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Work Scheduling Guidance

The GiGL team endeavours to turn around straightforward enquiries within 10 working days. However, some tasks will take longer to deliver so please talk to the GiGL team well in advance of your deadline in order that we can fit your job into our work schedule.

Points to consider

  1. Many tasks are undertaken by GiGL staff accessing, manipulating and displaying data already held on our databases. These tasks are often straightforward to deliver but please be aware it is not always possible to give you an answer immediately e.g. whilst you are on the telephone, because the scale of the GiGL Partnership’s data holdings mean that queries on the database can take some time to run.
  2. It is beneficial to ascertain what data are already held by GiGL prior to the start of your task, to ensure that the resultant GiGL report reflects what is known about a site. If you are aware of additional datasets please make them available – this could include data held by you as the partner organisation, or any individuals or local and regional groups that generate data on the sites and areas you’re interested in. This will ensure that the outputs reflect all available data for your area of interest, rather than relying on those data provided by other partner organisations which may not give comprehensive coverage. Data entry will need to be undertaken prior to delivering the required outputs and so will need to be factored into your overall project timeline.
  3. GiGL may need to source additional datasets in order to answer your queries, so you will need to discuss your requirements with the GiGL team. For example, if your enquiry involves factoring in other environmental or socio-economic datasets such as heat island effect, air pollution or indices of multiple deprivation, you will need to ensure that GiGL has access to these datasets or is able to source them on your behalf.
  4. If you are employing a contractor who may require access to information relating to biodiversity or open space, please discuss the project with GiGL prior to setting out the contract description. We may be able to deliver many of your data/information requirements under your service level agreement, and will not provide data to third parties for the provision of services utilising GiGL partnership data. (see our Data Use Licence Guidance document for further information)

Approximate timescales for GiGL services

TaskEstimated timescale
Data search report10 working days (excluding bank holidays and office closure over Christmas period)
Maps or data files for small geographic area10 working days (as above)
Data entryDependent on format of data and number of records. Please talk to GiGL team to establish time estimate
Provision of GIS, Excel or database files based on existing data10 working days (as above)
Data analysis and modellingThis could range from a couple of hours to several weeks of GiGL time depending on the scale and complexity of your requirements. Please speak to the GiGL team to establish a time estimate

Policy updated:

Policy Last Updated: May 2016

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