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Book Review: The Meaning of Birds

Written with a warm affection for our avian friends, the book reminds you of all the reasons you too love birds, and puts dozens of familiar and new facts at the forefront of your mind. Barnes is a birder and a story teller, and this book is an entertaining reminder of why observing and interacting with birds is such an important and enduring part of human experience…

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Show & Tell: Lunch and Learn Event

At GiGL we are mindful that many of our stakeholders work with us directly via their service contracts, or to exchange data, but we rarely meet in a group unless it’s focused on a task in hand. With that in mind, GiGL held its first ‘lunch and learn’ event on 12th February 2020…

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Interview, Chloë Smith

Chloë is GiGL’s Partnership Manager. She works with the team on partnership development and oversees service delivery to GiGL’s funding partners as well as core work on datasets and information systems…

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Show & Tell: Net Gain for Biodiversity

Achieving biodiversity net gain means that changes brought about by development conclude with biodiversity faring better than it did before works took place. This should ideally be at the same location, but where that is not possible may be achieved by improvements for biodiversity in other locations…

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Bridging the GAP

It is central to GiGL’s philosophy that we don’t work in isolation. This philosophy also applies to our governance. Last year, we invited contacts to join a new combined “GiGL Advisory Panel” giving us an even wider range of industry knowledge and expertise.

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Snapping Wildlife

Photography is not only a profession and an art form, it is also a popular amateur pastime. The accessibility of photography as a hobby has been greatly increased by the rise of digital technology. The number of magazines, websites and courses available on the subject confirm its popularity. The rapid capture and instant sharing of everyday photographs has been facilitated by mobile phone cameras and social media platforms such as Flikr, Instagram and Twitter.

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Record Making Events

Recording need not be a lonely activity. Recording groups and events are a great way to share skills, expertise and resources and to get together with like-minded people. GiGL have been involved with a number of our partners’ recording events, from biodiversity workshops to ‘BioBlitzes’.

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Roll the Presses

Our gardens research project has caused quite a stir, not only within our patch, but also in the national and international press. Almost a year has passed since we completed the project, and we reflect here on the press coverage received and the benefits of partnership work.

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Blooming London

London is arguably one of the world’s most verdant big cities. A significant part of our green space is managed by ordinary Londoners – the humble gardeners.

Gardens cover nearly a quarter of London, yet we know little about what’s in them or how this is changing. Over the period of a year GiGL worked in partnership with London Wildlife Trust and the Greater London Authority to fully document London’s garden cover […]

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