Internal Publications

London: Garden City?

This pioneering study was a partnership project between GiGL, London Wildlife Trust and the Greater London Authority. It was funded by a legacy grant from the Wildlife Trusts. The report reveals that London’s gardens are changing from green to grey.

Summary report – outlines our key findings and conclusions.

Full report – details the full research project.

External Publications

Planning for Biodiversity?

Research commissioned by the Mayor of London to establish whether development proposals are being informed by appropriate data on species, habitats and designated sites.

Download the report here.

Association of Local Environmental Record Centres (ALERC) Charging Position

Formed in 2009, ALERC is an association between Local Environmental Records Centres (LERCs) in Great Britain.  The Association aims to provide a central voice for the views and concerns of the Records Centre community, whilst building a support-based network of knowledge and advice to meet the needs of its members.

ALERC provides a position statement on LERC’s charging.

Download ALERC Charging Position Statement

Published: April 2017

Guidance for Local Authorities on Accessing Biodiversity Information

Local Authorities need information about the distribution of legally protected, rare or threatened species, important habitats and designated sites. Without up-to-date reliable information, they can find themselves exposed to adverse risk, legally, environmentally and economically.

This document sets out guidance for local authorities on how and when to access biodiversity information to inform their work.

Download local authority guidance

Published: August 2018

ALERC Guide to Open Data

An introduction to open, shared and closed data.

Download factsheet.

National Biodiversity Network Trust Guidance for Using Atlas Data

Here you can find guidance for using biological data made available via the NBN Atlas.

London and South East Local Environmental Records Centres Advocacy

This document explains what a local environmental records centre is, the roles LRCs have and provides real examples of partnership work, data uses and projects from the work of GiGL and our neighbouring LRCs in the South East region.

Download LRC Advocacy Document

Published: December 2014

ALERC Accreditation

The aims of LERC Accreditation are to identify a minimum level of standards, to build confidence in LERCs as bodies which hold biodiversity information in trust for society and manage public resources well.

Download the Accreditation Criteria

Last updated: August 2015

Further reading

  1. Association of Local Government Ecologists – Biodiversity Data Needs for Local Authorities and National Park Authorities
  2. Report to Defra – Making Space for Nature: a Review of England’s Wildlife Sites and Ecological Network (Lawton Review)
  3. CLG – Consultation Paper on a New Planning Policy Statement Planning for a Natural and Healthy Environment
  4. Landscape Institute – Green infrastructure: connected and multifunctional landscapes
  5. CABE Space – Open Space Strategies – Best Practice Guidance
  6. CABE Space – Urban Green Nation: Building the Evidence Base
  7. CABE Space – The Green Information Gap: Mapping the Nation’s Green Spaces