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Joy of Recording: 365 days of wildlife

On the 1st January 2019 I began a year-long personal project – every day I would observe and record wildlife through the lens of a camera. I was inspired by the Ealing Wildlife Group who run a Facebook group which I’d recently joined and with whom I had shared posts about local wildlife. The members help each other by answering questions about wildlife in their gardens, nearby parks and open spaces. The project provided the opportunity I was looking for to connect with nature and learn more about local wildlife…

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Reimagining London

Reimagine London is a project that invites Londoners to dream of how their city could be improved. London is an inspirational city. It is well known for its built and cultural heritage, but it also has an incredible natural heritage. London’s invaluable mosaic of gardens, woods, parks and nature reserves covers 47% of the capital. It is these spaces that make London …

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Snapping Wildlife

Photography is not only a profession and an art form, it is also a popular amateur pastime. The accessibility of photography as a hobby has been greatly increased by the rise of digital technology. The number of magazines, websites and courses available on the subject confirm its popularity. The rapid capture and instant sharing of everyday photographs has been facilitated by mobile phone cameras and social media platforms such as Flikr, Instagram and Twitter.

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Hopping in Peckham

Last year I undertook a photographic invertebrate study of a seemingly insignificant park in London. I was interested in what I would find in a small urban park. I chose Warwick Gardens in Peckham as it was close to my home, making it easy to pop there for a couple of hours each day. My mission was to photograph everything that moved.

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