Data Search for Consultants

GiGL offers a ‘one-stop shop’ data search service for those seeking comprehensive biodiversity and open space information for a specific area of Greater London. Our standard format is a desktop environmental data report delivered as a pdf document. The data search service is delivered in partnership with eCountability.

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More information about eCountability can be found on their website.

Transport for London (TfL) staff and contractors should access GiGL’s services here.

Consultants are recorders too!

GiGL’s work would not be possible without the many recorders in London. This includes consultants who often collect data during numerous field visits. We’d love for you to share those records with us.

For more information about sharing records, please see this section which addresses concerns about data ownership, what happens to your data and the life cycle of GiGL data.

Read more about how one London borough is encouraging consultants to share data.

NBN Atlas

The National Biodiversity Network, the organisation that works to make all biological records freely and easily available to everyone, has guidance for environmental consultants on accessing biodiversity data.

Some of the GiGL partnership’s species data are made available at a low resolution via the National Biodiversity Network’s Atlas which has its own terms and conditions of use and many datasets may not be used commercially. GiGL’s data search reports are the only way to access GiGL Partnership data at a high enough resolution to determine whether they fall in a search area.