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Resources for Planners

This page provides a series of resources prepared by the “Biodiversity Evidence – Better Outcomes from Planning” project, aiming to support London’s Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) to achieve better outcomes for biodiversity through planning. The project is hosted by Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC and supported by the Mayor of London.

The project’s advisory group which comprised of six LPAs’ in-house ecologists, representatives from the Greater London Authority and GiGL, provided valuable inputs while preparing these resources. Furthermore, participants in the first phase of the project provided their insights in relation to their needs and how we could support planners in London’s LPAs to take biodiversity into account early in the planning process.

This page is a live resource; it will be updated regularly to reflect changes to policy or legislation and new resources are currently in preparation.

  1. Overview of policies and legislation in relation to biodiversity and planning in London.
  2. Compilation of resources and useful webpages on various aspects related to biodiversity and planning.
Click on the photo to download the pdf
Click on the photo to download the pdf
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