Research Case Studies

We ask students who benefit from this service to provide us with any data they collate in the course of their research and with a copy of their final project. Below is a sample of the projects that have benefitted from GiGL data.

Urban Wildlife in Textile

Lara Williams used GiGL data for her degree show project in the summer of 2017. While studying textile design she already had a place on a Masters degree in journalism and was keen to combine these two interests. Also interested in ecology and conservation, GiGL data was the perfect way to bring wildlife, story-telling and…

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Overview of Silene records for greater London from 2000 to 2010.

Hybridisation of a wild flower in north London

During summer 2010, Open University student, Michael Hartup, supported by GiGL species data, investigated hybridisation between white campion Silene latifolia and red campion Silene dioica in north London. GiGL provided Michael with campion species records for the previous ten years so that he could identify a site with a suitably large population of this wild flower to investigate. By…

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Directory Mammals

Species to Species Design Project

Jen Yoohyun Lee used GiGL partnership data within her Design and Environment MA at Goldsmiths. Jen’s work focuses on relationships between the human-designed urban environment and its non-human component, questioning attitudes to non-human nature in urban design and space. Jen was interested in the idea of human awareness, or lack thereof, of the wildlife around them.…

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