here.

The table of documents was last updated in July 2021.

Table of planning authority documents

Planning AuthorityPlanning DocumentAdoption date
City of LondonLocal Plan2015
City of LondonBiodiversity Action Plan2016
City of LondonPolicy Map A2015
City of LondonPolicy Map B2015
City of LondonOpen Space Strategy SPD2015
City of WestminsterLocal Plan2021
City of WestminsterBiodiversity Action Plan2019
City of WestminsterPolicy Maps2021
Greater London Authority (GLA)London Plan2021
Greater London Authority (GLA)London Environment Strategy2018
LB of Barking & DagenhamLocal Plan2010
LB of Barking & DagenhamBiodiversity Supplementary Planning Document2012
LB of Barking & DagenhamPolicy Maps2012
LB of Barking & DagenhamGreen Infrastructure and Biodiversity Strategy2019
LB of Barking & DagenhamParks and Open Spaces Strategy2017
LB of BarnetLocal Plan2012
LB of BarnetBiodiversity Action Plan not available
LB of BarnetGreen Infrastructure Supplementary Planning Document2017
LB of BarnetPolicy Maps2012
LB of BexleyLocal Plan2012
LB of BexleyBiodiversity Action Plan2011
LB of BexleyPolicy Maps2012
LB of BexleyOpen Space Strategy2008
LB of BrentLocal Plan2010
LB of BrentBiodiversity Action Plan2007
LB of BrentPolicy Maps2010
LB of BromleyLocal Plan2019
LB of BromleyBiodiversity Action Plan2021
LB of BromleyPolicy Maps2019
LB of CamdenLocal Plan2017
LB of CamdenBiodiversity Action Plan2013
LB of CamdenPolicy Maps2021
LB of CamdenPublic Open Space Planning Guidance2021
LB of CamdenBiodiversity Planning Guidance2018
LB of CroydonLocal Plan2018
LB of CroydonBiodiversity Action Plan not available
LB of CroydonHabitat Action PlanNot mentioned
LB of CroydonPolicy Maps2018
LB of EalingLocal Plan2013
LB of EalingBiodiversity Action Plan1999
LB of EalingPolicy Maps2013
LB of EalingParks and Open Spaces Strategy2002
LB of EalingGreen Space Strategy2012
LB of EnfieldLocal Plan2010
LB of EnfieldBiodiversity Action Plan2011
LB of EnfieldPolicy Maps2010
LB of EnfieldBlue and Green Strategy2021
LB of HackneyLocal Plan 2020
LB of HackneyBiodiversity Action Plan2012
LB of HackneyPolicy Maps2020
LB of HackneyParks and Green Spaces Strategy2021
LB of Hammersmith & FulhamLocal Plan2018
LB of Hammersmith & FulhamBiodiversity Action Plan not available
LB of Hammersmith & FulhamPolicy Maps2018
LB of Hammersmith & FulhamParks and Open Spaces Strategy2008
LB of HaringeyLocal Plan2017
LB of HaringeyBiodiversity Action Plan2009
LB of HaringeyPolicy Maps2017
LB of HaringeyGreenest Borough Strategy2008
LB of HarrowLocal Plan2012
LB of HarrowBiodiversity Action Plan2015
LB of HarrowPolicy Maps2013
LB of HarrowOpen Space Strategy2011
LB of HaveringLocal Plan (1)2008
LB of HaveringBorough's Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document2009
LB of HaveringPolicy Maps2008
LB of HaveringNature Conservation and Biodiversity Strategy2014
LB of HillingdonLocal Plan part 1 and part 2 (2)2012 & 2020
LB of HillingdonBiodiversity Action Plan not available
LB of HillingdonPolicy MapsPub. Oct 2019
LB of HillingdonOpen Space Strategy2011
LB of HounslowLocal Plan2015
