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the GiGLer

The newsletter of Greenspace Information of Greater London CIC

Issue 30: Winter Editorial

It might be an understatement to say that it has been a busy year for us, which you can probably tell if you’ve been keeping up with our monthly GiGLer articles. We’ve had to say some sad farewells but have also welcomed many new GiGLers, with no less than six new arrivals! In this winter edition of the GiGLer editorial I am delighted to introduce all of our amazing new team members, and I’ve also got some fantastic GiGL achievements to share …

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Issue 29: Editorial

Welcome to the winter edition of our newsletter. We have some project updates to share, and a few staff changes to announce, along with two ‘joy of recording’ articles to inspire us to get back to recording…

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Business as usual

The last few months have been anything but usual. Whilst COVID-19 has brought about previously unforeseen changes to our daily-lives, GiGL is proud that we’ve been able to maintain as much of a standard service to our stakeholders as possible…

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General Reflection 2019

Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Pull on a warm Christmas jumper and take a deep breath: think back to the start of the year and reflect on everything you have done; think back to five years ago and reflect on everything you have achieved; think back to the start of the decade and reflect on everything that has happened. Reaching the end of a year and the end of a decade certainly seems an appropriate time to reflect on the successes, failures and learnings that have shaped who we are today…

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Planning Ahead

It’s been an exciting time at GiGL HQ these last couple of months; a period of change, rebuilding and planning. There were farewells and welcome additions to the GiGL Family, as well as time spent reviewing GiGL’s systems and services to better communicate how we serve Londoners and the biodiversity around them…

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Serving the Community

The 10th November was an exciting day for GiGL. Drawing on the success of similar events by our neighbouring Local Environmental Records Centres, we held a London Recorders’ Day for the very first time. This was an event specifically for London’s recording community, bringing together people engaged in recording all genera of wildlife and sharing recording projects across the city….

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An Inspiring Summer

It’s been a long, hot and busy summer. Whilst the weather will have provided many opportunities for our city’s recorders to be out and about in our wonderful open spaces, the impacts of the extended dry spell on London’s wildlife inhabitants, and the records we receive this year, has yet to be fully understood…

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Winter wonderland

Picture a perfect winter’s day. What does it look like to you? It’s a common misconception that winters are only suitable for hibernating indoors and that much of London’s flora and fauna are hiding away from the cold too. This isn’t the case. London is blessed with many winter visitors who migrate from colder climes …

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Searching for GiGL Treasure

For many years, we have talked internally about “GiGL treasure” referring to interesting nuggets of information we come across in our daily work, or the more unusual uses of GiGL-held data. GiGL treasure comes in all shapes and sizes. The stag beetle dataset is one of the longer running …

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The Hedgehog & The Stag Beetle

Whilst not an Aesop’s fable, the tales we tell of these two endearing species in this edition of the GiGLer do teach an important lesson: that there is joy in taking the time to be aware of the wildlife that shares our city, and in telling others what you have seen.

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