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Show & Tell: Tailored Geology Maps

“Environmental data” is a catchall phrase that encompasses a huge range of possibilities. While GiGL’s best-known datasets are our partnership’s biodiversity and open spaces data, we also have access to a range of additional environmental …

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London Geology Guide

It’s not always possible, especially in an urban environment, to see the geology beneath our feet. Only in temporary excavations and in the greener parts of Greater London can geological sites be clearly seen. Unfortunately, many of these are disappearing fast under bricks and mortar. The London Geodiversity Partnership aims to protect the best …

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London Rocks

We all know that London is an historic city, but perhaps not so many of us give much thought to its geological history. The London Geodiversity Partnership (LGP), which formed in 2008, is a group of individuals and organisations with an interest in geology and the environment, who aim to promote and protect the capital’s vast geodiversity ‘the variety of rocks, fossils, minerals, landforms, soils and natural processes, such as weathering, erosion and sedimentation, that underlie and determine the character of our natural landscape and environment’.

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