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Your records at GiGL

Your data plays an essential role in decision-making at all levels, helping to protect and improve biodiversity and geodiversity in London and beyond. It may be used to inform planning decisions, target surveys and resources or assist local groups and organisations. Read more about how one London borough is encouraging greater sharing data.

We accept data in a range of formats and manage datasets entrusted to us to nationally defined standards. Read more about the life cycle of GiGL and the services GiGL provides.

The integrity of our data is important to us and all our end users. Our validation and verification policy for biodiversity data and for open space data explain more about the process.

GiGL’s work would not be possible without the many recorders in London. If you’d like to learn more about getting involved with recording, explore our Recording Section.

Our accessing data policy sets out how we will treat and make available our partners’ data, including via the National Biodiversity Network’s Atlas.

We don’t sell data. We simply charge for the time it takes to produce a bespoke product. We operate a sliding scale of charges depending on the type of organisation using our services. Our charging policy explains more. If you have any concerns about sharing data with GiGL please contact the team and we would be very happy to talk to you.

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