Recording Spreadsheet

GiGL’s recording spreadsheet is suitable for ongoing record keeping (e.g. from your garden), digitising archive surveys, or for sending in batches of data from surveys or site visits.

As well as the mandatory who, what, where and when, the GiGL recording spreadsheet gives the option to store other basic information such as abundance data and more detailed location information. It also has space to record survey techniques and habitat assessment and an option to pass the data onto the NBN.

The spreadsheet is in GiGL-ready format. When you submit your records they are immediately placed in the queue for data entry. Using the spreadsheet makes uploading information to the central database quicker and easier for GiGL staff.

Records are usually attributed to the named recorder or organisation, unless otherwise requested. We do not provide recorder names to the general public or ecological consultants but may include them in data exchanges with GiGL Partners who have signed a Data Use Licence. All data are shared according to our Accessing Data Policy, which also sets out how we deal with sensitive species records.

Further information on how GiGL complies with its data protection obligations can be found in our Privacy Policy.

We also have an alternative recording spreadsheet suitable for use in public events, e.g. bioblitz surveys, or by schools.  A new recorder may also prefer to use this spreadsheet.

Once you’re ready for your data to be entered into the GiGL database, please send the spreadsheet to Lyndsey or Ben.