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London Invasive Species Initiative

The London Invasive Species Initiative (LISI) is a newly formed group under the London Biodiversity Partnership, which aims to co-ordinate action to prevent, control and eradicate invasive non-native species in London.

LISI was formed in response to national policy initiatives seeking a co-ordinated national approach …

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Plugging the Gap

Matt Davies, GiGL Data Manager In the winter 2009 issue of the GiGLer, I shared some novel visualisations of the GiGL database designed to help us all better understand the data we hold, whether they accurately reflect what’s on the ground, and where geographic or taxonomic gaps exist. We’ve been very pleased with the response…

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Making data count

GiGL holds a lot of data. But what exactly does all that information represent? Matt Davies, GiGL’s Data Manager, is beginning to find out what lies beneath. Over the last few years the GiGL database has grown to become a considerable resource with approximately 1.3 million species records. As our data holdings have grown, so…

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