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The Public

Londoners benefit from our work directly via our services, and indirectly because our activities facilitate well-grounded, evidence-based decisions on our natural environment.

We produce a biannual newsletter that showcases projects we feel will be of interest and signpost people to other news and interesting articles about the natural environment via social media including Twitter and Facebook. We also share information about publicly accessible open spaces via our online mapping.

Members of the public engaged with a local planning decision can also obtain relevant information from us in the form of a data search report, and where additional support is required that falls outside of our remit we can help signpost people to relevant experts operating in London.  Contact us for more information.

We actively encourage Londoners to tell us about the wildlife they have seen in the city via our online form and collaborate with our partners who run campaigns to learn more about particular species, habitats and open spaces.

From time to time, we have the opportunity to explain our work and the importance of environmental records to local residents at events.

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