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Show me the evidence!

Julie MacDonald, GiGL Data Officer


The All London Green Grid (ALGG) is a strategic project which provides a framework for the creation, enhancement and management of multifunctional green and open spaces across the whole of Greater London. GiGL is working with the project’s leaders, Design for London, to provide the evidence behind this important initiative.

The ALGG has eight key objectives, including:

  • improving access to open space and nature,
  • managing flood risk,
  • enhancing connections between distinctive destinations,
  • producing healthy communities and
  • promoting productive landscapes.

The green grid divides London into twelve areas, based predominantly on the landscape and character of different areas of London. The green grid works with local and regional organisations and interest groups to help identify the projects and opportunities specific to each of the twelve areas . The ALGG is achieving its aims by highlighting strategic links between these projects.

Evidence is essential to direct the formation of these strategic corridors, links and projects. It is vital to show the current situation and also to highlight possible opportunities for improvements. GiGL’s open space information has provided the baseline evidence, and we are also working to provide a London-wide dataset on the locations and designations of public open space, and associated areas of deficiency to accompany this.

GiGL is further assisting the ALGG by coordinating an evidence partnership for the project. We have brought together organisations in London who own or manage data which is potentially valuable to the workings of the green grid. In February, GiGL chaired a meeting of the evidence partnership which was agreed by all to be very useful in assessing what information was available and how that information is being/should be used.

The partnership aims to ensure that accurate evidence is available to support all of the objectives of the green grid. Whilst GiGL is able to provide information on access to open space and nature from our partnership, other organisations are able to contribute information for other aspects of the green grid’s work.

For example, English Heritage holds a vast amount of information relevant to London’s distinctive destinations. The evidence partnership has agreed to maintain an up to date catalogue of data available for use by the green grid that highlights what data are available from where and when they are likely to be updated. It will also contain information on what licenses are needed to use and publish the different datasets.

Through partnership working, the ALGG is not only able to access a large range of data sets, but also a wealth of expertise and advice. Members of the evidence partnership should be used to guide the All London Green Grid in the best use of available data.

The evidence partnership currently consists of Design for London, English Heritage, the Environment Agency, the Greater London Authority, GiGL, Groundwork, London Biodiversity Partnership, the London Tree Officers Association, Natural England and Sustrans. If you or your organisation would like to be involved, please contact

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