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Show & Tell: Stag Beetle Forms

For several years now, one of our most reliable signs of spring at GiGL has been the trickle of stag beetle records sent via our website. The first records in March and April herald the upcoming busy season of stag beetle spotting …

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Interview, Mathew Frith

GiGL’s Board of Directors are central to our work and our success. Their commitment and expertise helps guide GiGL and keeps us moving forward and developing. Directors are on the front line of biodiversity and open space work in the capital. They are GiGL service users and contribute to our data banks, as well as serving as ambassadors for GiGL.

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Olympic Summer

London Wildlife Trust has been a ‘critical friend’ of London 2012 Games. For us to not have a voice in the largest urban park development in the UK for the last 150 years would be to the detriment of London’s wildlife. Our support was given on the proviso that there would be a net-gain in biodiversity as a result of the Games.

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Tales from the riverbank

The water vole is a UK priority species for biodiversity conservation. Its presence on a site is a material consideration in planning applications, and under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) it is an offence to damage burrows and nests, or to disturb water voles while they are in their burrows. The water vole is also protected from persecution and unnecessary suffering under the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act (1996). A review is currently underway which will hopefully lead to the water vole being given full protection – making it an offence to take, possess or intentionally kill a water vole.

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