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Data fields of glory

Having recently completed the first phase of GiGL’s open space data project, Tim Hogg, GiGL’s Open Space Data Officer, reports on achievements so far, and gives an overview of some of the contents of the new open space dataset.

In Issue 3 of the GiGLer, John O’Neil, Senior Planner at the Greater London Authority and Mandy Rudd, GiGL Director, wrote about the possibility of creating a regional open space dataset to help London boroughs with evidence-based decision making, vis-à-vis open space provision around Greater London. In June this year, GiGL completed the first stage …

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From Darwin to Deptford

Matt Davies and Lauren Alexander, GiGL’s data team, give an overview of GiGL’s data holdings and the process of inputting and extracting information from the database. GiGL may be ten years old, but the records that GiGL holds cover a much broader time span, dating from 1843 (Charles Darwin, Down House) to May 2006 (Jo…

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GiGL News

GiGL’s data expansion GiGL’s species database has increased by an incredible 184,000 records since the first edition of the GiGLer in July last year. The sources of these data include London boroughs, London Natural History Society recorders, consultants, the Zoological Society of London, and the Greater London Authority. By collaborating with the Natural History Museum…

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