As well as the GiGL Partnership, we also provide services to clients, including:

  • Environmental consultants
  • Developers
  • Potential partners

Data Search Reports for Clients

Non-partners and clients are charged on a pay-as-you-use basis according to our charging policy. Further information can be found on the Data Search page.

Sharing your records with GiGL

Our clients come to us for services based on our partnership’s data, but they often also generate their own. We encourage our clients to share their records of species, habitats and green infrastructure with us and can offer advice on data standards to make the sharing of data as simple as possible. The more our clients contribute their own data, the more they improve the evidence base for the future, for themselves and for others.

Read more about how one London borough is encouraging consultants to share data.

Environmental Consultants

Data ownership, how and when to share data, the cost associated with re-formatting data/records. These are just some of the concerns consultants cite when considering sharing data with local environmental records centres. Learn more about the benefits of sharing your data with GiGL.

Further Information

See our Access to Data Policy for more information on who can access what information.

For a detailed explanation of the role of local environmental records centres in helping consultants, see our Data Search for Consultants section.

For more information on student services see our Data for Research section.