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Advice & Consultancy Services

We have ongoing commitment to listen to data users and providers in London, to encourage their participation, and to represent their needs and requirements. We aim to support and enable stakeholders’ understanding of London’s natural environment. With a network of over forty partners, if we can’t answer your question, we might know someone who can.

GiGL frequently acts as project partner for projects that collect or seek insights from environmental data in London (such as GoParks Big Green London Map, Spatial Decisions on Ecosystem Services and Making a B-Line for London). We can provide expert advice on data management, collation and use, ensuring data are collected once but able to be used many times. Please contact us if you’re planning a London project

Provision of data doesn’t just involve the transfer of records, GiGL provides background and context to assist with interpretation and onward use. We offer advice at point of use or via workshops and training.

Our services and enhanced datasets support planning and policy and statutory compliance.

We engage with London’s regional environmental agenda, acting as advocate for London environmental data needs and successes and connecting people within our wider network.

GiGL represents our partnership and London data at the London Boroughs Biodiversity Forum, London Geodiversity Partnership, London Wildlife Sites Board, London Invasive Species Initiative , Parks for London, (formerly London Parks and Greenspaces Forum), All London Green Grid steering group, Association of Local Environmental Records Centres and National Biodiversity Network working groups and other forums.

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