LB of HounslowBiodiversity Action Plan2011 (amended 2013)
LB of HounslowPolicy Maps2015
LB of HounslowGreen and Blue Infrastructure Strategy2021 (consultation)
LB of IslingtonLocal Plan2012
LB of IslingtonBiodiversity Action Plan2020
LB of IslingtonPolicy Maps2013
LB of LambethLocal Plan2015
LB of LambethBiodiversity Action Plan2019
LB of LambethPolicy Maps2015
LB of LambethGreen Infrastructure Strategy2016 (updated 2018)
LB of LambethParks and Open Spaces Strategic Plan2020
LB of LewishamLocal Plan (3)2011 - 2014
LB of LewishamBiodiversity Action Plan2016
LB of LewishamPolicy Maps2015
LB of LewishamParks and Open Spaces Strategy2020
LB of MertonLocal Plan (4)2011 & 2018
LB of MertonBiodiversity Action Plan not available
LB of MertonPolicy Maps2014
LB of NewhamLocal Plan2018
LB of NewhamBiodiversity Action Plan2010
LB of NewhamPolicy Maps2018
LB of RedbridgeLocal Plan2018
LB of RedbridgeBiodiversity Action Plan2006
LB of RedbridgePolicy Maps2018
LB of Richmond upon ThamesLocal Plan2018
LB of Richmond upon ThamesBiodiversity Action Plan2019
LB of Richmond upon ThamesPolicy Maps2015
LB of Richmond upon ThamesNature Conservation Policy Statement2019
LB of SouthwarkLocal Plan (5)2007 - 2011
LB of SouthwarkBiodiversity Action Plan2020
LB of SouthwarkPolicy Maps2016
LB of SouthwarkOpen Space Strategy2013
LB of SuttonLocal Plan2018
LB of SuttonBiodiversity Strategy2020
LB of SuttonPolicy Maps2018
LB of Tower HamletsLocal Plan 2020
LB of Tower HamletsBiodiversity Action Plan2019
LB of Tower HamletsPolicy Maps2020
LB of Tower HamletsParks and Open Spaces Strategy2017
LB of Waltham ForestLocal Plan (6)2012 - 2013
LB of Waltham ForestBiodiversity Action Plan2010 (2020 update)
LB of Waltham ForestPolicy MapsPub. 2013
LB of Waltham ForestOpen Space Strategy2010
LB of Waltham ForestGreen and Blue Infrastructure Strategy2020
LB of WandsworthLocal Plan (7)2016
LB of WandsworthBiodiversity Strategy2020
LB of WandsworthPolicy Maps2016
The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), Queen Elizabeth Olympic ParkLocal Plan2015
The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), Queen Elizabeth Olympic ParkBiodiversity Action Plan2019
The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), Queen Elizabeth Olympic ParkPolicy Maps2015
Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC)Local Development Scheme (8)2018
Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC)Biodiversity Action Plan not available
Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC)Policy Maps2017
RB of GreenwichLocal Plan (9)2014
RB of GreenwichBiodiversity Action Plan2010
RB of GreenwichPolicy Maps2014
RB of GreenwichParks and Open Spaces Strategy2017
RB of GreenwichGreen Infrastructure Study2017
RB of Kensington & ChelseaLocal Plan2019
RB of Kensington & ChelseaBiodiversity Action Plan2010
RB of Kensington & ChelseaPolicy Maps2019
RB of Kensington & ChelseaParks Strategy2016
RB of Kingston-upon-ThamesLocal Plan (core strategy)2012
RB of Kingston-upon-ThamesGood Practice Guide - Biodiversity (10)2012
RB of Kingston-upon-ThamesPolicy Maps
RB of Kingston-upon-ThamesGreen Spaces Strategy2015

Table of contact details

Planning AuthorityContact details
City of LondonEmail:
Tel: 020 7332 1710
City of WestminsterEmail:
Tel: 020 7641 6500
Greater London Authority (GLA)Email: Planning Dept
Tel: 020 7983 4394
LB of Barking & DagenhamEmail:
Tel: 020 8215 3000
LB of BarnetEmail:
Tel: 020 8359 4990
LB of BexleyEmail:
Tel: 020 8303 7777
LB of BrentEmail:
Tel: 020 7983 5732
LB of BromleyEmail:
Tel: 020 8313 4730
LB of CamdenEmail:
Tel: 020 7974 4444
LB of CroydonEmail:
Tel: 020 8407 1385
LB of EalingEmail:
Tel: 020 8825 6600
LB of EnfieldEmail:
Tel: 020 8379 3866
LB HackneyEmail:
Tel: 020 8356 8062
LB of Hammersmith & FulhamEmail:
Tel: 020 8753 1081
LB of HaringeyEmail:
Tel: 020 8489 5504
LB of HarrowEmail:
Tel: 020 8901 2650
LB of HaveringEmail:
Tel: 01708 434343
LB of HillingdonEmail:
Tel: 01895 250230
LB of HounslowEmail:
Tel: 020 8583 5555
LB of IslingtonEmail:
Tel: 020 7527 2000
LB of LambethEmail:
Tel: 020 7926 1180
LB of LewishamEmail:
Tel: 020 8314 6078
LB of MertonEmail:
Tel: 020 8274 4901
LB of NewhamEmail:
Tel: 020 8430 2000
LB of RedbridgeEmail:
Tel: 020 8708 2884
LB of Richmond upon ThamesEmail:
Tel: 020 8891 1411
LB of SouthwarkEmail:
Tel: 020 7525 5000
LB of SuttonEmail:
Tel: 020 8770 5000
LB of Tower HamletsEmail:
Tel: 020 7364 5000
LB of Waltham ForestEmail:
Tel: 020 8496 3000
LB of WandsworthEmail:
Tel: 020 8871 7620
Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC)Email:
Tel: 020 7983 6520
The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), Queen Elizabeth Olympic ParkEmail:
Tel: 020 3288 1800
RB of GreenwichEmail:
Tel: 020 8921 5019
RB of Kensington & ChelseaEmail:
Tel: 020 7361 3012
RB of Kingston-upon-ThamesEmail:
Tel: 020 8547 5002
Additional Information
(1) Havering's Local Development Framework is a portfolio of different documents which have been prepared to provide for the future planning of the borough. This link is to their Core Strategy; it sets the Council's approach to the planning of the whole borough up to 2020.

(2) Hillingdon's Local Plan consists of Part 1, strategic policies (adopted 08/11/2012) and Part 2, Development Management Policies, Site Allocations and Designations and Policies Map (16/01/2020).

(3) Lewisham's current local plant consist of Local Development Framework, which include Core Strategy (adopted June 2011), the Site Allocations Local Plan (adopted June 2013) and Development Management Local Plan (adopted Oct 2014).

(4) Merton's current Local Plan consists of the Estates Local Plan (adopted in 2018), the Core Planning Strategy (adopted in 2011) and other documents.

(5) Current local plan for Southwark consists of saved Southwark plan policies (adopted 2007, updated April 2013) and core strategy (adopted April 2011)

(6) The Waltham Forest local plan consists of the core strategy (adopted Mar 2012) and development management policies (adopted Oct 2013)

(7) Wandworth's Local Plan consists of a series of documents, Core Strategy, Development Management Policies Document and Site Specific Allocations Document. All adopted March 2016.

(8) Until the OPDC adopts its own Local Plan for the OPDC area, local authority document plans will also form part of OPDC's Development Plan.

(9) The Local Plan in Greenwich is part of the Local Development Framework and it consists of the Core Strategy (adopted 30/07/2014), Policies Maps and Site Allocations (currently being prepared, final round of public consultation in early 2020).

(10) Kingston's "Good Practice Guide - Biodiversity" is part of Green Spaces Strategy 2015 - 2021.
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